Yoga Lessons

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Zach was in the third month of unemployment and he was getting antsy. He had been laid off from a job he didn’t like. That didn’t make it any easier when the time came to pay the rent. Still, he had some money in the bank and he decided to get back into yoga to deal with the stress. He had done yoga off and on for years. He knew well how it helped him relax his body and mind. Besides, there was this yoga instructor he had the hots for back when he was practicing.

Namaste Yoga was a small studio two blocks from his apartment. He passed it every day on his bicycle and saw the youngish clientele doing their thing inside. The owner/teacher was named Catherine, a tall, beautiful, svelte woman with long brown hair and cat-like green eyes. He decided to show up for a mid-day class and see how it went.

The class was filled with women; he was the only male. They all seemed to be in their twenties or thirties and everyone was pretty experienced, yoga-wise. He was laying down his yoga mat in the only available spot right in front when Catherine entered. She saw him and smiled.

“Oh, I’m glad you came!” she said warmly and then moved to the stereo in the corner. Indian music soon started to fade up in the background. She lowered the lights.

“Welcome. If you’ll assume a seated position, hands on your knees, palms facing up. Close your eyes.”

Zach did as he was told and tried to relax. Catherine had a nice voice. Soft, yet in command, it sounded like she was speaking from a far-off place.

“Pay attention to your breathing. Let the tensions of the day drift away.”

Zach snuck a peek around the room. The woman were all sitting straight backed, eyes closed. He checked out each one, in their spandex and sports bras. What do these women do? Are they married with children and grabbing some exercise time while the kids at pre-school? Or, maybe they’re laid off like me? Who knows.

“Now slowly bring your arms up, stretching, shoulders down, and release your hands to the side.”

He looked at the instructor, Catherine, eyes closed with her arms straight up, seated in lotus position. Her round breasts were raised. The coolness of the autumn air was causing her nipples stand out and he could clearly see their outline under her top.

“Now raise one arm over to one side, giving the side of your body a good stretch.”

Zach wondered what Catherine’s status was. He knew that she had been involved with her partner, also a yoga teacher, but had split with him about a year ago. He always wondered what she saw in him. He was bald and not that attractive and she was, frankly, stunning.

“Now come onto your hands and knees and let’s do the cow and cat poses.”

The class did as they were told and started rounding their backs like a cat. Then, in one fluid motion, rotating the pelvis and arching the back and looking up. This had the effect of raising up the butt and thrusting it out and Zach found his eyes fixed on Catherine’s ass. It was a thing of beauty.

Back and forth, he moved from arching his back, butt thrust out, to rounding his back, pelvis thrust forward. The way Catherine did it was mesmerizing, so slow and sensual. He realized, it was the same motion as thrusting himself into a woman, when he was really into it and wanted to go deep. That thought preoccupied him until he realized he was slightly out of sync with the class. He was thrusting in, while everyone else was pushing their butts out. He was pushing his cock as far in as it would go, as they were pushing their pussies as far out as they could.

“Exaggerate the movement. And slow it down to feel the body along the entire range of motion.”

He realized that all the while he had been staring at Catherine’s crotch. The way her tight leotard came together in folds between her legs. He glanced up to see Catherine looking at him, looking at her, in the mirror which ran along the entire front wall of the studio. Ooops. Busted. Fortunately, she smiled.

“Why don’t we do some standing poses.”

He was happy she changed the subject and scrambled to his feet at the top of the mat. He hoped the bulge in his own gym shorts wasn’t too obvious.

“Let’s do some sun salutations, shall we?”

She led them, raising their arms straight up and then swan diving own into a forward fold. Then, extending one leg out, then another, into “plank” position, a high pushup, legs spread hips distance apart. Then lowering down to a low pushup and the scooping up so that he back arched and their weight was held by their straight arms and the tops of their feet.

“Now raise your hips into downward dog.”

He watched as Catherine raised her butt up into the air, legs spread, her arms extended, in an inverted “V”. He was amazed at how good her butt looked, pushing upward, her legs apart, her crotch open, almost welcoming. He quickly followed suit so that he wouldn’t be caught staring again. In this position, you end up looking behind you and he could see, from his position in the front row, all women in the class wtih their cleavages exposed to him. He felt the pressure in his underwear again.

“Now maltepe escort walk or jump to the top of the mat, slowly raise yourself one vertebrae at a time, reach to the sky and close the pose.”

As he closed the pose by bringing his hands together in prayer position in front of his sternum, he noticed in the front mirror that the pressure he felt so acutely in his crotch was manifest as a prominent bulge. Damn! Why didn’t I wear my baggies, he thought. He wondered if anyone else noticed. He decided to stop looking at Catherine before this got out of hand.

After about a dozen sun salutations they were on to other poses. Warrior one, warrior two. When it was time for a resting pose, they were back on their hands and knees.

“Now lower your chest to the mat, but keep your hips high. Extend your arms foward into modified child’s pose.”

She had her hips up in the air, her legs apart, her forhead to the mat and her arms stretched straight ahead. Again, the effect was that she was opening herself right in front of him and he felt his heart thumping. Again, he was transfixed by her lovely ass. And, again, she saw him watching her in the miror.

“Let’s turn on our backs now for some core work. Let’s try “half boat.”

Laying on her back, she brought her feet up near her butt and then raised her pelvis to the sky, her shoulders remaining on the mat. After the class followed suit she stood up and walked around the room adujsting positions.

Zach realized that not only his crotch was raised to the sky, but his cock was pressing against his shorts. The next thing he knew, she was standing next to him.

“Try and lift a little higher.”

He felt her hand in the small of his back, lifting him. She was bent over him so that her face was close to his crotch. Their eyes met and she looked at him knowingly.

“Now slowly lower yourself to the mat. Be aware of your body. Notice where you’re relaxed and where you’re tense. Notice what’s the highest point on your body.”

Sheesh. That was easy. His crotch of course. He decided not to fight it and just let her voice carry him away during “savasena” the relaxation portion which ended every practice. She had such a sexy voice. And she seemed to be talking to only him.

“Relax your head and your neck. Your shoulders and your chest. Your arms and your hands. Your stomach and your waist. Your thighs and your calves. Your ankles and your feet. Every part of your body should be totally relaxed.”

Yeah, not every part. His cock was long and getting harder by the second. Not a full erection, thank god. But no way it was going to relax anytime soon.

“Now roll to one side. SLowly push yourself up to a seated position. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Thank you for letting me lead your practice today. Namaste.”

There was some polite clapping and when he opened his eyes the women were rolling up their mats and putting on their shows. He sheepishly did the same, moving a bit slowly because of his aroused state. As he made his way to the exit, he heard her voice.

“How was the practice for you?”

He turned and saw her by the stereo. He stepped over to her. The last of the women were leaving the studio. They were alone.

“It was great. I was having some trouble relaxing.”

“I could tell. I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Yeah, I gave it up for a while. You still lead a great practice.”

“Why thanks” she smiled sweetly at him. God she was pretty.

“Do you ever give private instruction?”

She raised her eyebrows in surpise.

“Private? What do you mean?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Just I just want to take it to new level.”

“A new level, huh?” she said with a crooked smile.

“Yeah, I’m trying to do the world’s greatest downward-facing dog.”

She laughed.

“No, seriously, can I ask you a question?” he said.


“I’m not sure I’m doing that triangle pose exactly right.”

“Oh, the triangle pose” she nodded. “That’s one of the tricky ones.”

“Do you have time? I don’t want to impose…”

“No, no. That’s my last class of the day. Just give me a sec. I have to lock up.”

She walked to the lobby and he could hear her keys in the front door’s lock. He laid out his mat the floor. When she returned, he smiled at her.

“I appreciate the extra help.”

“Not a problem.”

He got on the mat, legs spread and his arms pointing out parallel to the floor.

“Good. Now just reach forward and then bend. That’s it. Good.”

His arms were now perpendicular to the floor, one pointed at the floor and one at the ceiling. She walked around him.

“Not bad. Try to flatten your back a bit more.”

He felt her hand on his back. She slid it across his lats and down to the small of his back.

“You’re sticking your butt out a little bit.”

“What do you mean?”

He moved his butt slightly. She put her hand on his hip and pressed forward.

“Try to keep your hips aligned with your legs and feet.”

“Like this?”

He still wasn’t getting it. She put her hands on mamak escort his butt cheek and gently pushed it.

“I can’t seem to…”

“Here. Let me show you.”

She stood next to him, spread her arms and legs, and then slowly tilted to a perfect triangle. Then she raised back up and turned to him.

“You try it.”

He spread his arms and legs, started to tilt, but ended up with the same unaligned pose.

“Not quite. Here.”

She moved in behind him and he felt the front of her body gently press against his back. One arm encircled his chest while the other gently pulled his shoulder back. She pressed against his butt with her pelvis.

“You want to imagine your body is pressed between two panes of glass. That’s it.”

Her body was still pressed against his back. He felt her hands run along his thighs.

“You want your weight equally distributed on your front and back legs.”

He could feel electricity through his body as she touched him. Her hands then slid along his shoulders, biceps and forearms.

“Try to feel the power surge through your arms. It’s a very powerful pose. That’s much better.”

“Thanks. That helps a lot.”

He raised himself up.

“No problem” she replied.

He decided to ask another question.

“I was wondering too about the modified child’s pose.”

“That’s an easy one.”

“Could you show me?”

“Sure. The key is to flatten the back. Let me show you.”

She got down on the mat on her hands and knees and extended her arms forward and lowered her chest to the floor. Her hips were raised and her knees were spread wide. Now it was his turn to walk around her.

“Oh, I see. Now, where do you feel the stretch?”

“All over. In the arms. And the back. And the hips too.”

“Do you also feel it along here?”

He ran his fingers along her sides brushing the undersides of her breasts.

“Oh yes. It’s a good side stretch too.”

“And here?”‘

He touched her thighs.

“Yes” she said, softly.

“And here.”

He was caressing her perfect butt now.

“Yes. It stretches the whole body.”

As he touched her, she said nothing to stop him. Nor did she move away. And that spoke volumes.

He continued his questions.

“Would this be a good pose for couples doing yoga?”

“I think so. Yes.”

“For example, if I were to position myself like so…”

He knelt behind her, between her legs, his hands on her hips. Her butt was still raised in the air, her face resting on her arms.

“Yes, I know many couples enjoy that.”

“Do they? And do they enjoy this?”

His hands slid slowly along her back, caressing her torso.

“Yes. That can increase the stretch and the overall sensation.”

His hands continued to massage her back. She arched her back and her pussy reached out to him.

“Mmmm. That feels good. And I know some couples enjoy it if she extends the pose. Like this.”

She slowly pressed her hips back until her ass brushed against his crotch.

He leaned back, pressing his hips forward. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her pussy.

“And then he can do something like this?” he asked.

“Yes. And she can move back and forth, and rotate her hips, like this. It’s a very intimate form of yoga. For couples.”

She was slowly rotating her hips in circles, effectively massaging his cock. His cock was throbbing. He pulled her hips toward him so his cock pressed hard against her pussy.

“And if they rub themselves together like this? Does that work?”

She moaned. “Mmmmm. Yes, that works great. Especially when she can feel how hard he is.”

“I wonder. can you modify the position like so?”

He reached around her front and held her breasts in his hands.

“Ahhh” she gasped. “Yes, that’s a good modification.”

His fingers massaged her nipples while his cock rubbed against her pussy. He could tell by her breathing that she was getting increasingly turned on.

“I bet this would be really fun when you’re naked. Can you do yoga naked?”

“Oh, yes. There’s a whole school of naked yoga. For couples.”

She was rubbing her clit against his hardness now, losing herself in the moment.

“I think that sounds really interesting. Is that something you teach?”

She was rubbing against him and not hearing him.

He persisted. “I want to try this school of naked yoga.”

She stopped and looked over her shoulder. Her hair disheveled, her eyes on fire.

“Take off your clothes” she growled.

He was surprised and excited by her directness.

She stood and went to the stereo. A moment later, an Indian tabla was heard, its steady beat hypnotic and sensual.

He pulled off his shirts and shorts in an instant. She walked back to him, slowly, her body moving to the music, and pulled down the straps of her outfit. As it peeled off, he saw just how gorgeous her body was.

Her breasts were not large but they were perfectly shaped. Pert, with upturned nipples.

She took in his body. He was athletic with broad shoulders, nice abs ankara escort and a handsome cock that was standing outward.

“Now where were we?” he smiled.

“I will take you through ‘the flow’. Start with Warrior Two!”

He stood with legs and arms spread. She stood directly behind him. Her thighs barely touching the backs of his legs.

He could feel her breath on his neck. Her breasts just barely brushing his back.

She was undulating her body to the music. He could feel her tummy against his ass, her nipples against his back. Her fingertips were moving like a whirlwind, barely touching his arms and chest and legs. She was reaching around to the insides of his thighs. Her fingers, as if playing a harp, brushed over his cock, stroking the head, the shaft, the balls. It took all of his power just not to move.

She moved to his front. She stood right in front of him and assumed the identical position, a standing spread eagle.

She looked him right in the eyes and started to slowly move to the music. Her thighs brushing his, her nipples brushing his chest, her breath on his collarbone. His cock was stiff she pressed it between their bodies. As she moved to and fro, she was rolling his cock between their stomachs. It felt incredible.

She moved away from him, her fingers gently caressing the tip of his cock. Kneeling down, she assumed the same modified child pose as before, with her ass high in the air facing him. She looked back at him with a predatory look. She slowly raised her hips until her legs were fully extended, spread wide. Her pussy was pink and swollen.

“Lick me” she purred.

He realized he was still standing spread eagle and suddenly dropped his arms and fell to his knees. He took her butt cheeks in his hands and buried his face into her bum. His tongue found her wet folds and he went to work. Before long, she was letting out soft moans of pleasure.

“Now, downward dog” she moaned.

With a slow, impossibly sexy motion, she lifted her hips to downward dog, her legs spread, her butt in the air, and her arms extended — the old inverted “V”. Standing behind her, he was staring at her glistening and dripping wet pussy. She spoke to him between her legs.

“Your turn, big boy.”

Again he snapped into action. He moved forward. His cock was standing at attention. He moved his cock so it slide up her wet slit. He then pressed the tip against her labial lips and brushed it over her clit. It felt so hot it surprised him. He pushed into her and the tip popped inside her. He slid the shaft slowly into her wet folds and felt the warm wetness envelope him.

He started to pump his cock into her raised pussy. He couldn’t believe how good she felt. He realized he wasn’t touching her except with his cock. It made the sensation that much more intense.

“Mmmmm. Faster.”

He realized in her current position she wasn’t able to affect the speed of their fucking. She had to tell him what to do. He liked that. He also noticed the tempo of the music was quickening. He felt an urge to fuck her to the beat.

He bent his knees and started to pump and thrust his cock so it slid all the way in and out of her. He was standing so he could use the leverage of the floor to pump her hard. She loved it. He was so relaxed from the yoga session that he could really move his hips and he rotated them and thrust them and circled them until she started to let out little shrieks. Finally, she was getting so excited she had to lower herself down onto the mat, her butt still raised in the air. His cock never lost contact with her.

Once on the mat, in the same position they started in, his hands found her body. He felt her thigh and her ass, so firm and strong. His hands moved to her breasts and her nipples were big now, and hard. He rubbed them roughly between his fingers and she let out a long moan.

Suddenly, she turned and lifted one leg and swept it over his head. She was facing him now, on her back. He watched her move with amazement. Then, she put two palms on the mat next to her shoulders and lifted herself so she was doing a backend on all fours. His cock was still buried in her pussy.

“Finish me off like this” she groaned.

Zach had never fucked a woman like this. It was surreal. She was bent over backwards, her breasts pointing up in the air. Her legs were spread and he was kneeling with her resting on his thighs. He grabbed her hips started pulling their bodies together in rapid, lightning strokes. He lifted her little body up by the hips and started to pummel her with his hard cock. Her breasts were bouncing every time he rammed his cock into her.

“I…want…to…FUCK…YOU!” he grunted as he thrust his cock again and again deep inside her.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth agape. She began to shake as her orgasm swept over her.

Her voice was hoarse now. She blurted out her words between the thrusts.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me your fucking cock! I want your fucking cock! Namaste, you fucking fucker!

She was like a limp toy in his hands as he shoved his cock deep in her and held it there. His orgasm rose and suddenly he was exploding inside her, spraying his cum deep in her pussy. He thrust again as another explosion of cum shot from his cock. He gave her one last mamoth thrust which shook her whole body as another stream of cum filled her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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