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I loved feeling Don’s tongue against my pussy. He would gently stroke my clit with it, then run it along the length of my hairless slit, hard, like his cock did just before it penetrated me. The tip of his tongue would tease its way into my inner folds, then back to my clit again, and he’d turn gentle again, teasing, coaxing my trembling body ever closer to a climax.

I felt my pussy gushing as he sucked my engorged clit, gently tugging it between his lips, then stroking it again with his tongue, then pulling it back into his mouth, then his tongue, then his lips, back and forth until I worried my moaning would wake the kids. My muscles stiffened as she felt an orgasm building. I tensed every muscle in anticipation.

Then he stopped. The son of a bitch always knew just the right moment to back off, just when I was soooo close, just when I was desperate to be pushed over the edge. My clit cried out for more attention, but his tongue was probing my hole, an inch of it poking inside of me, reminding me that, soon enough there’s be 9 inches of hard cock taking its place, stretching out me cunt from me labia all the way to me cervix.

I trembled in anticipation of that feeling, that feeling of being completely full, of having him inside of me completely, deeper than any man had ever been. I lived for that feeling. I had had plenty of cocks in me before I was married, and I worried that, after years of marriage and two kids, my sex life would settle into the kind of dull routine my married friends bitched about.

But Don made sure that wouldn’t happen. His cock never got tired of my pussy, and I knew that, as much as I loved my kids, and married life, and my career, I was never happier than when Don’s big cock was buried in my snatch. But first things first. I needed to come, and I needed it badly.

“Please,” I moaned. But his tongue had moved down to my asshole, and he was circling my little pink rosebud as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks. I wondered if he’d fuck my asshole too. I didn’t mind anal, but I’d much rather have his cock in my cunt. He knew that. But I couldn’t say no to him, no matter what he wanted to do. He knew that too.

“Please,” I said again. “I need to come. I need it so bad.”

He ignored me, engaged as he was with firmly pushing the tip of his tongue into my asshole.

“Don, please.” Then a pause. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just make me come.”

He lifted his head. We had played this game many times before. He’d get me worked up until I was begging to be his slave, offering to do anything in exchange for the earth-shattering orgasm we both knew he could eryaman escort give me. No matter what he demanded, I always ended up enjoying it.

“Take me bareback,” he said, as he slid a finger into my ass. We knew this was a dangerous game. My husband and I had agreed that two kids was enough, and we knew from past experience I got pregnant easily. At 36, I felt like I was too old for the pill, so we used condoms. Most of the time. But taking a risk was a huge thrill, and the times I’d used the withdrawal method hadn’t put me back in the maternity ward so far.

“Tell me.” He said, as a second finger joined the first inside my asshole.

“I want to feel your cock inside me,” I panted. “I want to feel your sperm deep inside of me.”

We both knew he’d have to pull out, but we both got worked up thinking about the alternative.

“How deep?” he demanded. Deeper than anyone’s ever been, I thought.

“All the way. Shoot your sperm into my womb.”

Don started stroking his fingers in and out of my asshole, as his tongue resumed its assault on my clit. In a few minutes, I was screaming, as the long-delayed orgasm overtook me. Before I had finished coming down, his cock was inside of me. Usually he’d tease some more, but this time he didn’t want to give me time to relent and ask him to put a condom on. The first five inches of his cock slid right into my dripping pussy before I knew what hit me.

As he started slowly working his cock in and out of my tight hole, he kissed me. I could taste my sex on his tongue, and it turned me own even more. I loved having that reminder of how wet he had gotten me, even as my sopping pussy opened right up for his penetrating phallus.

As he thrust into me again and again, he slowly worked inch after inch of his manhood into me. No matter how many times we did this, I could feel him stretching out my innermost recesses like I was still a virgin. I grabbed his ass and tried to pull him deeper inside of me. Don had kissed his way down my neck to my breast, and was tugging at my nipple with his teeth. Every stab of pain as he bit down made me cry out, my pussy clamping down on his cock even harder. I had only just come, but I felt another orgasm building.

Don slid his fingers out of my ass, and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands, lifting it up off the bed. At that angle, his cock thrust the rest of the way inside me in one stroke. I cried out as I felt the head bump up against my cervix. No other man had ever done this to me. No other cock had ever reached that place, pushing against the entrance to my womb. esat escort This was why, no matter what else happened, Don would always own my pussy. I felt stabs of pain, as he hit bottom with every thrust. The pain made me hot. The thought of how deep inside of me he was made me hotter. And the thought that, if he came right now, every drop of sperm would be inside my womb, searching for an egg, making my belly swell up with his baby — that made me hottest of all.

“You have to pull out.” I wasn’t so far gone that I had lost my sense. I couldn’t have another baby, no matter how much the though of having a bellyful of his sperm drove me wild.

“I will,” he said firmly, but he kept pounding his cock into me without slowing down. I could feel every inch of him, thrusting into my cunt again and again. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass cheeks with each stroke. And I could feel him stab into my cervix, again, again, again.

I knew he’d be true to his word and shoot his load on my belly, but me mind had already gone down another road. I was remembering the feeling of spurt after spurt of fertile sperm shooting into me. I remembered wondering whether the load inside of me was the one that would make my belly swell up with a baby. I remembered how much my husband loved sucking the milk from my swollen tits, stroking my belly when he held me after we’d fucked, knowing his fucking me was responsible for the baby inside of me.

Before I knew it, I felt herself building towards another orgasm. I wrapped her legs around Don’s waist, urging him on. His cock pounded with renewed vigor, my cries echoing off the walls every time he hit bottom.

“Ah… fuck!” I was almost there.

“Wait.” I didn’t want to hear Don say this. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted his cock to keep fucking me into oblivion.

“I’m getting close.” He sounded worried, but he didn’t slow down for a second. I wouldn’t have let him.

“Don’t stop! Please…”

I knew exactly what I was asking him to do. To come inside of me. To shoot millions of fertile sperm directly into my womb, each one searching for an egg, each one trying to make me pregnant.

“We shouldn’t,” he said, but Don made no effort to slow down. He was waiting for a go-ahead, and I decided to give him one.

“Come inside my pussy,” I whispered. “I want your cum inside me. Just don’t stop.”

He didn’t. His thrusting became frantic, pounding into me even harder. I screamed, as another orgasm hit me like a freight train. My spasming pussy clamped down on Don’s cock, finally pushing him over the edge. I felt his ankara escort cock spasm, the head lodged right against my cervix. Warmth shot through my pussy as a stream of cum shot out of his cock. And another. And another. And another.

I knew from past experience what a massive quantity of sperm Don produced – the times he had come on my face, he’d hit me with a thick stream that went from my hair all the way down to my chin. And then five or six more just like it. We’d posted photos of me online covered in so much sperm I wasn’t worried about anybody recognizing me. Once when I was pregnant, we’d fucked on my lunch break at work, and I still had sperm leaking out of me on the subway ride home. I had hoped none of the other commuters noticed the thin stream of the stuff running down my leg and pooling in one of my sandals.

Now all that sperm was inside of me, and none of it was running out. Don’s cock was still lodged deep inside of me, plugging my pussy and not letting a drop escape. I supposed I could do the responsible thing and try and wash myself out. But I was long past doing the responsible thing. I held him there, inside of me, savoring the feeling of fullness.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

“Don’t worry. It’s what I wanted. I just needed you so badly. I don’t care if I get pregnant, as long as you keep making me feel like that.”

“You’re serious about this? You could be pregnant?”

“Right in the middle of my cycle. You probably just put me in the club!”

Don smiled, “I thought you didn’t want another kid.”

“I don’t, really, but if it happens, it happens. I loved having the first two, so if I have one more, we’ll manage. Besides, I love the thought that my belling might be swelling up with your baby.”

He kissed me deeply, and I felt his cock stir inside me. He was clearly excited by the thought too.

“Still, we should be careful from now on.”

“Actually, I was thinking, since the damage is already done…” I moved my head down to his cock, and ran my tongue up and down its length. “One or two more loads wouldn’t hurt.”

A few minutes later, his hard cock was inside me again, and by that time I had accepted my fate. I was going to have Don’s baby. I was going to take as much of his seed into my womb as I could, until my egg drowned in it. In a few months, my belly was going to start to bulge obscenely. By the time I got really big, it’d be summertime, and I’d spend the last three months wearing as little as possible, flaunting my pregnant body, bikini top straining to hold my big milk-filled tits; my huge pregnant belly exposed for the world to see.

I started to have an orgasm just thinking about it. I know my husband and I had talked about not having any more kids. But we’d deal with it fine. The baby would be a blessing, in the end. Just so long as my husband never finds out the baby’s Don’s, and not his!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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