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You have amazing eyes. I just want to take my time and look into your eyes. It is all about the eyes isn’t it?

The eyes are the window to the soul they say, but how often do we just stop and look into our lovers eyes. It is never often enough.

From your eyes I can tell how you are emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Moving in close to you so I can breathe in the scent of you and feel the heat radiate from your body so that you warm my heart.

Taking you in my arms, drawing your chest close into mine. Your breasts pressing into my ribs as our arms enclose our embrace.

I lock my focus on your eyes as I move my mouth close to yours but just short of our lips touching. I feel your breath on my face as I touch my nose on yours. I can sense you strain your neck to meet my mouth, but I keep just out of your reach.

I feel you arch your back to press your hips into mine with the warmth of your body spreading across me and through to my core. I let my hand trace the small of your back, that lovely feminine curve up from your butt.

Then I finally let my lips lightly touch your top lip and I kiss you softly and tenderly whilst I look deep into your eyes. I move my mouth down to find your lower lip as well and I turn my head just slightly to let my lips trace over your mouth.

I part my lips slightly to let my tongue out to slide across your tender lips. Your tongue finds mine and we entwine them together exploring the space between each other’s mouths.

I draw back just slightly still with you in my arms and eyes locked to yours and I ask, “How has your day been?” But before you can respond I kiss you again gently on your lips, gently letting my tongue trace the line of your lips.

You really are beautiful, you know. I take you further fully into my arms and draw you close, closer to me. I encircle your waist with my arms so my hands can further explore the small of your back and the top of the cheeks of your butt.

I love how you respond to my kiss and let my tounge into your mouth.

I guide my hand up under untucking your blouse exploring your back and bahçelievler escort feeling the warmth of your skin. I work my way up your back with my hands and unclip your bra so I can move my hands up to your shoulders freely, unhindered.

I move to kiss your cheek and moving further down your neck and the top of your chest above the neck line of your blouse.

I feel your breasts move against my chest as they are now only loosely supported by your unclasped bra, I move from your face to your neck kissing as I go.

I let my hands slide down your body to your waist and starting at the bottom I one by one unbutton your blouse working my way up. You look so beautiful and so damn sexy standing there after such a hard day at work, business skirt still professional but the gap in your now fully unbuttoned blouse shows the curve of your upper breasts framed so carefully by the lace of your bra.

First one side, then the other, I take your top and work it off your shoulders, down your arms, over your hands and then onto the floor.

You look even more gorgeous, if that was even possible, standing there in just your bra from the waist up and that hangs loosely from your breasts. I draw you in close again so I can continue to kiss you.

Stating with your mouth I kiss you more intensely now and you can feel my hard cock against your lower abdomen. I move my head down your neck and to the top of your shoulder.

I move your bra strap from your shoulder and down your upper arm. I work my kisses down to the top of your breast, just the barest of material covers your nipple. I kiss he top of your breast and slowly move your bra cup down so I can take your nipple into my mouth.

I gently press my tongue and top lip together around your nipple and feel it harden to my touch.

I reach for your other breast with my hand and gently cup it in your bra, I trace my fingers over the swell of your nipple through the material. Small circles with my fingers make your nipple proud and erect.

Whilst my head stays with your breast, I bring my hands up to draw your balgat escort bra down your arms and over your slender wrists and hands. I have you naked now from the waist up, you have great tits you know.

I bring my head to the other breast and suck your nipple into my mouth whilst both of my hands cup your boobs and trace down the sides of your waist.

I need to get you to the bedroom, and quickly so I take you by the hand and gently lead you into the bedroom.

I turn you to face me again with the bed pressing the back of your legs, I kiss your gorgeous mouth again and flick your tongue with mine.

I run my hands down your back to the waist band of your skirt and undo the short zip so that I can slide my fingers under your shirt and onto your knickers to cup the checks of your arse.

As I bring my face down again to your breast I slide your skirt and panties over your hips onto the top of your thighs.

I continue down with my head down your belly, kissing as I go, are you ticklish? I try to find out by letting my tongue dart into your belly button. The little squirm confirms what we both now know.

As I move down your body with my face I draw first your skirt and then your panties down to your ankles and let you step out of both.

I am on my knees at your feet and I bring my hands back to cup your beautiful arse. Drawing my face into your mons pubis. I love that you do not shave, I like real women.

I let one hand explore the crack of your arse and with the other I push it up to your breasts and caress them as I press my face close to you to breath in your scent.

I gently guide you back onto the bed as I stand and remove my shirt, I join you on the bed moving between your knees raising them and opening your legs so I can see your lovely pussy.

I bring my head close and just trace my nose lightly over each side of your lips in turn. Breathing out through my mouth I blow gently on your sweet glistening pussy lips. I let my tongue slide the length of your lips up until I find the hood of your clit.

I trace circles around your clit ankara escort with my tongue and I hear you gasp for the first time. I love that gasp, the first involuntary sound, nothing forced just a natural exhalation that tells me that my tongue is pleasing my beautiful girl.

I flatten my tongue against your pussy and draw it up to open the inner labia and press my tongue flat and firmly against your clit.

I work one hand under your thigh and up your side and then onto your chest to take your boob into my hand. With thumb and fore finger, I tweak and roll your nipple back and forth and round and round.

With my other hand I place two fingers at the entrance to your pussy and slowly walk them into you. Opening and closing my fingers slightly as I move them deeper into you, my thumb rests against your arse hole and I press your arse so you can feel the pressure but not enough pressure to enter your butt.

With the attention I am giving you clit, nipple, pussy and arse, I feel your breathing quicken as your orgasm nears.

As I feel you respond and press yourself into my face and hand. I turn my hand over so that my fingers can explore your g spot. I move my hand down from your breast and press against your mons so that I increase the sensation into your g spot.

As I feel that great sensation of your pussy pulsating trying to force out my fingers I know that you are cumming. I love it when my lovers squirt, all but one of my lovers had never squirted until they met me?

As your orgasm subsides I stand and remove my clothes and join you on the bed, my cock slides effortlessly into you your soaking cunt.

I wrap my arms around you and draw you onto my cock with each thrust. I am sorry but I will not last long, that is why I ensured I took care of you first.

I continue to thrust deeper and harder into you, I rock back onto my knees as your hips turn to let me in even deeper. I run my hands up your thighs and then your calves and holding your ankles I place your feet onto my chest.

I love to look at you as I fuck you, I can see my cock slide in and out of your pussy and your breasts sway in time with each of my thrusts.

I cum in you, it is very intense for me.

I let your feet move down over my hips as I bring myself down to enclose you in my arms.

I want to stay like this forever, my cock feels at one with you. In a spot made only for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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