The Locker Room Pt. 01

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The Locker Room (Part 1)

Kathryn M. Burke

Camilla and Naomi Stevens were twins—not identical twins, but they did look more or less alike, and you had to spend a certain amount of time with them to figure out who was who. Luckily, their parents didn’t regard them as two peas in a pod, and in fact encouraged them to be as different as they wanted to be. They didn’t have similar names, they didn’t wear matching outfits; and over the years they in fact became quite different in personality and temperament. Whereas Camilla was bold, dynamic, and a bit on the sarcastic and foul-mouthed side, Naomi was shy, timid, and withdrawn: she always looked like a frightened rabbit, and acted accordingly.

But by the time they were in college—they were both attending Farquhar College in Fredericksburg, Virginia—they were both pretty, even beautiful. Somewhat on the petite side (five foot five), they both had slim, compact figures, curves in all the right places, and jet-black hair framing a face that, on Camilla’s side, showed her to be perky and something of a smartass, whereas Naomi’s face took on a melancholy, soulful look.

Camilla took the lead where men were concerned also.

In the second semester of junior year, she hooked up—literally—with a tall, gangly, blond-haired guy named Matt Tuohy (pronounced TOO-ee). She’d met him at a frat party, and in fact they’d done some fairly heavy petting there before retreating to Matt’s rooming house for an all-night romp. Camilla had had the forethought to tell her sister not to expect her to come home that night, and Naomi’s embarrassed silence told the whole story.

But, after some weeks of dating (and lots of sex), Camilla made a decision: she and Matt would live together. But the problem was that Matt’s rooming house was a real dive, whereas the two-bedroom apartment that Camilla and Naomi’s parents had found for them (and paid the rent for) was spruce and tidy. Naomi, the more domestic of the pair, made sure to keep it that way. But how she would respond to a third—and male—presence in their inner sanctum was anyone’s guess. But Camilla wasn’t too concerned about that.

“I want Matt to move in here soon,” she casually announced one morning in February.

“Move in here?” Naomi said in a high-pitched whine. “But—but—”

“Oh, come on, sis,” Camilla said with a frown. “You’re a grown woman—three months from your twenty-first birthday. You can deal with a man around the house.”

“But there’s not a lot of space!”

Camilla chuckled. “Don’t worry—he’ll be spending most of the time in my room.” Seeing her sister blush furiously, she went on: “What I mean is, he’ll sleep there. Your room will remain unpolluted by male cooties.”

“We only have one bathroom.”

“Yeah, so what? We’re off in classes most of the time. Just make sure to wear a towel around yourself when you come out of the shower.”

Naomi really blushed at that: for all her inveterate shyness, she did have a habit of strolling out of the bathroom naked after a shower. But that’s only because she knew that no masculine eyes would be salivating over her scrumptious figure as she paraded her body around the place.

Matt duly moved in, and things went reasonably well for the most part. There was one embarrassing incident when Naomi, emerging from her bedroom late at night to pee, was startled by a naked Matt sauntering out of the bathroom. Letting out a little yelp, Naomi clapped her hands over her eyes and retreated back to her room. Matt, for his part, covered his pubic area with his hands and scooted back into Camilla’s bedroom. In so doing, he presented his backside to Naomi, who couldn’t help admiring the strong back and, especially, the muscular bottom he was exhibiting.

Later, Camilla laughed her head off at the episode—and explained that Matt was cleaning himself up after “poking me in the butt.”

“You gotta have a guy wash after that,” she’d said sententiously. “There’s no way you’ll want to put that thing in your mouth—or anywhere—if he doesn’t wash.”

Boy, did Naomi turn crimson when hearing that!

In fact, Naomi’s apoplectic response to seeing her boyfriend nude led Camilla to sit down with her sister and have a heart-to-heart talk. With her customary bluntness she started right in on the topic in question.

“You’ve done it, haven’t you?” she said blandly.

Blushing as always, Naomi played dumb. “Done what?”

“Had sex,” Camilla said with exaggerated precision. “You’re not a virgin, are you?” It’s as if she had said: You’re not afflicted with smallpox, are you?

“Of course I’ve done it,” Naomi said nervously.

“Who with?”

“I’m not telling!”

“How many times?”

“I don’t know . . . I don’t exactly keep count.”

“When did this happen?”

“Sophomore year.”

“When exactly?”

“Gee, sis, what’s the third degree for?”

“I’d just like to know.”

“It was—it was at a party.”

“You had sex at a party? canlı bahis In front of everyone?”

“No, of course not, silly!” Naomi’s face was beet red. “We went upstairs and found an empty room.”

“Who was this guy?”

“I don’t know!”

“You didn’t know him, but you had sex with him?”

“Well, he was kind of cute, and he was paying me a lot of attention. He seemed very nice. So we just decided—”

“To go upstairs and do it.”

“Well, yeah. I didn’t even take all my clothes off, and he didn’t either. We were too worried about someone bursting in on us. So I just removed my panties, and he unzipped his fly, and—”

“And that was it? He made mincemeat of your hymen?”

“Gee, Camilla, you don’t have to put it like that!”

“But you did have your hymen?”


“So you bled?”

“A little.”

“What happened then?”

“Well, the guy sort of freaked out—so he left.”

“He left? He just put his cock back into his pants and bolted from the scene?”


“Did you ever see him again?”


“Well, that’s probably not the best way to lose your virginity, but I guess it could have been worse. Who else has there been?”

Naomi sank into a deep silence, blushing as always. Camilla was quick to catch on.

“There hasn’t been anyone else, has there?” she said accusingly, as if her sister had admitted to cheating on an exam.

“No,” Naomi said in a small voice.

“So you’ve had sex exactly one time? That’s not hard to keep track of, is it?”

“No.” Naomi was on the brink of tears.

“Look, dearie, you could have sex with just about anyone you want. You’re pretty and sweet, and most guys would do anything—trust me, anything—to get into your pants. That’s all that some guys around here think about.”

“I’m not going to do it with just anyone!” Naomi burst out indignantly. “I only want to do it with someone I care about, and who cares about me. Anything else is just”—her voice dropped down to a whisper—”fucking!”

“I get that. But if you don’t get around and make yourself available, you’ll never find this sweet, lovable guy you’re looking for.”

“I have a lot of studying to do!”

“Sure, of course, we all do. But all work and no play—well, that’s no way to live.”

They left it at that.

The funny thing was that, with the passing of months, it seemed that Naomi was getting a lot more comfortable having Matt around the place. Camilla was a comp lit major, while Naomi and Matt were both English majors; and although they weren’t taking the same classes, they had a lot in common in terms of reading tastes and things like that. Also, to Naomi’s surprise, Matt proved to have a domestic side himself, often helping her prepare meals and tend to the house while Camilla lounged around in her underwear expecting such mundane things to be done for her.

So one night, when she and Matt were cuddling in bed after a fairly energetic session of both vaginal and anal sex (with a fair amount of oral sex as foreplay), Camilla raised a delicate subject in her usual blunt way.

“Say,” she said, tracing little circles on Matt’s chest, “how’d you like to bed down with Naomi?”

Matt wasn’t certain he’d heard his girlfriend correctly. “What did you say?”

She peered up at him as if he were an idiot. “I want you to sleep with my sister.”

“Are you crazy? Why would I want to do that?”

“Oh, you’re saying she’s not bedworthy?”

“No, no! I didn’t mean it like that!” As a matter of fact, Matt was powerfully attracted to Naomi: her delicacy, grace, and even her timidity were powerful stimulants to him.

“I just think she needs some more experience in that area. You know she’s had sex exactly one time?”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say. They didn’t even take their clothes off. Can you believe it? So I guess no guy has seen her naked.” Camilla giggled. “Of course, she’s seen you naked!”

Camilla just wouldn’t let that embarrassing incident go.

“But I can’t sleep with her,” Matt protested, although silently kicking himself for turning down this golden opportunity to cuddle up with the third occupant of the apartment. It would make him feel like some kind of sultan with a (very small) harem at his disposal. “She—she’s your sister.”

“Brilliant deduction, my friend.”

“Anyway, I’m sure she doesn’t want to sleep with me.”

“Oh, yeah? I think you’re wrong about that, buster. I bet she’s pleasured herself a hundred times in that bedroom of hers, just thinking of all the things you’d do to her.”

“Please, Camilla, do you have to be so vulgar?”

“Never mind that. I just want you to do it. Somebody has to show her the ropes so she can snag a guy of her own.”

“I just don’t think—”

“I’ll ask her about it, okay?”

Matt lapsed into silence. Deep down he hoped that this unbelievable situation would actually come to be. One guy bedding down with a lovely pair of twins! Oh, man, if that isn’t heaven, I don’t bahis siteleri know what is!

Incredibly, Naomi agreed with hardly a murmur.

“You want to, don’t you?” Camilla said, amazed.

“Well, sure, if he wants,” Naomi said with her patented blush. She had in fact pleasured herself a fair amount—maybe not a hundred times, but close to it—thinking of Matt’s naked form wrapping itself around her own.

“Great!” Camilla said. “You two can do it tonight.”

“Tonight! I’m not sure I’m ready for that!”

“Why not? You’re not ovulating, are you? We don’t want to get you knocked up.”

“No, no, it’s not that. It’s just—I have to get my mind ready for something like this.”

“Don’t worry about it. Thinking too much during sex is bad. You just gotta go with the flow.”

So it was decided. Dinner that evening was a silent, awkward affair—although Camilla seemed happy to talk everyone’s ears off about everything under the sun, except the very subject that her two roommates were thinking of.

Afterward, all three made a pretense of studying for tomorrow’s classes, although Matt and Naomi could hardly remember two words of what they’d read in their textbooks.

Around 10 p.m., Camilla announced authoritatively: “All right, you two—time for bed.” She wasn’t urging them to go to sleep. She nodded her head in the direction of her sister’s bedroom: she figured Naomi would feel more comfortable there. She assumed Matt would feel comfortable in any woman’s bedroom, here or elsewhere. (But that was in fact unfair to him: he was not at all a philanderer.)

The pair shuffled off to Naomi’s room. As they closed the door, they gazed at each other uncertainly. Matt said: “How do you want to do this?”

Naomi shivered a little. “Well, I guess we should take our clothes off.”

She turned her back to him while she carefully undressed. She still had on her clothes from earlier that day—blouse, skirt, stockings, bra, panties. They all came off one by one—but she had to let out a big sigh before she removed those two last articles of clothing.

Matt got a fine look at her backside as she was disrobing, especially her round, shapely bottom. He was something of a connoisseur of women’s bottoms, and this one was certainly pretty high on the list of the most beautiful he’d ever seen.

When Naomi turned around, she let out a little squeal. Matt had undressed far more quickly than she had.

She now saw that this guy—a full five foot ten—seemed to loom over her, his lanky frame so appealing that she licked her lips in anticipation. A fine coating of blond hairs covered his chest, and Naomi’s eyes roamed down to that hose-like object protruding from his groin—which, as she looked at it, was rising inexorably and reaching its full length of eight inches. She covered her mouth in terror: Omigod, can I really get that in me?

Matt, for his part, almost fainted at what he saw. Naomi presented a surprisingly different look from that of her sister. There was a general similarity, of course—but something about her slightly smaller breasts, slightly less expansive hips, and overall air of innocence made him think of her as a lot younger than Camilla. The first thing he felt he needed to do was to reassure her that he wasn’t some kind of ogre who would inflict horrible tortures on her. Sex should be pleasurable for both parties!

So he walked over to her and took her in his arms, letting her rest her head in the crook of his neck while he gently massaged her back and shoulders. He couldn’t resist sliding a hand down to her bottom, whose gorgeous curves made his own heart flutter. Then he lifted up her face by the chin and planted a soft but lingering kiss on her mouth.

He was gratified that she was kissing him back fervently, while also passing her hands all over his body—she couldn’t resist his firm butt! She was more tentative in taking hold of his rampant cock, but she did start stroking it up and down with a shaking hand. Then, unexpectedly, she fell to her knees and gave his cock a careful examination, as if it was a curious, alien creature she had suddenly come upon. Pulling it down to her lips, she first flicked a tongue on the tip, then engulfed several inches of it in her mouth. She let out a sigh as she did so.

Soon she got into the spirit of sucking him, bobbing her head on his organ, sometimes extending her tongue and licking the entire shaft. With one hand on the base of the shaft, she reached under it to tickle his balls—a sensation both he and she seemed to find delightful. This girl, even though she was so inexperienced in pleasing men, had a natural affinity for it!

Matt couldn’t take more than a few moments of this, so he pulled her up to a standing position and led her to the bed. Naomi assumed that he would enter her at once, and she lay down on her back with her legs spread, almost as if she were a kind of sacrificial victim. But Matt had other ideas.

First he placed his head against her exquisite bahis şirketleri breasts, squeezing them and sucking on the nipples, which had already gotten erect from her excitement. She moaned almost in pain as, for only the second time in her life, she made her body available to a man. But that first lover hadn’t done much more than plunge frantically into her, paying little heed to her own needs or desires. Now, as she peered down at Matt taking such care to ensure that she was as stimulated as he was, she could only gape in astonishment as he now slid down her body and focused on her sex just as she had done; and as he brought his lips first to her sopping labia, and then to her clitoris, while also squeezing her bottom, she realized that he was intent on bringing her to climax before he himself had attained that coveted goal.

And so it happened. Even though it usually takes women far longer to achieve the pinnacle of their desire than men, Naomi was so stunned by Matt’s tender attentions that she sensed the initial stirrings of her orgasm after only a few minutes. She was almost embarrassed at the amount of thin, clear fluid that was leaking out of her pussy, a tangible sign of her increasing excitement; and then, suddenly, her paroxysm burst upon her, causing her to cry out sharply as wave after wave of pleasure radiated out from her sex all over her body, causing her to quiver uncontrollably as she clutched the bedsheets for dear life.

Matt knew enough to keep on stimulating her gently even as her orgasm was exploding—and Naomi was astonished how the intensity of her climax kept on growing, making her head swim and her eyes get bleary. At last she had to push his head away from her pussy: she had, for the first time in her life, come to the realization that there is such a thing as too much ecstasy!

Matt waited patiently for her to calm down before sliding up her body and positioning himself for his own long-delayed gratification. He was grieved at the look of apprehension, even fear, that came over Naomi’s face. She really did look like a sacrificial lamb, poor girl! So he attempted to enter her as gently and slowly as possible—but she still let out a huge gasp as she took in the length of Matt’s organ. He had a suspicion her previous lover hadn’t been quite so well endowed; but that couldn’t be helped!

As for Matt, he became almost dizzy at the transcendent sensation of warmth, wetness, and tightness that engulfed his member as it inexorably plowed its way into Naomi’s vitals. By now he was thinking mostly of his own pleasure, and in addition to pumping her vigorously he also took hold of her breasts and back and bottom while raining passionate kisses all over her face. She remained largely passive as she bravely endured his thrusts and caresses. It was more painful than she had expected: even though she didn’t have a hymen anymore, she still regarded herself as pretty close to a virgin!

As Matt lowered his whole body onto hers, she felt a little overwhelmed, as if somehow being absorbed into his very being; but the close contact also thrilled her, and she wrapped her arms around his back as he continued to grind his hips into her, his organ now completely plugging up her vagina. And just as she had sensed the beginnings of another climax through little tingles in her pussy, so he detected that telltale tingling in his balls that signaled a spectacular orgasm approaching.

As his cock shot long, thick streams of his emission deep into her, he let out a heavy groan—and she emitted a high-pitched squeal as she sensed that viscous fluid filling her. And that triggered her second climax of the evening as she perceived the immense significance of the act. Whatever happened in their future life, they were now bonded together throughout eternity.

They cuddled for a while. Naomi felt that this was one of the best parts about intimacy. The warm glow that pervaded her whole body, mind, and heart from her orgasm, and the wonderful feeling of closeness when she pressed her naked flesh against his, was something that could only happen in intimate moments like this. She would have been happy to remain in bed with Matt forever—but then she noticed, half in alarm and half in amazement, that a certain thing was happening to him “down there.”

“You’re, um, getting hard again,” she said. I didn’t know guys could do it twice in one session!

“Yes, I am—it’s all your doing,” he said, speaking the absolute truth.

“That’s sweet of you,” he said, giving him a light kiss on the mouth. “What exactly do you want to do about it?” She wasn’t entirely sure she was ready for another go: her long sexual drought, followed by Matt’s vigorous penetration of her, had made her a bit sore.

“That depends on what you want,” he said.

She noticed that he was rubbing and squeezing her bottom with some urgency, so that made her say, in a trembling voice, “Do you want to go in back there?”

He stopped his massaging of her butt at once, and a rueful look came over his face. “Oh, Naomi, I don’t know that you’re ready for that.”

She bridled at the suggestion that she was a sexual novice. “I’m willing to try! Camilla told me you like it that way.”

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