The Butt Plug Ch. 03

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This is a continuing story. As always, all characters are over 18.


“You know Rob, I feel so blessed to see my babies have grown up to be who they are today. It was fun to have Tracy and Teri here together again tonight. And you know, I’ve always thought that Andrew has a bit of a crush on Tracy. But watching him with Jan tonight was giving me orgasms!”

“I know what you’re saying,” I replied, “they’ve both come a long way in the last ten years. Can you believe it’s been that long?”

“Do you mean Jan and Andrew? Or Teri and Tracy?”

“Ha! I was referring to Jan and Andrew. Tracy and Teri have always been beyond belief. If you had asked me, when we first met, to describe the ultimate family relationship, and my dream of two perfect step daughters, I still couldn’t have imagined those two. I mean, you are my wildest dream come true. But your girls are the epitome of perfection and the clear result of your incredible talent as a parent. What mother wouldn’t want her daughters to grow up and own their own business, or become the tops in their field as Teri and Tracy have? Never mind that they are both drop dead gorgeous. Everyone who meets them, lusts for them. Do you know what an ego boost it is for me, just to be in the company of the three of you?”

“Well, that goes both ways honey. You know that we love being with you wherever we go.”

“Yeah, but I can walk down the street and nobody looks twice at me. But when I’m walking that same street with you and Tracy and Teri, I see every head turning for a block in every direction! It’s as if I was walking with three naked models.”

Trish blushed. She knew that what I was saying was true. I married into a family of beauty queens.

“Well, sometimes the way Tracy and Teri dress to tease, they might as well be naked.”

“C’mon Trish. They learned that from you! Not so much to dress nearly naked, which I happen to love. But to do it with poise and confidence. There’s a difference, and you know it.”

“They’ve got it, so they might as well flaunt it.”

“So do you my love. So do you. And that makes me the luckiest guy in Sedona. Maybe Arizona. Shit! You three blow me away where ever we might be. But you know, now that I think of it, we do have to maintain a little more decorum here in town. I’ll never forget the feeling of absolute freedom and anonymity I felt when we were on our honeymoon. And the trips we take to places where nobody knows us always make me feel like we can cut loose a little more.”

“I know what you mean.” Trish agreed. “You know that’s why I first embraced nudism. Those times when we used to go to the club in New River were my escape moments. I knew people there, but we didn’t really know each other, or have to consider other aspects of our friendships and relationships outside of there, like we do here at home. We need to get away again to someplace where we can be anonymous.”

“You know I’m ready for that again too. Where should we go?”

“You know Rob, for me it’s not just about being anonymous. I love the exhibitionism. You know it turns me on to expose myself. Not so much here in town, but in public places where it’s naughty, and where there’s always a chance of getting caught or even recognized. I love that thrill.”

I smiled at the thought. “Well you know you passed that on to Tracy and Teri too. I bet they’d enjoy a getaway canlı bahis too. Do you suppose we could all take a trip together? Do you think they could adjust their schedules for a family play week?”

“I guess we should ask them about it.” I could see the wheels turning in Trish’s head.

Later, as we were preparing for bed, I watched Trish shuffling through the hangers in her closet.

“Are you looking for something?” I asked.

“Nothing special. I’m just looking for some of my sexiest and most alluring outfits. Dreaming about the vacation we talked about.”

“Well you know that one of my favorites is that gauze dress when you wear it commando. At times it’s completely see through, but then at others, it’s just modest enough. You’re an ultimate tease in that one. And anything you wear that is short shows off your legs and your ass. Those are still some of your best assets. Excuse the pun. And I’ve got to tell you Trish, one of the biggest turn ons for me is catching a glimpse of your clit ring, or the flash of a gem in your butt when you bend over in a short skirt. Those new plugs that Teri brought are gonna have me walking around with a perpetual hard on if you use them.”

“Oh you can bet I’ll use them then!”

At that moment Trish’s phone chimed signaling a call from Teri.

“Why hello darling, we were just talking about you. (Pause) Yes, it was fun, and yes, you really got your cousin going there. I can’t believe that he finally fucked Jan, in front of us all!”

There was another pause while Teri filled Trish in on something.

“Teri, since you’re going to LA why don’t we try to plan a little add on vacation? Rob and I were just talking about a clothing optional getaway. Maybe we could all get together at Palm Springs for a few days. I’m going to call Tracy and ask her about it too. What are the dates for your show again? OK. Got it. I’ll text you after I speak to Tracy.”

She clicked off the phone and filled me in. It seems that Teri has a merchandise show in two weeks at Los Angeles. They usually involve a lot of porn and celebrity porn stars. Teri doesn’t really care for that, but the merchandise and new products are something she needs to be aware of. She does some buying, but also gets inspired for her own manufacturing interests. So Trish thought maybe we could tag along, or just add a few days around Palm Springs.

“That’s a great idea!” I told her. “Call Tracy and firm it up. Then I’ll contact Rita and have her book us somewhere down there. She’s told me that there are some great resorts where we’ll be free to stay naked, and still be close to great dining and activities. I know we’re talking about a family vacation, but there’s a lot of great golf courses around Palm Springs. Would you mind if I invite Sue? And you might want to ask Jan to join us.”

Trish smiled. “Of Course that would be OK. But if you and Sue leave us behind each day, you know that we might be forced to do some family shopping…” she winked at me.

“I might want to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room.”

“You might have to make some choices.”

“Call Tracy and set it up. Then I’ll call Rita in the morning.”

A few minutes later Trish joined me in bed. “Tracy’s on board and says she can’t wait. I love you Rob, and I love the life you’ve given me. Us.”

She put her hand between my legs and fondled my bahis siteleri scrotum. I spread my legs apart and hugged her to my side, reaching down and caressing her firm buttocks. My finger slipped into the crack, but couldn’t quite probe her anus. I just applied a little pressure in a circular motion. Trish sighed. We kissed. She put her leg over mine and snuggled closer. That enabled me to slip my hand down further and my fingers slid easily between her nether lips. She was warm and moist.

“Oh yes honey, that feels good. Go deeper.” I pressed onward. We kissed again and my tongue mimicked my fingers by probing deep into her mouth. I rolled her over and broke our kiss as I moved down her body, my lips and tongue teasing her earlobe and her neck and on down to her firm nipple. I bit it softly and Trish pulled my head tightly to her breast. I nibbled for a while and then moved lower. Trish is nearly 50 years old but her belly is solid and there’s barely an ounce of fat on her trim body. As my mouth got closer to her mons and her labial folds, I withdrew my fingers and wrapped my arms around her thighs. I toyed with her clit and its gold ornament with my lips, tongue and teeth. I’ve practiced this technique for years and Trish gets totally turned on when I do it. I glanced up at her face and could see that she was enjoying the moment, as always. Her arms were outstretched and she could just reach the nightstand where she had placed one of her new butt plugs. She picked it up and moved her hand down to her tummy. By now my tongue was probing her pussy and tasting the sweet vaginal flow that she produced. Trish used the plug to stimulate her clitoris. I licked lower and tasted the delicious pungent trickle of anal fluid that was just beginning to ooze. I took the anal jewel from her hand and massaged her clit while dipping the tip into her pink pussy. My tongue was now pressing into Trish’s sphincter and she was holding my scalp tightly. I used the anal plug to fuck her while she spread her legs wider and lifted her knees above her head. When her orgasm began and the waves of pleasure swept over her I diddled every bit of epidermis I could touch with my fingers and my tongue and the special tool I was holding. Trish’s cum was covering my face and dripping down into her ass crack. I coated the 3 inch plug and pressed it into her delectable rear opening and triggered yet another orgasmic wave. I pushed it in and gave it a little trademark twist. Trish moaned with pleasure. As her waves finally started to subside, she relaxed her grip on my skull. Slowly, and gently, I licked my way back up her torso, kissing and nibbling my way until I finally emptied what was left of her cum from my mouth into hers. She eagerly licked it from my cheeks and lips. We hugged again. There was no need to talk. The warmth of our love was all that we felt. Together in that embrace, we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when the sunlight began to bathe the room. Trish was still cuddled close. I kissed her forehead. She barely stirred. Carefully I extricated myself and walked quietly into the bathroom to pee. The flow was stifled by my morning wood. But slowly it came. I flushed, washed my hands and brushed my teeth. As I walked back into the bedroom my manhood lead the way. He and I were both excited to see the sparkle of the jewel in Trish’s hot little ass. Laying there as she was, she looked like a teen bahis şirketleri ager. Her body is still petite and her skin is so healthy and smooth. Her all over tan adds to the youthful appearance. I knelt at the foot of the bed and crawled between her legs. She shifted slightly and I moved closer to the prize. Her musky aroma drew me in. I licked her slit and tasted the sweet salty cum from the night before. My nose bumped the jewel and she wiggled her hips. A sigh came from above. I licked her ass and pressed my tongue on the facets of the plug. Trish moaned again.

“Mmmm, push on it.” She whispered. I did as she asked. “Oh God, that feels good!”

I continued to apply pressure with my tongue and my nose and even my finger.

“Oh Rob, its moving inside me!”

I found that hard to believe since I was just pushing softly, but apparently the ribs on the plug were massaging the inner walls of her anus. I held the jewel and pulled gently to remove it. Trish practically jumped off the mattress.

“Oooo it’s so sensitive,” she wailed. “Fuck me.”

I cautiously pumped the plug in and out, ever so gently. Trish began to rock from side to side, and pushed her butt into my face. I was barely moving and she was going wild. I reached a finger down and rubbed her clit and the gold ring. That set her off.

“Aahhhh Rob! Oh yeah.” Juice began to trickle from her pink hole and the plug was making sloshing sounds in her rear. Her orgasm lasted for well over two minutes. I felt like I had total control over her. When I sensed it was ebbing, I pulled the plug from her butt hole. She was pink inside but her ring was throbbing. I pressed my finger into the opening. “Oh yes! Fuck me Rob.”

I got up on my knees and slipped my own throbbing pole into her pussy. I was instantly lubricated. I pumped it a few times and then withdrew. Only to reinsert myself into her hind end. She was tight, but after wearing the plug all night and the workout she had just endured, I was quickly buried to the hilt.

“Oh yes Rob. I love having your cock in my ass! Pump me full of your morning cum.”

I pumped long slow strokes that literally flattened the cheeks of Trish’s ass. My groin was slapping her backside. Together our grunts and groans betrayed the pleasure we were both enjoying. I held her hips in my hands and pulled her upward with each thrust as I gathered speed. I felt the rush building and then the pumping of my own

love muscle as it erupted into her her waiting chasm. The warmth of my own cum enveloped my dick as it filled her ass and then the back flow gushed out of her and covered us both. Trish was cumming again and I tried to last through it all, but I was now exhausted and empty. As my rod deflated I slowly pulled out. Her asshole was still throbbing and our combined fluids were still flowing out and onto the bed sheets. I watched and wondered which one of us had contributed the greatest volume. But one thing was clear, Melinda would be putting fresh sheets on the bed today.

I collapsed next to Trish and we grinned at each other for the next few moments.

“There is no better way to wake up in the morning than with you inside of me.” She sighed. “Do you have any idea what that dildo was doing to my ass?”

“It did seem like you were a little more sensitive than usual. What is so different?” I asked.

“It moves! Or at least it feels like it’s moving. Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.” She winked and then kissed me. “Yes, you’ll find out.”

I closed my eyes. I knew that it would happen soon enough…

To be continued…

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