Teacher and Student Pt. 03

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I take a fistful of her hair and pull it back as I ram my cock in and out of her.

This is an incredible sight to see.

My adorable slutty student is laying across my desk on her stomach… skirt is pushed up, panties are around her mid-thighs… And her pussy and ass are in full view…

Allowing me to have her.

Her pussy constricts around my cock… Making me have to pound her harder. I love her screams… I know she could get us caught with how loud she’s being, but it turns me on too much.

She’s already came once on my mouth… And I hope I can make her cum again on my cock.

Her legs flail behind her as I thrust.

I squeeze her ass and pull her hair more.. Forcing her back to arch.

“Mmmm you’re being such a whore, Sophie.” I tease her. Her body responds.. I can feel her pussy getting wetter. She gasps and squirms. “Hehe, you like it when I degrade you?” I continue. All she can do is moan. “You’ve got me all crazy since yesterday. Your hot little mouth wrapped around my cock. I couldn’t sit still waiting for you ataşehir escort bayan today.”

“Fuck, I couldn’t stop thinking about it either sir.” She squeaks.

“Yeah? Well of course those lips don’t even compare to these” I say, giving her three deep thrusts. She calls out.

“Sir… I’m close!” She cries.

I feel myself approaching closer too with each thrust.

“Fuck… Me too… Sophie are you on the pill?”

“Yes sir, please give it to me.”

The desk creaks as I pound her. We both moan as were pushed closer and closer… She intakes a breath.. Her body stiffens, and Her pussy tightens around me.. And I feel her release everything.. Her body thrashes and she’s gasping in and out for air as she cums…

It’s what I needed to push me over..

I thrust deep inside and cum… hard inside her sexy little body.

Feeling her squirm underneath me as I pump her full… whining and then suddenly goes limp on my cock.

I lean over her… Trying to catch my breath… She raises up a little and turns escort kadıöy over, making sure to keep me inside.

I groan and she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me.. Pushes her tongue through my teeth.

I take her wrists and pin them to the desk and begin thrusting inside her again slowly.. She moans and breaks the kiss.

“Mr. Bell… I’d love to do more, but we won’t have time to go over an assignment today.” She whispers.

I smile at her. There’s no way in hell I’m doing that. I still want her.. I need to fuck her and rip the rest of her clothes off of her…

I let go of her wrists and run my hands up her body and cup her breasts through her shirt.. my cock still throbbing inside her.

“How about you just tell me which assignment you were planning on working on today, and I’ll just put in a grade for you?” I say.. Squeezing her breasts and making her squirm.

“Mmmm sir, shouldn’t I do the work though?”

“You should.” I say. “But wouldn’t you rather just fuck me instead?”

She bites her lip maltepe escort and taps her chin teasingly.

“I want you.” She says seductively.

I smile wickedly and pull out. “No.. Please I want it back inside..”

She whines.

“Stand up” I tell her and take her hand.

She gets up and I slip her shirt over her head.

I reach around her and unclasp her bra. I look over her sexy body.. Her breasts are the perfect size and shape.. I reach out and brush my fingers over her nipples. She gasps and squirms, and I pull her close to me. “You’re beautiful.” I whisper. I kiss her deeply and squeeze her ass.

I pick her up, and we sit back into my chair. I ease her down onto my cock, and she moans out happily. I begin bouncing her up and down… She grips my shoulders and grinds into me…

“Look at how slutty you are. Letting your teacher undress you and have your body for grades.” I whisper to her. She moans and rides my cock harder. I grip her waist and run my hands up and squeeze her breasts… I take a nipple into my mouth and flicks it with my tongue.”

“Mmmm! Mr. Bell… That’s so good.”

I take the other breast and press it against the other one do that I can get the other nipple into my mouth at the same time. I hear her calling out my name.

It isn’t long until we both cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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