Staying Late Pays Off

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Sophie slid in behind the wheel of her Nissan Leaf. It still smelled like new car and it made her happy every time she got into it.

“God dammit!” she swore. It was already six o’clock and she just realized she was going to have to run back up to her office. Sophie was currently working on a case for a client charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was accused of stabbing his roommate in the leg with a kitchen knife. She had been researching similar cases since two o’clock and she still didn’t have the right information. Now she had forgotten the case file in her office!

“I must have left it sitting on my desk.” She said aloud. What really irked her was that she had grabbed her notebooks, which were filled with her research notes, but not the case file.

How is that even possible? They were all together!She thought seriously for a moment about going home without it. She could probably find the time to look up the statutes and similar cases tomorrow.

“No, I can’t!” She whispered. “I have court most of the day. Ugh! This sucks!” She looked up and to the left, surveying the garage to see if anyone was around. She could only imagine what she looked like sitting half inside and half outside of her little electric car talking to herself. She decided there was no way around it; she would have to go back upstairs and grab the file.

Sophie depressed the lock button on the car door and stood up. She put her keys in her front slacks pocket and put her purse back inside the car on the driver’s side floorboard. No reason to take it with her, she would be right back. She shut the car door and made her way back to the building’s employee entrance. The blue doors reserved for those who worked anywhere in the twenty-story office building were to the left of the third floor spot where Sophie had parked. The doors opened onto a hallway that could have belonged to any office building in corporate America. She made a right at the end of the hallway and walked fifteen feet to the bank of elevators.

When Sophie stepped off the elevator on the tenth floor she could hear a vacuum whirring somewhere up ahead. She silently prayed she could grab the file and get back to her car without seeing anybody. There were only a couple lights on—more for security than anything—and she narrowly avoided the fronds of a bamboo palm sitting just inside the large reception and waiting area as she half-walked, half-jogged toward her office.

“Holy shit!” she cried out. “Somebody should really move that!” She slowed down a bit as she passed the restrooms and turned right walking past the cubicles that sat on the right and the offices and research area on the left. The firm’s floor was situated in a semi-circle and her office was the last one on this side. Next to it was a large conference room and then across the hall was the staff room, where she had recently been fucked into submission. If you kept walking past the conference room you came out on the main hallway where reception and further down, the elevators were at. Just the thought of Trevor pressing her into the staff room counter made her knees weak.

“Mmmm”, she moaned. “I’ve been horny all day! I am taking a bath when I get home. Hopefully the batteries are still good in my… What the hell?”

She stopped just before her hand settled on the door handle to her office. Had she left her lamp on when she left this afternoon? She really didn’t think so; it was the middle of August. Even now, at a little after six, she wouldn’t have really needed a light. Her office had a huge window that looked out onto the Greater Chicago area and being so high up she hadn’t needed blinds to keep out prying eyes. Another reason she was quite sure she hadn’t been using the lamp was that she couldn’t remembereverusing it. When Sophie needed to she had always used the fluorescent overheads not her desk lamp. The only explanation was that the janitor had left it on, although the office doors weren’t locked at night so it really could have been anyone. The thought of someone rummaging around in her office definitely creeped her out so she stood there, hesitant to go in, standing with her right hand stretched out toward the door.

“There’s no time for this,” Sophie told herself and grasped the commercial-style lever handle and pushed down swinging the door open as she did. She was so focused on the lamp that at first she didn’t see him. She pushed the door open and advanced toward the front of her desk eyeing the stack of papers next to her computer.

“Ah, there it is,” she half-whispered.

As she reached out for the file she saw him.

“Gah!Oh my god, Trevor! What the hell are you doing in here? You almost gave me a goddamn ataşehir escort heart attack!” He was sitting at Sophie’s desk facing the door. At that moment he looked like a child who’d been caught decorating the living room wall with Magic Markers.

“I asked you a question!” Sophie demanded.

“Well, I, uh,” he stammered. Sophie started around the desk. Just as she rounded the corner she saw what he was up to. At first he made no attempt to stand up and Sophie didn’t know whether to be completely pissed off or amused.

“Sophie, come on. Please don’t be mad!” He was leaning over scrambling for his slacks while trying to stay as close to the desk as he could. He continued stammering, searching for the words to explain why he was in her office and more importantly what he was doing. His intention was to stand and pull up his pants and boxer briefs—which Sophie smiled to see were patterned after the American flag—in one fail swoop.

“Sit down!” Sophie all but shouted it. Trevor was bent over trying to unhook his belt buckle from where it had gotten hung up on his shoelace. He was jerking on it, trying fruitlessly to get the hook to come free; hoping to regain some modicum of dignity.

“Leave it, Trevor! And sit down.”

He looked up at her. He was still bent over but no longer working to free the belt. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. The glow of the desk lamp was behind him and the desk’s shadow was obscuring his expression, although Sophie was quite sure his face had turned a bright shade of red. And she doubted it was from being bent over.

“Ok” he said, in an almost inaudible whisper. He sat on the edge of the chair and used the bottom of his shirt to cover his jewels but Sophie was not having it. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and swept it back.

“What?” she asked him. “You can jack off in my office but you can’t show me your cock?”

Sophie knew this was probably excruciating for him. He would know soon enough that she wasn’t upset with him. In fact, seeing him sitting in her chair like that—pants around his ankles, tie loosened and hanging astray, shirt opened at the neck—was definitely turning her on.

“Unbutton your shirt Trevor.”

“Oh god, Sophie, please don’t do this. Why do you want me to unbutton my shirt? I swear, I thought you were gone for the night. I didn’t mean anything by it, I just …. ” he trailed off looking down.

Sophie smiled, what did he think that she was going to do? Parade him through the office naked? Sophie pushed in the lock button on the door handle and closed it behind her. She walked back around her desk. Trevor relaxed noticeably.

“Now take your shirt off” Sophie said, much gentler this time. She made no attempt to touch him only stood there watching him take off his silk paisley tie and thumb the buttons on his light blue dress shirt. Once he had taken it off and laid it on her desk she stepped out of her grey flats and took the clip from her long brown hair. She watched as Trevor took his now hard cock into his hand and began stroking it with a firm grip.

“What were you thinking about in here?” she asked him.

“You. I think about you constantly. All day long I replay the way I fucked you in the staff room or I dream up all the ways I want to fuck you the next time I see you. I thought that once we did it I would think about it less, you know that whole ‘forbidden fruit’ kind of thing, but it has had the opposite effect. I want you more than ever!”

He had let go of his dick and was leaning toward her as he spoke. His voice had gained an almost pleading quality as he explained his growing need. Sophie didn’t need to hear his explanation, she knew exactly how he felt. She hadn’t done much fantasizing about Trevor before their little tryst. Now it was a whole different story.

Sophie unbuttoned her blouse. It was a long sleeved pink number that she had picked up at Maurice’s last fall during a Veteran’s Day sale. She let it drop to the floor. Then she unhooked her bra slipping it from each of her arms and letting it fall as well. She took her large right breast in her hand and massaged it for a moment before bringing it up to meet her lips. Her skin shone in the lamp light, as smooth and pale as porcelain. She kept her eyes locked on Trevor’s as she licked her hardened nipple and then suckled at it. She moved toward the chair. When she reached him Sophie sat down sideways on Trevor’s left knee, keeping her eyes on his as she did so.

He immediately let his swollen dick drop as he reached out with both hands. Sophie leaned down and covered his mouth. She used her tongue to explore his mouth relishing the moment she had daydreamed about for two kadıköy escort weeks. She pulled back from the kiss sucking on his lower lip as she did. She rose up and stood between his legs, letting him take a tit in each hand. He kneaded them with a firm grip then moving his hand around to her back he coaxed her closer. Sophie allowed him to pull her in toward his mouth. She let out a guttural moan as he first flicked her nipple with his tongue and then covered it with his mouth sucking her in. Letting go he moved to her other breast planting kisses across the valley between them as he went.

Sophie took his stiff dick in her hand and began rubbing up and down on it, squeezing gently. She backed away from his mouth and knelt down on the floor in front of her office chair. She untied first the left and then the right shoelace on Trevor’s oxfords and then pulled them off, setting them under the edge of her desk. Trevor lifted his legs free of his underwear and slacks and kicked them out of the way so that Sophie could move deeper between his legs.

She took hold of his cock again with her right hand and slowly stroked him up and down. Bending her head in toward his swollen member she kissed him in the bend where his right leg joined his groin and again in the crease on the left side.

“Suck it.” Trevor whispered. Sophie grinned up at him.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Mmm, yeah,” he answered as he lifted his hips up off the chair. “Put it in your mouth.”

Sophie kept her hand wrapped around his pulsing cock, stroking up and down as she licked the underside of the glans.

“Oh fuck yeah. Sophie, I’m so horny. Suck it!” Trevor moaned and bucked again. Sophie smiled and took the head into her mouth sucking it gently. She made no move to take the rest of his dick into her mouth she wanted to take her time with him. She tightened her grip on his shaft and jacked him off a bit harder as she bent down and took his nuts in her mouth…first one, sucking as she moved between them, then the other.

Now she straightened and pushed Trevor’s knees farther apart. Starting below his ball sack she licked slowly up to his testes, again sucking each one. She moved her hand from around the shaft and moved her way up his dick with her mouth, sucking, licking and kissing until she arrived again at the head. She pulled his dick toward her and raised her gaze to meet his, finally doing what she knew he ached for. She wrapped her lips around the head and pushed her face down until she had swallowed him whole.

Trevor groaned and closed his eyes letting his head rest back against the chair. Using her hand Sophie guided his swollen cock in and out of her mouth sucking every inch of him with each stroke. She took him into her mouth as far as she could one last time and then slowly sucked her way back off. She sucked on the head and cupped his balls squeezing gently. When she had caught her breath she opened wide and took him into her warm mouth again. She rubbed her tongue against the underside of his hard prick as it slid back toward her throat. She moved her tongue in circles around his dick as she sucked her way back off. Trevor reached down and took hold of the back of Sophie’s head. She let him guide her mouth up and down on his thick shaft, keeping her lips pursed.

He pushed her into his crotch as far as she could manage. Sophie gagged as his dick dipped down the back of her throat.

“Oh god, that feels so good.” Sophie sucked Trevor off for several more minutes until the yearning overtook her. She stood up, unhooked her gray flat-fronted slacks and let them fall. Using one foot she kicked her pants out of the way and turned back to her lover. Taking Trevor’s dick in her hand she jacked up and down on the slippery wetness left there by her mouth.

Sophie finally did what she had wanted to do since she saw him sitting in her office. She climbed onto the office chair and straddled Trevor’s rock-hard cock. Hovering above him she could feel the excitement radiating off his body. Her pussy tingled in anticipation. With her body positioned over his, she kissed him, moving her tongue in and out of his mouth. She let her lips lay gently on his own sucking on his tongue, taking it in much like she done with his cock minutes before.

Trevor took his pulsing dick in his hand and pushed it towards her, parting Sophie’s engorged pussy lips with his head. Her gash was dripping with her sex juice and his dick slipped easily back and forth. Sophie whimpered and spread her legs further, exposing her clit. Trevor rubbed his cock against it, swirling it in quick circles. Sophie wanted him inside her. She was in the position to take what she wanted. She took both of Trevor’s bostancı escort bayan hands, lacing her fingers between his and pulled them up alongside his head, using them to steady herself. Slowly she lowered her aching twat onto his cock, letting his head guide the rest of him into her warmth.

She tightened her grip on his hands and raised them up above his head giving herself more leverage. She used her legs to push her body up, slowly sliding off of his hard dick. She had been wanting this all day and she was determined to make these first few thrusts count. She was wet but Trevor’s dick was quite thick and just as it had in the staff room, it was stretching the opening to her deep pussy and the pain was exquisite.

Trevor lifted his buttocks off the chair wanting to rush her, but Sophie was in no hurry and she was the one with the power this time. Using her knees she pulled what he wanted further away from him.

“I want to feel that hurt,” she told him. “So you will just have to wait.”

Trevor didn’t have to ask, he knew exactly what she meant. She had one hell of a tight pussy and although Trevor knew he wasn’t any Dirk Diggler, he was blessed with girth. When he had entered Sophie in the break room he had almost cum because her pussy was so tight. That was just over two weeks ago and here they were again, Sophie’s hole squeezing his prick in ways that made his head spin. Each time she lifted her body up off of his Trevor would catch a glimpse of his cock sliding in and out of her wet hole and he liked it.

Sophie rode up and down slowly taking him deep within her wet, warm cunt enjoying every inch of him. It felt so good she didn’t ever want it to stop. Still holding his hands she stretched her arms out in front of her, tipping the chair back.

“Oh god you feel good!” Trevor felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Sophie had one of the best looking bodies he had ever seen and right now she was all he ever wanted. If she would just let go of his hands he would show her.

“Ahhh that’s good” Sophie stretched her arms further and pushed her pelvis into Trevor’s allowing her pussy to push even further onto Trevor’s cock. She pumped up and down several times in short strokes, ramming his head into her g-spot and sending shivers up her spine.

Trevor flexed his buttocks pushing into her. Sophie’s tits were hanging above him. He reached out and caught her nipple in his mouth. He nibbled gently on it and pulled it into his mouth. Sophie quickened her pace, slapping her pussy into Trevor’s balls. She let go of his hands and gripped the arms of the chair. Leaning her head on the back and the chair she bowed her back pressing her sensitive vulva against his shaft.

“Uh, uh!” She pushed into it harder.

Trevor was finally able to grab her waist. He pulled her hard into his cock, he was close to cumming and by the sound of it she was too. “Fuck me good Sophie. Come on girl, fuck me good.” He hardly recognized his own voice, he was all but growling.

Trevor felt it start in his toes and when his back jerked forward Sophie grabbed the back of the chair and fucked him for all she was worth.

“Oh, oh yes!” she cried and Trevor returned the sentiment, groaning loudly. He flexed his buttocks and lifted from the chair, shooting her full of his load. Almost simultaneously her pussy contracted forcing every last drop of it from his loins. Sophie didn’t stop bouncing, she couldn’t stop. With each thrust she felt a new wave of ecstasy flowing through her. It would start in her chest then spiral down into her belly and end in her pussy, like a convulsion. She thought it would never stop, didn’t want it to stop.

Trevor sat watching as the storm rolled through her, feeling pride that he had sent her into this frenzy and knowing she was completely unaware of him at this moment. When the climax passed she opened her eyes and looked at Trevor with something that may have been love, love for the unbelievable fucking they had just shared.

She started to crawl off of his lap and Trevor made no move to keep her there. Now that his raging hard on had been assuaged, he realized how wholly uncomfortable he was. It took a full five minutes before Sophie had enough strength in her legs to get dressed. Trevor dressed slowly as they discussed his upcoming deposition. By the time he finished tying his shoes Sophie had slipped back into her own and was trying to tame her hair.

Trevor caught her hand and kissed her gently.

“Leave it down. You look so sexy like that.”

“That’s all I need is to catch the eye of some other man!” she laughed and added, “What I need to do is haul ass home, get in the shower and see if I can get some work done before bed.”

Trevor pulled her close and kissed her again.

“Was it worth it?” he asked. Sophie pulled back in earnest.

“Are you fucking kidding me?Wellworth it!” She reached up and pecked his lips one last time. “Until next time sexy man.”

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