Sorority Raffle

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Sue adjusted her skirt and sorority sweater. The short red plaid skirt seemed a bit too short for her, but all of her friends had told her it would be perfect. She continued to walk up the sidewalk, up to the first house. She hesitated a moment before ringing the doorbell. She waited a moment and then rang it again. After a moment she turned and was about to leave when the door burst open.

Sue turned at gazed at the guy standing in the doorway. He was standing tall with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His skin was damp, probably from the shower he was taking, Sue thought. His blue eyes traveled down her body and then rested back at her shockingly bright green eyes. He smiled and cleared his throat.

“Can I help you?” The man asked. His eyes darting to her bare legs and then to her breasts that were straining against the tight material of her sweater. Sue pulled her gaze away from his muscular chest and blushed.

“I am selling raffle tickets for my sorority. Would you like to buy one? You could win a really cool prize.” Sue’s voice was hushed and her body tingled from the sensations the sight of his body gave her. The guy smiled and moved out of the way to allow her entrance to his home.

“Come in and sit down, I’ll be right back.” Sue walked in and went straight for the sofa in the living room adjacent to the door. The guy ran up the stairs, Sue’s eyes watching him as he left. She let out a sigh and adjusted her skirt, trying to cover as much of her legs as possible.

Not too long after going up stairs the man returned, clad in a pair of shorts and a shirt. He sat down across from her on a chair. He smiled and sat forward.

“I’m Mike.” Sue smiled and took the hand he offered. His skin was hot to her touch and she could feel herself warming under his gaze. Sue let go of his hand and opened her purse.

“So would you like to buy a raffle pendik escort ticket? Only $1.” Mike smiled and took out his wallet.

“I’ll take ten. By the way, what is the prize?” Sue looked up as he handed her the money and she handed him the tickets. She blushed and put her head down.

“A date with a sorority girl.” Mike grinned. He placed the tickets into his wallet and then returned his attention to the beautiful girl in front of him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of hers. Her eyes were a bright green that caught him off guard and her hair a deep red.

“Are you one of the three girls that I could win?” Sue shook her head. Mike lost his smile for a moment and then smiled again at her. “Is there any way of winning you? I would be willing to buy some more tickets if I could go out with you.” Sue stood up and began walking to the door. Her emotions were going crazy, she had just met this guy and already she wanted to tear away is clothing. Mike stopped her escape and leaned forward. Sue just stood still allowing his lips to touch hers. Her eyes fluttered shut and she let herself enjoy the feeling of desire to wash over her like hot water. Mike’s hands came around to pull her closer, to press his lips more firmly against hers. Sue gave up and dropped her purse and wrapped her arms around his neck trying to get closer to him. She could feel his hardening desire for her pressing against her lower stomach.

Mike began backing Sue into the living room, his hands working their way under her sweater, to raise it up, exposing her black lace bra. He sat her down on the sofa and kneeled before her. Mike pushed her bra up and exposed her breasts to his hungry gaze. Mike brought his mouth down upon her breast and began to suckle at her nipple. Sue moaned and arched her back, silently pleading him to take more of her inside of his hot mouth. Mike brought his hand up to maltepe escort caress her other breast as he licked the other. Sue continued to arch and moan as he moved to the other breast to lavish his attention upon it.

Mike slid down her body and lifted up her short skirt. He could see the damp material of her thong, and groaned. He pulled the material to the side and inhaled her scent. He moved closer letting his breath fall upon her wet core. Sue squirmed on the sofa, aching to feel his mouth upon her. Mike let his tongue slowly and gently slid up her moist lips, barely touching them. Sue tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer. Mike chuckled, and Sue moaned at the sensation his laugh made on her. He attached himself to her throbbing core, licking and sucking upon it. It was hot and wet, and Mike moaned in his throat causing vibrations.

Mike brought his hand from its hold on Sue’s hip to part the folds of her womanhood. He gently slid a finger in and then continued to lick at her core. He slowly began a rhythm with his finger, and could hear Sue moan out his name. He slid another finger in to accompany the other and she moaned louder. She felt so tight and hot to him. He could barely control his own desire to replace his fingers with his member, which was straining against his shorts.

Mike stopped and stood up. Sue made a loud protesting sound and then calmed as she realized he was taking off his own clothing. She watched as he removed his shirt, revealing his muscular form. He bent down and removed his shorts and his member sprang forward, standing tall and hard. Sue gasp at the size of it. It looked so big; she didn’t think it would fit into her small form. Her other only lover had been quite smaller than him, but she didn’t care. She needed release and she wanted him inside of her.

Sue sat up and took his hard member into kartal escort her hand, she could feel the iron hard member quivering at her touch and she smiled. She leaned forward and kissed it with wet lips. Sue began to take him into her mouth and she could hear his moan. She continued to slide her lips over his member, moaning and sucking as much as she could. Mike’s hands were tangled in her hair pulling her forward, pushing her to go faster over his member; to take more of it into her mouth.

Mike pulled her away from his member and moved her back onto the couch. He kneeled before her and smiled.

“Bend over the couch.” Sue followed his orders and bent with her buttocks in the air towards him. Mike pushed her shirt up and moved her thong aside, then gently began pushing himself into her hot, tight, wet core. Sue threw her head back and moaned. Mike carefully pushed the entire length of his member into her. He could feel her muscles clenching him and he moaned aloud. He began sliding out until he was almost completely out of her and then pushed back in. He did this slowly until Sue began moving against him in an attempt to make him move faster.

Mike began to move faster within Sue, encouraged by her screams and moans. Her muscles continued to clench him, making him almost lose control. Mike brought his hand down upon Sue’s smooth buttocks, spanking her. Sue almost lost herself as she felt Mike slapping her butt. Mike slapped her again and then grabbed a hold of it. He continued to slam into her, his hand sliding up and taking hold of her hair. Sue made a low, deep sound in her throat, Mike could feel her muscles begin to spasm as she climaxed and let out a scream. Mike continued to slam into her until his own climax hit him and he shot his hot cum deep inside of her.

Mike slid out of Sue and threw himself down on the sofa. Sue turned and sat back down on the sofa. She smiled at him and snuggled at his side.

“We’re doing a bake sale next week; can I stop by and bring you something?” Sue asked, her breath still catching up to her beating heart. Mike turned to her and grinned.

“Yeah, you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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