Snow Bound With Lisa

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This story is for a girl I met called Lisa. She wanted to share a snow bound cabin, with me, so now I have provided her with one.

“That’s not fair.” Lisa said as a snowball hit her in the back.

“All’s fair when you’re in the snow.” I grinned as I hastily made another one. I should have looked up because, WHACK, I got hit in the chest.

“War!” I shouted at her and fired off another snowball.

This high jinx went on for about half an hour and by the end we were both tired.

“Come on, let’s go back to the cabin and get warm.” I said.

We headed back to the cabin, which was our home while we were here on holiday. It was not much to look at, but it was warm, had a big fire place, a comfy bed and just generally great to be in. Even the logs making up the walls, looked like that they were cut down only yesterday.

“You go in and have a shower and I’ll cut some logs.” I told Lisa.

“Okay. That’s not my thing anyway.” Lisa said as she gave me a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“I know.” I laughed, “You have other things you do.”

“Why, whatever do you mean?” Lisa said as she batted her eyelashes and walked saucily away, swishing her hips.

She went in side so I stripped off my jacket and started splitting logs, down into kindling.

After about half an hour, I was finished, so I carted the kindling up and into the cabin, depositing it by the fireplace. I could hear the shower still going and you were happily singing away. I smiled and shook my head. At 5’4″, green eyes, brunette, slim and small busted you were my type of woman. I felt very lucky to have met you.

You finished singing and the noise of the shower finished. By that time I had the fire started and it was going nicely.

You came out drying your hair with the towel and dressed in a white toweling robe.

“Hope that you left some water for me.” I joked.

You poked your tongue out and walked to the other side of the room to where the kitchen was.

I stood up and admired you and the fire. Both were hot in my minds eye. I shook my head and headed for the shower. After scrubbing myself clean I stood under the hot water feeling it flow over my skin, erotik film izle feeling the warmth spread over my body. I could see why you spent so long under it. It felt wonderful.

I stepped out and brushed my teeth and had a gargle with the mouthwash. I wanted to look my best for you. I put on my robe and came back out to the lounge.

You looked beautiful there sitting on the Bearskin rug, before the fire. I smiled as I saw the strawberries and the open bottle of wine. You had already had half a glass, by the look of the bottle.

“Nice.” I said as I admired the view.

“You like?” Lisa asked as she held up her glass and had a sip of wine.

“Very much.” I grinned and went over to sit next to her on the rug.

As I sat down I leaned forward and gave her a long kiss, tasting the wine on her lips. I pulled back and licked my lips, slowly, savoring the taste.

My hand picked up a strawberry and placed it at your lips. With deliberate movements I traced the line of those lips, with it and then teased your lips as you went to bite it. Pulling it back and then doing it again.

I put my glass down and leaned in to kiss you deep on the mouth. I felt your lips open and your tongue darted out to probe between my lips and into my mouth.

I moved around so that you still held onto your glass, but so that you were reclining more, on the rug. Leaning on one arm. My other slowly moved over your dressing gown to rub your body underneath. You felt so smooth under my hand.

As my hand found the sash holding it together, I loosened the knot and let the sash slip from my fingers. Your robe fell apart showing off your golden body underneath. You were well proportioned and worked out. You had to since you did part time modeling.

My hand moved up your tummy to brush over your breasts, where your nipples were already erect. My fingers chased lines around your nipples and around the mounds of your breasts. By now our kissing was over and you leaned back onto the rug.

I moved my fingertips to my glass and dunked them into it. When I pulled them out they were wet with wine, and I moved back to your breasts. Delicately I brushed my fingers film izle over your nipples depositing wine onto them and onto your breasts. I leaned forward more and took a nipple into my mouth. Tasting the wine on my lips. Using my tongue to entice your nipple further, I licked the top of it and then all around it, like a bee to a honey pot.

You moaned softly as I licked first one then the other nipple. Sometimes arching your back as you ran your hand through my hair.

I kissed your breasts again, only this time my other hand traveled down your waist and over your belly button. I reached behind me and wet my fingers again, then continued with their travels.

“That’s cold.” Lisa murmured, “But nice.”

My fingers kept going until they came to your other protruding lips. You kept your pussy lips shaved as it gave you a nice feel. The tops of my fingers slowly encircled the top part of your lips, rubbing the wine over them. Up and down they traveled over them. They were moist not only from the wine but from your arousal as well.

I kissed you again as my fingers slowly parted your lips, to run along the inside of them. Your labia, was well defined and tender to the touch. It was one of your favorite areas.

Your kisses became more animalistic as I inserted my middle finger into you. Your back arched and I could feel you shudder under me. Your teeth gnashed mine.

I moved my finger in and out slowly as it fucked you. Your body moved with the rhythm of my hand. I inserted two more fingers and I felt your walls accommodate them as well. You enjoyed this type of sex.

I stopped kissing your mouth and proceeded down your body towards your cunt. Kissing as I went, tasting the wine and your body as I went. As I reached your clit I removed my fingers and let my tongue slide up and down your wet hole. Tasting the juices there was very satisfying. I always loved going down on a woman and tasting her sex.

I moved my body around as well so that I my head was positioned at the front of your vagina. I pushed my tongue in between your luscious lips and went to work, licking and tasting you. Forcing my nose to rub your labia and smear your juices over my face. The seks filmi izle smell alone was making me horny.

With my free hand I grabbed a strawberry and inserted it between your lips and pulled it back and forth to get coated with your sweet juices. I left it there and lowered my head again to remove the strawberry with my teeth. I ate it with a relish of female juices, coating the sides of it. When it was finished I lowered my head yet again, to lick you out.

You held my head there as you had your first orgasm and forced more of your juices to flow.

“Take me up the arse.” Lisa said shakily.

I disengaged my tongue and head and pulled back. As I did you turned around on all fours and lifted your robe over your back. Your arse cheeks were presented to me in all of their glory.

I rubbed some more wine over your cheeks and down your crack, making sure that I also lubricated around your back entrance. I leaned forward and licked around your hole tasting you and the wine and depositing some saliva there. I put some saliva onto my hand to coat my erection, so that it would slide in easily, but I found that I had pre-cum there, so I was wet enough.

I positioned my cock at your anus and pushed, going in slowly so as to not cause you any pain. I heard you moan, not in pain but in pure pleasure as I entered you.

You pushed on your hands, pushing you back onto my cock and forcing it in further. You started to fuck me, before I had a chance to start it. I held onto your hips as I slide in and out your tight hole, the sides gripping my erection and giving me wondrous pleasure. I increased my thrusts as you increased your pushing.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

“Me too.” You said as you shuddered yet with another orgasm.

I came quickly and continued to pound your arse. Shooting my seed and spreading it through out your bowels. Slowly our thrusts slowed down, but I did not stop. I could feel your energy was drained but that you were drenched by your own sweat and by mine.

I felt your muscles spasm under me as your butt hole clenched and un-clenched, forcing semen out of your hole and onto the Bearskin.

I pulled out as my cock shrank and lay down next to you on the carpet, as you turned and lay down.

“Thank you.” You purred as you gave me a wet kiss.

“The pleasure was mine.” I said as I kissed you back and smiled.

To be continued….

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