Sexual Thunderstorm

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The wind blew hard against the windows, howling and trying its hardest to break in. the sky darkened as thunder roared across the sky. Running from his car, he couldn’t wait to get home where it was safe and dry.

Lying in wait, she lay stretched out on his bed. Wearing his favorite sexy outfit, she knew exactly what she was after and wasn’t going to stop until she was satisfied. The lock threw on the door as her blood froze. All the hairs on the back of her neck stood with anticipation as the door pushed open. She could hear foot steps across the wood floor as he stripped out of his jacket, shoes and wet clothes. Grinning, she waited, not making a single sound. Thunderstorms always made her wild with a feeling she rarely gets to experience.

There were candles spread all over the room. “maximum seduction for maximum pleasure” she thought to herself. She knew he was going to be tired and after their conversation earlier, thought this was just what the doctor ordered. Patiently she waited for him to walk into his bedroom, forcing herself to contain her excitement.

“Hun?” he called from the kitchen, “are you here?”. She chose not to answer, wanting her location to be kept a complete surprise. Hearing nothing in return he started down the hall. “Thank god I’m alone” he thought “I so need some private time before she gets home”. He started stripping off his clothes as he inches closer to his room. Websites and stories started flooding his head as he tried to decide what he wanted to look at. “I think escort kartal ill read…” he thought as he opened his door and caught sight of his surprise. His cock immediately stiffened as his eyes traveled from her smile, down her neck to her breasts then continuing on down to her pussy and finally stopping at her long soft legs.

“Hello there” she said is a soft sexy voice. “Thought you could use a little…me…” At first she wasn’t sure if he liked seeing her this way. In her mind it took him a little too long to show any emotion other then absolute shock. Waiting cautiously, she started moving her legs back and forth, as if to say ‘come and get it’.

Dropping his clothes on the floor, he tore of his boxers, revealing an erection she hadn’t seen in a long time. A crash of thunder and bolt of lightning lit up the room as he rushed towards her. His hands wandering all over her body, feeling every inch of her soft skin. Her luscious breasts her firm and erect, waiting for him to touch and play. Her pussy moist, waiting for him to dive right in. pulling her towards him, he kissed her. Wanting to taste every inch of her willing soul. “I’m all yours for the taking” she whispered in his ear, grabbing hold of his huge bulging erection. Her hands gripped hard as she started moving them up and down his shaft, making sure to touch every nerve pulsing beneath her finger. She could feel him melting into her body as she carefully and forcefully flipped him onto his back. grinning she licked him. Starting maltepe escort at his neck and slowly working her way down towards his penis. Every time she nibbled, his back arched with pleasure as we waited for her to make it to his ever growing erection. Her mouth was warm on contact as she placed her lips around his head and sucked. His hands grabbed the back of her head as he forced her to blow, up and down, harder and deeper. He wanted to feel the back of her throat as she groaned. The vibrations of her throat made every nerve stand on end. Harder and harder she sucked, playing with every inch of his cock as she plunged him deeper and deeper into her throat until right at that perfect moment she jumped on his and forcing him in her.

Her pussy was warm and wet, inviting every sensation of pleasure to pass from her to him. Another crack of thunder hit, causing her to ride, harder and faster, forcing him to hold back. Seconds seemed like hours as he lay, watching her luscious breasts bounce under her skimpy, revealing lace teddy. soon wild emotions took hold as he reached up and tore off her lace teddy, exposing her breasts. Feeling her nipples he gentle, yet firmly placed her breast in his mouth. Allowing his tongue to do the walking he wanted her face as he teased. Her eyes sparkled with every color imaginable as the ecstasy rushed over her, taking hold of her entire body and forcing her to let go. “Oh my god” she screamed, trying to keep her body moving. Every part was tingling with pendik escort bayan this wild and crazy sensation they were creating.

With another crack of lightning she let everything go, allowing her self to cum ever so slightly. it was enough to let him know that she didn’t want it to stop. Grabbing her shoulders, he flipped her onto her back “my turn” he said. Plunging in, he started thrusting hard. He wanted to cum in her so bad it took all his energy to keep focused long enough to have some fun for him self. Deeper and deeper he went. Each movement causing her to tingle harder and longer. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to focus completely on the sensation of feeling him go in and out of her. Reaching up she pushed against the wall, causing them to fuck closer and harder. With each thrust his erection grew, pushing hard again the walls of her pussy, begging to be let lose.

Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore. He flipped her onto her stomach and mounted her from behind, plunging deep within her. “Holy shit” she screamed “DON’T STOP”. Faster and faster he went, forcing her to bite her lip till it bled a little. Her body screamed to let go. Forcing herself to wait, she pushed harder against the wall, causing more friction between their bodies until neither one could hold on any longer. With that final crack of lightning, she squeaked in pleasure as she released all her built up emotion, pouring everything she had all over his cock as he slowly started to vibrate within her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he pulsed his juices into her willing body. Sweating, he lay against her back and kissed her cheek. Smiling he rolled off and lay next to her. “I’m glad you’re home safe hun” she whispered, kissing his nose between deep, hard breaths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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