Road Trip Ch. 11

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Adriana Chechik

Chapter 11

We offer private sex education tuition


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. For those who haven’t yet read the previous chapters, I suggest you read them to provide context before continuing with this chapter. I am open to suggestions about where you would like this story to go, if you wish to comment. Thanks.


The next few weeks were pretty run-of-the-mill, if anything was run-of-the-mill in our lives. We each had clients, usually Friday and Saturday nights, but also occasionally during the week as escorts for business-persons attending business functions. I quickly appreciated the loving relationship I had with Celeste and Margarite, who had made Monday night her night to stay over, especially now Dietrich had returned to Germany. The major step we took during this time was to begin a website offering R18 sexual advice and tuition. This was far different from Sex Ed classes in school. Instead of simply naming the parts and admonishing people to be celibate until married, we offered a great deal of advice to enable couples to enjoy their sex lives, this being the main function of sex apart from the few occasions when sex was used for procreation. We decided that as the major proportion of sexual activity was for recreation, people should be able to make this as enjoyable as possible. We quickly ran into a problem.

“The main difficulty people have is being able to visualize what we write about,” complained Celeste, after she’d attempted to offer some sexually explicit advice to someone who just didn’t seem to get it. I knew the problem; I’d had it frequently with clients myself.

“We can’t teach a person what something feels like through a laptop. We need to offer practical sessions, either individual and couple sessions or group sessions,” I replied.

“When we went to The Crucible, that group had hired the dungeon for the evening as a private function. If we joined The Crucible, I wonder if we could also hire the venue for a night a week, maybe not the dungeon, but certainly a few rooms where individuals, couples or groups could learn and practise.”

I wondered why we hadn’t thought of this before. We contacted The Crucible, visited and joined as members, and discussed the proposition. As we predicted, they had very suitable facilities available at a very reasonable cost, which were frequently vacant. They would be very happy to hire us these facilities. We decided to begin by offering tuition for couples, in our own place first off, then we’d use the larger rooms as the predicted demand increased.

George and Helen were our first clients. They’d found our website a couple of weeks earlier and wanted to be able to enhance their lovemaking. They didn’t really have any problems but were both adventurous and had decided that they would quickly become tired of simply fucking together, so what else was there for a young couple who had just become engaged? They booked a session with both of us at our home. I had told them to dress sexy, not only because it was a sexy evening, but also because I wanted to know what their interpretation of ‘dressing sexy’ would be. As our first ‘at home’ sex ed clients, Celeste and I were a little nervous in case they didn’t learn much or what we taught them didn’t really help. After all, we’d realized that just because we thought something was great, sex is very personal and they might like something different or not like what we liked.

Celeste opened the door when the bell rang, greeted them and ushered them into the living area, where they sat together on the sofa. As I poured them a glass of wine each, I surreptitiously watched and listed to their interaction with Celeste as they chatted together. It seemed that Helen deferred to George most of the time, allowing him to speak first and then backed him up briefly once he’d finished. He seemed to accept this role and also listened to her comments without interruption. They were seemingly a very compatible and loving couple.

I returned and handed them their glasses, then sat with Celeste on the other sofa.

“Here’s to an interesting and informative evening,” I toasted.

We clinked glasses and drank before I asked the question I’d had since we first spoke.

“So, you say that normal sex is not adventurous enough, I think adventurous was the word you used, so what else have you tried and what else did you have in mind?”

George and Helen looked at one another, George’s previous confidence seeming to have sincan escort vanished.

“Well, that’s the thing; we don’t know,” said Helen after a few seconds, “We’ve gone online and watched some porn, but realize that lots of that is simply faked for the camera, and we’ve read a few stories, like on Literotica, but again those are fiction and are not necessarily reality. We’ve read comments and questions in LGBTQ forums and read extensively about polyamory. However, although many of these things sound interesting, nobody really says how to get into these alternative lifestyles, even if we decided we wanted to try them. So, we figured that if we’re serious about doing anything, we really need to meet people who also know these areas and may be able to advise us, or,” here she appeared to become even more nervous than her blushing indicated she was, and she glanced quickly at George for support, “Possibly, to experience some of these things,” she finished in a rush.

I waited a few seconds to see if George would add anything in support, but he appeared to suddenly find the arm of the sofa fascinating. I looked quickly at Celeste, who was smiling at Helen, and before I could say anything, she replied.

“I’m really pleased you thought to come to us. I’m sure we can assist. You seemed to be a bit embarrassed about things, is there a reason for this or is it just because it’s something that usually isn’t spoken about except in private with very good friends?”

“Yes, it is a bit embarrassing,” replied Helen, “It sort of feels dirty to talk about sex, even between George and me.” I noticed George was nodding in agreement. “I guess it’s the way we’ve been brought up; you know, find Mr Right, stay chaste until marriage, get married, have wonderful children and live happily ever after. Nobody mentions what happens to fill in the gaps. We’re supposed to stay true and faithful to one another, remaining monogamous, although the papers and news are full of illicit sexscapades among the rich and famous. Is there a rule for them and another rule for us? Then the other titillating news stories seem to relate to some famous person who suddenly finds he’s gay, or a movie star who admits she’s a lesbian, and there’s all sorts of rubbish printed or spoken about their relationships. It seems really strange to me that such behaviour would have been totally frowned upon by our parents and even now is sort of talked about quietly as though it’s a bit of a joke, yet at the same time we have large public events where the LGBTQ community celebrate their differences and on official forms we need to complete, there are about five or six different options for ‘Gender’. It’s all so confusing.”

George was nodding in agreement but remained silent while Helen paused to think for a few seconds. She then continued.

“I guess we’ve already broken the ‘remaining chaste until marriage’ expectation,” she glanced at George with a big grin, “But the big problem is that we want more from our relationship but don’t know how to find out what there is or to find a safe place to experience choices. I want to know how it feels for George to cane my ass; how it feels to watch him make love with another woman; how it feels to be made love to while he watches; how it feels to sleep with a woman; how it feels to sleep with two men. I can’t do that online and I don’t want to just go out and experience these things in situations that could be dangerous.” She paused again, looked at Celeste and me, then spread her hands is a hopeless gesture. “Can you help, please?”

Celeste answered promptly, confidently and reassuringly. “Yes. We can help you. We’ve experienced most, or maybe all, of what you’ve mentioned and we enjoyed it all greatly. The safety aspect is paramount and I’m very pleased you’ve realized that ending up with a STI or STD is not a good idea. So, to reassure you, Hank and I are both tested regularly so we’re fluid bonded, as they call it. Have you and George been tested at all or are you the only sexual partners you’ve each had? I only ask because we also need to take care, especially in our work, and we also need to know what contraceptive measures you are taking. Otherwise we’ll need to use condoms, and I, for one, don’t like those. So is there any reason why we couldn’t all be fluid bonded?”

Helen blushed again at having to discuss their personal sexual matters. “I’m on the pill. The first time we did it, we took a risk, then we used condoms for the next few times until I went on the pill. We were both virgins for our first time and I know I’ve only had one sexual partner, and I’m almost certain George has only had me as his partner.”

We all looked towards George, who was nodding vigorously.

“So, you’ve been very quiet about all this, George. Is what Helen’s told us about what you think also?” I asked.

“Yes, she seems to be able to say it all a lot better that I can. It’s sort of not something guys talk about, although I don’t really ankara escort know that it’s what women talk about either. It’s just the interesting difference between men and women; men go to the bathroom alone, women seem to go in pairs, giving them the opportunity to natter together.”

“Humph, natter indeed. We talk and discuss, sharing problems and thoughts with each other,” said Helen, grinning. It seemed this was a small bone of contention that had arisen in the past between this couple.

“Yeah, Ok, but there is that definite difference,” conceded George.

“Ok, so if you had a choice of everything you mentioned before, Helen, what would you choose to do tonight?” I asked.

Helen turned to George and they had a short but intense whispered conversation together. Finally, Helen turned towards me. “We’d like to sleep with you both in the same bed if that’s Ok with you.”

I glanced towards Celeste, saw her tiny nod, then replied. “That’s fine with us. Now, you’re sure that this is what you both want?”

Again, they turned towards each other, had a short, whispered conversation, then turned back to us. “Yes,” agreed George, “If that’s fine with you, that’s what we’d like, and being fluid bonded would be great if you’re offering.”

I wanted to be very certain that they both realized the step they were taking. “You do realize that you’re taking a step that can never be undone, don’t you? At this stage you can say that you’ve been faithful to each other, after tonight you’ll no longer be able to say that. Even if you never do it again, you will still have the memory of having slept with others. Nothing can change that. So just make very certain that there are no doubts lingering in the back of your minds about the step you want to take tonight.”

Once again, they conversed in whispers, then, both smiling, they said this was what they wanted.

“How about we swap seats, Helen,” suggested Celeste.

Helen turned towards George and gave him a quick kiss, then stood and hurried over to sit in Celeste’s empty seat alongside me, while Celeste moved to sit next to George.

“Are you both happy about continuing here,” I asked, “We could move to separate rooms if you wished.”

“No, we’ll stay together as a foursome, please,” replied Helen, “That way George and I can watch you both and learn from you. That’s why we’re here. I’ve never been naked in front of another man, so for me that’ll be an interesting learning curve as well.”

Enough of the talking, I thought, and I reached towards Helen and gave her a hug, which she responded to, pressing her lips against mine, opening them, inserting her tongue into my mouth. I immediately realized that she was a powder keg waiting to explode; no wonder this young couple were keen for more than simple vanilla sex. She wriggled her hand inside my shirt then began stroking up and down my chest. She was dressed sexily, as we’d requested, and her crop top was pulled in under her sumptuous breasts with straps over her shoulders, cut to expose her cleavage, showing the inner sides of her breasts, being held together in front by a single, large, shiny button.

I stroked her naked stomach under her top, running my fingers down to the top of her tight pants, then up again, tracing the line across her skin at the base of her top. She began unfastening the buttons down my shirt, pulling the sides apart, kissing my chest and stomach as she uncovered me. Once she’d finished, we kissed again very sexily, spending time exploring each other’s mouth as we pressed our upper bodies together. She broke the kiss and stretched one leg over my thighs, pulling herself into a sitting position on my lap, then wriggling forward until our crotches pressed together. I had no doubt she would be able to feel my hard cock pressing into her pussy.

I pushed her shoulders back a little then reached for the single button holding her top together. I expected it to simply unfasten like a normal button but found it was simply decoration, her top being held together by two hooks behind the button. I unfastened these two hooks and slowly peeled back the two halves of her top that were covering her breasts. The top was acting as a bra, so she was naked underneath. She shrugged her shoulders, dislodging the top and we allowed it to fall to the floor as I admired her twin globes with their hard, dark nipples pointing at me. I lowered my head and took the left nipple into my mouth while caressing her right breast with my left hand. She pushed herself towards me, offering her breasts and nipples to me as she reached behind me and slowly caressed my bare back, sliding my sleeves down my arms before pulling my shirt out from between me and the sofa and dropping it on top on the floor. I changed sides with my mouth, sucking her right nipple while massaging her left breast, then kissed her lips as I cupped both breasts with my hands and whispered in her ear.

“Look at Celeste and George.”

She turned etimegut escort her head and saw that George was lying back on the sofa, naked from the waist up, with Celeste also naked above the waist, kneeling on the floor beside him as she slowly stroked his rigid cock which was poking through the unzippered fly of his trousers. He had his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations as he stroked her hair with one hand, his other hand cupping her breast.

“We’d better catch up a bit, don’t you think?” asked Helen.

“No, everything’s fine, we can just go as fast or slow as you wish. It’s not a race,” I replied.

However, she still wriggled back a little on my lap then unbuckled my belt, unfastened the hook and unzippered my trousers before reaching under the elastic of my undershorts and bringing my rigid pole into the light of day. She put her hand over him, then slid back, gently moving her hand as she kissed me while I caressed and massaged her breasts. We looked at George and Celeste and saw that Celeste was now taking George into her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, then, every few seconds she pushed her mouth down his cock until her lips pressed against his trousers. I knew how that felt and how long it had taken for her to perfect her deep-throat technique. It was something I hoped to teach Helen, but maybe not tonight.

“Won’t she choke?” asked Helen in a whisper.

“No, she’s had lots of practice,” I replied with a grin, “I’ll teach you that if you like.”

“Oh, yes please.”

I kissed her again, deeply, then held her to me as I cupped her ass cheeks through her pants, pulling her crotch against my cock. She moved her hand from my cock and wrapped both arms around me as we dry humped.

“Strip me, darling,” she whispered, moving back to provide access to her tight pants’ fastenings, which I quickly unfastened and pushed downwards as she wriggled her hips to assist. She stood up and pushed her pants to the floor, stepping out of them and showing me her tiny g-string panties, through which I could clearly see her pussy and her sopping crotch. She dropped to her knees and pulled at my trousers, removing them as I helped by lifting my ass off the sofa. Then she pulled off my undershorts, leaving me totally naked, before straddling me once again, her tiny panties her only garment preventing me from sliding into her.

We kissed, hugged, caressed and teased each other, occasionally observing our partners who were in a similar state to ourselves. Celeste was now lying on the sofa, her legs over the arm rest, her g-string panties her only garment as George sucked her nipples while caressing her sloppy crotch with his hand, accompanied by soft moans from Celeste.

Helen must have decided it was time for action. After watching her partner and Celeste for a few minutes while I teased her nipples, she stood once again, quickly pulled her panties off, then resumed her seat, sliding forward until my cock was firmly pressed against her neatly trimmed pussy. She placed her knees each side of me on the sofa, then kissed me, pushing her tongue into me as she levered herself upwards with her thighs and wriggled her pussy to position her entrance over my cock, then gently lowered herself.

I felt my head enter her slippery tunnel and slowly slide all the way in as she lowered herself. I felt the end of her vagina and she checked for a few seconds, not lifting but remaining still, then she slowly and carefully relaxed and allowed herself to drop further as my cock pushed into the end hard, lengthening her, traveling to places never before visited. Once our pubic bones met, squeezing her clit between us, she held me around my neck, breathing deeply as her body struggled to adjust to my large intruder. After a few minutes she was breathing easier and began to move her hips back and forth a few times, each time rising about half off me then dropping down again until I was once more fully implanted inside her. To begin with the dropping was slow and cautious, but towards the end she was just relaxing and dropping suddenly, her vagina now fully adjusted to my length. After the last drop, she clutched me around my neck and held me tight for a few seconds. I could feel her body trembling and then she relaxed.

“I just had an orgasm,” she whispered in my ear.

I moved my head back and smiled at her, then kissed her again and watched as Celeste lay back on the sofa, holding her knees so her legs were wide apart as George slowly slid into her welcoming love tunnel. Helen followed my gaze and was in time to see her partner fully implanted inside Celeste as she reclined on the sofa, her eyes closed and a look of ecstasy on her face. After a few seconds he began moving back and forth, each inward stroke ending with him pressing hard against her clit. After a few such strokes, he stayed fully inside and cupped her breasts with his hands.

“Ooohhh, yes, darling, squeeze my tits,” she told him.

George followed her instructions, squeezing her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as she rolled her head from side to side. He must have been squeezing hard because I knew Celeste only enjoyed it when it was hard, and she was enjoying it.

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