Revealing Negotiations

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It was a typical August night in D.C., hot, humid, and frankly miserable.

The phone buzzed in the Oval Office.

“Yes?” the president, Harvey Williams, said into the speaker.

“Representative Simone Alexander is here to see you, sir,” came the emotionless reply.

“What? It’s 9:00 Thursday night; we’re scheduled for tomorrow morning,” he said as he glanced at his watch.

“I told her that, sir, she says it won’t take but a minute; do you want to see her or should I send her away?” the secretary asked.

“It’s fine, I’m wrapping up in here anyway; you can send her in; oh, and you can go on home as well and get some rest. We have a long day scheduled tomorrow,” he instructed.

“Very good, sir,” came the prompt reply, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

A few seconds later the door opened and the Representative entered the office. As she glided across the room, the president couldn’t help but think she was incredibly hot, despite his not agreeing with her on practically anything. And was she texting on her phone? He thought. Has she got someone more important than the president to reach out to? Whatever he didn’t want to put more thought into it; he’d rather just watch her. His mind quickly noticed her white stockings and was drawn to them, despite making an effort not to be caught looking.

Knowing that white was one of her stronger colors, she was wearing a white skirt, pink blouse and a light white, summer, jacket, in addition to her attention-getting stockings. As she took a seat across the desk from the president, she leaned back and crossed her legs.

She demurely bit her lower lip as she smiled and began to speak, “Thank you for seeing me, Mr. President, I was hoping to show you my proposal on the latest farmers’ relief bill so you’d be versed on it for the discussion tomorrow with all of the advisors and committee members.”

“Well, Miss Alexander,” he began but paused.

His pause was caused by her putting her finger to her lips as if to shush him.

He wouldn’t stand for this, despite that bright red lipstick looking so sexy, he thought. He’d take control of this meeting right now, “Miss Alexander,” he said a little louder.

This time she quickly responded, “Sir, please feel free to call me Simone when we’re alone; everyone does.”

“Simone,” he repeated as she eagerly nodded.

“Very well, Simone,” he continued, “I don’t need to see that; the White House staff has no doubt gone through it and decided what we can accept and what we can’t, and they’ll go over all of that with you and the others tomorrow morning.”

Just then there was a light knock on the office door.

Surprised, the president looked at the door, knowing no one else should be coming by tonight.

The door opened and Kristin Jacobson entered the room saying, “Good evening Mr. President. It’s just me, your favorite senator,” she joked. “Simone just texted that you two were starting.”

“How?” he began to ask as he stood.

“Oh don’t worry, I was thoroughly searched by your security boys,” she smiled. “I came in with the representative a while ago and just made a quick stop in the ladies’ room.”

“Fine,” he responded. “So are you here for the same thing? Because I’ve already answered Miss…”

“Now, now,” She interrupted teasingly, “Remember we decided I’m Simone.”

“Yes, yes,” he stammered.

Simone looked to Kristin to speak, “He explained that his advisors are the ones who will decide. He can’t do it on his own.”

“Oh,” Kristin responded disappointingly.

Now the president was getting frustrated, “That’s not what I said.”

“It’s not?” Simone looked at him quizzically. “I thought you said your advisors were the ones to look at it and decide.”

“Well, I said that they had, I mean, uh, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.” He tried to explain, barely making sense even to himself.

“God, it has been a long day,” he thought as he began admiring Simone again; she was well aware of the effects she was having on him both physically and verbally.

Kristin broke into the conversation, “I’m confused; can he look at these or not?”

President Williams turned toward Kristin’s voice and saw that she was placing a few sheets on the table. He also noticed for the first time that she was in a sleeveless royal blue dress, or was that a minidress? And though, as a male he didn’t usually think of these things, he couldn’t help but notice that the dress, along with her blonde hair, tight figure and high heels made for quite a stunning image.

Subconsciously he needed to show his power.

“Of course I can look at that,” he said, “Nobody tells me what I can and can’t look at.”

From behind him as he began walking towards Kristin and the table, while Simone winked at the senator, who gave an almost imperceivable smile.

The senator suggested, “Mr. President, why don’t you have a seat on the sofa and we’ll go over the proposal?” as she waved her hand towards the sofa.

As he turned toward the sofa, escort sincan he saw Simone slowly beginning to unbutton her jacket.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked, feeling how inappropriate this was.

Innocently, Simone quietly answered, “Mr. President, it’s August, and it’s so warm outside. And we have a long proposal to show you…”

As she spoke she continued unbuttoning the jacket, but in an almost painfully slow way, at least for her audience of one. She would take each button, finger it around slowly, then gently ease it through its buttonhole. She would then allow the jacket to open a bit as her hand eased down an inch or two and repeated the process.

Of course she knew exactly what she was doing, but she was confident enough to believe that she had given a reasonable explanation. Well, maybe not reasonable, she thought, but at least plausible enough.

“I’m just getting a little more comfortable,” she finished in her sweetest voice. “Why don’t you come on over and we’ll get this over with?”

With this her jacket fell completely open and she eased out of it, allowing a slow, slight forward thrust of her chest to insure that the president’s attention was focused there. That is, if it wasn’t already. She lay her jacket on the edge of the sofa and sat, leaving an obvious place for the president next to her in the center of the sofa.

Any hesitation he may have had was undone as those luscious legs and stockings crossed and she patted her hand on the sofa showing him where to come sit.

He went over and sat down. He was close enough to enjoy what views he could get out of his peripheral vision; he obviously couldn’t stare directly, but he liked being close to her; he was so close he could even smell her somewhat intoxicating perfume.

As the senator moved to the chair across from them, Harvey couldn’t help notice that she was also in stockings, although hers were black.

“Damn,” he thought. Here he was with the two hottest women in congress, and they wanted to talk about some farmers’ relief bill that he was sure his staff had already studied. “Hell,” his thought continued, “They had probably already prepared a response.”

“Oh well,” he thought, “What can it hurt to listen?”

The senator began speaking and mentioned that there were several parts to the bill. She discussed how many people it would help and added that recent polls had found some support for that aspect.

Simone’s heel began to dangle off of her foot and as it moved side to side in an almost hypnotic motion, and both women noticed where Harvey’s attention had gone. With his attention focused on Simone’s heels, Kristin went over the cost of that part of the program. She knew that would be his biggest objection so all the better for him not to be paying any attention.

Simone finally reached down and placed her foot back into the heel just as Kristin began talking about the second aspect of the bill.

Harvey looked back up as she talked about funding something; he wasn’t even really sure what. He was instead focused on her blue dress. Something was different, wasn’t it? Had she undone once of the buttons? He was seeing significant cleavage, much more than he had noticed earlier, at least that’s what he thought. But when could she have done that? She was right in front of him the whole time. Had he been watching Simone’s stocking clad feet long enough for her to have done that without his noticing?

While those thoughts bounced around inside of Harvey’s head, he heard the senator.

“Now for the third point,” she continued.

“Dammit,” he thought, “I don’t remember either of the first two. I should just leave and let my staff deal with this in the morning.”

He turned to Simone while trying to think of an excuse to give her.

“I think I’ve had it for today.” he told her, sounding more than a little apologetic.

She sympathetically looked into his eyes and nodded gently.

She leaned in and whispered, “It’s alright, sir, we know it’s late for a man of your age. We should just go. Maybe we’ll give it a go with some of your younger staff, sir. Maybe they can last.”

The worst kept secret in Washington was the president’s insecurity about his age and she was playing this weakness like a violin.

“No, no, I didn’t mean that. I mean, of course I can stay, I just, I just.” He frustratingly tried to answer in a way in which he didn’t sound weak but couldn’t find the words.

“You what, sir?” Simone asked with apparent concern. “Are you hot? Tired? Sore? Please tell me.”

Harvey was beside himself, “It’s not that I’m not telling you, I just, I don’t know…”

Rather than letting him work himself totally up, she interrupted, “Shhh. easy, sir. Everything’s ok.”

She began giving him a gentle temple massage while soothing him, “There, there, you’re just a little overheated, right, sir?”

Despite it being August, she knew that temperature had little to do with his frustration. But she thought with her ankara escort hands on his temple, his face near the pink silk on her chest, and his desire to explain away his perceived weakness, that he’d agree.

As expected, he seized upon that excuse, “Yes, that’s it. It’s this damn heat.”

“Ok, we can fix that, sir, will you let us do that for you please?” she asked and nodded to encourage him to do the same.

He responded by nodding, and Simone began gently undoing his tie.

Rather than give him a chance to object, she continued whispering, “Here you go, sir, let’s get you out of this stuffy tie. It’s night time anyway, right, sir? So there’s no need for this tie.”

By now the tie was undone, and she was coaxing it out of his shirt collar by pulling it gently out of one side.

“Now, we’ll undo a few of these buttons, sir? This shirt is probably pretty hot too; am I right?”

He was thoroughly enjoying this as she softly, yet methodically was unbuttoning his shirt.

And that voice, damn if he couldn’t listen to that all night.

He leaned back and closed his eyes to enjoy this sensation, and the best he could do to reply was to manage to say “Mmm, hmm” every time he heard her say, “right?”

“You’re probably usually in comfy pajamas by now, sir, is that right?”

He mumbled something unintelligible.

“I know I usually am, sir, I like to be in one of my my silk nighties when it’s this hot out. Just light silk on my bare skin; that sounds nice, right?” she whispered.

“Oh yes” he managed to say.

The images she had just placed in his head had replaced any other thoughts he had been having.

“Oh,” she continued, as she was easing his arms out of his button down.

She moved her lips closer to his ear, “Your shirt and undershirt seem to be tucked in very tightly.”

“Simone needs to fix this, right?” she asked.

The president didn’t realize it, but as he responded with another, “Mmm, hmm” her fingers were already working on unbuckling his belt.

And by the time he realized that his zipper was being unzipped, he didn’t care at all.

As Simone pulled his shirts away from his pants she was still whispering, “That’s better, right, sir? Has Simone made you feel better?”

This time her lips were brushing his ear, and he even thought he felt a cute little lick when she was done.

He hadn’t even realized that while he was thoroughly focused on the sensation in his ear, that her hand had moved on top of his boxers and had begun stroking his cock.

“Mmmm, Harvey, so big, so tense, so firm, so hard, is this what has been the problem?” she asked as though she was really that clueless.

“No, this is fine,” he said.

“Just fine, sir?” she asked as she slid her hand through the opening in his boxer shorts.

As she took a firm grip on his shaft, she continued, “I’d hoped I was a little better than, ‘fine’ sir.”

He opened his eyes and was gazing at her trying to think of what to say; at this point, all he wanted was for this to continue, but he didn’t know what words to use.

Much to his displeasure, she removed her hand from his boxers, and pouted a bit, “I guess I’m just not quite what you want,” she teased.

He opened his mouth to speak but Simone nudged his head away from her back towards the center of the room.

He gasped as he saw Kristin standing there.

It’s true that he had forgotten that she was even there, but that’s not what caused the gasp.

She stood before him looking like a Swedish goddess. Her dress was gone. She had apparently dropped it while Simone was undressing him, and she was wearing a black bra, black panties, and black stockings with a garter belt. Her tan, fit body and blonde hair was genuinely perfect.

Kristin licked her lips suggestively as Simone spoke, “She got a little warm also, Mr. President, I hope this is ok.”

She finished talking and this time began to nibble and kiss his neck.

“It’s great,” he managed to get out between deep breaths.

Kristin came and sat on the other side of the president and as she leaned up against him, she reached into his underwear and guided his rock hard dick through the opening.

She made sure he was watching as she licked the palm of her hand then gripped and began to stroke his cock.

By now Harvey couldn’t help himself and leaned to Kristin and opened his mouth. She responded by placing her lips on his and allowing her tongue to explore his mouth.

Her stroking had slowed at this point. The plan was to get him as aroused as possible, get him to the edge of orgasm, but to then deny it.

Harvey felt Simone’s lips on his neck and turned towards her only to see that her blouse and skirt were now also gone as well.

She was like a reverse image of the senator. Her tan body, dark hair and generous boobs were perfectly set against her white lingerie set.

Not that he had any way to know this, or for that matter even care, but it was a set of custom bridal lingerie from etimesgut escort bayan a high end retailer, and was the sexiest thing that she could have possibly been wearing.

The president was happily kissing Simone when he noticed a glorious, warm, moist sensation on his cock.

He glanced down to see Kristin had just taken it all into her mouth and was just now pulling up off of it. As their eyes locked, she kissed the tip and then slowly licked all the way up the backside of it from the base to the tip.

Again this action was designed to arouse, not complete the job.

With Simone licking his neck and Kristin going down on his cock again, he was almost numb from pleasure.

Then Kristin was back and Simone was between his legs. He couldn’t keep track, not that he was even really trying to.

Then during one of the senator’s kisses he almost screamed with pleasure.

Simone had straddled him and slid his cock inside of her.

He hadn’t felt that excited in years.

But to his ultimate frustration, Simone wasn’t pumping. She was more or less sitting there.

He began to thrust into her and try to create the friction needed.

This turned out to be futile though because with each of his pumps, she would raise along with it thus allowing him no satisfaction.

Kristin moved away so Simone put her hands on her shoulders and held him in place while she rode him.

From this position she could easily react and move along to each of his pitiful little pumps and keep him on edge, all while looking down at him with a smug, mocking grin.

He’d had all he could take.

“Please,” he begged.

“Hmmm?” Simone responded.

“Please, let me cum.” he begged again. All sense of propriety was gone.

“Of course, sir” she responded and began raising and lowering herself.

Harvey was enjoying this beyond what he’d imagined in his wildest dreams. In fact, Simone was too. She was getting him right where she wanted him.

Then, suddenly, “Ahhhhhh,” he nearly screamed.

Simone had stopped as he was within no more than two or three pumps of his ejaculation, and worse, had even pulled up off of him.

“No, finish, please, you said,” he was struggling to decide how to argue this but again didn’t know the words to use.

She unlatched her bra and let those magnificent tits dangle just above him.

As he watched she reached down and took his hands and placed them on them.

“I think you should do something for me,” she giggled, “If I’m going to do something for you.”

She leaned in and gave a long kiss.

She broke the kiss and asked, “Don’t you think so, sir?”

“Yes, yes, what do you want me to do?” he asked.

At some point apparently Kristin had returned because she was next to them and suggested, “Maybe he could accept our bill and sign it as is?”

She held out a pen along with the bill that she had presented a few minutes earlier.

Before he could respond, Simone lowered herself back onto Harvey, and began slowly lowering and raising herself. This was of course bringing the president right back to the edge.

“No, silly,” Simone said to Kristin, “Don’t you remember? He can’t sign it. Only the young guys on the staff can really make the tough decisions.”

As they expected, his vanity kicked in; he couldn’t let that stand, “No, that’s not true. I’m the president. I can sign things; I can make my own decisions.”

Kristin looked at him as if trying to decide if he was telling the truth, and then asked “Really?”

Simone had slowed again so Harvey was being teased beyond the limits of what anyone could be expected to take and still keep their thoughts clear.

She also asked, “You can sign this without running it by anyone? Can you really?”

Then she added mischievously, “That would turn me on so much if you really could do that.”

As Simone lowered herself down on him again, taking him all in, she licked her lips, and said, “Well?”

Harvey didn’t even remember what the damn bill was, but he certainly wasn’t going to let these two women think he couldn’t do something on his own. His thoughts were fully focused on showing them that he could do what he wanted. He never even considered if he actually wanted this bill signed.

He grabbed the pen from Kristin and scribbled his name across the bottom.

She quickly produced a couple more copies and said, “We need three copies signed, sir.”

He signed the other two and then turned to Simone who put her arms around him and pulled him in for a kiss.

As he began thrusting, this time she didn’t slow it down or stop it, and, truthfully within a couple of minutes he was done.

As the two of them got dressed, she suggested turning on the television.

She smiled as there on the tv, Senator Jacobson was announcing that the latest bill had been agreed upon and signed by the president.

President Williams watched and was realizing for the first time what had happened, and that Kristin had apparently quickly gotten dressed and gone to meet with these reporters. Immediately his phone started ringing.

He knew his staff would be livid, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

Simone sensed what was going through his mind.

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