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It’s early, still dark out early, as I make the long drive to the airport. I’m excited the day has finally arrived. In a few hours the hunger that’s been growing over the past few weeks will finally be sated.

It’s a really long flight and during the time I’m not catching up on sleep from having to wake up so early, I’m re-reading every text and email we’ve exchanged and remembering details of the sordid conversations we’ve shared. It doesn’t take long before I work myself into a flustered state.

I’m in a window seat and covered by a small airline blanket. The person next to me appears to be sleeping. I wonder if he or anyone else would realize it if I were to slip my hand under the blanket and up my dress? To test the waters, I decide to slip my hand under the blanket and rub my thighs; nobody seems to notice. I move my hand a little higher after a few minutes so that I can feel the bands of my thigh highs, the tips of my fingers barely touching what seem to be very moist panties.

Feeling brazen, I push my own limits a little further by moving my hand up slightly and pushing my panties to the side. The tips of my fingers are now touching my bare flesh, gently exploring the folds of my outer lips. I’m wet enough right now that If I’m not careful, everyone around me will hear the sounds I’m making by playing with my wet pussy on the plane. I need relief bad, and I’m shameless, but decide that even though the thought of getting off while surrounded by strangers excites me, I could probably get into a lot of trouble if I were to be caught by the wrong person.

I decide a much more private setting would be appropriate. I excuse myself from the aisle, making my way to the lavatory. After locking the door I lean back on the counter. I spread my legs and then raise my right leg to rest my foot on the closed toilet. Using my right hand, I move my panties to the side and start pushing my ring and middle fingers in and out of my now dripping pussy. I raise my left hand to my mouth to get my fingers nice and wet for my clit. I start gently circling my bean with my fingertips and think of his tongue.

I’m not comfortable enough to have a whole body orgasm but I’m certainly excited enough to get myself off good. As I start cumming, I bite down on my lower lip, close my eyes and whimper as softly as I can. I try really hard to be quiet while I’m cumming but I’m not certain if I am discrete enough.

After taking a moment to come down, I wash up and try to straighten out my disheveled appearance. I’m pretty sure the lavatory smells like my sex. I open the door and make my way back to my seat. I wonder if my neighbors have any idea what I’d been doing? Am I flushed? Do I still carry the scent of my pussy on my fingers? Is it lingering elsewhere on my body? I secretly hope it is and that someone knows what I’ve just done. I smile to myself, close my eyes, and sleep for the remainder of the flight.

My plane lands, I pick up my luggage and rental car and drive to the hotel. I’m totally refreshed from my sleep and the mini-pleasure session I gave myself on the flight. I call him after I’ve checked in to let him know where to meet me for lunch.

I quickly unpack, making sure to place my favorite sex toy where he’ll be able to see it. It’s a medium sized g-spot/clitoral vibrating stimulator. The box at the store was labeled “Cuddle Bear,” but I call it CB for short. I take a seat on the couch and wait for him to arrive. I’ve given him instructions, I’m hoping he’ll follow them precisely.

After 20 minutes, he arrives. I left the door partly open so he’s able to let himself in. He closes and locks the door behind him. I’ve drawn the curtains so the room Is dimly lit. Just enough light for me to see his form. He enters the room and stops before me.

As instructed, without a word, he slowly removes his shirt and places it on the coffee table that’s been moved out of our way against the wall of the room. He stands in front of me and slowly turns around allowing me to take a long hard look at his perfect body as he towers over me. Once he’s turned full circle he kneels before me.

We’re now eye level and I’m looking directly into his eyes. He knows exactly what etimesgut escort I want and he begins by placing his hands on my knees while slowly spreading my legs. We say nothing to each other, he’s not here to chat, he’s here to please me. I’m still completely clothed in a dress, thigh high stockings and black riding boots.

He eases my dress up a bit to give him better access and moves his head closer between my legs. I know he can smell the residual scent of the sex I had on the plane, I can smell it too, but I don’t care. In fact, I purposely chose not to freshen up or change out of the panties that had been drenched in my own cum just a few hours ago because I know how much it will turn him on. He is a dirty, freaky pervert which is one of the reasons we’re so perfect together.

He gives me a knowing look and smiles up at me confirming that I was right about what he likes. He takes a long deep breath through his nose taking in all of the aroma and moves in closer. Using only his face, he takes the crotch of my panties into his mouth and starts to suck my dried cum out of them. I’m getting aroused at the site of this beautiful man getting excitement from sucking my panties. My juices start to flow immediately.

After sucking the cum covered crotch material for a few minutes, he’s ready for me to make him some more. He helps lift my hips and he removes my panties. He places me back on the couch and plants his face back between my legs. He slowly kisses my upper thighs moving his way up to the center of my slit. He gently takes my lips in his mouth, kissing and sucking on them. He’s driving me wild, I can’t wait for him to get to the center.

He uses his hands to spread me open. He’s looking directly at my dripping pussy. He’s pleased with himself, by the way he’s able to get my body to respond to his touch. He plants his soft, full lips on my opening, kissing me gently. He uses his tongue to lap me up. He’s hungry and he wants nothing more than to eat my pussy, and I give it to him.

He moves his soft, velvety tongue up to my clit. He continues to lick it in a circular motion. He’s driving me wild. I love that he knows how to make cum and I can’t wait to release for him. It doesn’t take long. After only a few minutes I can feel my pussy start to bear down. “You eat my pussy so good! I’m cumming now!” are the first words spoken. And I do, and he loves it.

He continues to lick me for a few moments, drinking down his liquid lunch. Finally, he stops and brings his head up. His face is covered with my glaze. He looks so erotic that all I can do is smile up at him. He’s made me feel so good, but I’m not finished with him yet; he owes me three more.

I pull his face up to mine, I’ve waited too long to kiss his sweet mouth. Our lips touch, I savor the scent of him combined with the taste of the pleasure he just gave me. I pull him closer to me now, into an embrace while enjoying the slow sensuous feel of his soft full lips against mine. I wrap my hands around his neck and then slowly caress his bare chest and shoulders. Our lips part but I continue to kiss him on his cheeks, down his neck, onto his strong shoulders, and across his muscular chest. He’s running his fingers through my hair, caressing my face as I continue to kiss his beautiful body.

The tender moment we’re sharing with each other begins to ignite my fire once more, and he senses it. My cry of pleasure from the first orgasm was his signal indicating that silence is no longer required, so he asks me if I’m ready enjoy another and how he should give it to me.

“Let’s give that delicious tongue of yours a rest for now.” I tell him, “Fuck me with CB, you can eat whatever mess he leaves for you.” He reaches for my favorite toy from the coffee table as I lay back and spread my legs for him. He kneels next to me on the floor and watches as he starts to slowly push the device in and out of my pussy.

He uses his free hand to rub my breasts which are still concealed by my bra and dress. He can feel the stiffness of my nipples through the fabric. He lowers his head down to them and starts to bite at them as he shifts the attention of his free hand to stroking my face and hair. The feeling sincan escort in my pussy from being fucked by him with CB, while he bites at my nipples and caresses my skin sends shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

“You make me feel fantastic,” I whisper in his ear. He decides to increase my pleasure by turning on the vibration in CB. He continues to slide CB slow and deep into my pussy. I’m wriggling with pleasure now, it never takes long with him. I move my hand to his crotch to feel his hard thick cock through the fabric of his trousers. I’d love nothing more to feel him deep inside of me right now, but it’s all about me, so his pleasure will continue to wait.

His selflessness when it comes to pleasing me the way that I want it is empowering. I can feel myself slipping back into euphoria as he continues to give me what I need from him. I’m stroking his concealed cock harder and faster to match his tempo. The tingling begins to spread through my body. I can feel all my muscles tense and convulse as I cry out that he is making me cum once again. He quickly moves his face back between my legs to feed from me once more.

He slowly slips CB out of me, replacing it with his tongue. He licks me sweetly, tenderly as my orgasm subsides being sure to take all of my release into his wanting mouth. I feel elated from the joy he just gave to me. I want to make him feel the same way, and I will, but not right now.

After settling from the orgasm, he helps me up off of the couch. We’re standing face to face and I step forward to wrap myself around him. His body feels so good next to mine. My hands are draped around his neck as he uses his hands to caress my back. He gently squeezes my ass as our lips meet again. I’m enjoying the the feeling of him so close to me.

He guides me to the bed, lays down and pulls me next to him. I want to climb up onto him and grind myself on his cock, but since he has to return to work, and is still clothed, I decide that it’s probably not a good idea. I’m still so wet that I’d be sure to leave a mess that couldn’t be easily explained on his crotch. We continue to lay there side by side, facing each other. We’re passionately kissing and exploring each other’s body’s with our hands.

I pull away, using my hands, I guide him to lay on his back. I move my leg over his body so that I’m straddling but not touching him with my wetness. I look down at his face, he’s smiling and I’m sure he’s curious about where I’m leading him. I move my body forward so that his face is directly below my pussy. My shins hold his forearms firmly in place restricting his movement. I give him time to see what’s coming. I want him to see how swollen and wet it’s become in response to the sexual arousal he’s ignited.

He tries to lift his head up to me for a taste but I pull myself up slightly because I want to control pace in which I get my pleasure from him. After a few minutes of teasing him, I slowly lower myself to plant my wet slit directly onto his face. I stay there for a moment to enjoy the feeling of him under me but not too for too long. I move slightly as to not suffocate him, I feel the cool air pass across my hot pussy as he takes in a deep breath.

I lower myself again. I can feel his extended tongue delve deep between my puffy lips as I slowly rock my hips back and forth over it. I move to ensure his tongue licks me from my dripping hole up to my clit and back again. I continue this motion until I’m teetering on the verge of yet another climax. I have a sudden, urgent need to feel him inside of me.

I release one of his arms and tell him to fuck my pussy with his fingers. I adjust so that he’s licking my clit directly, giving him room to work his fingers in and out of me. He’s fucking me furiously as he works me into a fervor. I push down harder on his face, my pussy starts squeezing his fingers like a vice, my hips begin to tense and convulse. My release is intense and I can feel my cum dripping down his fingers and hand and he’s lapping it up as if it were his first and last meal. I’m completely spent, and I love it!

I roll off of him, I’m exhausted from the three climaxes I’ve had within the short time we’ve spent together today. escort etimesgut As l lay on my back, he rolls over on his side, head resting on his hand as he looks down on me. He uses his other hand to caress my face. He likes to watch me come down from the high of my orgasms.

It gives him a thrill to know he has the power to repeatedly manipulate my body into a state of constant pleasure. I smile up at him and raise my hands to pull his face up to mine. He face is completely covered with my scent, which is just the way I like him to smell. I kiss him deeply, exploring his mouth with my tongue, nibbling at his lips, caressing his face and hair.

After a short time sharing the gentle attention we’re giving to each other I move from the bed over to the desk in the corner of the room where my bottle of water is sitting. He leaves our bed and reaches for CB and then joins me for a sip of water. He proceeds to plant a kiss so sensuous and passionate on my lips that I become weak in the knees.

I pause and place my hands palm down on the desk to get my bearings. He takes the opportunity to move behind me and traces my back with his hands. He pushes me down gently so that I’m bent over the desk. He continues to touch me, rubbing farther down to the small of my back and all over my ass. He moves down farther rubbing the back of my thighs until he comes to the hem of my dress.

He eases my dress up over my back exposing my round ass to him. He rubs his hands over my cheeks. Back arched and shoulders up, I spread my legs wider to allow him better access to my treasure. I can feel the wetness start to make its way down my inner thighs. I turn my head and look back to smile at him from over my shoulder.

He gets down to kneel behind me so that his face lines up directly with my honey pot. He uses his hands to spread me wider to get a view of all my glory. He can see my glistening pussy dripping in anticipation of what’s about to happen.

He leans his head into me and proceeds to lick my entire slit from my clit to my puckered asshole. I can’t believe what he’s doing to me. The feeling is intense and I’m loving this extremely intimate gift he’s sharing with me. I moan with pleasure as he continues.

“Oh God, please don’t stop!” I beg him, but he does. “Please keep going, I need to cum!” I plead as I turn my head back at him. He looks at me and smiles. “This might be all about you, but you’ll get the next one on my terms.” he replies with a devilish grin.

He reaches for CB and teases me by mimicking what he was just doing with his tongue, only this time he uses my toy to do it. I’m so horny that I’m start to grind myself into it hoping for entry. “Be still Megan, just relax and enjoy it.” he tells me, and I comply.

After a few minutes of his teasing, he inserts CB into my now drenched pussy. He watches as he slowly works it in and out of my tight hole. It’s glistening with my juices and the sound from the in and out motion is sloppy and wet. He begins to softly work my clit as he continues to fuck me.

I’m so fucking excited at this point that I don’t think I can contain myself, but I do. I hold back my orgasm, he might be delivering my final climax on his terms, but I’m going to make him work for it.

We continue like this for several minutes. He knows I could have cum by now and I think he’s figured out what I’m up to. He begins to push CB as deeply into my hole as he can and plants his mouth on my asshole; he licks it with fervor. The feeling of being digitally stimulated on my clit, getting my pussy pounded with a vibrating toy and getting licked in such a private spot pushes me completely over the edge.

“Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m Cumming!” I scream at him. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard – ever. My entire body is shaking; my legs clamp together so hard that is face and hands are pushed out and banned from re-entry. CB is still lodged deep in my convulsing pussy. I can’t take anymore, I reach down between my clenched legs and pull it out of me. My legs, still shaking give out. He catches me and eases me on to the floor. He waits to ensure I’m okay before moving me back to the bed.

As I lay there resting he washes up and puts his shirt back on. After I return to a somewhat rested state, he leans over me, kisses my forehead and says, “Thanks for lunch. I’ll be back for dinner in a few hours.” He smiles back at me as he proceeds to walk out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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