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I remember that night almost better than any other in my life. I don’t know what came over me, what possessed me to stop by his apartment so late. Anyone could have been there, but that’s not what I was thinking about. I was too busy thinking about him, what he would feel like under my hands. That’s not what I told him, of course, when he opened the door. Ulterior motives are the most fun. Of course, now whenever I let the memory run through my mind, it happens all over again, like an erotic movie that’s sure to get me off. I love to remember…

He opens the door and asks me in. “Wait a second while I turn off the computer,” he says.

I follow him to the computer desk and stand behind him as he logs off the Internet. I lean down and gently nip his ear. I feel his entire body stiffen at the motion, I have caught him so off guard. I move down his neck, kissing and lightly biting. He tries to stand and I place my hands on his shoulders to hold him still. I move back to his ear, remembering how badly it teased him that last time, almost a year ago, and knowing how much more he’d want. He groans, and I take a deep breath to steady myself. I love it when a guy makes those primal noises. It’s so… animalistic. Wanting. Erotic.

I step back and allow him to stand. He immediately comes towards me, backing me up against the wall.

“You’re a bad little girl, you know that?”

I can only nod my agreement before his mouth attacks mine. I feel his tongue in my mouth, and I moan, wondering what else he can do with it. He pulls my shirt up and over my head, not even pausing before he moves his mouth to my neck. I can feel how hard he is as he’s pressed against me. I begin to unbutton his shirt, and he stops my hands so he can do it himself. I’m apparently not going fast enough. I take the time to unhook my bra, and I let it fall to the floor. His eyes widen slightly.

“I want you,” I whisper as I kiss him, pushing his shirt off of his back. He comes back at me full force, running his hands down my back to cup my ass and pull me even closer to him.

We move to the couch sincan escort in the living room. I push him down onto it and straddle his lap. I’ve gotten so wet, so sensitive, I can feel his heartbeat through his cock as it strains at his jeans. I feel decidedly evil, and I rock myself against him. I’m only able to do it three times before he flips my over so I’m on the couch and he’s standing between my knees. My jeans and underwear come off in one easy tug from him, and suddenly I’m sitting there naked save for a smile. He narrows his eyes at me, and I know he’s wondering what I’m smiling about.

“Nothing,” I say, before he can ask.

“I’ll give you something to smile about…” His voice is so deep with lust he’s almost growling. All I can do is raise an eyebrow.

I sit forward and hook my finger into the waistband of his jeans and pull him to me. The very tip of my tongue comes out of my mouth, and I ever so lightly lick right at his waistband, every now and again dipping my tongue a little lower. He’s shaking, he’s so tense now, and it takes all the self-control I have not to strip him and ride him right then. But I have to tease him a little first. It’s no fun unless the anticipation is way up there.

I unbutton his jeans, and so, so slowly unzip them. I trail my tongue down behind the lowering zipper, even dragging it over his boxers, letting him feel my breath through the thin cotton.

“Jesus, girl,” he whispers. I almost giggle to myself for having him so on edge.

His jeans drop to the floor and he steps out of them then kicks them away. Now it’s just his boxers separating his cock and my mouth. I slowly pull down his boxers, watching his face the entire time. His half-lidded eyes give me a warning: Either I stop my teasing, or he’s taking over. I just smile up at him, and pull his boxers the rest of the way down. His dick is pushing towards me, bobbing with each beat of his heart.

Suddenly I can’t wait to taste him. I need to have him in my mouth. I run my tongue up the under side of his shaft before encircling the head with my lips and pushing ankara escort my mouth down his length. I pull back and run my tongue all over his dick, wetting it to make it easier. I push down again and he goes all the way down my throat. His hands entwine themselves in my hair. I push down, and pull back, slowly at first then gaining a little speed, one hand simultaneously jerking him off, the other hand gently massaging his balls. It’s easy to know what he wants, what he likes. He’s responsive, groaning and gasping every now and again. After minutes of laving his cock with my tongue he stops me, telling me I’m pushing him too far. I push him a little farther, running my tongue down the underside again, all the way to his sac before taking one ball into my mouth then moving to the other. I stop then, noticing how his grip in my hair has tightened a little bit.

I look up at him and he’s breathing hard. I know I’ve gotten to him pretty badly. He pushes me back gently, so I’m laying back into the couch. He kneels before me and just drives his face into my pussy. I gasp. It feels so damned good. He grabs my hips with his hands and pulls me forward more, so my ass is hanging off of the couch. I can feel everything, from his tongue thrusting as deeply as he can manage, to his thumb lightly rubbing my clit, making it harder. I’m so close at this point. I can’t help it, but I lift my hips to him, silently begging him to give me the release my body needs. I try to restrain myself from pushing my pussy into his mouth, but my hips seem to do it of their own accord.

He moves his mouth up and takes my clit into his mouth, sucking at the hardened nub. I push forward more now, begging for just a little more pressure. I’m moaning uncontrollably. I know the neighbors can hear me but I’m beyond caring. All I care about is his mouth and how close I am. He moves one hand off of my hip, and pushes two fingers into me. He curls them, making the ‘come hither’ motion and rubbing perfectly on my G-spot, and that’s all I need. I scream with my orgasm, gasping his name and drenching his face with my come.

He etimegut escort slowly kisses his way back up my stomach and chest, pausing at each nipple while I catch my breath. I sit up and say, “Now, I have to have you in me now.” He kisses me hard and we stand and stumble our way back to the bedroom. He lays me down on my back, and positions himself between my thighs. He’s in the teasing mood now, I can tell by the smirk on his face. He slides just the head of his cock in me, leaving it there, watching the frustration play across my face as I wait for him to push further. He slides another inch, then another, so slowly I’m about to scream with impatience. Finally he’s all the way in, and he slides slowly back out. When he slips just the head in again, I wrap my legs around his hips and pull him into me as hard as I can. I can’t wait while he plays with me. I need him now.

He holds himself completely still for a moment while he regains his self-control.

“Hard,” I whisper to him. “I want you to fuck me. Nothing soft.”

I know my words grab his attention. He smiles, and this time when he pulls back he slams back into me with such force I throw my head back with ecstasy. We continue like that, him slamming into me and me lifting my hips to meet his with every thrust. I come again, hard, and I know he’s holding back his own orgasm. I want him to come, and I know exactly how to make it happen.

“Wait,” I tell him.

I push him off of me and get up on all fours. Our shared favourite position: doggy style. I hear him growl his contentment with this, my offered ass and pussy. He grabs my hips, and pushes into me hard. I grip the sheets beneath me so hard my knuckles turn white. He slides in and out of me at a wicked pace. Each time he thrusts forward he pushes my G-spot and rubs that area right under the head of his cock. I can feel another orgasm coming on and I push it down as long as I can. I want it to be powerful enough to bring him over the edge with me. Finally it gets to the point when I can’t bear it any more. I come screaming, my pussy clenching around him with each wave of the orgasm. This does it, this pushes him. He’s groans loudly, pushing into me with all of the force he has as he fills me. We both collapse on to the bed, exhausted and sated.

For the moment, anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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