Project Meeting Pt. 01

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When I took over management of the project from one of my colleagues, it was without enthusiasm because the project site was almost 200 miles away and I assumed I’d be stuck driving to at least a few meetings out there. Using technology and the platforms we already had available, however, and with the approval of the client and concurrence of the other design consultants, we’d made it through the final design phase meeting only virtually. The final design review meeting, however, the client wanted to host in person, stating that it was about time we all gathered face-to-face. Since I had not needed to drive out to their office or the project site like I had expected, this was acceptable to me and actually got even better.

Another consultant on the project had an office not far from my own and, while we were coordinating our attendance at the final design meeting, their project manager suggested that I just ride out there with them. I was the only one from my company who would be attending but there were two of them who I had worked with up to this point, Jenna and Celeste. Naturally, I accepted their offer, thinking that I’d prefer riding to the meeting location in the backseat and enjoying the scenery and some conversation rather than driving there by myself. As the planning for the trip continued, we were in agreement that getting there the day before made sense since the meeting would be starting at 9am. We confirmed that the project budget would include accommodations and, since the meeting was scheduled for the entire day, we also agreed to stay that night as well, rather than driving back after a long day.

The mountain town where the meeting would be taking place was well known as a tourist attraction due to its hot springs so our decision was, of course, partly based on that. If the project was paying for our hotel rooms, we all figured that we should take advantage of the local amenities as long as we were driving all the way out there. The three of us were all pretty close in age so it wasn’t surprising that we were all on the same page. As tempting as it was, we also all agreed that on the day before the meeting, we’d stay focused on that and save visiting the hot springs until after the meeting. We planned to arrive in the late afternoon, check in at the hotel then go grab some dinner but avoid happy hour.

They picked me up at my office in an SUV with their company name emblazoned on the doors. I settled into the backseat and we headed toward the mountains with Jenna driving. The nearly three hour drive gave us a lot of opportunity to get to know each other better, though Jenna and Celeste obviously already knew each other pretty well. I had never seen more of them than from the shoulders up on my computer screen, and sitting in the back of the SUV, I could see just slightly more. They were both cute but I didn’t have a good sense of what either of their bodies was like, though I was definitely curious. I was not expecting anything to happen, either romantically or sexually, while we were on this trip but I did anticipate seeing them both in swimsuits which could give me something to think about while lying in bed alone afterward.

I got my first look at their respective figures once we’d arrived at the hotel. We all got out and stretched before heading inside so I surreptitiously admired their physiques. Jenna was fair-skinned with what I’d call an athletic build while Celeste was Latina and was a little more curvy. We headed inside to check in and I discovered that they were sharing a room but I waited until later to ask about it. We were on different floors so we headed to our respective rooms after determining when we should meet up again to go and get some dinner. Since it was only two nights, I didn’t have much to unpack so I just stretched out on my king-sized bed until it was time to meet them in the lobby.

We’d done some research in advance of the trip so we knew where we would be going for dinner on that first night. We didn’t have anything else planned for the night since we had the meeting early the next morning so we lingered over dinner then tipped well on our corporate credit cards. I did learn that they’d decided to room together solely because they were expecting to spend all of their time together, anyway. Even with the project paying for it, they felt like it would be wasteful to rent two rooms, even adjoining ones, if they expected to spend all of the time they’d be there, and awake, in one of their rooms or the other. I got that and, since they said the double occupancy rooms had queen-sized beds, I didn’t mention how much space I had to myself in my king-sized bed. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t come up, though.

On the way back to the hotel after dinner, Celeste asked if they could see my room because she was curious as to whether there were any differences aside from the beds. I hadn’t left it in a state of disarray so I had no problem showing it to them and we headed straight there when we arrived. Everything had remained professional throughout dinner, meaning that I certainly hadn’t been flirting and I didn’t pick up any from them escort either, so there was no undertone as we entered my room and they looked about. Celeste noted that, where I had one bed and two nightstands, they had two beds and one larger nightstand between them. Other than that, they didn’t note any major differences. Jenna abruptly turned and went back to the bathroom just inside the door, returning after just a moment.

“The shower is just as huge as ours,” she said to Celeste, then to me, “We were joking that, with that much space, we might be able to get done faster in the morning by showering at the same time.”

“Yeah, they are big showers,” I replied, trying desperately not to picture the two of them in the shower together.

“I’d bet that all three of us could fit in there comfortably at the same time,” she stated, which I figured at that moment I’d be thinking about as soon as they’d left. Turned out that I didn’t need to.

“Unless either of you has big plans for the rest of the night,” Celeste said, “we could easily confirm it rather than wonder. I feel like I’d be thinking about it for the rest of the night if we don’t.”

“What do you think?” Jenna asked me, “What happens in Glenwood stays in Glenwood?”

I was speechless but they were both looking at me to see if I was onboard and there was no way I was going to miss out on an opportunity like this.

“Well, you’ve piqued my scientific curiosity,” I finally managed to spit out, as dorky as it sounded, “I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep if we didn’t at least give it a try.”

“Okay,” Celeste replied enthusiastically and immediately began to raise my shirt up. I lifted my arms so that she could get it off then, as she was tossing it onto my bed, I started to raise her shirt. He succulent boobs were practically spilling from her bra so I felt my cock stiffening as I gazed at her cleavage while removing her shirt. Once I’d tossed it onto the bed, I turned to Jenna and removed her shirt, as well. Her boobs were smaller than Celeste’s but still looked quite nice. Celeste had reached over to caress the bulge in my jeans then started to unfasten them so I unfastened Jenna’s. Celeste opened my jeans enough so that she could further massage the bulge in my briefs but, when I got Jenna’s jeans open, I started to slide them down and ended up hunkering down in front of her. I got her jeans down while looking up at her in just bra and panties then helped her step out of them.

I pivoted toward Celeste, still hunkered down, and opened her jeans then slipped them down and helped her out of them. With both of them looming over me in just bras and panties, my cock was about ready to burst through my briefs. I finally stood again and both of them began working my jeans down then both dropped to their knees before me. They got my jeans down and off then were both caressing my cock and balls through my briefs. Finally, they started to slide my briefs down, my rigid cock springing out. Celeste immediately gripped it, pumped it gently a few times then engulfed it in her hot mouth. I moaned as she briefly but skillfully blew me before offering my stiff cock to Jenna, who engulfed me in her mouth and briefly sucked me.

As they alternated back and forth, I knew that there was no way I’d be able to last very long but, since I assumed we’d still be showering, I wasn’t too worried about it and felt confident that I’d recover quickly in that environment. With this in mind, I was able to just savor their oral talents, which were significant. Jenna would slide her mouth up and down my cock a few times then Celeste would take over while I watched the entire time; there’s no way I wasn’t going to commit this visual to my long-term memory. I did end up lasting a bit longer than I expected but I’m sure it was because they were both so talented that they were able to draw out the pleasure they were providing. Gradually, my cock became even stiffer and thicker the closer I was getting to cumming but neither of them was affected though they did seem to shift from drawing out the pleasure to getting me the rest of the way there.

When I finally started blasting my load, it was into Jenna’s mouth initially but she handed me off to Celeste pretty quickly to share the bounty. It was a highly pleasurable orgasm but I wasn’t disappointed to be done, either being sucked off or blowing my load, because I’d still get to finish undressing both of them and we were still going to try out the shower. Once I was fully spent, I helped them both to stand again then was immediately fondling their tits through their bras before removing them. I unfastened Jenna’s first, revealing a very nice pair of boobs with large, pink areolas and stiff nipples. I fondled her bare breasts briefly then turned to Celeste and unfastened her bra. As it slid down her arms and her light brown breasts were revealed, I’m sure my eyes went wide. Her areolas and nipples were darker than Jenna’s but her nipples were also stiff. I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits then turned and did the same to Jenna’s nipples.

I eskort dropped to my knees facing Jenna’s panties and started to slowly slide them down, revealing her light brown bush, which was neatly groomed. After helping her step out of her panties, I kissed each of her hips and her lower abdomen then glanced up at her fully naked body before turning to Celeste. I did the same for her, revealing her well-groomed black bush then kissing her hips and abdomen. Gazing up at her then back at Jenna, I could feel the blood trying to return to my spent cock but it wasn’t quite reviving yet. I stood and we all headed for the shower, making sure the towels were within reach and that there was body wash. Jenna entered the shower first and turned on the water then adjusted the temperature. She wet herself down aside from her hair while I gazed at her body then Celeste did the same. My hair was short enough that I wasn’t worried about it drying and, once I’d wet myself down, we all took some of the body wash in our hands.

I wasn’t sure which pair of boobs to lather up first but that decision was made for me when Jenna remained in front of me while Celeste moved behind me. As I began to lather up Jenna’s boobs, she reached down to lather up my cock, which had the blood immediately flowing back into it. Celeste started with my shoulders and back but, when Jenna moved her hands up to my chest, Celeste took over lathering up my cock. I hadn’t done much more than lather Jenna’s tits when they had me turn so I was facing Celeste. She continued to lather my cock and Jenna lathered my ass while I soaped up Celeste’s succulent boobs. I did eventually soap up each of their asses and back and legs after they did my legs and I was pretty much fully lathered and fully erect. I ran my hands all over both of their bodies and I think did a good job of both cleaning them and getting them completely worked up, not that they hadn’t been well on their way already. We finally took turns rinsing off then grabbed the towels, drying ourselves and each other.

As fired up as we all were as we headed to the king-size bed, I was thinking that they’d probably be pretty easy to get off. Since I had cum once already, I felt confident that I’d be able to enjoy fucking either or each of them for a bit before I’d be ready to cum again. I lay on my back in the middle of the bed and watched as Celeste straddled me, her big boobs swinging and bouncing, before my view was blocked as Jenna straddled my head. I reached up to caress her sweet ass while gazing at her trim, light brown bush as I felt Celeste briefly gripping my cock before her hot, wet pussy engulfed it. We both moaned and she just sat there on it for a moment before slowly beginning to move up and down. By then, I’d run my tongue along Jenna’s slit, tasting her copious juices and causing her to moan, too.

As Celeste got a steady pace going riding my cock, I was caressing Jenna’s ass while lapping at her slit, slurping up her juices. I brought one hand down and slipped a finger into her which, despite how snug she was, was easy because she was so wet. She continued moaning as I licked and sucked her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her snug, slippery pussy. Since I had already cum and they hadn’t, my goal was to make sure they both came with a high level of pleasure. For Celeste, however, there wasn’t much more that I could aside from pushing up into her each time she dropped down to make sure she was getting the full length of my stiff cock. Based on her continued moaning, it sounded as though things were going just fine. Likewise with Jenna, she was moaning continuously as well as subtly humping her pussy toward my face. Her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged so I was thinking that slipping my cock into her was going to feel outstanding, not that having my cock sliding in and out of Celeste’s snug, slippery pussy didn’t already feel outstanding.

It was no surprise when Celeste dropped down onto my cock then cried out as she started cumming. I could feel her trembling, all the way down into her pussy, as she just remained sitting on my cock, no longer riding it. I don’t know if Celeste’s orgasm triggered Jenna’s or if she was just that close already too but, before Celeste had finished cumming, Jenna cried out as well while I felt her pussy flooded with even more lubrication. I didn’t stop licking and sucking Jenna’s clit or sliding my finger in and out of her now even wetter pussy while she was cumming. I don’t know if that prolonged her orgasm or intensified the pleasure even more but I was sure that it couldn’t hurt. When it was obvious that she’d finished cumming, I let my head drop back and slipped my finger out of her, gazing up at her trim bush again as I sucked her juices off of my finger.

They took just a moment to recover before changing places. Jenna moved off of my head, allowing me to watch Celeste’s boobs bouncing and swinging as she climbed off of my cock. Jenna moved down the bed as Celeste moved up toward my head but Celeste straddled my head before I had the opportunity to watch Jenna mount my cock. I gazed up at Celeste’s eskort bayan trim, black bush for a moment before running my tongue along her slit at about the same time that I was feeling Jenna gripping my cock and guiding it to her pussy. Celeste moaned when I started to lick her pussy then Jenna and I both moaned as she lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy was incredibly wet and quite snug so the combination felt amazing.

I was not so distracted by Jenna’s hot pussy engulfing my cock that I wasn’t still devouring Celeste’s pussy. After slurping up her copious juices, I slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit, which made her moan even louder and longer. I wondered if the next orgasms would be even easier to achieve than the first, though the first had been pretty easy and I was in no hurry to be done eating Celeste or fucking Jenna. Glancing up, I could see Celeste’s luscious titties swinging above me and I knew instantly what I wanted to do once they had both cum again. For the moment, though, I was savoring the feel of Jenna’s pussy sliding up and down my cock and the taste of Celeste’s pussy. I was pretty confident that they were both savoring what they were feeling, as well.

I did start to feel the stirrings of my own orgasm but still had no doubt that they’d both cum again before I did. I wouldn’t even say that I was necessarily making any kind of extra effort to make sure that they both had another orgasm. It just worked out really well that, as I was enjoying licking and sucking Celeste’s clit while sliding my finger in and out of her snug, slippery pussy, she was enjoying what I was doing even more than I was. Likewise with Jenna, feeling her snug, slippery pussy moving up and down my cock was incredibly pleasurable for me but, based on the sounds she was making and how she was gradually picking up the pace, it was apparently even more pleasurable for her.

It was Jenna who came first this time, going from riding me hard and fast to abruptly going silent while dropping down on my cock and remaining there. A moment later, she cried out and I could feel her shaking as she was cumming. I was still devouring Celeste as Jenna was cumming but it wasn’t much longer before she cried out as well and her body started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while feeling an increased flood of juices around my finger. Jenna remained seated on my cock even once she’d apparently finished cumming but didn’t resume riding my still rigid cock. Celeste’s orgasm was also long and obviously highly pleasurable and only once I was sure that she’d finished cumming did I let my head fall back and slip my finger out of her. I gazed up at her trim, black bush while sucking her juices off of my finger until she moved off to one side. I watched her tits bouncing and swinging until my attention was drawn to Jenna, still sitting on my cock, looking a little dazed.

“What now?” she asked as she slowly started to hump my cock again.

“I know what I’d like to do,” I said then had Jenna climb off of my cock. I got up onto my knees while having Celeste lie on her back in the middle of the bed. I straddled her ribs and lay my cock between her big tits, taking one in each hand and bringing them together. Jenna lay beside us and watched as I began to slowly fuck Celeste’s big tits. The feeling was absolutely incredible, even after fucking both of their snug, slippery pussies and thoroughly enjoying their oral talents. I was still incredulous that this was actually happening and was glad that we’d be staying over the next night, too. I didn’t see any reason that the festivities would be over once I blew my load on Celeste’s chest.

I was fondling the soft, smooth flesh of her tits as best I could while continuing to fuck them, brushing my thumbs over her hard, thick nipples as well. My gaze was on those big beauties as I both fucked and fondled them while hers was on my pink cockhead peeking repeatedly from her light brown cleavage. Jenna remained an observer, quietly watching, but I’d glance over occasionally at her naked body laid out beside us. I’d have been happy to continue fucking Celeste’s big titties later into the evening but, when my orgasm resumed building up, I didn’t try to hold it off. I savored the pleasure I was experiencing as my cock became even harder than it had already been as I got closer to cumming. Though focused on the pleasure I was feeling, I was also enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth tits in my hands.

She must have realized that I was getting closer to cumming, whether because of the sounds I was making or because she could tell my cock was getting even harder, because she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. When I did start blasting my load with a cry of pleasure, my first spurt managed to hit her upper lip and her tongue. The next one was weaker but I still got some on her tongue before finishing up on her sternum. Jenna wasn’t shy and was quickly running her fingers through my cum before licking them off. Once Celeste swallowed what had landed on her tongue, she joined Jenna in spreading my cum around on her chest then licking it off of her fingers. I watched, still fondling her big tits, then moved off to the side opposite Jenna, alternately caressing each of her tits with just one hand as they finished up.

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