Power Nap

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“I’m really glad you could sleepover tonight Katie.” said Vivienne as she entered her den with a bowl of popcorn.

“Yeah me too my parents are usually so strict about my sleeping over during midterms oh well guess its the As that I’ve been busting my ass to get.” she laughed. Vivienne nodded and went looking the family dvd cabinet. Katie got up to run to use the bathroom once finished she stopped to look herself over in the mirror. She adjusted her tiny boxer shorts and tank top, gathers her thick black hair into a ponytail and smiled proudly at her reflection.

“Katie stop looking at yourself and get your ass out her so we can watch this movie!” Vivienne called. Her best friend since kindergarten knew her all too well. Katie rushed out of the bathroom and headed back to the couch. They sat there stuffing their faces watching Tarentino movies.

Katie glanced at her watch it read 1030pm “Hey your parents seem to be out a bit late.” As soon as she spoke the words they heard the front door.

“That must be them now” Vivienne said while pausing the movie she headed to the front door to greet them but quickly returned rolling her eyes. “Ugh its only Jake.”

Katie laughed. “Your dad called me told me him and your mom are gonna be home Monday he said you was having a sleepover told me to cut my night short.” Jake said as he entered the den.

“Hey Jake, you didn’t have to babysit.” Katie smiled while un-pausing the movie.

“Well everyone here thinks I have to pull my weight since I’m outta college and back here so yeah I gotta babysit you two knuckleheads make sure y’all aren’t blowing any of the neighborhood boys around here.”

“Ha ha step bro you need to worry who your little girlfriends are blowing when they aren’t here.” Vivienne smiled.

“Girlfriends? Nah I didn’t claim any of them.”

“Oh so you’re a man-whore” Katie said. She had been checking out her friends step brother for years. He was 25 now and the girls at school were calling him a nubian god. ankara eryaman escortlar His strong, lean body was wrapped in smooth skin the color of burnt caramel.

Katie felt a wave heat radiate through her body as she stole glances of him while still trying to remain quick witted.

“Look you girls keep it down I’m heading upstairs to bed.” he said as he stole some popcorn from the bowl.

As soon as she knew he was upstairs Katie turned to her friend “You do know he’s gorgeous right Vivienne I mean you can admit to that.”

Vivienne smiled “Yeah my step brother is cute, he screws beautiful women and quite well. He’ll sneak them here while the parents are out and those chicks act as if he is some sexual god.” Katie was intrigued. “I walked in on him one time when he just got out the shower, his dick looked amazing it was like a caramel coated banana. Girl if he wasn’t my step brother.”

Katie laughed “Well its not like y’all are blood related.”

“Ew, no step is close enough we really don’t need to be fucking, could you imagine how awkward it would be? At first we’d be chasing each other around fucking every chance we get but once he get tired of me or me of him it will get weird. So not interested.” Katie nodded and didn’t bring it up anymore she tried to keep her mind on the movies they were watching her mind would drift she’d end up picturing Jake naked in the shower. She can feel that she soaked her panties right through to her sleep shorts.

“Vivienne I’m getting a little tired I’m gonna go power nap so I don’t fall out and end up sleeping the night away.” before Vivienne could respond Katie was halfway up the stairs.

She tip toed to Jake’s room, his door was cracked open and she could see he was on his back sound asleep. As she crept into his room she could smell the faint aroma of weed in the air “no wonder he has a air purifier” she thought. When she reached his bed she could see through the sheets his semi erect penis bulging through his sweatpants. escort etimesgut Katie licked her lips and slowly raised the sheet high enough to slip her hand into his bed towards his manhood. She tried her best to control her breathing and movements as the moistness between her legs seemed to overwhelm her. She slipped her hand into his sweatpants. Jake stirred a little but didn’t wake up she grabbed his cock and began to slowly stroke it. It pulsated in her hand as she massaged it to a full erection. Jake moaned a bit in his sleep but still didn’t wake up. Katie exhaled and dove her head under the sheet and wrapped her soft thick lips around his aching shaft. Jake moaned as Katie slid her tongue all over his manhood he slowly was brought out of his sleep thinking he was dreaming and then realizing it wasn’t a dream.

“What the fuck?!” he exclaimed as he snatched his cock out of Katie’s mouth. When he saw who was under his sheets he could barely breathe “Katie what are you doing are you crazy? You have to go go go go.” he said as he hopped out of his bed and pulled his sweatpants up.

Katie sat on the floor looked up at him with big brown puppy dog eyes. “I just wanted to taste it.” she said sweetly as if she was eating forbidden candy. She stood up, removed her pajamas and let her hair down.

Jake looked at the eighteen year old beauty in a different light. Her chocolate colored slender frame accentuated her perky and beautifully formed breasts with hershey kiss nipples. Katie walked over to Jake and stood on her toes till her mouth met his. She slipped her tongue between his lips and danced her tongue inside his mouth. Jake sucked her lips as he slide his hands down her naked back and cupped her firm ass. He lifted her enough so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Entangled he made sure they reached his bed and his hungry mouth devoured her body. He bit and sucked her neck are she writhed beneath him. He made his way to her breasts. batıkent escort He captured her aching nipples between his lips and licked and sucked at them. Katie moaned softly as she drowned herself in lust. Jake released her breasts and kissed down her stomach, pass the neatly trimmed nest of hair between her thighs to her warm moist tender flesh. He lightly licked her the outer folds as she whimpered for more. Jake then glided his tongue along her opening causing her clit to expose itself and greet his tongue. Jakes flicked and sucked her clit Katie thrust herself into his mouth. His tongue was now deep inside her caressing her sugarwalls.

The sensation was too much for Katie as an orgasm ripped through her sending hot waves of pleasure through her body flooding Jake’s mouth with her sweet juices. She stifled her moans to prevent her friend from hearing the ecstasy that filled Jake’s room. He lifted his head from between her thighs kissing her knees his erection was almost to painful to bare and he needed relief. He drove himself into her, her pussy massaged him milked him begging for his seed. Jake rocked himself inside of her prolonging his orgasm and enjoying Katie’s body. His hands roamed all over her squeezing at her breasts, nipples, and ass. In one swift move her was able to flip her onto her stomach and pounded into her from behind. Katie met his thrust eagerly moaning hypnotically her presence put Jake over the edge and he felt himself about to climax. He quickly pulled out about to spread his seed all over her back but Katie quickly turned around and he watched her as if it were in slow motion wrap her warm mouth around his dick and suck his cum down her throat. He let out a loud moan as he watched and felt her suck him dry. He collapsed on top of her trying to catch his breath.

“I can’t sleep here Jake I gotta go back to Vivienne.”

Jake laid there wide eyed. “Um but what if ya know you or I want to do this again?”

Katie laughed “We’ll have to wait and see but it was fantastic good fun.” She threw her pajamas back on and quickly left his room and headed back to her friend acting as if she had actually napped. Jake found the joint he had been smoking, lit it up took a few pulls and put it out. He put his sweatpants back on and went back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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