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“Karen, there will be a plumber outside this morning. He’s replacing the old galvanised pipe with a copper one. Once he’s finished we should finally have some decent water pressure here. Just remember that there won’t be any water until he’s finished. Once the new connections are made he’ll want you to go around the house trying each tap to make sure the added pressure hasn’t caused any leaks.”

“OK, dear. I’ll keep out of his way. It won’t be a problem. I trust you filled the kettle so I can make some coffee?”

“I have. I wouldn’t leave you without your coffee,” her husband said with a laugh.

He departed and Karen went back to bed for a while. No water meant no long morning shower which also meant to need to get up in a hurry.

The trouble was, Karen found, that she was wide awake. She didn’t want to stay in bed. Sighing, she got up, put on a short robe, and went and made herself some coffee.

Drinking coffee and watching TV. The coffee was fine but the TV was boring. Total inanity combined with presenters who assumed that their viewing audience were morons. It would be an insult to her intelligence but they obviously believed she didn’t have any. She turned off the TV.

Looking out the kitchen window while putting her mug in the sink. That must be the plumber. He was a honey. Tall and dark, with muscles yet. He looked to be in his mid-thirties but that was OK. She liked older men.

She glanced down at herself. She slept nude and all she currently had on was that flimsy bathrobe. It did cover her completely the way she currently wore it, but some might argue the point. It only came down to mid-thigh, showing a lot of leg. OK, so it nearly came down to mid-thigh. What was a lousy inch or two? It certainly covered her groin and that’s what counted. As she hadn’t bothered with any buttons, just loosely tying the belt, there was a certain amount of cleavage showing. Maybe if she just adjusted it a little? A little tugging showed a little more cleavage. OK, so it showed cleavage nearly to be navel, it wasn’t as if she was showing off her breasts. Maybe you could see the sides of her breasts, and you could certainly tell she didn’t have on a bra, but she wasn’t actually showing anything she shouldn’t. Mind you, she’d have to be careful walking or she might just flash a little more leg than she intended, but she’d be careful.

She strolled outside to ask the nice man how much longer he’d be.

Jackson had finished laying the new pipe and was working on doing the connections when the lady of the house came out. He flicked a glance towards her, blinked, and hurriedly turned his attention back to his work.

“Excuse me,” Karen called, smiling sweetly. “I’m Karen. Ah, how much longer do you think you’ll be?”

Jackson looked at her and nodded.

“Morning, Ma’am,” he said. “Not long now. Ten, maybe fifteen, minutes.”

He turned back to his work. Karen frowned. Was the man blind? He’d given her the barest glance. He should still be looking, preferably drooling with lust at the same time.

“Um, I believe that you’ll want me to test all the taps when you’ve finished?” she ventured.

This time Jackson didn’t even bother to look, just continuing with his work while he answered.

“Eventually, Ma’am,” he said. “I’ll knock and tell you when. Won’t be long now.”

Gay or an eunuch, Karen decided, giving him the evil eye. How dare he not even look at her?

“Are you gay?” she demanded.

Jackson blinked and finally turned his head to look at Karen.

“Gay? What the fuck does my sexual orientation have to do with my ability to dig a ditch and lay some pipe? No, I’m not gay. Why on earth would you ask such a fool question, anyway?”

Karen shuffled her feet, in her irritation forgetting that she had intended to watch escort numaraları eryaman how she moved, not wanting the robe to give too much away. Jackson, for his part, noticed what the robe was revealing but didn’t say anything.

“Just wondered,” she said. “I mean, you only gave me the barest of glances. Men usually look at me for longer than half a second. Hell, half of them are making passes after the first minute.”

“Yeah? Well don’t worry about it. I’m not going to make a pass. I’m not going to rape you either if that thought crosses your mind.”

“Why not?” Karen felt quite indignant being brushed off so cavalierly.

“Why not what? Make a pass? It’s against company policy. I’d be reprimanded and could lose jobs where there are women on the premises. As for rape, that would get me fired. Why would I risk it? The fact that you’re walking around naked doesn’t change the risks.”

“I am not naked,” protested Karen.

Jackson looked at her and laughed.

“If you want to be picky about it I guess you have got something on. But the way you’re wearing it? It amply demonstrates that you’re not wearing a bra or panties. At least, I’m assuming that flash of white I saw down below wasn’t a pair of panties.”

Oops. Karen blushed slightly. She must have let the robe swing open a little too far for a moment.

“I am most certainly wearing panties,” she snapped. “You just have an evil imagination.”

“No, I don’t think so,” said Jackson thoughtfully. “Easy enough to prove. Just pull on that belt and let the robe swing open for a moment. The sides will catch on your breasts and keep them covered as much as they’re currently covered but it will certainly expose whether you’re wearing panties or not.”

“I’ll do no such thing,” Karen snapped.

“Like I said, no panties and a decided lack of nerves as well. Run along little mouse.”

Karen gave him another nasty look. How dare he? Lack of nerve indeed.

“Fine,” she snapped. “Fine.”

She reached down and tugged at the belt. The tie fell undone and the robe fell open, catching on her breasts as he’d guessed but also exposing her mons and parts south.

“See. I knew you were telling little fibs. Drop the robe completely and show me what you’ve got.”

“You’re kidding. I’ll do no such thing.”

“Why not? You know you want to. It was with that intention that you came out here.”

“I did no such thing,” Karen protested, blushing.

Jackson just smirked at her and waited. His expectation was pressing against her. She tried to stare him down but it was rather hard with the amount of skin she was showing, particularly when you considered where some of that skin was.

With an exasperated sigh she shrugged her shoulders, the robe slipping off them and dropping, falling free from her arms and leaving her standing there naked.

“Very nice,” said Jackson with sincere approval. “Turn around, slowly.”

Fuming, Karen did as she was told, incensed at the sheer arrogance of the man. Now that he’d seen her she was going to go back inside, leaving him wishing he’d been nicer.

“I approve. I whole-heartedly approve,” Jackson said. “What do you think, Mike?”

Mike? What did he mean, Mike? She spun around, finally seeing there was a second man leaning against the house. She could have sworn that he hadn’t been there earlier.

“Oh, I agree with you, Jackson. Quite delectable.”

“I don’t think I told you but I’m Jackson,” Jackson said. “That guy’s Mike, my boss, and owner of the company. I don’t think he’s going to fire himself or even reprimand himself. Mike, this is Karen.”

“Morning, Karen,” said Mike. “May I say how lovely you look?”

Karen didn’t say anything, acutely conscious of both her nudity and the men’s interested eyes.

“So, tell ankara bayan escort me, Karen, and please be honest about it, but did you come out here to see how the work was progressing or to see if I’d fuck you?” asked Jackson.

Face red, Karen glared at him.

“So what if I did?” she demanded.

“Well, if you did then I’ll have to admit that yes, I’m quite prepared to fuck you. Are you still willing and are you going to object if Mike has a turn? While he’s too polite to complain if you say he can’t it really wouldn’t be fair.”

“Ah,” Karen looked from one man to the other, wondering what to say.

“If you’re too shy to say yes,” murmured Jackson, “just lie down on the grass. We’ll take the yes as said. Here, let me help you.”

He moved a little closer and pressed a knee against the back of her knee. She felt her leg buckle and then she was kneeling on the grass.

“This makes it so simple,” Jackson told her. “Stand back up for ‘I’ve changed my mind’, lean forward onto hands and knees if that’s what you want, or lean backwards until you’re flat on your back.”

Karen hesitated for one long moment and then leaned forward, folding her arms and putting them on the grass, her head resting on them. Her head was tilted to one side as she watched Jackson.

Jackson took his time undoing his trousers, finally dropping them and his shorts, his erection promptly leaping into prominence. Karen’s eyes fastened on it, her face blushing slightly. She kept watching, turning her head as he moved around behind her and knelt down.

She gasped as his hand closed over her mound, his fingers probing and stroking. It was plain to him that she was ready for him. He suspected that she might have been ready before she even left the house. How ready, he wondered.

He parted her lips and started into her, hearing her give a gasp at that first contact. That gasp turned into a startled cry as he plunged deep, driving full length into her with one hard thrust.

Karen found that there was to be no respite after that first thrust. Jackson pulled back and drove in again, just as hard and fast. She gave another little cry and started bouncing her bottom, determined to keep up with him. It wasn’t long before she was being royally entertained, Jackson’s cock driving in hard and fast and often, with her bottom bouncing along in time to the music he was conducting. His arms were around her and her breasts were being mauled, adding to the excitement she was feeling.

Her eyes were half closed as she concentrated on what was being done to her. She was taken by surprise when someone tapped her on the head. Looking up she found Mike kneeling in front of her, pants down, cock out. He moved it a little closer, waving it slightly.

She knew a cue when she saw one. Without missing a bounce from Jackson she lifted her head. Her hand reached out and caught Mike’s cock and then her mouth closed over him. Now her head and bottom were bouncing in counter point. Her bottom would lift, pushing against Jackson’s invasion, while at the same time her head would sink as she engulfed Mike’s cock, pumping it up.

“OK, girl, here goes nothing,” Jackson called softly, and she felt his pace increasing. She snatched her head away from Mike’s cock, concentrating on Jackson. She let out a half scream as he tormented her, then another half scream that quickly turned into a full scream as she climaxed, shaking with the force of it.

She felt Jackson withdrawing and started to relax, feeling a peaceful glow inside herself. This lasted for all of a second or so. Mike was there. She’d primed the pump and now the pump was in full swing, driving into her with intent. Mike wasn’t buggerising around with a long slow loving. She’d set him up already and he was into elvankent escort his own grand finish almost from the moment he entered her.

She was lucky, she guessed, that she was still so aroused and sensitive from Jackson’s efforts. With her climax not even a memory, Mike was there, banging away and calling it back into existence. She screamed again as she climaxed again, finding it hard to believe it was happening so soon.

Mike had withdrawn and she was being encouraged to stand, albeit on wobbly legs.

“Connections are finished,” Jackson told her. “Mike finished them off while you were talking to me earlier. Go and check your taps for leaks.”

Karen hurried inside, running quickly around the house to check the taps. She was delighted with the much higher water pressure and pleased to see that there were no leaks due to the increased pressure. She went to the back door and told Jackson that everything was fine. He nodded and handed her a bill and a form to sign saying the work had been completed.

As she stood there, suddenly conscious of her nakedness once more, she saw Jackson stick the form into his pocket. He then moved towards her, causing her to back away.

“What?” she asked, puzzled.

“Oh, you have to be kidding,” she said as she saw him undoing his trousers.

“Nope. Preliminaries are over,” he explained. “Now I’m going to lie you on your back, spreading your legs high and wide, then I’m going to take you again, but this time you’ll be able to see my cock sinking into you.”

His hands closed over her waist, lifting her and sitting her on the work island in the middle of the kitchen. Hands pressed against her breasts, making her lie down. Then he was on the island, kneeling between her legs. Hands on her ankles he lifted her legs, pushing them apart at the same time. Looking along the length of her body she could actually see herself. She could also see his cock, hovering next to her entrance. Seen from this angle it looked formidably large.

He leaned closer, his cock first pressing against her, then into her. He was in no hurry this time, his earlier urgency burnt out. Now it was going to be slow and deliberate pleasure.

“Mike?” she asked, wondering if she was going to have to face him as well.

“Already moving on to the next job. It’s a one man job and he doesn’t need me. I’ll be heading out to another job myself, soon, so we came in separate trucks.”

From that point on all Jackson said were sweet nothings, praising Karen while continuing to slowly make love to her. She’d initially found that her arousal and excitement had come surging back and she’d assumed that she’d climax in quick order. Instead of that she found her excitement reached a plateau and seemed to stop at that point. She squirmed about in her excitement, urging Jackson to do that little bit more she required, finding him just smiling and enjoying what he was doing.

Karen wasn’t sure how long Jackson kept it up but it seemed an eternity to her. She was ready for her climax, wanted her climax, in her opinion deserved her climax, and Jackson persisted in taking his time, holding her on edge just before she could jump. It was, she found, a very frustrating experience.

She was reduced to lying there, shaking her head slowly, her body moving in slow unison with Jackson, when what she wanted to do was scream and burst into action. When he started to move a little faster she could hardly believe it. She didn’t, however, have too long to consider the matter. That little extra was all that she required. She climaxed, quite spectacularly, in her opinion, finishing up feeling completely drained.

She’d have stayed right where she was once Jackson was done but he ruthlessly picked her up and dumped her on her feet.

“I didn’t want you falling asleep on the island and falling off,” he told her. “How would you ever explain it?”

She glared at him while privately conceding he had a point. She felt as though she was ready for a nap. She watched as he left and then headed for the shower. Well overdue, in her opinion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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