Plain Jane , Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 10

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Jane was as nervous as anyone involved in the grand opening party for the Clinic. The dance performance concluding with the naked pas de deux was well rehearsed. It was to be the centerpiece of the evening, and was intended as a memorably controversial moment, at once beautiful and risqué. Luke and Jane and especially Harry enjoyed polishing the finale, finishing the rehearsals with it and the inevitable menage a trois which followed, where Harry could polish his cue. Harry was particularly enamored of the post rehearsal sex, continually exploring his desires in relationship to Luke. Jane was slowly being put in a place of odd man or woman out. And with the growing frequency of the spats between Jane and Harry, she was wondering if the old familiar pattern was continuing. Had she again put herself in an abusive relationship? Harry had never hit her, and she was as much to blame for the volatility of their relationship, but maybe that was the point. Maybe she was creating the arguments. Maybe the pattern was inevitable because she couldn’t help creating it.

The possibility of seeing Jim the morning before the opening party was doubtful, but Jane needed Jim. Why had Jim and she hardly ever fought? Why hadn’t the pattern began, if she was responsible for it happening in her life over and over again in New York, with her first relationship, with Jim? Even when they broke up, it was without any antagonism. They embraced the change, the fate, the inevitability of their parting, as a moment of maturity. Painful, yes, but she felt her strength of character and saw Jim’s strength. Thoughts chased around her head while searching through the new clinic/studio complex for Jim. She couldn’t find him. The feelings continued to well up inside her. When she reached the top floor, the residence, she entered the first bedroom and found Connie in bed.

“Connie!” she said. Her eyes flowed with tears.

“Shh! Don’t wake the baby,” said Connie, laying as comfortably as possible near the edge of the large bed, nearest to the cradle. Inside the cradle Madeleine, the week old infant, slept. Connie looked wrung out, the pain of the operation still lingering. But she saw her old roommate needed comfort. “Careful,” she said, gesturing to the remainder of the bed.

Heeding Connie’s advice, Jane crawled gingerly over to her, lying down beside her. Connie’s small hand moved Jane’s large blonde head onto her chest. Connie’s comparatively large breasts, larger than ever as they were filled with the baby’s milk, were soft pillows. Connie’s fingers stroked through Jane’s fine hair as Jane continued to weep.

“I’m sorry, Jane. It’s too much,” said Connie, gently moving Jane’s head off her chest. Jane moved her long body to envelope Connie’s petite body from behind. She kissed Connie’s head through the black hair. “That’s nice,” said Connie. She could feel the dampness on her scalp. Jane’s tears. Not the kisses. “Okay, what’s wrong?” Connie’s voice was a touch edgy.

“I’m sorry,” Jane whispered roughly through her tears

“No. touch my head, massage it like you’re doing with your lips. That’s nice. Now tell me.”

“It’s been too long since we talked, hasn’t it?” said Jane.

“Too long. Seems like years with all that’s happened,” Connie said, glancing lovingly at Madeleine.

“Hasn’t it been?”

“Not even a year. Nine, ten months. Since a little bit before conception.”

“Of course,” Jane said, swallowing her tears, suddenly overcome with the love represented by the quiet sleeping Madeleine. Connie leaned her head back, and tasted the tears and felt the heat of emotion on Jane’s lips.

“We never kissed before,” said Jane.

“See what we’ve missed.”

They kissed again.

“So tell me.” Connie said as she settled back.

“It’s Harry,” Jane whispered in Connie’s ear. “I think he’s losing interest in me.”

“No way. “

“I’m beginning to think I’m the wrong sex.”



“Then he doesn’t deserve you.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if he’s gay. I think it’s me.”

“That’s bullshit!” Connie exclaimed, a little too loudly. They both tensed up as noises were heard from the cradle. A little cough and the tiny body shifted and was quiet again. “That’s bullshit,” Connie said quietly.

“Okay. Let me explain. Just let me talk for awhile. I’m all confused so it may come out in fits and starts, but let me let it out.” Connie nodded under Jane’s lips.

“You know the story. My past relationships. You probably saw all the shit I was doing to myself with my choices in men and the abuses I let myself into for way too long. You probably saw it coming before I could looking from the inside. But I bet you never saw Harry as another one.

“Harry and I fell in love. It was love like I hadn’t felt since I was with Jim.” Jane could feel Connie tense up. “I have to talk about Jim and me. I’m trying to make sense of it. I make no claims on Jim. I know how much he loves you, and its stronger and deeper than I ever had with him.” Jane felt Connie relax. “Harry and I enjoyed talking and fucking. I enjoyed his naiveté, his virginity, I guess. But he’s a fast escort numaraları eryaman learner, and things haven’t been as fun for awhile. When Luke came into the picture, there was a bit of spice, but that particular flavor seems to be enjoyed more by Harry. Harry and I aren’t hand in hand going down the road together exploring.

“Exploring, adventuring, discovering each other’s bodies, how Jim and I responded to each other. I see Jim now like we were great friends who were teaching each other about sex. Sex was intimate and fun. I never got tired of making love, and he never tired of me.”

“Jim, tired of you? He never gets tired period,” said Connie.

“No, he doesn’t, does he? So maybe that’s it. I expect an endless sex game, and instead I find habits and patterns. I expect a man to listen and respond to me, and I get a normal male ego demanding his time. Which is fine. As long as he gives me mine. And those times match somehow. Jim and I, we fit.” Jane felt Connie’s head nod. “You too? Jim’s a loving man.”

“Too much of a good thing. I’ve had to share him since the beginning. You, your mother, Kristen.”

“And guess what? It’s you he truly loves. Everyone can see. He melts in your presence.”

“God, the worst part of our relationship was the pain of loss I felt every time he was in your mother’s bed. But when I moved in with them, I discovered his need. He needed me as much as I needed him. Whatever happened, he always returned to me, ended the night with me, and it was his choice. I would have hated it not to have been, but I wanted him, I want him so much that I probably would have found a way to adjust. But I never had to. I think he really wanted to be with me, to make my bed his bed. And I discovered sharing him wasn’t just okay. I learned to love it, to get off on it. He made me cum watching him make your mom and Kristin cum.” It was Jane’s turn to tense up. “Hitting too close to home. I have a big mouth.” Connie felt Jane’s hot lips and tongue against her mouth.

“Feels just right to me,” said Jane, smiling. They kissed again. It was long, with Connie’s tongue darting out into Jane’s mouth. Their tongues tangled. They were feeling the pleasure of their soft lips meeting as a throb in their pussies. Jane reached her long narrow hand into the loose opening of Connie’s night shirt and caressed her breasts. A bit of liquid was felt at the nipples. Mother’s milk. Jane’s fingers rubbed together, lingering on the texture of the warm liquid. They twisted Connie’s teat.

“Mmm,” Connie murmured. Jane enjoyed the vibrations of Connie vocalizing pleasure against her lips. She pushed her groin against Connie’s shapely ass cheeks. Her hands became more aggressive on the soft rich flesh of Connie’s breasts. “Mmm, that’s so good. Not too hard or I’ll be squirting out Madeleine’s milk all over the place.” Jane eased off a little. She gently twirled her nipples. “Good. Unh yeah. So what you’re saying is…”

“What I’m saying is there’s no Jims for me. He’s spoiled me. Even Harry, who I thought was my prince in shining armor, has started to move on to greener pastures. And like all my men except Jim he’s doing so by being mean and angry. But if it’s the same old pattern, I must be involved in its creation, in its repetition. Maybe it’s the sex. Maybe it’s like a microcosm of our relationship. It loses its zest, its surprises. I find it lacking and I project my frustration, and my partner with his male ego is pissed off.”

Connie, suddenly excited, tensed up. Jane moved her hand from Connie’s breast. Connie took Jane’s hand and guided it back. She turned her head so that they could kiss again, a long gentle voluptuous kiss.

“So tell me”, Connie said in her high, excited but pleasant voice. “Three things. Oh this is fun.” Jane’s right hand, the hand on Connie’s breast, was moved by her small hands down to the dark hair between her thighs and the moistening, warming hungry mouth the hair adorned. Jane left hand replaced the traveling hand on Connie’s breasts. Adjusting her left arm which was underneath Connie’s neck to do so, she was embracing Connie with a hard but loving pressure all along her soft curving torso.

“Three memorable sexual moments,” Connie continued. “One, a brief fling. Number two, a high point with Harry. Number three, Jim. Okay?”

“Okay,” said Jane. The sadness had gone, vanquished by Connie’s crazy suggestion. “Oscar. He was a mulatto with a beautiful dick. It was long and strong. Not thick, but what a weapon. As soon as I got to know it, I would glance down to a dressed up Oscar every time we met to see if it was still hard for me. The guy had eternal bulge. The first time we did it, it was a bit cold and impersonal, like we were shopping, comparison pricing. I liked what I saw. His dick was gorgeous, but so was the whole package. Lean and strong like his dick. Strong torso. His face had a long elegance. He was an older guy, probably too old for me. Too set in his ways and his expectations. In great shape, though. Must have been that way for a while. Real arrogant piece of work. A real narcissist. A cocksman. He was smooth, swept me off ankara bayan escort my feet, which at the time were easily swept, being on the rebound from a particularly harsh relationship, and needing a soft landing.

“Yes Oscar was a cocksman. He got me off beautifully the first time, tonguing me to an elegant orgasm and fucking me perfectly to his own. Cold and calculating. Pleasurable. I enjoyed it enough, and his clever banter, to negotiate a second time.

“The second time wasn’t a whole lot better, which is to say it was satisfying sexually and visually. He was a handsome man. But my heart was not moved.

“The third time was the charm. I decided right off if I wanted the guy I would have to turn the tables on him. I would be cunt master or mistress or whatever. Having learned a little of his habits, I knew a good time to surprise him. I knew when he was alone at work. It was cold that day, and I was bundled up. Without even removing my winter hat, I walked right into his graphic studio, knelt down and unzipped his slacks. Pulling them down with his underpants, his stiffening dark dagger swung up in front of my face. I licked the underside, just below the helmet. Watching his reactions intently, I saw the look of surprise change to thrill. My lips closed over the head, and I sucked him off while he sat at his drafting table. Lips sucked in the expanding helmet until it bounced against the roof of my mouth. The dagger retreated. I licked the head, gently tickling it’s little mouth. Then suction prevailed. Pulling it in and out with the suction in my mouth, I went wild on his cock. My rapid fucking pulled it into my throat and out. Our eyes kept contact, and I could see I had pulled him from all defenses. His face was contorted with pleasure. He was ready to explode. No careful withholding of his seed for the perfect timing. I held his balls, feeling them filling, and then felt them rising and contracting. His cock pulsed against my lips. His bitter fluid filled my mouth. What I didn’t swallow trickled out around his throbbing, softening pole. The sticky substance dampened the pubic hair at the base of it, eventually spreading into the wrinkled but taut hairy ball sack.

“I stood up in the empty space, and stripped for him. My dance of the seven veils. Layer upon layer of clothing was removed from my body. My shape appearing more and more naked with each removal. Occasionally I would glance out the window, open to the street, a couple stories up, wondering if I was being watched. I had my audience of one, but I was performing for the world. The soft rock from the radio was sensuous enough for the solo, and my dancing did its best to heat up its cool center. It and Oscar needed some fire. Thrusting my pelvis and twirling my tits, I tossed aside my muffler. My hat slowly slid across my face, sliding past my lips, caressing them. My tongue playfully darted out to touch the rough cotton. The zipper of my black leather jacket proved a sensual device. Opening it, I thrust out my breasts as if my body was emerging from its cocoon. Letting the jacket drop and sliding it out from under my feet, I slowly unbuttoned my sweater, a pretty Bohemian wool affair, striped subtly by pastels over its off white. Flinging it away, I revealed more of my dancing tits. The skirt took a few sexy seconds of unzipping before it hung loosely on my undulating thighs and puddled at my feet, to be kicked aside. My black long sleeved silk blouse was opened, button by button, revealing the pale flesh and my black bra containing the moving tits. I reached back, lingering, thrusting my torso forward in a flow of provocative contortions as my fingers found the clasp and undid the lacy bra, letting my pale breasts hang and swing freely. My nipples throbbed in the chill air. I licked my lips. Oscar’s wonderful dagger was bouncing in front of me as it expanded, returning to true hardness. Leaning down, my face was inches from his dick. My tongue stuck out and touched the dark purple head. It bounced up away before settling back down in the trench my tongue formed to lick the perfect cock. Meanwhile my hands finished getting me naked. Black panties rolled off over my big bum and down my never ending legs.”

“You have a lovely bum, so high and firm like a model,” said Connie as she loosened up Jane’s pants and slid her small hand inside. As Jane talked, Connie had moved onto her back and then faced Jane. She had undone Jane’s blouse and was fingering the nipples inside Jane’s bra. When the little fingers of her other hand found Jane’s labia, she took hold, finding the climb greatly improved for both herself and Jane. Even the mountain created by their two libidos was gaining heights of pleasure. They kept climbing to their orgasm.

“The movements of my strip tease remained,” continued Jane. “Thrusting and rolling my hips and my tits. Only the strip had been completed, and soon so had the tease. I jumped on him face first, my lips giving another kiss to the sublime hardness as I tore off his pants and underpants. Then I pounced. My legs were around the back of his chair. My pussy hovered above his angry purple elvankent escort helmet, thick and bulging with anticipation. I took his hands and brought them to the meeting place of our hungry sexes, letting him guide his between the lips of mine. The cock’s slide inside was divine, heavenly. My body coursed with shooting threading capillaries of pleasure, spreading slowly everywhere. His fingers held me open. Their pressure against my pussy intensified the pleasure. My hands took hold of his strong neck and shoulders, lifting up and down. The dagger sunk blissfully against the edges of the giving, oily sheath. I loved the hard thrusts. When his hands and the opening and closing of his legs took over as the engine of fucking, I unbuttoned his white office shirt. His head plunged between my tits and shook back and forth like a most desirable no, mouth sucking, lips biting, tongue whirling around my chest and my fleshy jugs. I adjusted the angle of my pussy’s descent until the dagger had managed to stroke along my clit, causing an electric thrill to course through me. Continuing to plunge deeply, his cock began to hit the place inside my needy cunny. That made me quiver. We were completely lost in the fucking, speeding it up and making it reckless. He sucked hard on my nipple as I twisted his nipple with my fingers. Oh it was, oh it was perfect. Oh. Oh. Oh. God Connie that’s so good. We kept the crazy rhythm, fucking for what seemed like hours. Hours of heaven. My thighs squeezing together around his hips, I narrowed the space inside of me, giving him more friction, filling me up more.

“At last he caught hold of his orgasm. First bouncing me high, nearly off his dagger, then it pierced back deep inside. There it sprayed out his thick white nectar. He yelled out his pleasure, pressing hard into me, pushing his pubic bone against my clit, his cock throbbing. The wildness of his orgasm triggered my own, and I was cumming all over the place. Oh it was so hot.”

“You are so hot. And me.” Connie guided Jane’s long narrow fingers for a moment before leaving her to continue her gentle strokes.”

“Mmm. You are!” Jane said and laughed.

“So what happened to the gorgeous Oscar?”

“Typical male ego. Narcissus. Staring at his own reflection. Tightening his abs. We did feel close after my crazy seduction, but it never got better. Stayed the same. Got worse. I got in his way. He found another, prettier, younger girl to seduce and conquer.”


“I wasn’t so pretty. I didn’t feel pretty. Not until Jim…She wasn’t as pretty as you.” They kissed. “I could never compete with you. You’re so beautiful and clever and smart. He deserves you. But goddamnit Connie, it’s like I need him. He loves like no other.” Tearing up again, Jane began to rise.

“Stay. This is Jim’s bed. My bed. There’s love here enough to share. Besides, we still have two more stories to go.” Connie negotiated Jane’s body back beside her. Hands held Jane’s face and lips kissed away the warm tears. Lips descended to meet Jane’s, feeling the heat, tasting the salt. She guided Jane’s hand back to her cunny. It’s dryness pulled Jane away. Connie led it back. “Gentle,” she whispered.

Jane’s laugh penetrated her despair. She was game to continue. “The best fuck with Harry was an all day affair. I don’t mean all day fucking. Anticipation was what it was all about. First of all, we hadn’t really seen much of each other for a week. Even though we slept in the same bed, one of us would be sleeping when the other got home, or one of us would wake while the other one slept. I was working full time for awhile at the publishing house. Harry was ensconced in classes and the homework was especially time consuming. So we made a date, which was fun in itself. We’d been together four months, and had gotten to know each other maybe a little too well, falling into habits and stuff, so the idea of a date was refreshing. And the date was an all day affair.

“We met up in Central Park by the boat rental where we had first met. Purposefully, we didn’t travel together, but met up. It was noon. We had thought about canoeing, but there was an early chill in the air. We had ourselves a picnic. I brought the wine and Harry brought sandwiches and the blanket.

“Yes it was very romantic. We ate and talked, caught up with our separate lives, discussed whatever popped in our heads, rediscovered each other. I would look at him, and it seemed as if he was glowing with love. His eyes sparkled. He was radiant. By the end of our picnic, we were clinging together, my legs wrapped around him, pressing together, touching each other discreetly, turning each other on. Heating up without exploding.

“When we decided to move on, I kept him hard with little tweaks to his cock and sexy glances. He would stroke my thighs, cop a feel of my lusty pussy. This continued while strolling through the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. We slowly made our way through the museum, stopping at every bench that sat before one of the large paintings. Each chance we found not to be noticed we would grope each other. My hands massaging his pole through his pants. His hands tweaking my nipples and pressing against my vulva and rubbing. Our tongues found jolts of electric thrills as they tangled outside our mouths. We didn’t risk a full on kiss for fear our lips would never part, and we would be humping in front of the poor innocent museum patrons.

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