Oral Adoration Ch. 02

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You know how much I love it when you spread your legs for me.

You are such a beauty but you are never more beautiful than when you are lying naked on your bed with your legs spread, ready to receive me.

I love to kiss you then.

Kiss your soft lips, feel your tongue dancing with mine. Kiss your long pale neck, the bones of your throat and then down to your full, firm breasts.

God, I love your tits.

I love the way they bounce when you move, the way they look in those low cut dresses you know I like. I love the way they feel to touch, so soft and tender.

And I love to kiss them, to suck them, to swirl your hard pink nipples with my tongue.

I know you like it too, when I lean over your naked body and suck and kiss your tits. I can hear the way you moan, the way your body responds to mine. Sometimes, you can’t stop yourself touching yourself, your hand drawn irresistibly between those wide spread thighs.

I love it when you touch yourself.

Even the thought of it turns me on.

I love to think about you when you’re alone, maybe wearing that black silk negligee I bought you, your panties round your ankles, your legs spread wide and your fingers dancing inside your beautiful, wet pussy.

But even more I like to watch you.

I can tell by your moans how turned on you are as I kiss and fondle your breasts. Your hand reaches down between your legs.

You just can’t help yourself.

For a while, I carry on, making your tits feel good as you pleasure yourself. But soon, the knowledge of what you are doing to yourself gets too much and I have to look.

I sit up between those beautiful wide spread thighs and watch you touching yourself.

God, you turn me on so much. You have the perfect body, long luscious legs, a flat stomach, long chestnut hair falling over those big, bountiful breasts settling over your chest.

And your fucking, sexy wet cunt. The beautiful pink slit nestling in the dark hairs of your bush.

Your hand, slick with your juices, sliding in between the delicate folds of your labia.

“Do you like it, babe? Do you like it when I spread for you? Touch myself for you?”

All I can do is look up at you, smile and nod mutely.

You know I do. But you also know how much I like it when you talk dirty to me.

“I’m so wet for you, babe. You turn me on so much. Do you want a taste?”

You hold out your fingers, glistening with your juices.

I suck them hard. Tasting your deliciousness.

Nothing tastes as good as your pussy. I’m so hungry for more, but I wait.

You slide your fingers back inside yourself, slowly running them down the length of your slit.

“Taste good?” you ask.

“Heavenly,” I reply.

“Well, taste me again.”

Our eyes are locked now. Even with so much else to look at, right now I’m lost in those sparkling blue eyes.

I pause. I know what you want. I want it too. But I want you to ask.

“Babe,” you breathe finally. “Babe, please, istanbul escort please lick my fucking pussy.”

I lean over your body again and kiss your tits, running my tongue over each nipple but I don’t linger this time.

Soon I run a little trail of kisses over your stomach and down over your pubic bone.

I slow down as I move further south. I can hear you holding your breath as I almost reach right the way down, the luscious dark hair of your bush almost tickling my chin.

But I move away and now I’m kissing your thighs. Oh, so close but never quite zeroing in, never quite making contact with that beautiful, wet paradise between your legs.

I can feel your whole body trembling with anticipation. I know you like to be teased, that it makes the pleasure all the sweeter when it comes.

I’m so close now, I can smell your fragrance. Like the heady bouquet of the most exquisite flower. I could get drunk on that aroma.

I move closer, I can’t restrain myself. I’ve smelt you and I’ve tasted you on your fingertips but now I want to go to the source.

I need to taste you, to lap your sweet nectar, drown in that dark pool of pure pleasure between your thighs.

Your pussy is the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

I hope you don’t mind me saying that. I love everything about you of course, your smile, your laugh, the way you always say the right thing.

I’d love you even if you never took your clothes off.

But I love you better when you do. I love you naked and vulnerable and spread wide in my bed.

And most of all, I love that aching wet pussy, your secret garden of delights, that temple of Venus.

Let me taste its delights.

I lean in and lower my mouth over your wet, wet pussy, sliding my tongue deep inside you, slowly licking up between your soft lips and finally flicking up over your hard clit.

You moan in blissful release. You taste even better than I remember.

I lick you again, even deeper than before.

God, this is paradise. My head between your thighs, my face lost in the wonders of your pussy, drowning in your scent.

This must have been what it was like in Eden, no before or after, just here and now, your pussy and my face. Your juices on my tongue.

You taste like a peach. Like the most luscious, juicy, freshly ripened peach in the garden.

I lick every inch of you, exploring every fold with my tongue, reclaiming it, reminding myself of the exquisite topography of your sex, loving every part of you.

I don’t have a technique, nothing so calculating or cold. This isn’t science, its religion. Its worship.

I approach your pussy with all due reverence. I taste you like it’s a revelation. I receive you like a gift.

I take my time. I lick you slowly. I don’t want this to end. I want to stay here, tasting you forever.

You moan. A low murmur of satisfaction. You spread out on the bed, your arms above avcılar escort your head. You relax into it. You give yourself to me.

I lick you again. God, you’re so wet now, your juices flowing into me. You taste delicious.

You wriggle your body, getting yourself comfortable as I pleasure you. It’s so sexy the way you just let me take control, the way you trust me to make you feel so good.

And I will, I’m going to make you feel so fucking amazing. I’m going to make your pussy explode like a goddamn supernova in my mouth.

But not yet. The best things take time. And this, this is the best thing of all. Your pussy and my mouth.

I keep licking, slow and steady, just the way you like it. I run my fingertips lightly up and down your inner thighs.

I’m so in tune with you right now. I can feel your body beating with mine, as your breathing becomes slowly, almost imperceptibly faster and lighter.

I keep licking. The temptation is to switch it up, to go faster, to get there quicker. But I don’t. Because I don’t want this to end.

I just want to stay like this. Buried in your cunt. Forever.

Your juices are streaming out of you. So, I switch gear for just a moment. Now I’m sucking rather than licking. Drinking you down. Gulping. Letting that sweet, sweet nectar fill me. My tongue thrust inside you as I suck.

Fuck. You taste so sweet.

I hear you moan a little louder. You like it when I suck on you like this.

I move up and place my mouth on your gorgeous little clit and suck that too, gently at first and then harder.

Your body responds. You like that I can tell.

Now every breath comes out like a moan. You move one hand down to the back of my neck, pushing me into you. Your body stiffens.

I stop. I don’t want you to come just yet. I can make you feel so much better.

I lick you again, base to clit, moving my whole head. Deeper and slower than ever.

Your body shudders as I finally flick my tongue over your clit.

I lick you again. As deep and as slow as before. And again and again.

My hands are cupping those beautiful, pert arse cheeks of yours as I lift your pussy up to my face, so I can lick you as deep as I can.

As I lick, time and space seem to shift and move away, so that there is only this. There is nothing on the other side if rust bedroom door. You and me are the only real things in the universe.

Nothing else matters. Nothing else even exists, just you and me. Your pussy. My face.

And, oh God, your pussy. Your beautiful, beautiful pussy. Your achingly exquisite, delectable cunt. Your garden of delights, your paradise of wonders.

I lose myself in you. In your pussy, in your body, in glorious, glorious you.

I keep licking. Your body is mine now. I can feel all your energy, all your focus is flowing down to that sacred space between your thighs.

Your pussy sings out to me.

I can feel the energy building in you as I lap away şirinevler escort like the tide against your sweet, sweet pussy.

There are two things happening now.

I can feel a tremendous flow of cosmic energy building deep inside your pussy.

And it’s like it’s not just your energy but that you’re channelling forces, much deeper and much more powerful. Like the sun and the moon and the stars are flowing into you, filling your deep delicious spaces with their force.

And the more I lick, the more I summon them down. This is deep, primitive magic. Something from the dawn of time. There is nothing more powerful, more creative, more primal than a woman’s pussy. Your pussy.

It’s like the whole universe is singing out with us. With you. With your cunt, as your orgasm builds and builds.

But all this force is building up against this thin veil inside you. And it’s bulging and yearning and aching to be free. It wants to flow through you, into and out of you but right now, it can’t. It just builds and builds until it’s almost unbearable. Pushing at this thin wall between two worlds.

But as I lick you, that dam inside you gets weaker and weaker. I lap away at your pussy like the tide, taking another tiny layer of resistance with every lick.

I keep my rhythm now, I’m not messing round anymore. I lick you at a steady pace, not too slow and not too fast, as I lick the very nub of you.

Both your hands are in my hair now, you’re not relaxed anymore, your whole body is tensing, your hips buck as you try and fuck my face. But I just keep licking.

I keep licking that beautiful, sexy cunt. My face and tongue are starting to get tired now but I don’t care, because I’m licking your pussy and what else could possibly be better.

Your moans are so loud now they can probably hear you on the street. Your whole body starts to shake, little flutters and spasms rippling through your thighs and your belly.

I can feel the force inside you build to oceanic proportions, the wall between us now is paper thin.

I lick and lick, feeling it building and building, your body shaking, your voice calling, your pussy singing.

Oh God, this is it, it rises and rises, and builds and builds. It’s unbearable, it’s unstoppable, it’s .., it’s …

There is just a moment, a pause, where space and time hold their breath and the stars and the moon gather round our bed to watch.

Just a moment, only the time between one breathe and the next, but it’s the most heavenly, precious moment of all.

And then I lick you again.

And then you come.

The dam breaks, your orgasm surges through you, your body convulses and you call out at the top of your voice.

Your orgasm flows through me, your thighs clamping my head so hard it hurts, as all that force and power and grace burst through me.

I suck you now, gulping down your juices flowing like a torrent from you, you taste like sweet wine.

I don’t take my face away. I love feeling you come in my face, my tongue thrusting deep in that wet, sodden spasming pussy.

Its almost overwhelming, the feeling of your pleasure surging through you and through me.

This is witchcraft. This is angelic. This is just beautiful, beautiful you.

God, I love your pussy. I love you.

I could lick you forever.

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