On Being Pregnant Ch. 01

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Anal Gaping

Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

My wife, Erica, was 6 months pregnant at the time of this story. Her pregnancy had seen to it that her appetite for sex had increased. Whereas under normal circumstances we fucked two or three times a week, since her fourth month she needed it almost every day. And not just fucking, but also sucking, handjobs and just letting me shoot on her — especially her large tits — whenever I wanted.

She didn’t have a lot of physical annoyances and had skipped the morning sickness stage all together. She radiated happiness and femininity. It wasn’t just horniness, she was raunchy. She didn’t mind the sex being a bit harder, nastier and even a tad degrading. Needless to say that I was having the time of my life.

Still, even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have anticipated what happened during this particular getaway. We’d stayed over at our friends beach house for a few days and were on our way back home. Because I had been too stubborn to use the GPS or a map, we had ventured somewhat off of our planned course and had therefore lost quite a bit of time.

As a result, since neither Erica nor I were a fan of driving in the dark, or sleeping in the car, we were forced to find a place to spend the night. We eventually came up to a small cabin village.

Since it was the only place for miles and miles around, I was desperately hoping there would be a vacancy.

I had fucked Erica just before we left, and since the trip had been so long and stressful, with Erica and I flying off at each other, I had prepared myself for the eventuality that she was not going to be in any kind of romantic or sexual mood. When we reached the front desk and the owner informed us that there were no vacancies, I knew for sure I wasn’t going to get any action.

I pleaded with him for another solution.

“Well,” he said, “There’s cabin n° 5, but it’s in no shape to be rented out!”

I insisted and explained our predicament, that driving onwards in Erica’s condition would be ill-advised. It convinced him to at least show us cabin 5. As we followed the owner with our luggage, I could see that Erica was tired and annoyed.

Surprisingly, her mood suddenly changed when we arrived at the infamous cabin number 5, which was located right next to the horse stables, which made for an interesting smell.

“We’ve been renovating the cabins one by one… number five is last,” the owner stated, as he tried to open the door, but had to push several times pretty hard before he could open it. Not a good sign… Inside, things were even worse. The cabin was 3 by 4, it could barely fit the double bed and a wardrobe, along with a small bathroom, which could barely house a shower cabin and a toilet. There were no windows, and the cabin obviously hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time.

The bedsheets were dusty and far from impeccably clean. The doors to the wardrobe didn’t close anymore. There was no tv, no air-conditioning… the shower cabin was barely large enough to fit Erica in her current predicament. The owner walked over to the shower and started fidgeting with the faucets, not sure himself if they’d produce clean water.

I couldn’t believe the state the cabin was in and was about to thank the owner for his trouble and be on our way, when Erica nudged my arm and nodded. I looked at her quizzically, thinking I had misunderstood her.

“Say yes,” she whispered. I didn’t catch on immediately, considering the situation, and considering the kind of trip we’d had, I didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings.

I pointed towards the floor in silence, asking for final confirmation; the last thing I wanted, was to get this wrong. She nodded determined and put her fist to her mouth and made a lewd blowjob gesture.

Shocked, I gawked at her, then took another look around the cabin. I figured Erica would skin me alive by even considering this hell hole, but I was wrong. As I was apparently taking too long to say something, she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse — which was already showing quite some cleavage.

The extra button undone revealed a small portion of her light blue bra. Realizing I was on a clock now, I stepped into the small bathroom and said, “We’ll take it!”

“Oh good…” the owner said, as surprised as I was, as he was still trying to get the faucet to work.

He stepped out of the shower and said, “I’ll just go and get you guys some fresh sheets and towels, and then I’ll take a look at the shower… I’ll be right back.”

With that he dashed out of the cabin. I turned around to see Erica unbuttoning another one of her blouse buttons.

“Are you sure about this, hon? This place is…”

“Awful? Disgusting? Decrepit? Yes, it is. It’s also perfect for the mood I am in,” she said, as she didn’t bother with the two last buttons and just yanked her blouse open.

The two buttons flew across the room. Then she pushed her bra down, freeing her massive jugs and took a few small steps up to me, after which she got on her knees.

“Uh istanbul escort hon, he’s just gone to get some sheets; he’ll back be any minute,” I whispered.

“Good,” she whispered as she unzipped my jeans and yanked them down along with my boxers. Without any hesitation or fear of getting caught, she slid her slutty mouth over my hard erection and began sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. With her free hand, she squeezed and played with her tits. She knew I loved that.

Really knowing how to push my buttons, she whispered around my cock, “You know, if he can wait his turn, I’ll suck his cock too.”

“Oh, you fucking whore,” I gasped, flabbergasted by her behavior, but loving it.

She giggled as she sucked my cock hard.

True to his word, the owner returned barely four minutes later. I guess he was afraid we’d change our minds. As soon as he stepped onto the wooden porch, I wanted to pull my cock out of her mouth, but Erica wouldn’t let me and grabbed my ass cheek with her hand, pulling me into her face.

“Jeez hon,” I whispered, “Then at least move with me…” I said, as I shuffled backwards towards the door. It wasn’t far, but considering I had my dick lodged in her throat, it was still quite uncomfortable. She scooted on her knees with me, until my back was against the door. Just in the nick of time too, as the owner gave the door a few shoves, figuring it was just stuck like before.

“Uh… is it okay if I come by the front desk in a few minutes?” I stammered, not sure what else to say.

“Sure, but I’ve got the sheets and towels with me,” he replied, not sure what was going on.

“Just leave them by the door,” Erica suddenly called out, taking my huge cock out of her mouth and jacking it feverishly, long enough for her to say that.

Surprised, he replied, “But… it’s muddy out here, and they’re not in a bag or something…”

“Perfect,” Erica giggled, tapping the underside of her left tit, causing it to wobble up and down, as she looked up at me, sucking on my cock. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know if he had heard her or not, but it made no difference. I knew Erica wasn’t going to ease up until she tasted cum, so I said, “That’s okay, just leave ‘m!”

“Well okay then, if that’s what you want,” the owner stammered stumped.

Erica smiled up at me and whispered around my cock, “Oh, fuck yeah!”

“I am [grunt] sure… thank you,” I yelled. I was close to cumming.

“Uh, there’s also the matter of payment, I’ll uh… give you a healthy discount of course, considering…” the owner said.

“No no, we’ll pay full price… I insist!” Erica called out.

I gawked down at her as she put my cock back in her mouth, giving me the most bitchy smile ever.

Not wanting to cum while I was talking to the owner, I glanced down at Erica and whispered, “Hold on, wait a sec.”

But Erica wouldn’t hear of it and started sucking even harder, bobbing her head up and down my fucking pole faster still.

“Well… okay,” the owner stammered, audibly shocked.

“I’ll be right over [sigh] let me get my wallet, and I’ll come up to the front desk,” I said, feeling my orgasm setting in, hoping he would leave us alone now.

“Cash or credit,” he asked.

“Cre… credit,” I replied as I looked down at Erica who was getting my cum on her tongue.

I arched my back against the door, then tilted my head back, hitting it on the door as I had a tiny climax.

“Ok, I’ll see you at the reception then,” he said, as he finally left.

Erica smiled up at me, realizing that my orgasm had been largely ruined by the owner’s talking.

“Ok,” I grunted, frustrated, as I looked down at Erica sucking my balls dry. She kept sucking passionately until I become too small to stay in her mouth. Then she looked up at me and swirled her tongue around within her closed mouth, playing with my cum.

“Fucking hell,” I said, as I extended my hand and helped her up, “What’s gotten into you?”

Without further ado, she grabbed my still somewhat erect — and unfulfilled — cock and gave it a good tug, as she said, “I don’t know… there’s something about this place, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“Is it the fact that it’s barely larger than an outhouse?” I asked.

She smiled as she continued tugging my dick.

“Or that the furniture is at least fifty years old and falling apart?”

“No, but keep going,” she grinned, jerking me a bit harder.

“Oh, I don’t know… maybe that the door doesn’t open, that it smells like horse in here, that there’s only one light bulb for the entire cabin?”

“Are you serious?” she said, not even having noticed that as she looked around. One light fixture right above the bed, no lighting beside the bed, and an empty fixture in the bathroom.

“God…” she grinned, aroused, as she really started stroking me hard and fast now.

“Or how about the fact that we have no running water… we can’t even take a shower before the owner avcılar escort comes and fixes it, if he even can,” I stammered, feeling my cock getting rock hard again.

“Tell him not to come over,” she blurted out, using both hands now to jack me off.

“What?” I asked, shocked once more.

“Tell him not to fix the shower,” she clarified, horny as fuck.

“You’re such a fucking whore!” I blurted out, moaning.

“I know,” she whispered, “And make sure you pay full price, okay?”

“Jesus Erica,” I groaned as I felt a proper orgasm setting in, “How about some self-respect?”

“I am fresh out,” she chuckled as she realized I was getting close.

“Now, go and pay the man,” she said, letting go of my raging hard boner.

“Oh fuck!” I panted as I looked down at my throbbing cock, “You bitch.”

“Hurry back,” she grinned as she pushed me away. I stuffed my cock back in my pants, felt in my pockets for my wallet and then went to open the door, having to try several times.

The owner was a bit out of sorts by the whole thing and probably had a few questions, but since we were paying full price and didn’t have any complaints, he didn’t say anything. He did make me sign several documents which wavered any liability and that we had accepted the cabin as-is.

I paid and signed whatever he gave me, desperate to get back to my pregnant wife, which I didn’t want to leave alone for too long. Not only did I desperately want to put my dick in her again, there was no telling what, in her current state, she was going to think of next.

When I opened the door to our cabin about ten minutes later, I was baffled to see Erica sitting on the bed, butt naked, leaning on her arms, her legs opened wide, her beaver pointed straight at the door. I closed the door and then noticed the new sheets and towels on the floor, in the corner of the room with quite a bit of mud on them.

“We’re not going to change the sheets, are we?” I asked.

“Not a chance,” she smiled, “Did you pay full price?”

“69.95,” I replied, showing her the receipt. I had a feeling she was going to need proof.

She coiled her body for a moment, liking the answer.

“And what about the shower?”

“I told him not to fix it,” I replied.

“Good boy,” she replied as her body mildly contracted once again, “Now get over here and fuck your whore, right here on this grungy matrass.”

“Jeez Erica,” I gasped, as I took off my pants and boxers and crawled on top of her. I started screwing her, slow and deep. I couldn’t believe how horny she was.

After a few minutes, she whispered, “Put it in my ass!”

“What?” I asked shocked. Her ass had always been a no-go zone before.

“But you always said…”

“I know what I said before, but now I want to try it…”

“Here, now?”

“Fuck yeah,” she grunted.

Realizing that if I turned her down, I would not only ruin the groove, but also permanently kill any chance of going near her ass ever again, I pulled out and nudged my dick against her asshole.

She moaned and tensed up, looking up at me with a horny look. Having picked up some pointers from watching porn, I carefully spat on my dick and then pushed it in a little bit. With a look of shock and pleasure, Erica gawked at me, her mouth half open.

I spat again, and pushed it in a little further. I barely got to ten pumps before I arched my back and squirted into her bowels, screaming and whining like an inexperienced high-school boy. She giggled and chuckled as my cock slipped out of her hole, followed by my cum which started running out.

While I was still trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened, Erica scooted towards the edge of the bed and sunk down to her knees, in between the wall and the bed. She barely fit in that tiny space.

“I want you to make me cum, right here on this cold, dirty floor!” she blurted out.

Realizing my cock still needed a little rest anyway, I got up and squatted down in front of her, gently put my right hand on her pussy, and slowly wriggled a finger into her; first one, then two. She squirmed and moaned and played with her tits, tugging on her huge nipples.

“You wanna cum, right here on this muddy floor, don’t you little slut?” I whispered.

“Fuck yeah,” she sighed, and gave her massive right tit a playful, but hard slap.

“This is where you belong, isn’t it?” I whispered, pushing my lips against her ear.

She shuddered for a moment, then moaned loudly, as I felt her cunt contract around my fingers.

“Oh, you’re cumming aren’t you, you pregnant slut,” I asked, slamming home. She convulsed wildly and screamed pretty loud as her orgasm hit her. I kept fingering her for another minute or so, until her climax had passed.

“Don’t pull out,” she gasped, her eyes closed, panting, trying to catch her breath. I did as I was told and waited patiently. When she looked up at me, about twenty seconds later, she said, “Again!”

Baffled, but eager to please her again, I şirinevler escort slowly started moving my fingers. She moaned.

It didn’t take long for her to start shuddering again. In a blatant display of sheer lust, she put both hands on top of her head and started rocking back and forth, on the rhythm of my fingering. About a minute later, I felt her juices started to coat my hand. Pretty soon, it was dripping down my hand.

And when she actually came again, about another minute later, she started squirting, covering my wrist and the floor with her juices. She moaned and climaxed completely uninhibited; I had rarely seen her this relaxed and carefree.

When her orgasm was over, I slowed down my fingering, thinking she’d had enough.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned. Surprised, but curious to see how much more she could take, I kept fingering her. She moaned and whined, and rocked, and kept leaking and squirting. It was difficult to see where one orgasm ended and another started.

Her juices meanwhile kept leaking and squirting out. Suddenly, she reached down with both hands, grabbed my hand which was pleasuring her and started slamming it against her cunt.

Realizing what she wanted, I stopped crooking my fingers and trying to graze her left and right. Instead, I kept my index and middle finger extended and jammed my hand back and forth, fucking my fingers into her. This was exactly what she wanted; lost in lust and pleasure, she grabbed her left tit with her left hand and started running her right hand through her hair, playing with herself as she came big time now.

She whined and gushed for several minutes, bucking and rocking on my hand. When she finally couldn’t take any more, she slowly grabbed my hand down there. I stopped immediately and looked at her. The floor was a huge mess. After helping her up and lay down on the bed, I crawled up next to her and we cuddled and snoozed for a while, enjoying the aftermath of what we’d done.

When I woke up about an hour or so later and got up, she whispered, “Where are you going?”

“Taking a leak,” I said as I headed into the badly lit bathroom. After doing my business in there, I flushed and came back out. The first I noticed was the distinct smell of sex and pussy juice in the room.

“Hon,” Erica said, looking at me, “Will you do me a favor?”

“Off course,” I replied.

“Would you mind moving the wardrobe?” she asked.

“Sure,” I whispered, assuming she wanted to create more room around the bed, “Whereto.”

“There,” she said, pointing at the adjacent bathroom wall, right next to the door opening where I was standing. I nodded and walked over to the wardrobe, stepping into her pussy juices next to the bed. I pushed and slid the wardrobe to the requested position.

“Good?” I asked.

“A little to the left,” she said. I gave the wardrobe a little push, moving it closer to the bathroom door.

“A little more.”

“A little more.”

With each push, the wardrobe came closer to the door opening.

“More,” she whispered. With another push, the wardrobe was right next to the door opening.

“Almost there,” she smiled.

I looked at her confused and gave it another shove. The wardrobe now blocked a tiny part of the doorway.

“Keeping going,” she said, as she got up out of the bed. I pushed again.

She walked up to the door opening, stepped in briefly. She could barely walk through now.

She stepped back and said, “A little more.”

I gave it another push.

She couldn’t fit through it anymore faced forwards, so she stepped through sideways.

“One more push,” she said, from in the bathroom.

After moving the wardrobe another inch, she stepped through again. This time she had to wriggle through, barely fitting.

“Perfect,” she said as she looked at me.

“Why?” I asked, glancing at her massive jugs.

“Well, in my current condition, I’ll probably have to go to the bathroom about ten times tonight… and, well…” she whispered, glancing at the barred doorway into the bathroom. Slowly, she turned towards me and glanced down at my cock, which was veering up and down.

“Looks like someone needs to unload once more,” she giggled.

“Is it any wonder, you fucking slut?” I blurted out, pumping my cock twice.

She didn’t reply, but got on her knees in front of me, as she grabbed my hard dick.

“Did I make you all hard again?” she whispered, addressing my cock, in her childish voice, as she wrapped her right hand around the shaft and started pumping it fiercely.

“I did, didn’t I? You poor thing,” she whispered, giving the tip a little lick.

“Bad Erica,” she whispered, “She’s such a bitch, isn’t she?”

“We’ll have to punish her, won’t we?” she added, eagerly tugging my dick.

“Yeah, let’s show that dumb whore who’s boss,” she chuckled.

“I know,” she grinned, “Why don’t you shoot your cum in her face, that’ll show her.”

“Jesus, Erica,” I grunted, feeling my balls tense up, not believing the filth that was coming out of her mouth.

“Yeah, that’ll show that stupid cunt!” she said, tugging faster, aiming my tip straight at her nose, realizing I wasn’t going to last much longer. I groaned loudly and arched my back as I ejaculated.

“Oh, there you go,” she giggled, surprisingly playful as my warm cum starting splattering in her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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