Office Friends with Benefits

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Big Tits

I had only been working for the company for about three weeks when I was scheduled to do my orientation tour. These tours are normally done when you are first hired on, but my department was short handed and needed me to start as soon as possible. So when the next group was hired, I did my tour with them. I had seen most of the things they were going over on the tour, but hadn’t met many of the people so it was nice to actually meet them. A little after lunch, we were meeting a lot of the office people, IT, HR, finance, to name a few. Then we met Janet and Shelly. They were the records department. Janet looked to be in her late fifties and she didn’t seem to care much about her appearance. Shelly, on the other hand, was very well put together. She had on black capri pants and a light blue blouse, her blond hair was down, she had blue eyes, and she wore metal frame glasses. She was a big girl, bigger than anyone I had ever dated, and stood about 5’6″. She had the biggest, roundest ass I had ever seen! Her tits were a little on the smaller size, but still nice. As she stood there talking a little bit about what her job entailed, I couldn’t help but notice there was no wedding ring on her hand. She looked like she was a little older than me, maybe late twenties. As the group moved on to the next section, I held back and introduced myself.

“Hi Shelly, I’m Dave. It’s nice to meet you.”

She smelled so good. We talked only for a few moments. I didn’t want to lose my tour group. But I did manage to get one of her cards. The tour ended a little before quitting time so I decided to call Shelly on her office phone(since that’s the only number I had at the time). I asked her if I could come to her office and talk. She said she was available and it would be fine if I came to see her. She was sitting at her computer typing when I got to her office. I softly knocked on her door. When she turned around she smiled…

“Hi Dave! How was the tour?” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

I rolled my eyes, chuckled, and said “it wasn’t too bad… but I’m glad it’s over!”

“I know it’s a little ridiculous, but it’s part of the hiring process.”

She was still smiling at me.

“Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. After all, I did get to meet a nice pretty girl because of it!” I couldn’t believe I said that! It just slipped out. I got nervous because I didn’t know what her reaction would be. To my relief, she laughed and said

“Oh yeah?” Than she just kind of stared at me with almost a shit-eating grin.

Normally I would be more discreet or subtle about expressing my attraction to her, but it was kind of already out there so I just went with it.

“Is there any chance you would like to go get a drink when you get off?” I felt good about our connection, but I wasn’t 100% sure if she was on the same page or not.

“Are you asking me out?!” I thought she was joking at first, but her face was serious. A brief moment of nervousness hit me, but then a blast of confidence.

“Well, yes, yes I am. What do you say?”

I could see her contemplating the idea. She must not have expected me to be so bold. Then she smiled again

“Ok. Where?”

“There’s a bar in the Mexican restaurant down the road, we can go there if you’d like.”

“Oh yes, I’ve been there a few times. What time?”

I’ll meet you there when you get off work, unless you have other plans.”

No plans. That will be fine.”

“Great! I’ll get out of your hair. See you then.”

“Ok. See you then.”

She seemed genuinely excited. I was too.

When she arrived at the Mexican place I was already waiting for her at the bar. We ordered drinks and she asked if I wanted to get a booth. I said yes and we went and sat down. I intentionally waited for her to go in front of me to get another look at her ass. I watched her walk in front of me the whole way over to the booth. I will admit that I was hoping to get her drunk enough to make out with her. I doubted she would want to fuck the same day we met. As the evening progressed we both became more flirty. We even held and caressed each other’s hands. Sfter a while I asked her if I could kiss her. She said not in the bar, but we could go to her car. I paid the tab and we went to her car. It was the beginning of summer so she started her car so we had some air conditioning. istanbul escort As soon as she put her hands down from her keys I went in for a kiss. She seemed a little surprised, but was very receptive. Our tongues danced with each other in a beautiful, erotic way. I tried to wait as long as I could before reaching for one of her tits, but my hard cock was doing my thinking, so I squeezed her left boob. It was very firm. I wasn’t expecting such a firm perky little tit. She moaned slightly when I first touched her. I reached my hand up under her blouse and continued playing with her left boob over her bra. I went to pull her boob out of her bra and she stopped me.

“This feels so good, I just don’t want to go too far too fast.”

I didn’t say anything, I just let go of her firm tittie and continued kissing her. We made out for a while, exchanged numbers, and parted ways. We talked and texted back and forth here and there, but we didn’t see each item for quite a few weeks. She had told me when we met that she was pursuing a guy. I was just looking to get laid, so I wasn’t going to chase her. I was pleasantly surprised when Shelly had requested me to help her move some book shelves from one storage room to another. I showed up to move the shelves, but she was the only person there.

“Hey Shelly!” I came up and gave her a big hug. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine thanks. And you?” When we stopped hugging she held on for a few more seconds.

“Doing good. I thought there was going to be a few more people to move all this stuff…”

“There was, but I told everyone else that I canceled the job.”

I looked at her with a confused look.

“Well” she said “we can handle the job by ourselves. It’s only one shelf. And I wanted to spend some time alone with you.” She walked over to me and planted a delicious wet kiss on my lips. We must have been kissing for a few minutes when we both remembered that we are at work, and we could get caught. We backed off of each other and started working. One reason she could get away with asking my boss for my help was because I’m tall and strong. Not bragging, just the way it is. I am 6’5″ and weigh about 265 lbs. I was in my mid twenties, had long brown hair, a full beard, and was in pretty good shape. I am tattooed from my shoulders to my wrists and have been since I was 22. I guess you could say I look liked I biker.

What I didn’t know was, the job she told my boss would take all day only took us about an hour. When we were done there was a small free standing bookshelf against a wall. She asked me if I would be ok with taking it to her apartment for her. I told her it would be my pleasure. I followed her to her apartment in a company truck and took the bookshelf inside. I heard her lock the door behind me when I put the book shelf down but didn’t pay any attention to it. Her apartment was a little cluttered but not messy.

“How’s that?” I asked.


She was standing right in front of me, looking at me… I wanted her, I was already horny from our kiss earlier and from being around her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. I felt her hand slide up my arms and shoulders. I reached down as we kissed and grabbed her huge ass. It was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be! It was about 10 in the morning and I had already been sweating. I broke away from her mouth, looked at her for a second and asked her if I could take a shower. She said yes, but only if she could join me. Naturally I excitedly said yes. She pulled my shirt off of me and rubbed her hands on my chest, then my stomach, then she started unbuckling my belt. My cock was most of the way hard at this point and was bulging in my pants. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped me, my pants fell to the floor. She left my boxer briefs on and reached around and grabbed my ass. By now my cock was fully hard. I started unbuttoning her pink and white blouse, took it off of her and threw it on the chair beside us. I undid her pants, slid them down over her ass and let them fall to the floor. I unhooked her bra and revealed those small, perky tits with perfect hard pink nipples.

Which I couldn’t resist bending down and sucking on. I stood back up she led the way to the bathroom. I was watching her ass avcılar escort the whole way. Once we were in the bathroom she turned to me, reached out and put her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slowly slid them off, exposing my rock hard cock. My cock is about 8 inches long and is very thick, with a nice sized mushroom head, and I have shaved the hair on my ballsack since I was in my late teens. I moaned when I felt her hands start to rub all over my cock and balls. She was rubbing on my balls and started to strike my cock up and down slowly. I closed my eyes tilted my head back, and moaned in pleasure. After a minute or so she moved her hands off my package and wrapped her arms around my waists. I slid my hands down her back and slipped them inside her cotton panties.

As I was bent over slightly with my hands in her panties I kissed her. Then slowly slid her them off exposing her big sexy ass to me for the first time. I rubbed and squeezed her ass while we kissed. She broke away from our kiss and my grasp on her ass. I looked her up and down and saw her pussy was shaved clean. She turned around to start the shower. When she bent over turning the water on all I could think about was sliding my hard dick inside her. Her shower was a little too small to fit both of us in there, we took turns washing each other down. She told me to get in, and she started soaping me down right away. I washed my hair as she cleaned my body. I got out and she got in. I started soaping her down immediately. She washed her hair as I washed her body. Her pussy had perfect fat lips. I couldn’t wait to get inside of her!

After we had washed every inch of each other and dried off we made our way to her bedroom. She turned her back to the queen size bed and we kissed. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her pussy so I pushed her down on to the bed and got on my knees. I spread her legs open, opened her pussy lips, and started licking her clit. She moaned when my tongue touched her clit. As I licked and sucked on her clit I felt it get hard, I slid my tongue down and pushed it inside her. She arched her back and gasped. Her pussy was tight, very tight. I focused back on her clit, licking and sucking it, I slid my middle finger in he soaking wet pussy. And with just a few moments of me fingering her while I was licking her she said she was going to cu… To my surprise, I felt her pussy tighten even more when she came! I kept licking and fingering till I felt her body relax. I pulled my finger out, kissed her pussy lips and climbed on to the bed beside her. She was still out of breath when she looked at me and said

“Wow! I have never had an orgasm like that before! …in fact I’ve never had one with another person before. You see, I’m a virgin.” She paused for a moment to see my reaction. I didn’t say anything, just smiled at her. Although I was a little surprised that she had never been with anyone, I was also excited to be her first.

“It’s not that I haven’t had opportunities, I just haven’t felt such a physical attraction to anyone the way I do with you.”

“I felt the same thing the first time I laid my eyes on you.”

I moved up and laid my head on one of her pillows as she got up on her knees and turned around. She was on her hands and knees beside me with her face close to mine. She kissed me, then kissed my neck, then she started kissing me down my moderately hairy chest. She licked and sucked on my left nipple, as she did that she reached down and started rubbing my shaved balls. It felt so good. She looked at me as she kissed her way down my stomach. She grabbed my hard cock at the base and stood it straight up, I could feel her breath on my dickhead. Then she took me into her mouth. I groaned when I felt her warm lips and tongue on the head of my cock. Her mouth wasn’t very big and she couldn’t get much more then the head of my cock in, but she tried… She gagged herself a little which caused her to drool, making an excellent lube for her hand to stroke my shaft. She sucked and stroked my cock until I was getting close to cumming. I told her I wanted her. She laid down beside me, we kissed again and I climbed on top of her. I was sitting up on my knees between her legs rubbing my dickhead on her pussy lips. Then I rubbed it on her clit. I slid my head down to the entrance şirinevler escort of her pussy. I started pushing myself inside her. As I said before, she was very tight. For a minute I didn’t think I was going to fit inside her, but I pushed harder and felt my cock easing into her tight wet pussy.

“Holy shit, you’re pussy is tight!”

She was moaning with every breath. I knew I wouldn’t last long in that tight pussy, especially after she had just sucked on me. But I started thrusting inside her, gently at first, as I was fucking her my thrusts got harder and faster. I watched her body shake as I slammed into her. She was getting red in the face. I was about to cum…

“Dave I’m gonna cum!”

“Shelly! I’m cumming!!”

I exploded inside her. I could feel streams of cum blasting in her tight pussy. Then her pussy tightened up and squeezed my cock as she came all over me. Both of us were out of breath. I watched my cock slide out of her pussy, a small amount of cum stayed on her pussy. I laid down on my back beside her. She turned on her side and rested her head on my shoulder. I automatically reached down and softly rubbed her ass.

“You like my ass, huh?”

“No, I love it!”

She chucked.

“There’s plenty there for you to love!”

I squeezed it, then I smacked it, then I rubbed it again. She was rubbing my chest.

“You’ve done a good job today so far… Let’s see how the rest of the day fairs for you.”

“I pride myself on doing the best at everything I do.”

“Would you like some lunch?”

“Just you baby!”

“Mmm… That goes without saying…”

She looked at me and smiled, and kissed me. She told me that this would have to be a secret between the two of us because she had started dating the guy she had told me about when we first met. I agreed to her request as I wasn’t looking for a relationship anyway.

After a short period of time went by, still laying in her bed, my cock started to grow again. I kissed her and then got up on my hands and knees beside her. I turned her over onto her stomach. I asked her to keep her face and shoulders on the bed but get her knees under her, putting her big sexy ass in the air for me. I rubbed, squeezed, and smacked it. I spread it open and gazed at the glorious site of her asshole. I reached down and rubbed her pussy, which had a little cum slipping out of it. I slowly moved my fingers back to her asshole. I knew there was no way she would let me fuck her ass, but I was going to go as far as she would let me. My fingers were good and wet from her pussy so it was easy for me to slip my fingertip up her ass. She didn’t push me away, so I didn’t stop. I got my middle finger about half way inside her and started slowly sliding it in and out of her. As I was watching my finger slide in and out of her ass, she reached down and started rubbing her clit. That was all I needed… I pulled my finger out of her ass and started licking her asshole. Softly at first, but as she got closer to cumming again I licked harder and faster. It didn’t take too long and she was cumming. As she came, I slid my tongue inside her ass.

She kept her position. I let her ass cheeks close back up. I slapped my hard cock on her ass cheeks a few times and slid it down her ass crack and back up. I had pre-cum on my dickhead so I took a chance and slid it in her ass crack.

“That feels good, but you know your cock won’t fit up my ass right?”

“I’m not even going to try. I just want to play with your sexy ass with my dick…”

When the head of my cock reached her asshole I only had a couple of inches left to go. Her ass crack was 6 inches deep! I pulled my dick out, spit on it and slid it back in. Then I had her lay flat for me. I straddled her legs, spread those big sexy ass cheeks apart, using more spit I put the bottom of my shaft on her asshole, and let her cheeks close around my hard-on. I started fucking her ass cheeks, my cock was up against her asshole. I was watching her ass jiggle and shake as I drove in and out. I squeezed and rubbed on her ass as I fucked her. I felt myself getting close, I slowed down and put my dickhead up against her asshole and came hard. I fell on the bed beside her and we both fell asleep.

We woke up I time for me to head back to work for quitting time. As I left her apartment, she asked me if this was a one time thing. I told her that I would really like to spend some more quality time with her when both of our schedules permitted it. We kissed one more time and I headed back to work. She texted me that night and told me I left my watch at her apartment, I could come pick it up at my convenience…

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