Naughty Girls at St. Matilda’s

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I’m one of the few male teachers at St.Matilda’s Academy for Young Ladies, an expensive English private school for posh girls. I teach a final year class of eighteen to nearly nineteen year old girls. I’m quite senior and being in my forties I’m old enough to be their fathers.

At St.Matilda’s the girls wear a schoolgirl uniform. That comprises a white blouse, long sleeved in winter, short sleeved in summer, with a school necktie and a pleated grey skirt. Girls may wear black tights, or in summer if they prefer they can opt for bare legs which many girls do to get a tan. On most of my girls that uniform looks quite respectable, though those blouses and skirts seem designed to show off girls’ young bodies and legs to perfection!

But there are always the St. Matilda’s girls who choose to wear the thinnest boob clinging all but see through blouses they can squeeze their fresh young breasts into and which show their bra through, and sometimes even leaving a strategically located button or two open. They’re usually the girls who hoik their skirts as high up their thighs as they can get away with so their every move treats me to a classroom upskirt panty peep. Best of all are the naughty girls who ignore St. Matilda’s regulations that girls’ underwear must be “white, opaque and modest” and wear underwear that’s anything but, or better still no underwear at all. They’re the girls I like! As you can imagine it’s a real voyeur’s paradise.

Over a school term I soon pick up the relationships between my girls, who’s friends with whom, the squabbles, the rivalries, the jealousies and all the rest. So it wasn’t long before I noticed the little thing going on between two of my nearly nineteen year olds, Suzanne and Wendy. I saw how they sat next to each other in class whenever they could and how they were always chatting together at lunchtime. I also noticed how sometimes they disappeared into the girls’ toilet together and how afterwards their previously neat hair was ruffled and they looked very pleased with themselves.

Then one afternoon I glanced in passing through the school library door. Half concealed behind a book shelf Suzanne and Wendy were kissing lips to lips, Suzanne was fondling Wendy’s big breasts through her blouse, and Wendy’s hand was under Suzanne’s school uniform skirt moving rhythmically. I’ve fingered my wife’s pussy to a climax many times and I knew straightaway that Wendy was massaging Suzanne’s cunt.

I’d seen enough “schoolgirl crushes” in my time at St. Matilda’s as hormonally supercharged young girls’ sexual awareness surges to know what was going on. At their age at my boys’ school I’d been the same, a hormonally supercharged nearly nineteen year old with an almost permanent erection. I needed constant satisfaction and didn’t care if I got it from girls or boys. But boys were easier to come by and most of my school friends were as randy for cock play as I was. I’d spent many sessions crammed into a school toilet cubicle with another boy, our trousers and school regulation grey briefs down our thighs, a porn magazine spread open on the tank, our hands caressing each other’s balls and bums, and hand-jobbing each other’s stiff young cocks until we spurted yet another couple of semen stains against the cubicle wall or over borrowed sisters’ or mother’s panties.

Suzanne and Wendy were a boy’s dream pair of girls. They were both just weeks off nineteen. Suzanne was a young beauty with golden hair cascading down to her shoulders. Sweet faced Wendy had a neat dark bob of hair trimmed just to her ears and her big glasses gave her an alluring innocent and so vulnerable look. Both girls had shapely young figures well set off in their summer school uniform blouses and short skirts and I’d long noticed that Wendy had the best filled blouse in my class. Needless to say both Suzanne and Wendy featured regularly in my masturbation fantasies as of course do most other girls in my class.

At the time I didn’t think Suzanne and Wendy had realised I’d spotted them in the library. But I was wrong. A few days after I’d seen them in the library, just as school was closing at the end of the afternoon I turned a corner in a school corridor and there were Suzanne and Wendy coming toward me, holding hands. They quickly let go of each other and stared at me, then glanced at each other, then Wendy spoke.

“You know our little secret istanbul escort don’t you sir? You saw us in the library. But we’re not lesbians, it’s just fun.” I said nothing. Wendy continued. “Please don’t tell on us, sir.” I had no intention of telling on them but I didn’t say. They glanced at each other again, then Suzanne spoke.

“We’ll do a deal with you, sir. I’ve noticed how you look at me in class. You want me, don’t you? If you keep our secret I’ll do one for you any time you want.”

To make clear what she meant by “doing one for me” Suzanne formed her thumb and finger into a ring and bobbed her hand up smoothly and down at just the height, length and angle of a man’s erect penis in a gesture every boy knows so well. Suzanne’s long shapely legs were bare, as allowed in summer at St. Matilda’s. As if to make her point even clearer she briefly lifted the front of her skirt just far enough to give me a brief glimpse of her school regulation white cotton knickers at the top of her tanned thighs.

I’d been at St. Matilda’s for years but the closest I’d ever gotten to any of my girls beyond an upskirt or downblouse peep was in my masturbation fantasies. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

“How about right now?” I suggested. “Let’s find a classroom. You can have some girl on girl too.”

I had a pass key to all the classrooms. St. Matilda’s building was all but empty at that time of day. So close to the end of term when some school years had already ended it wasn’t unusual for a classroom to be closed and locked. I was sure the girls would think of some excuse for their late arrival at home, like being kept in for discipline. They were certainly naughty enough for punishment! The girls were delighted with my suggestion. A couple of minutes later we were in an upstairs classroom safe from prying eyes, with the door locked behind us. Like many of the classrooms at St. Matilda’s it still had the traditional old style individual school desks.

I’d long had a masturbation fantasy about exposing my naked sex kit to my girls but had never dared. Now I was fulfilling my dream! Both girls’ eyes were on me as I stood there between them and unzipped and pulled my trousers down. I posed for a moment in my light blue briefs, showing off the big bulge of my sex kit. Then I pulled my briefs down round my thighs and stood spread legged thrusting my hips forward. At last I was showing my naked cock and balls to my girls! My penis wasn’t fully erect but it was well on its way up, swinging stiffly and sticking straight out horizontally in front of me from my thickly haired balls. I’ve got a seven incher fully erect and I’m well experienced in using it so I knew that I had nothing to be ashamed of in the sex kit department.

“Its so big!” Wendy gasped. “Its even bigger than that boy had in those pictures you showed me on your phone Suzanne!” Wendy grinned at me. “I’ve never touched a grown man’s cock, sir. Can I feel it?”

As a teacher I’m always only too happy to help my girls with their education and especially with a sex lesson. Wendy had a good long play with my sex kit, caressing my balls and penis, stroking my steadily stiffening shaft, fondling my big soft so sensitive penis head, running her fingertips through my pubic hair and under me between my spread legs.

In response to Wendy’s fingers my penis turned into a near vertical iron bar and I fought not to jerk my load into her petite young hand. Wendy was amazed at how big, upright and stiff my penis became in response to her light touch. She was a quick learner and she soon discovered that a grown man likes just what boys her age like!

As she played with me I managed to get my hand under her skirt. I found she was wearing tights. I caressed her thighs and her firm young bottom through the thin taut nylon and managed to get my hand down inside her tights and her knickers to feel the soft smooth flesh of her bum cheeks. Wendy liked that! Suzanne was watching as Wendy enjoyed her lesson in male anatomy. Wendy stepped back from me.

“Go on Suzanne. Do one for him!” Wendy said excitedly.

Suzanne snuggled against me. She had a brief but delicious fondle of my balls then slid her hand up my penis and wrapped her finger and thumb loosely round my rock hard shaft just below my cock head. A pulse of pleasure avcılar escort went through my shaft and I thrust my hips forward.

Then Suzanne hand jobbed me. She’d obviously “done one” for boys before. She knew exactly how to tease my straining penis to the absolute peak of erection stiffness, arousal and sensitivity. By the time she started to wank me in earnest I could hardly take any more of her cock play. Her stroking hand went right up over the big, so sensitive lust swollen head of my penis, which was wet with pre-cum. I was gasping and whimpering with the incredible pleasure of holding back as she held me on the brink of a cum. I still fondly remembered those heady days with boys in the school toilet when I was her age. Perhaps I’m part gay. But what Suzanne’s young hand was giving me was infinitely better than anything any of those boy’s hands had ever given me.

As her experienced hand smoothly and rhythmically pleasured my cock my one hand fondled her breasts through her thin white blouse and my other hand crept under her skirt. I managed to get her blouse open and my hand on her breasts in her bra while my other hand explored her bare thighs and fondled her bottom through the thin cloth of her knickers. I hooked my fingers over the top hem of Suzanne’s knickers, pulled them down round her thighs and fondled her naked bottom and her smooth shaven cunt mound.

As Suzanne stroked my shaft Wendy’s eyes were locked on Suzanne’s hand and my sex kit. I could see she was getting more and more excited. Suddenly Wendy cried out:

“I want to show you my cunt!”

Wendy lifted the front of her skirt and in a single quick movement pulled her tights and knickers down her thighs. She stood spreading her legs as far as her knickers stretched round her thighs would allow. I saw she had a classic perfect little triangle of almost black pubic hair between her legs.

“Touch me! Touch me!” Wendy gasped, moving closer to me and thrusting her cunt toward me.

I left off playing with Suzanne’s breasts and reached down to cup my hand over Wendy’s thickly haired cunt mound and ruffled her pubic hair. She nuzzled her mound against my hand and gave a little squeal as my fingers found her slit and teased her labia and clitty.

Suzanne sure knew how to make a man wait. As my orgasm rose I involuntarily thrust my hips forward, I gripped Suzanne’s bum under her skirt to pull her toward me and pressed my hand against Wendy’s cunt. In a truly exquisite hip jerking, grunting orgasm I spurted my semen in a jet that arched from my penis head and splashed over the desk top.

I stood there panting with my still half erect penis swinging and dripping a strand of creamy semen onto the classroom floor. Wendy’s face was flushed, she was breathing hard and through her thin blouse I could see her nipples were peaking. She was obviously wild with arousal. She kicked off her shoes, slipped her tights and knickers off completely then standing on one bare foot she lifted her other knee up onto the desk top and pulled her skirt right up, exposing her furry pussy in all its glory. Spreading her legs like that pulled her vagina wide open so her pink inner labia, wet with juice, were peeping through her pubic hair.

“I’m so excited! Oh please Suzanne, do it for me now!” Wendy cried.

Wendy’s hand went to her cunt, she slipped two fingers between her vagina lips and she began to masturbate. Suzanne moved quickly in front of Wendy and her hand immediately replaced Wendy’s fingers between Wendy’s spread legs, massaging Wendy’s mound, ruffling Wendy’s thick bush as she stroked Wendy’s labia and teased her clit. Wendy’s skirt was getting in the way and she undid the clasp so her skirt unwrapped and fell to the floor.

“My tits too!” Wendy cried out.

Suzanne undid Wendy’s necktie and unbuttoned her white school uniform blouse to reveal Wendy’s breasts slung in her white, opaque, modest bra. Its cups looked only just big enough for her big breasts to nestle in. Wendy quickly slipped her blouse off and reached up behind her back to frantically fumble with her bra clasp. Wendy’s bra fell leaving her completely nude and her young breasts bounced out. They were every bit as big, firm and round as the well-filled blouse I’d ogled so many times in class had promised, and as I’d imagined in my masturbation fantasies. Her şirinevler escort aroused nipples peaked like little deep pink corks from lighter pink areoles. Wendy moaned softly as Suzanne’s hand roamed over Wendy’s breasts catching her arousal sensitised nipples, before she turned her attention to Wendy’s cunt again.

Wendy’s excited moans got louder as Suzanne methodically fingered Wendy’s cunt. Wendy’s young bottom was quivering and her breasts were bobbing with the rhythm of Suzanne’s hand massaging her cunt and with Wendy’s squirming in her sex pleasure. With Wendy’s dark pubic hair peeping out under her bum cheeks between her spread thighs her bottom looked so inviting I couldn’t keep my hand off her.

So as Suzanne pleasured Wendy’s pussy from the front I played with Wendy’s bottom from behind. I tickled her down the valley between her bum cheeks, I stroked the backs and inside tops of her thighs, and caressed her so smooth and soft bum cheeks. As Suzanne pleasured Wendy’s pussy from the front, I reached under Wendy between her spread legs to finger her arse and her juice sodden pussy from behind. Between the two of us Suzanne and I were steadily driving Wendy wild!

Wendy’s gasps and squeals rose as her orgasm began to rise. My penis had been rubbing against Wendys bare thigh and bottom as my hands explored her naked body. The feel of her smooth young flesh in my hands and hearing her steadily rising orgasm cries soon got my shaft up like an iron bar again. Wendy shrieked as her orgasm exploded, she thrust her hips forward to ram her cunt into Suzanne’s hand and her big firm breasts bounced as she juddered with the pulses of her climax. After she’d climaxed Wendy stayed standing with her knee up on the desk enjoying her afterglow with her eyes closed, breathing hard and trembling. I find few things more erotically arousing than the sounds a woman makes when her orgasm is rising and climaxes. I just had to masturbate!

Lightly stroking and tugging my erect cock with one hand to get it up rock hard, with my other hand I played with Wendy’s naked body. I fondled her bottom, her gently swinging big young breasts, her smooth thighs and of course the juice sodden bush of dark hair between her spread legs. Wendy flopped forward a bit after her orgasm began to fade, pushing her tempting young bottom toward me.

I began to masturbate at full power, holding Wendy’s thigh and shoving my penis head into the soft valley between her bum cheeks. Then with my knob nestling between her bum cheeks I stroked and tugged my cock, fondling her bottom and thighs with my spare hand. I was so frantic I didn’t bother to edge or take my time like I usually do when I masturbate. Feeling the rhthymic pat pat pat of my hand against her bottom Wendy realised what I was doing. She looked at me over her shoulder and wiggled her bottom gently against my cock head.

Solo wanking a lust-hardened penis is every boy’s ultimate pleasure, wanking over penis-straining porn adds spice, but short of full meaty sex I find nothing equals masturbating over a naked woman while running my spare hand over her body. Delicious minutes of hard working hand action later I came. As my cum rose and I involuntarily shoved my hips forward my cock head slid up Wendy’s bum crack and I gripped her thigh to pull her toward me. I spurted my semen over Wendy’s bottom and thigh tops. I staggered back and stood behind Wendy, watching my semen trickle down her bum crack, across her smooth gleaming bum cheeks and over the backs of her thighs.

Being a tidy guy I wiped my semen off Wendy’s body with her white knickers. She gave them to me as a souvenir. We dressed quickly after that. I carefully wiped all traces of my semen off the desk and floor with Wendy’s knickers before we left and I locked the classroom again behind us. I watched the girls as they strolled down the empty school corridor hand in hand until they disappeared round a corner. Then we went our separate ways.

That summer term ended at St. Matilda’s and Suzanne and Wendy left school for university. Perhaps I’m a pervert, but sometimes for old times sake I shut myself in a cubicle of the men’s toilet at St. Matilda’s. I drop my trousers and briefs down my thighs, and with my penis hard up over a porn magazine or porn pictures on my tablet propped on the tank I masturbate. As I wank I think of the girls in my class though sometimes I remember those boys from long ago. But most of all I think of sweet young Wendy, her big bouncing breasts, the feel of her soft round bottom against my hand and running my fingers through that perfect triangle of dark cunt hair, and I splash my cum over those now thoroughly semen-stained white knickers.

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