My Wife and I Ch. 04

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This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. We have been writing stories for each other for some time, and have decided to share them. Some are true, some are fantasies, but I won’t tell which… Enjoy.


That Saturday morning we got up a little later than usual. Our sexcapades from the previous evening ran late into the night leaving Naomi and me spent, drained of energy. We knew we had to pick up the children that evening from their grandparent’s house, and wanted to enjoy the last of our alone time as possible.

Waking up, I realized my cock was still buried in Naomi’s pussy from the night before. The sweet smell of our sex still hung faintly in the air, causing a twitch to run up the shaft of my manhood. The warmth of her pussy enveloped it, causing it to grow larger by the minute. She felt this also, causing her pussy to glow with heat. I leaned forward and began to kiss and nuzzle at her neck, which she responded to with light moans of early morning lust.

As the heat between us grew, I slowly started sliding my rapidly enlarging cock in and out of Naomi’s pussy to which she countered with slow movements of her own. Fully erect now, my slow thrusts began to pick up speed and force, turning her light moans in to squeals of pleasure. She placed her hand over mine moving it up to her breasts, giving it a squeeze, causing yet another gasp to escape her lips.

Holding her tightly by the breast, her thrusts meeting my own, we were both breathing heavy, feelings of sex and lust washing over us. Still kissing the back of her neck, pinching her breasts, I snaked my left hand underneath her, down to her moist folds, and started teasing her clit as I pumped her pussy for all it was worth. trabzon escort Naomi went wild with ecstasy, her squeals coming in short bursts signaling the orgasm ripping through her body.

I took hold of her by the pussy and breasts and rolled to my back, pulling her on top of me, never stopping my conquest of her dripping wetness. With her head tilted back on my shoulder and her feet braced up on my knees, I renewed my assault on her swollen cunt. I rubbed and teased her already cream covered clit, as my thrusts got harder and harder building toward sweet release.

Her screams grew louder mingling with grunts of my own as I thrust hard and deep a few last times before spilling my seed deep within her womb, triggering yet another orgasm to rack her beautiful, delicate, body. We lay there, somewhat crumpled, breathing heavy, a sweet cocktail of fluid running down both our genitals to the bed beneath. I licked my fingers clean from her morning juices, and kissed her one last time before she climbed off, scurrying toward the bathroom to get cleaned up for the day ahead as I lightly dozed back to sleep…

On the way to her parents house, we had to make a slight detour to her office, to pick paperwork she left the day before. It was about a quarter to six, and downtown was empty. We pulled up to her building and got out of the van, unable to stop groping and kissing one another after the past couple of sex-fueled days we had experienced. Naomi broke off our continued teasing long enough to slide her key-card and unlock the door, opening up to the lobby.

After pushing the button to retrieve the elevator, I pushed her back up against the wall and began to passionately kiss her, with her tongue returning the embrace. As we stand there, her leg trabzon escort bayan wrapped around me, squeezing her ass and breasts, grinding against each other in our cloud of lust, we fail to notice another couple walk out of the car park and standing behind us.

At the ding of the elevator Naomi opens her eyes, noticing the smiling couple. Embarrassed, she breaks our embrace, tapping me fiercely on the shoulder, pointing to our giggling audience. I quickly turned around boarding the elevator, mumbling my apologies. To our surprise they replied that it wasn’t needed, and there was no need to stop on there account. Somewhat taken aback we pressed the button for Naomi’s floor, and they asked me to push the button for theirs, two higher. It was at this point, I realized this was the couple from the zoo.

Laughing, they said perhaps they should return the favor for the show the other day, and began a passionate, sex-fueled kiss of their own, her hand on the growing bulge in his pants. The entire event was surreal and extremely exciting, causing Naomi’s hand to move instantly to my own full erection. As the two continued their make out session, the woman dropped to her knees, took hic prick from his pants, and started to lick up and down the shaft. Not knowing what was going to happen next, I was surprised when my beautiful wife dropped to her knees and did the same.

Standing there, leaning against the corner of the elevator, getting an amazing blow-job, watching another guy, who I don’t know, receive the same from a woman I don’t know, was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Needless to say, we missed our floor. This went on for another minute or so until the man pulled the woman up, yanked down her shorts revealing a bright pink thong, escort trabzon pulled it to the side, and slid his cock in to her visibly wet cunt. It was an amazing sight, better than porno.

Not wanting to be left out, Naomi stood up, pulled down her pants, panties and all, leaned against the railing and said “FUCK ME NOW!!!” to which I happily obliged. In one full thrust, I was all the way in, thanks in part to the slippery sides of her wonderful pussy. I fucked her hard, overwhelmed by grunts, moans, and the scent of sex in the air. We all continued to fuck for a couple of seconds until reaching our adventurous friends’ floor. At the ding of the bell, the man moved the woman to the door frame so as to block it from closing, and continued pounding the woman’s oozing cunt.

Excitement building, the sounds of sex echoed off the walls of the tiny room louder and louder building to a peak. Naomi was pushing back on my cock, panting and grunting, like the sexy little cock-slut she is. Just when I could barely take it any longer, I heard the woman scream with orgasm just long enough for me to turn my head, watch the man pull out, and fill her mouth with his hot cum. The woman expertly licked every inch of it off his cream covered cock.

At that moment I felt my own impending orgasm coupled with my wife’s voice hitting a crescendo signaling that she, too, was cumming. This was too much for me, and I pulled my cock from her deliciously hot box, turned her around where she devoured my cock as it spurt hot cum down her throat, sucking my balls dry.

When it was said and done, everyone put their clothes back on, said thanks for the show, and went our separate ways. We could barely believe what had just happened. We got to Naomi’s office, grabbed what we needed, and left, reminiscing about what had just transpired.

We picked up the kids, went home, had dinner, put the kids to bed, and then went and fucked each others brains out again, still excited about the event we were a part of that afternoon…

To Be Continued…?

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