Moonlight Fires Ch. 01

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The beginning

Outside my bay window the snow has been falling for hours. Every tiny flake slowly drifting it’s way down in a dazzling display of reflected moonlight. They have been playing little games with each other in the wind, before finally coming to rest on the white carpet that was once the ground. The grass has long since disappeared, and the trees are glistening in their newfound coat of white velvet snow. The temp must be around twenty below by now, but I no longer care.

Inside the moonlight is only dampened by the glow of the cedar logs burning in the fireplace. The glow radiates warmth through the old cabin, and the cedar leaves a light hint, to the sense of smell, that the winter has arrived. The light of the fire dances slowly out, and mingles with the shadows that are cast by the antiques that litter the old place. They sway ever so slightly from the flickering of the flames. And attempt to hide so they are not destroyed by the light orange glow of the fire. On the edge of the fireplace sits two half finished glasses of red wine. It was a robust 67’, one of your favorite years. Some things I never forget. On the floor a flannel blanket covers us to conserve the heat from the fire and our body. Tonight is special, It has been a long time since we were alone and together.

I have been on the road for a month now, and you planned this weekend. The anticipation of this evening has been welling inside of me for days. You’ve always known that I love this cabin, and sitting by the fire is your favorite spot. You always seem to get me here under this blanket. I know you love it. We made love on it for the first time so long ago, and it holds such a special feeling.

I look deep into your dark brown eyes and see the love and lust you feel towards me. The firelight twinkles through them, I know that there is a fire in your heart that is a thousand times brighter. Slowly I tempt a kiss. Moving toward you I see your eyes close as you prepare. My lips lightly touch against yours. The delicate marmaris escort warmth and moisture feels soothing against my lips. Lightly I string a line of kisses across your lips each one a little longer than the one before. I feel you open your mouth ever so slightly, just enough to flick my lips with your tongue. I return with my own. Our lips mesh together in a tangled lock, your tongue dances with mine in between our lips. Slowly my hand rises up across your back massaging it through your silk blouse. You reach out and pull me closer. Our lips press hard against each other. Our bodies faintly touch and I can feel you nipples through the thin silk of your blouse. I know you can feel my full arousal growing through my khakis.

We slowly explore each other through our cloths as we continue our long passionate kisses. I slide my fingers over the silk that covers your skin. I know that it can not compare to your skin beneath. Slowly I caress your breasts, gently rolling my fingers over your nipples bringing them to their full glory. You sigh with every stroke as you reach down and massage the front of my khakis. Your touch brings me to a full erection in an instant and I fight the urge to rip your cloths off. My hands move up your blouse and around your neck with my fingers resting behind the base of your ears. Gently I rest your head on one of the pillow that we had set on the floor. Without releasing from our kiss I undo the top button on your blouse. At the same moment you grasp tightly around my now throbbing member. I feel a sigh of passion well from inside me. With one swift motion I undo the rest of the buttons to expose a Black velvet bra holding your immense DD’s. The touch of velvet drives me insane and you know that. I feel a smile through your kiss as I run my hands over the soft velvet.

You stroke faster on my cock as I explore the edges of your breasts looking for the clasp. Quickly you roll on top of me and hold me down. Not yet, I bought this especially for this night. I want you to savor it marmaris escort bayan for awhile before it goes to the floor. With my hands pinned to the ground you kiss down my neck to the collar of my shirt. When you reach it your tongue dances around my neck before you undo the top button with your teeth. You proceed down the line with the rest undoing them in the same manner. At the bottom you kiss my stomach and run your tongue around my belly button. Pushing my unbuttoned shirt aside with you nose you kiss every inch that is expose. Paying close attention to my nipples, you twirl your tongue around them Before sucking them until they are as rock hard as I can see yours are. You do not miss a single spot as you work back up to my neck.

You stop for a moment and pull back letting your fire red hair tickle around my neck. You move it around from one side to the other smiling all the time. In our years together you know that the most erotic section of my body is my neck, and you love to exploit it for your pleasure. A sigh of pleasure escapes my mouth an instant before you dive back for a kiss. With your back arched you reach down and undo the buckle on my pants, and slid it out from beneath me throwing it to the side. With short work you unsnap the button on the top of my pants and unzip the zipper. I gasp as you slid your hand over my pulsating member through the silk boxers you bought me before my trip. Smoothly up and down through the silk I feel your gentle touch. At the head you stop and roll your fingers around it. With one finger you tease the tip as I gasp in pleasure with every flick. You move back down my chest leaving a trail of kisses as you go. After a light kiss on the tip of my standing boxers you grasp my pants with your teeth and start pulling them down.

I reach down and run my fingers through your hair. Savoring the feeling as it is dragged down my legs while you remove my khakis. As you reach my feet you grad a hold of my pants and throw them over the arm of the rocking chair in the corner. escort marmaris I feel your tongue slip down the top of my feet and up my inner thigh. You move along leaving a kiss every so often on you way up. As you reach my fully erect and throbbing manhood you look up at me with an intense fire in your dark brown eyes and a devilish smile on your face. With one quick motion you take one of my balls in your mouth and gently roll it around with your tongue. At the same time you reach around and grab my ass with both hands and pull my hips up into your face. Passion and ecstasy rips through my body as I pull your red hair to move you closer in. I give light moans as you suckle one after the other. At the same time you stroke my erection to its fullest and then stop suddenly. I give you a quick glance as you remove my boxers and inhale every inch of my aroused cock. As you reach the base you start to hum slightly. I thrust upwards in ecstasy. You push my hips back to the floor and slowly begin to slide your moist lips up and down my rod and massage my balls with one hand. I run my fingers through you hair with every stroke. The pleasure builds in intensity as I hear you moan because you know that you have me close and will soon get more than just precum to swallow. For a moment you stop and flip your tongue around the deep purple tip before taking it’s entirety again.

Oh, baby you have me there don’t stop. Oh my huh. You move faster up and down to my moans. A single bead of sweat rolls down my cheek. Oh yes, baby take it all. I pull you down to take every inch.

Baby, I’m cumming… You hold my cock all the way in as it starts to jump in your mouth. Oh yes, baby get ready here it comes. Oh my god, huh. With sudden spurts cum shoots down your willing throat. Pulling your head down even more I howl in ecstasy.

Baby take it all, oh yes. Pulse after pulse you swallow every drop almost not being able to keep up with the flow. Oh yes, yes. Shivers roll through my body as the orgasm subsides. Slowly you lick off the last remaining bits of cum off the tip of my cock. Slowly crawling back up my limp body you give me a passionate kiss and I can taste my cum on your lips. How was that Hun? Amazing baby. But now it’s my turn……………………

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