Long Day

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In all of the years she had known him she had rarely seen him like this. He was pacing like a caged lion, angry at the world. She had seen him upset, in despair, even angry, but not this kind of rage. She knew he had a temper, but it was always contained to a snarky one liner, or too much work at the gym – he loved to punish himself, but this was new, this was teetering on that dark place that only few ever experience.

She knew that his days had been stressful, she had heard his report from his doctor, as he was rushing out to another meeting, he had ranted for 20 minutes as he drove. He was tired, and he was scared too. She felt his heart again yesterday, skipping beats, then racing. She looked in his eyes as he got ready for work this morning and all she saw was fatigue.

Now he was home, and his eyes showed anger, frustration, rage. His voice was deep in his chest and loud as he paced the floor, “Fucking quacks, tell you what you already know and charge you $150 dollars for fifteen fucking minutes! Exhaustion and stress is going to kill you, they say” “Well, no fucking shit doc, did they teach you that in medical school, assholes!” She felt his anger and hurt as he went on, “Great, it’s going to kill me, but how in the fuck do you just stop? There are too many irons in the fire, too many people depending on me and there are no fucking days off, and even when I get a short vacation I have to come back and work 18 hour days to make up for it! Why the fuck do I even do bursa escort this anymore, fuck it I just don’t care.” He wasn’t talking to her, he was raging at himself, his 2 closest friends that had died in the last couple of years, even at God.

His phone rang as she sat quietly, he answered, “What?! Yeah, I know there is a deadline, right now I just don’t care about it. Fine, call Anderson back and tell him I said to kiss my hairy ass, they can fucking fire me, I’m done!” He clicked off his phone and threw it into the chair, “My fucking secretary will learn to not poke the bear if she knows what’s good for her fucking career!”

She had to stop the rant, he was becoming self destructive. She knew this would be sacrifice, she would ache, but she had a promise to protect her Sir, even from himself when needed. She stood, pushed her shoulders back her small but shapely breasts sticking out. She marched up to him and poked him in the chest, “That’s not fair, this isn’t her fault, this is your fault because you won’t listen to your doctor’s, to your body, to yourself, to me. You continue to abuse yourself and blame everyone else. You are acting like a spoiled entitled brat.”

He looked at her, his brows furrowed, “Not tonight, angel. I am in no mood to be chastised, lectured, or reprimanded.”

The petite blonde did not back down from her sir. “Well, I’m in no mood for you to act like a spoiled 2 year old. I’ve raised your children already, I don’t need another one.”

His face grew red, “You can join the others and go fuck yourself too, I’m going down to the bar.”

She was angry now too, she was afraid for the man she loved, she knew his buttons had been pushed, and bursa escort bayan she had seen him lose himself to the darkness of the demons that had haunted him for the past 10 years.”

She grabbed his shoulder, “Like hell you are!” As he spun towards her, her left hand shot out and she slapped him. He stood stunned and quicker than she could react he took his wrist in his hand and dragged him over his knee. His hands shot under her tennis skirt and he ripped down her panties as the skirt flew up over her ass.

His hand flew over her ass, this was not a spanking for discipline or correction – this was him pouring out his rage. She whimpered but never yelled, she knew what he needed and she would give it to him. It didn’t take very long for her butt to be a deep red. She could feel his cock, harder than she had felt it in a long time pressing into her belly.

He stood, unceremoniously dropping her onto the couch. He stood, bent her over the couch as he lowered his pants. He pulled back on her pony tail as his cock plunged into her. He growled as she screamed out. There was nothing gentle about this, this wasn’t making love, this wasn’t even sex. This was fucking, primal, rough. Soon they were both panting as her pussy clamped over his cock and she had her first orgasm, tearing through her body.

She growled out, “That’s it, fuck me. Let me have it Sir, that anger, that rage. Give it all to me, let me have all that you have bottled up. Take it out on your pussy Sir.” She screamed as the next orgasm rolled over her.

He kept pounding at her, she felt his cock thicken and she knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer. “Show me Sir, make me your cock slut” He bellowed escort bursa a sound that was soul wrenching as he pulled back on her pony tail and filled her. He held onto her as his cock spasme deep within her and her insides quivered in tiny orgasmic aftershocks.

He slowly started to withdraw his cock and she reached around and touched his hip, “Not yet, just stay there, let me milk everything there is love. All of that hurt and anger, let me make sure it’s all gone.”

Sweat dripped off of him onto her red bottom as he whispered, “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

She sighed, “You didn’t hurt me Sir, you going out and drinking, spinning into that darkness where you shut the world out, where you shut me out – that would have hurt me more than any redness on my ass.”

He slowly pulled out of her and she turned and dropped to her knees, “Let me show you just how big of a slut I am for your cock.” Her mouth closed over him and she cleaned that wonderful taste of the two of them mixed together. Shocked that his cock had started to respond to her mouth she kept going. He grew in her mouth as she worked her magic. Hands and mouth working together, making love to him, sucking any leftover tension out of him. She worked hard, her jaw ached, her throat hurt, her arm was tired but she never stopped until she felt that familiar stretching of his cock, heard that familiar softer growl from his chest as he filled her mouth with his cum.

She stood and smiled at him as she kissed him, allowing him to taste the two of them as well. Her dimple showed as she pulled away and smiled, “Take me to dinner Sir, then we can come home and see if we have recovered enough for you to fill that other hole that you own. You’ve filled your pussy, you’ve filled your mouth, you wouldn’t want that tight little ass to feel left out would you?”

His eyes rimmed with tears, “God I love you.”

She smiled, “I know Sir, I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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