Late Night Salsa

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We are in the dark bar with round tables throughout the room with a big dance floor right in front of the stage where the salsa band is playing. The majority of the people there are on the dance floor. We sit down at a table on the far side of the dance floor where we can watch all of the sexy people dancing. I glance to my left at the next table. There’s a guy sitting alone, watching the dancers. I happen to glance down and notice a silver stiletto sticking out from under the table cloth, which touches the floor. I squeeze my husbands hand, and whisper in his ear for him to look.

“She’s sucking his cock under there.” I say, letting my lips rub against his ear as I breathe the words.

“What a wonderful idea they have,” he says, “come on.” He grabs my hand and walks over to the guy and sits a seat away from him at the 5 seater table. He pulls on my arm, hinting that I should join her. As I’m cautiously sliding under, I hear him speak to the guy.

The girl under the table stops quickly as she notices my presence. But I see him pet her head and pull her closer to his cock. I wink at her as I slip my husbands cock from his slacks. It bounces out, fully erect already anticipating my touch. She smiles and licks the head of her guys cock. She is a gorgeous girl with golden brown hair tied up neatly, a silver very low cut dress is pulled to each side exposing her full breasts and erect nipples that she is playing with. Her small mouth begins to devour the cock as she is watching me kiss and lick on my husbands eager dick.

We suck and lick on our men’s cocks as we watch each others enjoyment. Her leg moves over to me, I feel her rubbing it along my calf and I return the favor to let her know I’m enjoying it. I watch her pull and rub her nipple.

I release canlı bahis his cock and begin licking and sucking on his balls and doing so I push my ass out. I’m on my knees stroking his cock with one hand, holding my self up with the other. I’m sucking and licking his balls and I know my ass is probably half out of this short ass red mini dress I’m wearing. Just as I think that I feel her hand rubbing up my thigh. By now my pussy is drenched and I know she can feel the heat. I again take his cock in my mouth and I see her stroking the guys cock with her left hand as she is inching her right hand towards my pussy. I moan against my husbands shaft and he puts his hand in my hair guiding my head around his cock. Fucking my mouth faster and faster.

Her fingers find my wet, hot cunt and she doesn’t hesitate to dive right in. She is fucking my pussy deep with two fingers as she jacks him off faster. I continue moaning and sucking as I push my pussy harder against her hand. I see his cum gushing out straight into her open mouth she covers his cock with her hot mouth until his cum is dripping from her chin. Once he is done she moves closer to me and lifts my dress even more, completely exposing my ass, she pulls my thong over a little more and just as her tongue finds my hot pussy I feel his cock pulsate, he grabs my head and pulls it harder to him, as his hot cum spurts down my throat. I’m moaning against him as she licks and sucks my pussy. I’m so close to cumming, she fucks me faster and harder until i cum all over her face. I feel her suck at my wet hole. Licking and sucking as she cleans up all my cum. I reach up and squeeze her breast and give her hard nipple a good pinch. I grab it between my teeth and she moans but stops me.

“All in time,” she says, “Lets get out of bahis siteleri here first.”

I grab my husbands hand and he pulls me up next to him and smiles. I glace over and she is kissing her man deep and sloppy. I know he can taste my pussy juices on her tongue. My husband gives me a sweet, sexy kiss. Pushing his tongue in my mouth for a second. Then he says, “Did you enjoy that?” I smile and nod.”So did I.” he says, “your next.”

I wonder if he knows I’ve already had my turn? I look over at the sexy girl, she is sitting right next to my husband now. Right between the two men. Her guy looks at me and licks his lips.

Just then, she giggles and asks my husband, “Mind if I steal your girl for a dance?” she winks at him.

“By all means,” he says handing over my hand with a silly grin.

She grabs my hand and pulls me out onto the dance floor. Her breast press against mine in the crowd of people on the dance floor. She is more grinding her body against mine than she is dancing, but I’m not complaining.

I wrap my hands around her waist feeling her hips move to the music. I notice a few stares from the people around us. There’s not much room to dance properly to the salsa band, but I’m moving my hips along with hers. She whispers in my ear, “I’m so hot, I just want to grind my pussy against yours.”

“Ladies room?” I offer. She grins and pulls on my hand, guiding me through the crowd. I glance back to my husband and see him nod and smile at me. I turn my attentions back to her, she has my hand pressed to her hip, holding it there as we walk through.

I feel the people’s body rub against me and one mans hand rub my ass. We make it through and just as we do i pinch her ass and she giggles. we get to the crowded bathroom and find a stall. bahis şirketleri I immediately pull aside her dress so I see those gorgeous tits again. I start to suck and lick her nipples while i pull up the hem of her dress.

Of course she doesn’t have any panties on and her juices are flowing down her thighs. I can smell her sweet pussy as i rub two fingers against her drenched slit. she moans in my ear, “Will you finger fuck me please? I want to feel your fingers inside me. I don’t hesitate to slip one finger in. She is so tight i feel her grip my finger as i slide it in and out i push another finger in and curl them up as i fuck her tight little cunt. she moans and says “that’s it mmmm.” she grinds her pussy against my hand.

I kneel down, forgetting that anyone may notice, I start flicking her clit with my tongue. She tastes so good, i push my mouth over her clit sucking it as her moans get louder. My fingers move faster and deeper as I feel her cunt spasm into orgasm. Her hands move to press my face harder against her. Locking me in place as she cums all over my fingers.

I stay locked in place, sucking on her clit, fingers against her G spot, until I feel her coming back down. She relaxes against me and I pull my fingers out and she pulls them up to lick them clean. I suck her pretty little cunt getting a mouthful of her juices. Then I kiss her deep, our tongues massaging each other, both of us tasting her sweetness.

I put her dress back in place after take a quick pinch at her nipples. And we open the door to find 3 women staring at us faces looking a bit flushed. We smile lick our lips as they watch us walk out.

When we get back to the table the men seem anxious.

“Jared here has invited us back to thier place from some drinks dear.” my husband says.

“Sweet, I’m ready when you are.” I glace at her and say, “i never caught your name?”

“Its ok cause you caught much more than my name.” we laugh, “It’s Kayla.”

to be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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