Krissy Ch. 07: Jani’s Tale

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***This chapter is a sequel to chapter 5. We continue the story from Jani’s perspective.***

When I came back to the house, Jari was shouting and swearing. I realized that in my hurry to follow this girl I forgot to untie him from the table. “Come here you motherfucking ass raping faggot!” he shouted. “Get me loose so I can kick your bloody ass!! You fucking asshole! I’ll get you for this!” I almost ran into the room to help him, but his shouting made me think twice. Jari is a pretty strong guy, quite different from me with my skinny body that’s more used to library visits than going to the gym.

I stopped in the doorway looking into the kitchen. I’m sure that he couldn’t see me. He must have heard me come in. I figured that since he was obviously in a very bad mood it would be the wise thing just to quietly leave the house and give him some time to cool off. ‘Once I’m far enough I’ll message a friend to cut him loose.’ I thought. I’ve never been much of a fighter and the prospect of getting beat up by the guy I just fucked in the ass against his will, or mine, didn’t sound too attractive.

But what choice did I have? This girl! She was just so strong, so convincing. I don’t know what came over me, it seemed like I lost all my free will. I would have done anything for her. Funny thing is, I actually liked it. It felt comfortable. I wonder, will she ever contact me again? I hope so, I think she’s my dream girl.

I’m the better part of the way home when my phone beeps. Before I can reach for my phone, my heart is beating like a drum. An unknown number. Could it be her? I look at the address and stop in my tracks. I turn around and start running towards it. I hope I can make it in time. I don’t want to disappoint her! That would mean disaster!

Twenty Five minutes later I arrive at the right address. It’s a big farmhouse at the end of a long driveway. There’s a light on behind a window on the first floor but downstairs it’s dark. I try the door and find it unlocked. For a moment I wonder if it wouldn’t be a better idea to just turn around and run but my curiosity takes the better of me. Besides that, I promised her to show up. I wouldn’t want her to think that I’m not serious.

I open the door and walk in. I startle when the door falls shut behind me with a loud bang. I wait for a moment but nobody reacts. On my toes I proceed. In the hallway there’s no-one to be seen. I climb the stairs and open the first door I see. It’s the bathroom. I close the door again and move on. My heart beats in my throat and drums in my ears. I’m afraid that somebody might hear it and I’ll get caught. I know I shouldn’t be since I was invited but I’m still not entirely sure if I arrived at the right house. I open the door opposite of the bathroom. It’s a dimly lit bedroom. When I stick my head in I hear snoring coming from bed. I see some people sleeping in a bed that’s over filled. As soft as possible I close the door again, careful not to wake them up. On the other side of the hallway there’s another door. I walk to it and knock softly.

“You’re late.” I hear a woman’s voice say. Thank god! I found her. Her voice is quiet. Commanding. Impatient. Fingers trembling, I push the door open in a lazy arc and step inside. She is sitting on the side of the bed, naked, and regards me with piercing eyes.

I came here not knowing what to expect. All kinds of scenarios played in the back of my mind during my walk: some familiar, and some fueled by the events of the evening. From the moment this girl sent her goons and took control of the situation, I felt her power over me. The realisation dawned upon me that I want her to have that power. That I need it. Perhaps that it completes me. Her interest in me is the greatest compliment I’ve ever had, but now that I’m here I don’t know what to do anymore. I just hope that she knows. I stare, caught in her gaze like a deer in the headlights, frozen to the ground. I wait.

She’s taking me in. Her eyes pin me to the spot, analyzing me. She stands up, showing me her naked body in all its glory. Her smooth white skin. Her small breasts. A small gasp escapes me. Her eyes narrow. My breath catches in my throat. Although she’s naked, and I’m fully dressed, it feels the other way around. I am naked and vulnerable under her gaze while she’s untouchable.

“You look good.” she says, bringing me back into the world. I breath in to reply, but she cuts me off. “Shht!” Her index finger on her lips. She keeps it there longer than needed, sticks out her tongue and lets her finger run over it. She sucks in the corner of her bottom lip. With her eyes still fixed on mine I notice her finger brushing her nipple before she lowers her hand.

The silence seems to last for minutes before she speaks again, waiting until the tension is almost unbearable. “Your name is Jani right?” I nod. “I’m Monica. But that’s to friends. You can call me miss Monica. Agreed? I nod again. “Good. That’s the formalities canlı bahis out of the way. Time for business.” She waits for a few seconds for something to happen. “Well?” she asks. I don’t understand what she means. She sighs, bored with my stupidity. “You need to be a bit more proactive here my dear Jani. You can’t expect me to do all the work myself. Why don’t you start with taking off your clothes?” Happy that she finally tells me what she expects me to do I start undressing.

I take off my shoes, socks, shirt, and jeans, but I hesitate to go further. “Now.” Narrowed eyes punctuate the command. I take off my boxers and my half hard cock flips out. As I stand before her, she sticks out a finger, running it over the underside of my cock, stopping under the head. Her finger pushes it up and lets it fall down. A sharp inhale accompanies a shiver, goosebumps breaking out on my skin “I don’t get it,” she muses, “I specifically told you to be hard when you come here but all I get is this…Well, I don’t know what to call it really.” She pulls my cock up by the foreskin and waves it around like a dirty washcloth. “I wonder if you’re deliberately disobeying my request or if it is your cock being bad? Could that be the case, mmm?” She looks up, but I don’t dare to answer. Her pale skin and dark hair is captivating. My eyes catch on – nipple rings! – a small black ring caps each pebbled nipple. There’s something in her gaze that makes me feel a little scared inside and makes me want to obey and please her. I’m confused, I’m stressed, I’m turned on. My dick should be raging, swishing through the air like a pirate’s sword! Instead, it hangs, a flag instead of a flagpole. I don’t want to disappoint her, but it just doesn’t work.

“You know what?” she says, “Since I already have to punish you for being late I will punish your cock for not doing as I demanded from him. Isn’t that a great idea?” A predatory smile graces her lips. The expression makes me want to run away. I can’t move. Seconds pass, and I manage a nod.. “Good, that’s settled then.” She takes my cock and balls in her left hand. Her right hand pets my cock like a pet cat.

“It’s such a nice little dick you have there.” She wraps her fingers around the head. I shiver and close my eyes. ‘It’s just a shame it’s been so bad.” she whispers and slaps it hard twice with her flat hand. I almost collapse from the shock and let out a moan. She looks me in the eyes and crushes my balls with her hand. “You’re not enjoying this are you? It’s supposed to be a punishment after all.”

‘ Miss Monica.” I barely bring out, “It hurts, but I deserved it.”

“Good.” she says, ‘I can see it’s behaving better already, getting all hard and shiny for me.” and at the same time zaps it with her finger. Once, ouch! Twice, ouch! Third time, aaah! Four, five, six… I try to pull away from the pain but that just makes her aim go wrong and she hits me right on the head. Just as I start to see black spots she stops and resumes caressing my cock. “Soo,” she draws it out, teasing, “that wasn’t that bad was it? I don’t like to do that to you but, you know, you have to learn. I promise I will make it up to you.” She sticks out her tongue to lick my tip. The contrast with the earlier pain is tremendous. I breathe in deeply and close my eyes . She drives her nails deep into my cock and let out a deep moan. Luckily she ignores it this time, sucking my cock deep into her mouth.

I let out a groan and she pulls back, keeping the vacuum for as long as possible until my cock comes loose with a POP!. “You like that, don’t you?” she asks.

“Yes, Miss Monica.”

That’s nice,” she purrs, “but if you don’t warn me in time and cum in my mouth I will rip off your balls, got it?”

“Y..yes, got it.”


“I mean, yes Miss Monica.” She flashes me a contented smile and sucks my cock back in, making sure her cheeks are pulled together in the vacuum. It feels like she sucks my balls through my cock into her mouth and I’m afraid I can’t hold it much longer. After a few seconds I have to warn her that I’m going to cum. I really would like to cum in her mouth but I’m too scared of what will happen if I do.

“I’m almost there Miss Monica.” I say. She continues sucking me, but at the moment my orgasm is impossible to hold back, she pulls loose and slaps my penis hard. One, two, three, four times. The pain flashes in my brain. I try to pull back, but she’s still holding my balls tight!

“Bad cock!” she says, “Bad bad cock!” She slaps it once more. The orgasm floats away, out of reach now, but my cock is harder than it has ever been in my life, to the point of hurting. My heart beats like crazy and the world is spinning around me. If I ever thought that I knew anything about being wound up, it has never been anything like this.

“Here are the rules: your cock belongs to me from now on. That means I will tell you what to do with it. I will tell you when I need it hard and when I don’t. I also bahis siteleri will tell you if you can cum or not. And if you get to cum I will tell you when. Is that clear, boy?” I can’t utter a word so I just nod. I’ve never thought of myself as a very sexual person and never had very vivid fantasies about sex. But now I know what I want. This tiny girl with her black hair showed me what I am. My true personality. Once more she flicks her finger at the tip of my rock hard cock and I cringe from both pain and excitement.

“And now,” she says, “I allow you to get me off with your mouth. I give you three minutes.” She falls back on the bed, her legs spread apart. I kneel between her legs and start licking her pussy like my life depends on it, and it probably does. The scent of her sex is intoxicating. Dark and musky. Her pussylips are long and wet and I suck them into my mouth before I stick out my tongue and search for her clit. She tenses when I touch it and smacks me on the head “Too soon, too hard. Go slow.” she says, pushing my head down while arching her hips. I stick out my tongue again and find her hole. The pressure on my head intensifies, pushing me in. I slip my tongue past her entrance, exploring her insides. I’m not sure what to do but the change in her breathing and the way her fingers curl behind my ears and grab my hair tell me not to worry too much. I press my nose deep between her folds trying to get my tongue deeper in her.

As I bend my tongue in all possible angles I feel her legs tense up and then relax again. Her nails drive in my scalp and let loose. Her hips pushing and pulling. Confused I press my tongue into her soft hole, savouring the unexpected sweet taste while trying to hold my breath as long as possible. And beyond that.

Gasping for air I pull my nose from between her folds and breath in, my face wet with a mix of my saliva and her juices. I open my mouth and suck in her salty lips, savouring the taste. With my mouth full of pussy I push my tongue back in and move to the top, teasing her with my movements. When I arrive at the top I circle around until I find her tiny bud hidden under the hood. Carefully I use the flat of my tongue to press on it. “Yes… just like that. Yes, more…now use your fingers.” she says. I move my hand to her hole and slip my fingers between her lips, rubbing her entrance. With a quick flick of my tongue I wet my fingertips and push them in a bit.

“Not too hard.” she instructs. I move a bit back and forth wetting my fingers with her fluids. Soon her entrance gives way allowing me to slide my fingers all the way in.

Her tunnel is soft, warm and wet and I feel the walls pulsate and push back, resisting my penetrating fingers.

Then I push them all the way in and her pussy reacts by clamping them harder before relaxing and giving way. As I turn my hand up I press the inside of her mound and she starts to squirm. “Yesyesyes. Just like that! A bit deeper.” she urges. I press harder and move my fingers to and fro first slowly before speeding up, her movements amplifying mine. I lick her faster now but my tongue is getting tired and I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. I try to change pace and position but she grabs my head and pushes me back into her pussy. “Keep going, yesssss, keep going.” she moans. Her moans grow louder and louder while I work on her clit. With the pressure on me head I almost can’t breathe and I start to panic. I need to get her off as fast as possible. I now literally lick as if my life depends on in, the muscles in my tongue hurting and my heart drumming in my ears. A few seconds later I feel her pussy contract and she pushes my face even more forceful into her crotch. Her legs start shaking vigorously and I feel the whole bed move with her. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!” and it doesn’t take long before she lets me go. I stay on my knees before her, satisfied that I managed to pleasure her this much and breath in relieved.

It takes some time before she moves again but I’m happy to wait. My erection is still hard and I desperately hope for a swift release.

“Now that was very nice.” she says, “If you keep taking care of me like this I might want to keep you. I think it’s ok to make you cum now, let’s see what you have in store for me.”

She tells me to turn around, with my back to her and get on all fours with my face on the floor. “Now let’s see what we’re working with here.” she says, and I feel a spray of cold oil hitting my ass. She spreads the oil over my ass and balls and starts massaging and pulling them tight. I let out a moan. “Ssshh.” she hisses to silence me, not in a dominant tone but more comforting, like a mother to a child.

My bare knees hurt on the floor as she massages my behind, pulling my cheeks apart and stretching my asshole. I’m not very comfortable and there’s a cold draft close to the floor that makes me shiver but I don’t dare to move, afraid that she’ll stop. I gasp sharply as a thumb gets pushed in my ass and rubs the bahis şirketleri side of my sphincter. I almost pull away in surprise. Nobody has ever touched me there. Even I never thought of it myself but the feeling is mind-blowing and I push back into her hand for more.

Behind me I hear Monica giggle. “You like that don’t you? Let’s see how I can make you even happier.”

“Uuugh!” I can’t stay quiet as she pierces me deeper and a queasy feeling develops in my stomach.

“Hmmmm,” she chuckles, “it seems that I found what I was looking for.” Slowly she pulls out her thumb. Suddenly she blows on my open asshole, goosebumps stand up on my skin. Another soft giggle as she drags her nails over my sides.

“Ooooh…” I’m so sensitive that I almost can’t take it and I pull to the side. Smack! Her hand lands on my ass with a stinging pain and I pull to the other side.

“Ah ah. If you don’t stay still the fun is over now.” Her demanding tone. I breathe in deeply and reposition myself, my ass sticking high in the air, forehead on the carpet.

“Better.” Approving tone. I sigh and relax, waiting for what to come.

She grabs my member and pulls it to the back, hard. She holds it up with one hand and scratches her fingernails over the bottom, from my balls to the head. She uses her oiled hand to massage the head and the sensitive skin around it running the underside with her thumb.

Suddenly everything happens at once. With one hand she grabs my ballsack and pulls it down, stretching my ass open by pulling my cheek to the side with her other hand. Then without warning she sticks her face between my cheeks and licks my hole. In shock I open my eyes wide only to close them as tight as possible a second later. My brain starts a feeble attempt to comprehend and categorize what’s happening but can’t formulate more than a half hearted Ooooh Fuuuu… before all sound disappears and all I hear is high pitched beep.

She pulls back my cock with her full hand and slurps it into her mouth, licking the underside and working her way back up to my ass sticking it all the way in this time. I feel my eyes turn away in their sockets as a dark vacuum forms behind them. It seems as if all me thoughts get sucked away and my entire being concentrates in my asshole and cramping balls. Her tongue invades my bowels, long and strong as an elephant’s trunk, pushing in and filling me up, a warm glow radiating in my whole belly.

I grind my teeth and squeeze my bottom as hard as I can, trying to hold my orgasm in but I know I’m not gonna last very much longer.

Monica senses the tension and pulls away from my ass and my cock, letting the building orgasm subside. She bends over me and I feel her warm breath on my ear.

“You have been a good boy Jani. I’m gonna allow you to cum now,” she says, “but you still have to warn me when you feel it coming up.” I moan something of an answer and fade away in the sensations. This feels like heaven and I decided then and there that I have met my dream woman. I will do anything for her. She keeps working on my cock with both hands and fingers and nails and I can feel it swell even further.

“Ooooh!! It’s not gonna take very long now. Almost there!” I moan. She lets go and the orgasm slips from my grasp, a strangled moan of loss slipping from my clenched teeth.. I’m totally out of breath and trembling from the build-up. My cock twitches softly and I feel some cum dripping out the tip. The pressure is getting unbearable.

“Listen my dear boy. If you’re not going to obey my very few simple rules then this isn’t gonna work. You will always refer to me as Miss Monica. Do you understand?” To emphasize her words she wraps her fingers around my ball sack and twists it. Black spots appear in front of my watering eyes but I manage, “Yes Miss Monica. I understand. It won’t happen again.”

“Good.” she says and takes my penis back in her massaging hand. “Now let’s see if we can make this work. This is your last chance.”

She loosens her grip on my balls, making sure the skin stays pulled tight while her warm, oily fingers continue to massage my cock. ‘Ooooooh, this feels so good.’ My body relaxes and an orgasm builds again. I’m quite tired, but soon I feel my cock twitch again. “Almost, Miss Monica.” I moan. I’m trying to hold back, to make the moment last as long as possible, but when I’m just seconds away from coming she rams an oiled finger in my ass and pushes hard on my prostate!

“AaaaaHhhh!!” My balls tightened and churned. For a moment time stops -nothing happens. Then I feel my body cramp and my balls and cock burst like a volcano. Semen comes shooting out of me in large globs, pumping me dry until a puddle of hot cum forms around my knees. The room disappears around me and I feel like I’m being lifted from the ground and tossed into the air. The feeling is so overwhelming that I start crying and laughing at the same time. the orgasm seems to last for minutes. with my whole body shaking, I roll over on the floor to make sure I don’t pass out. It seems like an eternity before I catch my breath again and the aftershocks subside. ‘Man, that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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