In Need

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It’s been over a month since I’ve been with you. I miss you every day. But today when I wake up the need is intense. I feel a thrumming between my legs and I toss my covers off , reach down beside my bed and pick up the veined white vibrator I use when I miss your cock.

I’m playing with my breasts now. Legs spread, hanging over each side of the bed. Flicking my pierced nipples while my vibrator, tucked in the waistband of my panties, buzzes away gently tickling my pussy lips. I pretend it’s your tongue and my tight cunt flexes. I bite my lip and cup my breasts while my hips move, looking for your mouth to keep teasing my wet hole.

I keep my eyes closed and do my best to lose myself in my fantasy. Soon, I feel your cock stroking my entrance and I moan and cum already, gushing over your cock as my thighs tremble and I pull you against me begging for all your length. You kiss my forehead and wait until you feel my pussy milking at the bursa escort head of your cock for more of your stiff length. You adjust the head of your cock and slide into me and smile when you fill me and make me gasp and cum again before you’ve even reached the base of your throbbing dick.

You reach forward and touch my sensitive breast, teasing the soft skin before you brush gently against my nipple. I moan and reach down to tease my sensitive clit. I kiss your shoulder and neck and ear while you slowly push in and out of me. You pull out of me once and stroke your cock against my clit. I cum and wrap my arms around your shoulders to pull you against me; your balls slap against my leaking cunt, spreading the juice onto my thighs. You begin to kiss up my neck in return and when you get to my ear you start to chuckle.

“BABY, do you feel how wet you are?” And I just moan and nod, breathless and anxious. You grab my leg and tuck it over bursa escort bayan your arm before you grab my breast and slide your perfect cock back into my desperate for you, warm as hell, soft as satin, wet and wild pussy. My eyes snap open and I gasp. I turn my head, searching to make eye contact with you.

“I need you.” I whisper and you rotate me onto my side. You thrust into me. And I spread my ass apart so you can fuck me harder. You reach up and pull me against you and slowly kiss my lips. I spread my fingers open on my ass and thighs and use one finger to stroke my clit while you fuck me.

“You own me. ” I start whispering, understanding what you need from me at this point. “I belong to you, baby. My pussy is yours. My breasts are yours. My ass is yours. My mouth is yours. My orgasms are yours-”

You slam into me, finally believing that I need you. You flex your swelling cock in and out of my tight cunt while you feel escort bursa my orgasm build while I rub my drenched pussy. I reach up with my other hand and stroke your cheek , rub your ear with my thumb and scratch my nails down your chest.

“Baaaby…” you hear me whine, “Can I… Can I…” you make me say it this time; you’ve waited a long time already. “Can I cum, please?” I whisper and squirm as you tease the barbell in my hard nipple. You push into me another half inch.

“Cum for me, baby.” I hear you whisper to me and I wrap my arms around your shoulders while I throw my head back and moan. I feel my cunt explode and know that from your pubic bone to your thighs you are thoroughly soaked. You continue thrusting in and out of me, pulling my long awaited orgasm out of my body.

With my eyes still closed I reach down and turn the dial of my vibrator down and pull it out of my panties. I moan when I feel more juice travel down my skin and wrap my arms around the pillow sitting on my chest that I’ve been pretending is you. With the blood still rushing in my ears I relax and let my mind and body drift off to sleep, still lost in the fantasy of being owned by you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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