Home from a Girl’s Night Out Pt. 01

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Kimberly and her friends were having a girls’ night out as they would every other month or so. It was nice to get out of the house periodically, and it would typically give her husband time to catch up on some of his projects that were made easier by an empty house.

She loved the way some loud music and a little bit of dancing could make her feel young again. They took turns being the designated driver and on those nights when she could, she definitely enjoyed proving that marriage and adulthood and not diminished her tolerance for alcohol.

This, of course, meant that somewhere around midnight she would start sending increasingly provocative texts to her husband. On the night in question, she led with the state of her panties. “My panties are soaking wet.”

John was certainly game, replying back. “Why’s that?”

“Keep thinking how much fun it would be take you out to the side alley and have you fuck me up against the brick wall.”

John smiled reading the text. If she could moderate her drinking she should be loads of fun when she got home. If her friends had to pour her through the door, she would be a different kind of fun. “Well we’ve got plenty of walls here, love.”

“I like the way a brick wall hurts, though.”

John squirmed in his desk chair. This was a rare flavor of Kimberly that he loved to savor when it was put on the menu. “I’m sure we can make it hurt if that’s what you’re looking for.”

“Promises promises… You keep talking like that and these panties will be too wet to wear.”

“Well, you better not be wearing them when you walk through the door tonight,”

“Yes, sir. LOL ;-)”

John laughed out loud as well. He tried to temper his expectations. She was fun and flirty in the moment, but he knew it was only a matter of switching from tequila to vodka or having a drink spilled on her and the mood could be completely broken. Still, he decided to hope-and prepare-for the best.

Kimberly was also preparing for the best. She loved getting John riled up. While her girlfriends were going to be going home to their empty apartments or hoping to find themselves a Mr. Right Now, Kimberly knew she had a sure thing waiting for her at home. A few more well timed texts, and he’ll be ready to keep her up until sunrise. If she was able to pace herself with the next few drinks, she would be feeling relaxed enough to let him.

As fate would have it, Kimberly was able to do exactly that, laser focused as she was on a getting well and thoroughly fucked. She walked in the door at around 2:30. She had the ever so slightly tousled look that John loved to see on her. It was a look that told him she wasn’t feeling quite so meticulous; that she was quite ready and willing to give up control.

He was waiting for her on the couch; sitting on one end with a half finished glass of whiskey in his hand. As she stepped through the door, she set down her purse and and struck a kind of “Ta-Dah!” pose like a magician’s assistant making the big reveal. A cute little bounce of the knees showed off her well contoured ass, and demonstrated her breasts’ delightful jiggle.

There was an air of playful, sexy fun to her brief presentation and John was immediately aroused. He knocked back of the rest of the whiskey, set the glass down on the istanbul escort table and motioned for Kimberly to come and stand next to the couch. “You look like you had a great night, why don’t you come over here and tell me all about it.”

She happily obeyed, sauntering over to where he had indicated and standing next to him. He looked up and invited her in for a kiss. She bent at the waist, causing her breasts to brush against his shoulder as she came in and flicked her tongue across his lips before engaging in a warm, wet open mouth kiss that threatened to turn into a full make-out session if he gave in to her passion.

He could tell she was already cranked to 11 just from the temperature of her lips. She was flush with arousal and his body responded in kind. He could barely wait until those lips were wrapped around his already painfully hard cock.

But he very much wanted to wait. He wanted to savor every moment of this all too rare perfect storm of sexual energy. Pulling back from the kiss, he slid his hand up the back of Kimberly’s leg, underneath her skirt and cupped his hand around her delightfully bare ass. “I see that you were an obedient girl and didn’t wear any panties home. I’m pleased.”

“I’m glad to have pleased you.” she replied, a playful smirk to her voice.

“So, how was your night?” he asked as his hand moved around to her inner thigh and gently indicated for her to part her legs a little.

“It was fine.”

As she said this, he moved his hand up her thigh until the side of his hand was lightly resting against her slit, his thumb pressed into the crease where her leg and pelvis met. “Just fine? From how hot and wet you’re feeling, I would think it’s was a little bit more than fine. Did you see something that excited you?”

“The bartender was kind of hot, I suppose.”

John nodded knowingly and massaged her thigh, letter her feel the strength of his hands and just barely grazing against her eager pussy. “Did he flirt with you?”

“I definitely think she was flirting a bit.”

A little growl rolled up in John’s throat. He did love the thought of Kimberly having fun with another woman. He especially loved the wild side a little girl on girl play brought out in his wife. “Do tell.”

“Oh, nothing too over the top. A habit of handing me my drinks directly so that our fingers would touch. A lot of eye contact. Periodically biting her perfectly pouty little lips.”

“Mmm. Did you like her mouth?” As he asked, he began gently but firmly massaging her perineum with his index and middle fingers, allowing his thumb to hover over her vulva close enough for her to sense its presence without actually touching her. The combination of sensations took her breath away while increasing her urgent sexual need.

“Very much.”

“You probably wished you could bite that lip for her, huh?”

“God, yes.”

“What else did you want to do to her?”

“I wanted to rip that little tank top right off of her.”

“Did she have nice tits?” As he asked this, he let his thumb drift closer to her, resting ever so gently between her lips in a pool of her increasing wetness. She shuddered both at the physical sensation and at his slow progression into more crudely sexual avcılar escort language.

“They were perfect.” As she said it she shifted her hips slightly forward trying to increase the pressure between her legs.

“What else would you have done if you could?” he asked, casually adjusting his positioning to maintain his infuriating tease.

“I would have laid her out on that bar and eaten her pussy until I made her scream!” she urgently blurted, her body squirming frantically against his hand.

“In front of all those people?” he asked, feigning shock and sliding his thumb up to apply steady circling pressure on her throbbing clit, “You’d fuck that girl on the bar like you were some sort of whore?”

Kimberly’s knees buckled, her thighs clenched around John’s hand. “Fuck! Yes!” she half screamed, gripping the back of the couch for support.

John slid his hand free from between her legs and guided his thumb into her mouth, she eagerly sucked at her own juices. “Do you think she would have tasted as sweet as you?”

Kimberly only moaned. He couldn’t tell if it was an affirmation or not. “You look tired.” he said, tossing a throw pillow on the ground between his feet. Why don’t you kneel down and relax.” She happily, if somewhat unsteadily, obliged.

“I want to admire your body,” he said, leaning forward and ripping open the front of her dress. He pulled the top and sleeves down around her waist. With her arms still in the sleeves, they were pinned to her sides.

As John leaned in and popped the front clasp on her bra, letting her breasts fall forward. He ran his hands over them gently before zeroing in on the nipples he rolled them between his fingers, enjoying the sensation of them firming beneath his touch. After a few moments, he pinched them harder pulling them towards him and causing Kimberly to breathlessly lean forward. He brought his lips to her ear and gently whispered “You are going to be my own personal fuck toy.”

She loved to hear those words, probably because John was acutely aware of when and where to treat her like a wanton slut and when to treat her like a queen. At that particular point, with every nerve vibrating like a gong, and her first orgasm having served as an appetizer for more to come she was ready to give herself over to her and John’s most base desires. “Use me.” she whispered.

“So, you would have gone down on that cute bartender in front of a hundred cheering drunks, huh?” as John asked, he began unbuttoning his pants and pulled out his cock.


“What if I had been there?”

“You like to watch.” she replied playfully.

“This is true. Though who knows? Maybe I would have come up behind you while you had your face buried between her legs and fucked you right there for everyone to see.” He gently placed his hand on the back her head and guided her towards his cock.

“That would be nice.” she replied, tentatively licking his shaft and delighting at how it jumped at her tongue’s touch.

“Or maybe I’d make you suck me while the bartender ate you out for a change.”

“Is that want you want? To make me suck you?” she asked, letting her hot breath wash over his swollen head.

“Do it. Take me in your mouth.”

She started to do just that. şirinevler escort She began by kissing and licking with a certain false timidness that she used to make every blowjob feel like the first time. Her hot lips would not quite engulf the head as she worked her way around and up and down his length. The saliva she left behind would cool in the open air, all a part of her deliberate build up so that when she deftly took him in her mouth with all the considerable skills at her disposal, her already feverish mouth would feel that much hotter by comparison.

The trick never failed to exhilarate him. His balls instantly clenched, his cock practically humming in her mouth, he threw his head back and gasped. “Fuck, that’s good.” was all he could get out.

She knew it was good. She smiled to herself. For as much as she was enjoying playing the submissive little sex doll, she also knew how completely she was in control in that moment. She could probably make him cum in under a minute if wanted to, but what would be the fun in that?

That didn’t stop her from going at it like she wanted to suck every drop out of him. The instability from having her arms bound at her sides enhanced both their pleasure as she seemed to always be on the brink of falling forward and impaling her throat on his cock. John loved the unpredictable nature of her motions, and Kimberly loved the struggle for control of her own body.

As he was on the brink of climax, she sensed his loss of control and pulled off just as he pushed at her to stop himself from finishing too soon. The result of their combined efforts was that she went sailing onto her back in the middle of the living room floor.

John’s concerned eye contact and her fiendish smile were all that they needed to know that he was sorry and that she was fine. As such, when she started to wriggle her arms out of the remains of her dress, he had no qualms about stepping up to her and helping her up by her hair. “Not just yet, my little slut. I like you a little bit helpless.”

He walked her back over to the side of the couch and bent her over the arm. He casually flipped her skirt up so that it cascaded over her back, took her by the hips and slammed himself into her hard and deep enough to momentarily knock the breath from her. She was so slick and wet that John had no problem pounding hard and fast into her. He pulled her still bound wrists to the center of her back, using them like pommel just above her gorgeous ass pulling her back against him with what seemed like little regard for her comfort or pleasure.

He need not be concerned, however, she loved the slight strain in her shoulders and wrists and the jackhammer pounding offered exactly the kind of release she was looking for after a long night of mental and physical foreplay. “Fuck yeah! Take me like you fucking own me.” she screamed.

“Who’s cunt is this?”

“Yours it’s all yours.”

“You couldn’t stop me if you wanted to, could you? I’m taking what’s mine.” Those were the words that pushed her over the edge. Her pussy spasmed around him, her body when taught then limp as she screamed into the seat cushion and fought to keep from passing out.

He pulled out and stepped back, enjoying the sight of her trembling with aftershocks, still bent over the couch with her dress bunched around her waist and arms. He idling stroked his cock as she regained her senses.

When finally she was able to turn to face him, her head still resting on the couch she asked “What are you doing over there?”

“Just deciding what to do to you next.”


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