For Better or Worse

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Jeff and Evan were looking forward to their evening out on the town. In two days, Evan would be a married man and Jeff, who had known him since they both were in the first grade, wanted to help his best friend celebrate his few remaining days of bachelorhood.

They had decided to go to a local bar, which featured exotic dancers. Jeff had been a semi-regular at this bar but for Evan, this was his first visit.

As they walked into the establishment, they noticed that there was a sign indicating that tonight was “Amateur Nite.” Jeff had been here before on such nights and remembered that the pickings on the stage tended to be slim, attractive housewives, teachers and office workers who thought they had a calling…and a good body. Jeff was about to steer Evan back out the door when he heard the announcer introducing the next “act.” He looked at the runway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Wow!…Get a look at her!” he said to Evan. Evan focused his gaze on the runway where one of the amateurs was beginning her dance to the heavy beat of “Eye Of The Tiger”. They both took notice of her and couldn’t take their eyes off her. She wasn’t the usual wannabe that Jeff was used to seeing. She had a nice golden tan and long blonde hair which hung to below her shoulderblades. The one thing that stood out more than anything was her height. She had to be close to six feet. Jeff had a thing for tall women but this girl seemed to be at least as tall as he was. He turned to make a comment to Evan and noticed that his gaze was riveted on this girl. Jeff nudged him and said. “Wanna stay for a bit?”.

“Umm, ye…yes.” Evan stammered.

“Lemme go grab us a couple of beers….find us some seats…..CLOSE.”

Evan found some empty seats right next to the runway. They didn’t seem to be in great demand probably because of the reputation of past amateur nights. It didn’t make Evan one bit unhappy as he still was virtually staring at the dancer’s body as she was removing the few items of clothing that she had started with.

By the time Evan had sat down, she was clad only in a revealing g-string, having removed the shorts and tube top that she had begun with. He made eye contact with her and elicited a smile from her. She was dancing her way toward Evan when Jeff returned with their beers.

“Doing pretty well, buddy boy.” He observed.

Jeff sat down next to Evan as the dancer knelt down on the runway in front of them. She cupped her shapely breasts, looked directly at Evan and asked…”What do you think?”

Evan’s chin dropped and he was rendered momentarily speechless. Jeff interjected “My friend here is getting married in a few days and I think he is taken with you.”

“I think you’re right.” She chuckled. “Married huh?”

“Ye..yes.” Evan blurted, totally flustered.

“What’s your name baby?” she asked.


“And yours?” she asked, turning to Jeff.


“Well, Evan and Jeff, my name is Chloe and I think tonight may be a good night for you.”

“Really?” Jeff asked since Evan was still unable to speak.

“Yes, really….tonight is kinda slow and the manager said that I could do lapdances if I wanted to. Since it is sort of a special occasion, I would like to do one for Mr Evan if he wants. It would be on me…no charge. Besides, he is kinda cute…even if he can’t talk.” she giggled.

With that, Chloe sat and swung her legs off the runway and stood in front of them. They stood and followed her to a secluded area in a back corner of the bar behind a heavy curtain. Once behind the curtain, she motioned for them to sit on a couch near the wall.

Looking into Evan’s eyes, she turned and straddled his thighs with her back toward him. She then sat in his lap, gently grinding her shapely behind on to his lap. Evan leaned his head back, closed his eyes, let out a sigh of resignation as his manhood began to need more room in his pants.


Stage Fright – NOT – Chapter 2

(by JuliesKiss)

Chloe continued to swivel her ass all over Evan’s lap until he could no longer stand it.

“Maybe Jeff would like to experience a little of your talent.” Evan sheepishly suggested.

Chloe turned to Jeff who chuckled lightly and patted his lap. Chloe heard Evan give a sigh of relief as she scooted off his lap and onto Jeff’s. Evan then ordered more drinks and began to loosen up. Chloe could tell because he fixated on her bouncing breasts as she rocked back and forth on Jeff. She laughed as she once again cupped them for him and he licked his lips. Just then the club owner came over and appeared in front of Evan.

“Welcome to Club Medieval, where we’re not evil and we’re not pure, we’re just somewhere in the middle.” He smiled coyly at his lame joke and stretched out his hand to Evan. Evan shook his hand and took the time to look around. It was nice enough place with a plush interior of indigo blue and antique silver. There were couches scattered about and he could see others performing like Chloe. His gaze traveled to the stage and he kadıköy escort noticed that they were bringing a chair out.

“Jeff here tells me you’re getting married, son.” Evan nodded in agreement, his mind becoming foggy from all the alcohol. “We’d like to help you celebrate the coming occasion. Are you up for some fun?” Again Evan nodded, his eyes riveted to Chloe’s heaving chest as the manager practically dragged him up from his chair. Evan followed dutifully and found himself climbing the stage steps to the chair. He was directed to sit and as he did so, he grinned at his buddy and waved, definitely a bit tipsy.

Meanwhile Chloe had stopped her pumping action on Jeff’s groin. She figured Jeff better not cum since she was doing this for free. She giggled to herself as she thought of how her Math students would view her if they knew she came here to play every so often. The music temporarily quieted and she turned to the stage, smiling as she saw her friend appear behind Evan who was facing the audience.

Raven was Chloe’s exact opposite. Standing 5’2″ and not weighing much over 100 lbs., she was a very petite woman. Her hair was pulled back into a strict bun but several black curls were threatening to spill out. Her dark chocolate eyes got your attention, big and beautiful. The soft glow of the lights brightened her already pale skin to an almost cream color. She was wearing black rimmed glasses and a soft belted red robe, the final accessory being a pair of 4 inch black stiletto heels. Chloe leaned over to Jeff’s ear and whispered, “Would you believe she’s a librarian?”

Raven touched the shoulders of the man in front of her as the song began. She felt the smooth muscles beneath his shirt and lightly squeezed them. Moving around to the front, she whipped off her glasses and sent them scattering to the floor, Evan’s eyes trailing after them. When he turned back, she was undoing her hair, allowing the dark mass to tumble down her back. Her eyes burned brightly and the audience was reminded of a sex kitten, someone wanting to paw her way around and investigate. Raven’s fingers immediately went to the belt on her robe as the music gave way to an erotic rhythm. She slipped the belt off and tossed the robe, revealing a dark purple bra (if you could call it that) and gstring. The ‘bra’ was nothing more that a band around each breast with a tassel hanging off the nipple. The gstring was normal enough but Evan noticed that there were soft pubic hairs curling away from it which somehow stimulated him much more than a shaved area would.

Raven swirled and twisted to the beat of the music with Evan’s eyes glued to her every move. She bent down quickly in front of him and then tossed her hair back as she came up, an ebony mass of curls everywhere, highlighting the paleness of her skin. She gyrated in front of him until he was almost salivating, his eyes locked on her tassels which moments ago he thought looked somewhat silly. Now all he could think of was that they must be pinching her and perhaps he could help if he used his teeth to pull them off…

Dancing and twirling in front of him, Raven’s body began to give off a light sheen of sweat. She stood next to a nearby pole and placed her thighs around the cool metal and slid slowly down, giving Evan a most delicious wicked look. He was spellbound, her body was like a drug to him and he had to have more. The music infected his mood as Raven’s thighs hugged the pole. He saw where her gstring met the pole and became envious of the pole. Then she stepped away as the music continued, she lifted her heel and placed it between his knees, giving the chair a little push. His chair scooted away from the pole about 2 feet which was enough for her to get much closer to him. As the lyrics gave way to, “stick like glue” Raven straddled Evan’s thigh and started gently grinding into him. He was about to die and go to heaven….he just knew it. He forgot about the rest of the patrons as she rocked back and forth on his leg, her tassels performing mezmerizing circles in the air. He was dizzy with lust….and he knew it.

As the song slowed down, Raven leaned in and licked a trail from his bared neck to the tip of his ear. Evan physically shuddered and then came to his senses as he realized the song was over and the audience was cheering. He turned to Raven and smiled broadly as she placed a card in his pocket and whispered, “We do private parties.” With that, she stood up from his leg and he glanced down…noticing a wet spot. Gulping, he watched her leave him with a wink. He knew that he and Jeff would come a callin’. He had to have more.


The Apartment – Chapter 3

(by XSilverFox20X)

Evan stumbled ungainfully down the stairs from the stage as Jeff emerged from the curtained off private area. By this time they both had metabolized much of the alcohol they had consumed due to the arousal and increased blood flow to certain areas of their bodies. They üsküdar escort were both sober enough to realize that what they had was an appetizer and they had to go for the main course. Evan took the card from his pocket and showed it to Jeff. It had just the name Raven on it along with what appeared to be a cell phone number. They both made eye contact and an understood agreement as Jeff took his cell phone out and punched in Raven’s number.

“Hello” came Raven’s voice after two rings. “Hello, Raven.” answered Jeff. “This is one of the guys you entertained a little while ago.” He said nervously. “My name is Jeff, you had my buddy Evan in the chair on stage.”

“Well hello there Jeff, Chloe told me a bit about you and Evan. I believe he is to be married soon?” she asked

“Yep, he sure is.” Jeff replied. “I wanted to show him a good time.”

“The night is still young.” Raven observed with a soft giggle.

“Would you ladies be up for a nightcap at my place?” asked Jeff nervously.

There was a momentary pause after which Raven said “We would love it.”

Jeff gave Raven his address and they made arrangements to meet there in an hour. Evan was watching Jeff intently as he was talking with Raven and he flashed the thumbs up sign when Raven agreed to meet them at Jeff’s apartment. They finished their drinks and headed out the door of the bar, got into Jeff’s car and proceeded to Jeff’s place for what they hoped would be a most enjoyable night…. and morning.

About an hour later as Jeff and Evan were sitting in Jeff’s living room, a knock came on the door. Jeff opened the door and there stood Chloe and Raven. They were both dressed casually but Jeff and Evan noticed that these were two stunning looking women. Chloe had her arm around the smaller Raven’s shoulders as they stood together in the doorway. Jeff invited them in and took their jackets and hung them in a nearby closet. They sat together on the couch and Jeff asked if they would like something to drink. He went to the kitchen to get some wine admonishing Evan to make sure that the ladies were entertained.

Raven looked at Evan’s pants and said knowingly “I see that you have a spot on your pants.” Evan smiled shyly and said “I cant imagine where that came from.” They all laughed. At that point, both Chloe and Raven moved over to Evan and Chloe said “I bet I can get that out, but we will have to remove those pants.” She began to unbuckle his belt as Raven took off his shoes. Before he knew it, Evan’s pants were off and dangling from Chloe’s finger. Both their eyes were riveted to the bulge in his boxers. His manhood was pressing through the opening in his underwear. Raven knelt between Evan’s thighs and purred “What do we have here?”

She placed her hand over his bulge and slid her slim fingers into the opening of his boxers. Her fingertips came to rest on the large pulsating vein and she gently brushed her fingers along it making it pulse even more. She licked her lips and said to Chloe, “We have a live one here, baby…a real live one.”

Evan’s eyes closed as he felt the tingling sensations course through his privates and his thighs under Raven’s touch. Chloe knelt on the carpeted floor beside Evan and placed her hand on his chest, now heaving with his increased breathing. She leaned over to kiss him softly on his lips as she deftly undid the buttons on his shirt. The only thoughts that were going through Evan’s mind were that he had somehow died and was being ministered to by two beautiful angels.

“Mmmmmmm.” he murmured. “I think I will get married once a month if this is what I can look forward to.”

The two women giggled softly after hearing Evan’s remark. Chloe continued to kiss him over and over as Raven gathered his manhood from the opening in his boxers. She began to stroke him with her soft hand and caress his balls with her other, rolling them gently in her fingers.

Jeff returned from the kitchen with the wine and some glasses and upon noticing what was happening began to smile.

“You are a fast worker, Buddy Boy.” he smirked. “You have these women in the palm of your hand…or is it the other way around?” he laughed.

He set the wine and glasses on the coffee table and sat on the edge of the couch to watch. By this time, Evan was clad only in his boxers and seemed oblivious to the world around him. Chloe was kissing his chest and kneading his nipple, watching it harden. Without taking her hand from Evan’s chest, she leaned over to place a soft kiss on Raven’s lips as she gently stroked his cock.

“Mmmm.” she purred as they kissed. “May I?” she asked.

“I think he would love it.” Raven replied.

With that, Chloe bent over and flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of Evan’s throbbing shaft. A few pearls of precum had been coaxed out by Raven’s caresses and Chloe was only too glad to gather them on her tongue to taste. She then surrounded the head of his cock with her soft mouth and sucked gently. Evan took a deep breath as the sensations rocketed through tuzla escort his body. He squirmed on the floor as his head rested back on the cushion on the couch.

All this time, Jeff was watching his friend’s enjoyment as his own manhood was engorging. He could imagine that it was his cock that was receiving such angelic attention. He absently slid his hand over his own member feeling it throbbing….hard!


Toys – Chapter 4

(by JuliesKiss)

As Jeff grew increasingly envious of Evan, his eyes strayed to Chloe’s mouth and stayed fixated. After a few more strokes with his hand, he decided that Chloe and he needed to go somewhere more private so he stood up.

“Chloe, let’s you and me step into the next room.” He said, offering her his hand. Chloe took his hand just that quick and off they went, her last words echoing in the room.

“We’ll be at least an hour. You take care of my librarian friend, Evan” She giggled and with that they went into another room and shut the door. Raven and Evan heard the distinct click of the doorknob as they closed themselves in. Evan grinned at the thought of being with a bookworm that stripped.

“Well well now….we have the room to ourselves.” Raven raised her eyebrows at Evan and he smiled back. He felt obligated to mention a few things to her though so he cleared his throat and spoke up, determined to do the right thing.

“Raven, as you know I am to be married in a few days and I wouldn’t feel….you know…comfortable if we were intimate.” He wondered what effect those words would have on her and was amazed that he said them, considering his condition.

“All right Evan, I understand and respect that. How about this. You allow me to do whatever I want with you….and I will promise you 2 things. I won’t fuck you, …and there will be no pain.” Raven innocently smiled at that last remark as Evan showed surprise and then only a slight hesitancy in his answer.

“Oh yeah Raven! That sounds…quite stimulating actually.” Evan sat back and waited to enjoy the ride…so to speak.

“You have no idea.” Said Raven, her facial expression reflecting that of a woman handed $2,000 and told to go shopping. She got up and went over to her purse. Evan had thought it was a purse anyway but it now appeared to be more of a small bag. Raven’s stiletto heels clicked loudly across the tile in front of the door where she’d left her bag, and Evan watched approvingly as she bent down in her black stockings and mini skirt to collect the bag and bring it back over, dropping it on the floor beside him. She then went to what appeared to be a linen closet in the hallway and pulled open the door, finding what she wanted. When she returned she asked Evan to get up and shook open a sheet and placed it on the couch. Evan could hardly contain himself he was so curious. He sat back down on the sheet, his nude body still revealing his obvious excitement. Raven then reached into her bag and pulled out a long silk tie. She asked Evan to lean up and then she proceeded to tie his hands together behind his back.

“That’s so you can’t touch yourself.” She said coyly. Then she dipped into her bag again and brought out a black circular leather item that Evan had never seen.

“Um…what is that?” Evan asked.

“Oh, just a lil something to help keep you from cumming too soon.” Raven replied.

Evan felt his cock twitch when she said that and looked down at his enlarged shaft as she drew near. Raven unsnapped the cinch and placed it around the base of his cock, then sat back on her chair, again reaching into her bag. This time she pulled out a mirror and a tube of lipstick. Evan watched as she expertly applied the bright red gloss and then snapped the lid back on.

“Flapper Red” Raven grinned…alerting Evan to the color she’d chosen. It reminded him of the lyrics of another Bryan Adam’s song…

I wanna be your lipstick – when you lick it

“Any chance you could plant a kiss on me with that?”

“Why sure.” Raven smiled seductively as she lowered her head and surprised him with a kiss at the tip of his cock, leaving behind a perfect imprint of her lips on the head.

Evan looked up at her, his mouth gaping open as the thought finally occurred to him that he was helpless to her touches, no matter how they were inflicted. Looking down again, he saw the lipstick imprint had actually spread out a bit as his head stretched. He swallowed nervously and sat back against the cushion, determined to relax but unable to, with the view of his imprisoned cock a mere glance down. He focused back on Raven.

She pulled out a CD from her bag and found Jeff’s CD player. Erotic music filled the air only not a slow song, but one with a tempo that Evan could just tell, would speed up towards the end. Raven proceeded to take off her sweater and her luscious breasts almost fell out of her bright pink bra. She stood up to take off her skirt, and Evan watched hypnotized…as a pair of hot pink panties came into view, a color matching the bra. He could tell that she’d changed clothes, and her jasmine perfume hit him again as she moved nearby. Her skin was smooth and he knew then that she’d had time for a shower before her and Chloe’s arrival. Although the lingerie she now wore covered more than during her show, Evan still found himself responding to her more discreet choice of clothing.

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