Drinks at the Bar

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Somewhat factual. I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide what part is factual and what isn’t.


It was another brutal day at work; everything seemed to go wrong and everybody wanted something, including a piece of him. He picked up his jacket and thought this would be a good evening to stop off at his favorite watering hole. As he stepped through the doorway, it was as if all his cares were stripped away; the familiar sounds, smells and sights of the tavern instantly relaxing him.

He was sitting there sucking down a brew when she walked in. Lithe, lean and exuding sex, wearing a tight skirt that was just a little too short, her makeup a little too heavy, and lipstick a little too red on her thick, luscious lips. She sauntered up to the bar and plopped herself down on the stool and ordered a shooter. He turned back to his beer and chuckled inwardly as every other guy in the joint checked out what was obviously a “working girl”. Still, he couldn’t help looking as she sashayed to the ladies’ room a few minutes later; “what a nice ass,” he thought. Her slightly too high heels made her tight rear end twitch just right!

He sat there thinking about how his life had panned out over the past few years; a scholarship to a good school, the hard work to keep his grades up with very little time to socialize. The dream job that kept him busy 50 hours a week or more. The all to infrequent nights out with friends…

It wasn’t until 20 minutes had passed that he realized she’d dissed three different guys who had hit on her, and that she had looked his way more than a few times, her eyes lingering on him for just an instant longer than normal.

“Hey, what the hell” he thought, “I can tell her the project at work is a killer, my girlfriend dumped me and I don’t really care what I’m doing.” All these thoughts were going through his mind; she was halfway across the room before he realized she was coming over to his table, her 4 inch heels clicking on the barroom floor.

She sat down across from him, and in a husky, Lauren Bacall voice asked, “Why is it you’re the only guy in here who isn’t trying to put the make on me.”

He istanbul escort hesitated for a moment before replying, “Probably because I’ve never paid for it before, and don’t plan to start now.”

Fire flared in her eyes. “Maybe not in cash,” she said, “But trust me honey, you’ve paid for ‘it’ before!”

“So are you going to slap my face or what, I mean I probably deserve it” he mumbled.

“No,” she retorted, “Even though you’re right, you deserve it. But you are also correct, I am that kind of girl, so I guess I don’t have a right to complain.”

She rose as if to leave, and for some unknown reason he said, “No, please don’t go. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said something so rude.”

She sat back down; two drinks and a few shared laughs later, he thought, “Hey, why not, I’ve never done this before.”

He leaned close and asked, “So, how much WOULD it cost me in cash to have you leave with me?”

She glanced down quickly, then looked him in the eyes and said coldly; “$250 for an hour and the clock starts now, or $900 for the night, and that means breakfast too. Or if you’re cheap, I’ll give you a Monica for $60, but no cigar.”

It may have been the liquor, or possibly the extra pay for all the OT he’d been putting in, but suddenly he heard a voice that sounded like his saying, “sure, lets go for the whole night.” Fortunately there was an ATM in the bar so it only took a couple of minutes to settle his tab, grab some cash and they were out the door.

The Downtown Sheraton was just a few blocks away, so 25 minutes later they had a king sized room. The clerk smirked as they turned away from the desk; he knew her type; it seemed like all the high class “ladies” liked the Sheraton.

As they stepped into the elevator, she looked him square in the eye and said, “You don’t know how lucky you are, usually I wouldn’t have looked twice at you. But something about how disinterested in me you were made me curious.”

The elevator rose straight to the 27th floor and they could see the city spread out before them. She obviously had no interest in the view, but just strode avcılar escort down the hall and stood by the door impatiently while he fumbled with the keycard, and opened the door for her to walk in.

He had no sooner closed the door than she turned on him and said, “You want the fuck of your life, well hold on.”

She started undressing him and then pushed him down onto the chair by the desk. She hiked up her skirt, and he saw that underneath she was pantyless. With the added height from her high heels, she easily straddled him; working his already excited member with her hand, she slowly lowered herself down onto him. He gasped with pleasure as she twitched her muscles. Before he could even stop himself, he came in a paroxysm of ecstasy.

That was all it took; she lifted herself off him, and commanded him to rise. “Undress me now, with your teeth”, she ordered.

It took a while for him to make his way past the buttons on her blouse, and he could sense her growing impatience. The zipper on her skirt was much easier. Finally, he had succeeded, and she shoved him down on the bed.

“On your back, and lie still!” She hissed at him.

He was almost afraid to disobey and had no sooner laid his head back on the pillow than she was on top of him, straddling his face, and he could smell the mixture of womanly arousal mixed with his love juices. He thrust his tongue out hard, and licked as fast as he could against her love button, and she slowly began rocking back and forth as she squatted at the headboard and slapped her hands against the wall. Grabbing hold of her spike heels, he continued licking; with a sudden heave she stiffened and quivered, and let out a high-pitched squeal, and then thrust down on him until he was sure he’d suffocate; but hey what a way to go!

She got up and reached in her purse, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, holding them out. “Put them on,” she said, and as he looked confused, she held out her hands.

The cuffs made a “clink” as he snapped them shut on her wrists.

“Now you can have your way with me,” she said.

“Fair’s fair,” he thought, so he pushed her down on the şirinevler escort bed, and told her not to move. Straddling her on all fours, he slowly started licking and sucking on her hands, moving to her arms, then down to her feet and legs.

When she moaned and arched her back, he sat up and snapped at her “I told you not to move, now BE STILL”.

Such disobedience called for punishment, so he lightly bit her on the inside of her left thigh and could smell the musky sex odor from her middle. Without losing contact with her body, he continued licking and kissing up her leg, around her hips and waist, and probed her belly button with his tongue. Pushing down on her, he slowly made his way to her breasts; firm, taut breasts that had large, engorged nipples. As he kissed her, she moved again, and he retaliated by nipping at her right nipple with his teeth and she shuddered, but lay still this time. His tongue swirled around the nipple as he caressed her other breast with one hand and slid his other hand down between her legs.

“Now you may take part,” he said, “but keep quiet”.

She nodded her head, and he went back to the nipple and slid a finger into her soaked love box. Moving his finger gently he slowly fingered her, increasing in speed as she thrust her hips against him. Continuing with the hand action, he bent down and started stroking his stiff member. Her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing, then she froze and closed her eyes as she had another orgasm.

He quickly mounted her and placed his rod between her breasts, rocking back and forth; when she opened her eyes, he motioned down and she leaned her head forward to take him in her mouth. Her tongue twirled around the head of his rock hard penis, and suddenly he exploded in a fountain of cum.

Pulling out of her mouth, he kissed her hard; their tongues explored each other’s mouths and he tasted his salty cum leaking out all over their faces. He pushed off of her, realizing he still had a hard member. Plunging into her, she wrapped her legs around him and he felt the leather from her pumps rubbing against his legs. Time seemed to cease, and neither one of them could remember what they did to, and for each other afterwards.

Hours later, the ordered out Chinese food arrived, and they took turns feeding each other, and licking fingers as they laughed at the thought of what the people in the bar must have thought when they walked out together. Ummm, our Wednesday nights sure are fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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