Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 05

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Balls Deep

The very thought of Viv sucking my cock to completion had my pulse racing.

Viv put her hand on my chest and used it to push herself up on all fours. She paused, looking down at me, her heavy breasts only inches from my face. I craned my neck so that I could reach them with my mouth. Viv lowered herself to make it easier.

I sucked the nearest nipple, getting as much as I could of her soft breast into my mouth. The other breast I caressed with my other hand, my thumb rubbing that nipple.

Viv’s hand traced down my chest and stomach, between my legs and around my hardening cock. I started growing more in her hand as she stroked me.

“I…, I’ve never done this before.”

“I know, but from the way you cleaned me up just now, I think it’ll come naturally to you.”

She smiled and instead of scooting down the bed she turned around, giving me a glorious view of her pussy and bum. Her breasts were now pressing against me, warm, soft and cushioning out. She held my cock vertically by the base and closed her warm mouth over the end.

“Oh yes Viv.”

I cupped my hand over her smooth bum and squeezed and stroked it. Her thighs were together, so her outer pussy lips formed a clamshell, her inner lips protruding, her anus clearly visible. I stroked my thumb down her slit.

“Mmm,” she murmured on my cock.

She still had just the tip of my cock in her mouth but her tongue was moving around the head, giving me waves of pleasure. She momentarily released me with a pop!

“Am I doing it right?” she panted, (she’d been holding her breath.)

“Oh yes, what you were doing with your tongue was fantastic. You could try taking more of me in your mouth, just be careful of your teeth. Then move up and down so I’m fucking your mouth. Then mix it up and go back to doing just the tip and perhaps wanking the exposed part of my cock as you do that. You could lick my shaft and balls, like you did when you were cleaning me, that felt really good too.

Just remember to breathe through your nose and do whatever you feel like doing.

I love this view of your rear end by the way, you’re so goddamn sexy”

She’d got her breath back somewhat, “I thought you might, I just love exposing my private parts to you.” she took a deep breath and went back down on me.

It all came naturally to her, the only thing more she could have done was deep throat me, but there would be another time for that.

I was in heaven, at one point she’d drawn my foreskin right back and was flicking her tongue on my cockhead near that rib of tight skin. I was stroking the side of her breast with the backs of my fingers of one hand and the thumb of my other hand was in her vagina, the index finger rubbing her rosebud.

“I’m ready to come!” I warned.

“Mmm mmm!” she acknowledged and started bobbing her head up and down rapidly.

My orgasm overtook me and I held her head as my cum spurted into her mouth. I’d already come once, so it wasn’t so forceful, but some still leaked out.

When she was sure I’d finished she lifted her head. I saw her throat move as she swallowed and then she caught the dribble on her chin and sucked it off her finger.

“How was that?”

“Absolutely wonderful!” I gasped, “You are a natural.”

“It makes me feel so close to you, doing that, I want to do that for you more often.”

“I’ll always let you,” I then said, “what we can also try is for us to start in the same position, but then you swing your leg over me, so I can lick your pussy at the same time. It’s called the 69 position.”


“Think of how the numbers six and nine look when written next to each other, like ying and yang.”

“Oh, I see, yes, ooh I’d really love that!”

She kissed me and I could taste my cum in her mouth.

We pulled the quilt back over us, I was on my back, she was laid on her side with one leg over me, holding my cock in her hand. Not moving her hand, just holding me to be intimate and close.

It felt surreal, only a month before, she was just my mother in law, my wife’s mother. Now she’s my lover with a voracious appetite for sex. Her lively, warm body lying next to me in her marital bed, I needed to be careful on that front. I couldn’t keep going home shagged out when I was on the early shift. Late shift wasn’t a problem, as I’d have plenty of time to recover at work.

I explained this to Viv, she understood and we agreed we’d do Tuesdays and Thursdays when I was on earlies, but we’d start the next day, so she could have me three days that first week!

It was obvious there was no jealousy from her regarding Yvonne and me, nor for that matter would I be jealous of her and Phillip, if they were still having sex. I then had an idea.

“Do you think now that you know you can have full sex, you should try again with Phillip,”

“Whoa…! WHAT!” she exploded, sitting up and glaring at me, “Are you pushing me away?”

I held up my hands, taken aback by her vociferous reaction, but then understanding it, “No, no, eryaman orospu numaraları no, nothing like that, please, hear me out.

Just as you are not jealous of Yvonne and I, nor am I with you and Phillip. It’s going to be hard for this changed, fulfilled, radiant, happy Viv, to still be the normal Viv around Phillip and Yvonne. Sooner or later one of them will pick up on it and suspect you of having an affair, perhaps not with me, but they will if you don’t mask it when you’re around me.

This way your excuse is your rejuvenated sex life with Phillip.”

“Oh yes, I see what you mean now… God you had me worried! I don’t think of him like that any more and I don’t want to. I have you now. Anyway, how would I explain the fact I can now do it when I couldn’t before?”

“Well it would also give you chance to come clean about why you pretended to be in poor health, so you don’t have to keep doing so. I just think it’s going to be a strain on you to keep up that deception.

As for how do you explain, you could say you read an article in Cosmopolitan regarding the g-spot and take it from there.

Just make it absolutely clear to him there can be no more wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”

“I’ll think about it and how best to approach it.”

She lay back down and we cuddled and chatted. I left soon after.

I was home well before Yvonne and prepared a meal for us ready for when she got home.

“Mmm…, smells good, thanks for doing that.” she kicked off her shoes, “Ahhh… that’s better.”

I passed her her a glass of wine and we chatted about our day, but not my entire day. I couldn’t say, “I had a great time fucking your mum.” could I?

You know how sometimes the planets align for you?

Well Yvonne said, “Some of the girls at work play badminton on Tuesdays after work. They rent a court for a couple of hours, they grab a bar snack first.

Now that Sharon has left the company, remember me telling you about that? Anyway, the teams are now odd and they’ve asked me if I’d like to take her place. You don’t mind do you?

I’ll have eaten with them, so you won’t have to cook for me if you’re here. I still have my gear from when I played before we got together.”

“No I don’t mind, especially when I’m on lates, you’d be stuck here on your own anyway.”

“Aw thanks hun, you’ve no need to come and get me afterwards, Cathy drives. She said it’s not out of her way to run me home.”

I’d met Cathy before at a works do… about ten years older than Yvonne, plain, but attractive. She was good fun, drank pints, tall and very athletic. We only had one car, my Ford Escort and Yvonne hadn’t passed her driving test.

“Well that’s good that you’ve got a lift, so yes, great, you’ll enjoy it. What time would you get home?”

“I’d guess about 8:30, not later than 9:00. I’ll be going tomorrow then. Could you climb up in the loft and chuck my racket down after dinner please? I put it up there when we moved in. Is dinner ready? I’m starving…”

So Viv and I now had three more hours on Tuesdays when I was on earlies.

The next day, a Tuesday, I didn’t call Viv from work, I just turned up and let myself in. I could hear the radio on in the kitchen so that’s where I first looked.

Viv had her back to me, washing pots and looking out of the window into the garden. She was humming to the tune on the radio and hadn’t heard me. I waited until her hands were empty (so she wouldn’t drop anything) and coughed, she jumped.

“Oh! I didn’t hear you come in, come here, I’ve nearly finished and I don’t want to take these gloves off just yet.”

I went over, pressed my groin into her rump and kissed her neck.

“Ooh, that sends shivers down me.”

I cupped her ample breasts, my cock thickening.

“So does that, but behave, let me finish doing these!”

I went to sit on the sofa.

I few minutes later I heard the snap of her rubber gloves being taken off, she came to join me on the sofa.

I said, “I didn’t know if I’d find you in bed today or just wearing your dressing gown or fully dressed.”

“So now you know.”, she said.

“That Saturday morning when I came round to use Phillip’s lathe, it was quite late morning and you still had your dressing gown on. Had you left it on all morning or did you change back into it because I said I was coming round?”

“What do you think?”

“I know what I’d like to think.”

“It was because you said you were coming round, I changed back into it.”

“You were naked under it.”

“Yes, I really wanted you to look at my body and desire me, like you did on holiday. I knew you’d look at me if you had chance. The only reason I’m not wearing it today is because Brother Armitage is coming round at 3:30, otherwise I would.”


“Harry Armitage, the elder, you don’t have to call him brother, I’m going to try not to, it’s just that’s what I’ve always known him as.”

“Who else?”

“His wife, Amanda. She’s a good sort, a bit gölbaşı orospu numaraları quiet, but astute. She never gets involved with gossip and I’ve seen her put a stop to it before now.”

“What do you want to do in the meantime?”

“Can we do the 69 thing you mentioned? I masturbated this morning and had a fantastic orgasm thinking about that.”

“I’d love to do that with you, but we don’t have much time,” I glanced at the clock, “they’ll be here soon.”

“Well I could just unzip you and you could put your head under my skirt,” she then leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I’m not wearing any knickers. When they arrive we’ll sit in the front room, then they won’t smell our sex in the air.”

There was a sheepskin rug on the floor and we lay down on that, on our sides facing each other. We held each other and kissed passionately. I had my hand on the back of Viv’s leg and I moved it up under her skirt and over her warm, soft bum flesh. The sensation and knowledge that she’d removed her panties just for me was exquisite. As I caressed her she was stroking the outline of my erection.

She undid my belt and slowly pulled my zip down, all the time we were kissing with fervour, our tongues entwined and our saliva shared. She raised a leg onto mine, to give me better access to her pussy, she was very wet. Her hand went inside my shorts, brushing past the side of my erect cock, she cupped my balls and gently fondled them.

“Mmm, so warm.” she murmured.

“So wet.” I replied.

“Lie on your back, I want to sit on your face and I want you to eat me.”

WTF! I didn’t expect that! I rolled on to my back. Viv got up and stood astride me facing my feet, her heels under my armpits. I was looking right up her tweed granny skirt. I could see the crease of her lovely bum as it curved round between her legs. Her thighs almost met at the top, so I couldn’t see that much detail of her pussy.

She started to slowly lower herself into a squatting position, my view was framed by her granny skirt. More and more of her private parts came into focus. At first just the outline of her slit, then as she got closer and her knees spread further apart I could make out her clitoris, certainly her amazing labia peeping out from her slit. Closer still, the brown star of her anus and every pubic hair. Moisture was starting to seep out of her slit and had formed a droplet.

I cupped each cheek of her bum with my hands to help her to squat right over my mouth. When she was right down close to my face I curled my tongue and raked it from her clit to her rosebud. I slurped as much of her mature, feminine liquid as I could get and there was a lot of it.

“Oooh! You dirty, wonderful, lovely son in law. Eat your mother’s fanny. I love what you’re doing to me.”

She vigorously ground her pussy to and fro against my face. My nose was either trapped between her cheeks or pressed against her anus, my tongue sliding over her clit, then through her pussy lips and into her taint, the taste going from tanginess to earthiness and back again, I was in heaven. I loved it.

Viv was moaning, grunting and in the end wailing as she reached her climax. Then her legs relaxed and I could support her weight no longer. My face was forcefully rammed between her legs. Her bum cheeks and pussy smothered me.

I found that to be so intensely erotic and I could have stayed there forever, were I not suffocating! In the end I tapped her thigh twice, much like a wrestler surrendering, to snap her out of her post-orgasmic daze, just so I could breathe.

She moved forwards on to all fours, “Oh, thank you, that was so intense, one day I’m going to tie you down on my bed and do that to you… amongst other things.”

I had created a monster, a sex monster and I didn’t ever want to put it back in it’s cage.

“What have you been reading or who have you been talking to? To come up with ideas like what we’ve just done and what you just proposed? And I’m not complaining by the way!”

“Nothing and no-one. I do fantasise you know, when I’m stroking myself. You don’t know the half of some of the kinky thoughts I’ve been having lately, especially when I masturbate. I knew sitting on your face would turn me on and I was confident you’d love it too. If we were on a beach I would have peed on your chest and cock as well.”, she put her hand on her forehead, “I can’t believe I’ve just said that out loud! Look what you’ve done to me.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, you’re amazing!”

I didn’t ask what other things she had in mind, if she had me tied down and helpless on her bed, because firstly, Viv had extracted my cock and was bobbing her mouth on it. Secondly, because she had spread her knees and now had her magnificent pussy wide open in front of me. Thirdly, because the doorbell rang!

Viv reluctantly released my cock, “I’d better answer that, having this meeting is the only way to get them out of my life.”

She stood up, brushed her skirt back into place, gölbaşı azeri escort checked herself in the mirror, blew me a kiss then went to answer the door.

I heard voices, I sorted myself out then went to join them.

They were all three standing in the front room. Brother Armitage was well-dressed, in a suit and tie, medium height, greying brown hair, looked fairly fit and about fifty.

His wife, Amanda, was very attractive, much younger than him, about thirty. She had jet black hair, deep set blue eyes. Like a lot of beautiful Irish girls I’d met in the past. Height about 5’6, slim build with small but pert breasts.

She wore a black, knee-length skirt and matching jacket with a blue silk blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show a small gold crucifix. One more button would have shown the beginning of her cleavage. I wondered if she knew she was married to a lecherous man with a bad reputation in their congregation.

When I entered I could tell they didn’t expect anyone else to be there.

“Oh, this is my son in law, David. There was a job he was doing for me and I asked him to stay, rather than feel he had to disappear.”

I said to Viv, “The tap isn’t dripping now, it just needed a new washer.” then I turned to face the guests, “Hello, pleased to meet you.”

“Harold Armitage, call me Harry, this is my wife Amanda.” he and I shook hands.

I didn’t shake Amanda’s hand, I just smiled and said, “Hello Amanda, pleased to meet you.”

“Please, sit down.” said Viv, gesturing to the sofa.

We all sat, the visitors sank into the sofa, Viv and I in armchairs. Harry opened with, “Shall we first pray to The Lord and ask for his blessing and his Holy Spirit to guide us?”

“I’d rather we didn’t.” replied Viv, nonchalantly.

I thought, “Oh that’s so cool, way to go girl! Get him on the back foot.”

He wasn’t expecting that and after recollecting his thoughts said, “Oh, erm…, well, er…, from your letter, I understand you’re thinking of leaving the church?”

Viv replied matter-of-factly, “No, I’ve already left. The letter was a courtesy, to spare you eventually realising when I’d stopped attending services.”

“Ah, I see.” he paused, then went on, “Abandoning your faith is a major life event Viv. Are you really sure you want to take this step?”

“Who said I’m abandoning my faith? I’m just not attending church. And talking of major life changes, I’m also divorcing my husband, he just doesn’t know it yet. I expect you to keep that confidential Harry, you too Amanda.” Amanda nodded.

“There was a time when the church was right for me, the same applies to Phillip really. But I’m a different woman now. I’ve come to a realisation that what I accepted as the norm versus what my life could be, are totally divergent and I’m not prepared to tolerate that anymore. So I’m making some changes in order to move forward.

The changes I’m making conflict with the teachings of your church. You would see them as sinful, I don’t. I’m not prepared to discuss or debate this with you. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed and I will not allow you to make me feel that way.

I want you to understand this is my final word regarding this. I do not want follow up visits or phone calls to see how I’m doing or if I’ll reconsider.

That being the case there’s nothing more to say. I know you both feel you have my best interests at heart, but I’m fine. Thank you so much for your friendship and fellowship all these years, it supported me through a bad phase of my life. However, I’m now moving on so I would like you both to leave now.” she stood up.

My face would gave been a picture, divorcing Phillip!

“Before we conclude, if I could…”

“Harry, did you not hear me or do you think you can ignore me? If you ignore me then you become a trespasser, so, please, leave my home. NOW!” she walked to the front door.

Harry had no choice but to follow her, Amanda was struggling to get up from the plush sofa. She had to raise her legs and rock forward to gain momentum to do so, giving me a flash of her stocking tops in the process.

I stood up and gave her my hand to help her. As I pulled her up she leaned in close and whispered, “Good for her! Look after her.”

“I will, don’t worry.” I replied.

As her face moved away from mine her nostrils flared, twice. I thought, “Busted!” I also thought she’s not so innocent if she can detect pussy juice and musk so readily. Either that or I must reek of it. Another note to self, wash face after being with Viv!

She followed her husband and as she left gave Viv a hug, “Bye Viv, don’t be a complete stranger will you? Come and see us from time to time. Or you and I could go for a coffee and a girl’s catch up perhaps? Nothing to do with the church, just you and I?”

Viv smiled warmly and nodded.

Harry heard what his wife said and scowled.

His parting words were, “I’ll pray that you find what you’re looking for Vivian.”

Viv replied, “There’s no need, I already have.”

At that reply Amanda looked intently at us both, an expression of understanding slowly forming on her pretty face. She gave us a quick wave and mouthed, “Good luck” and, as she walked away, looked back over her shoulder and smiled at us.

I think she’d worked it out, I felt our secret was safe though.

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