Distracting You from the Dishes

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A few of us had gathered for a meal and some company. There had been an electric tension between the two of us all day. Our eyes would meet, we would brush past each other in the hallway, any physical contact would linger just that little bit longer. We both seemed to have that feeling that something was brewing, something was going to happen. This tension had to be released somehow…

You are standing at the sink washing the dishes after dinner. The others are at the top of the garden relaxing in the chairs, taking in some fresh air.

I walk into the kitchen with the last few dishes from the table. I lean around you to put them into the dishwater. You feel my hot breath on your neck and you push your body against mine.

“They look pretty relaxed up there,” I remark.

You grind yourself against the erection you can feel contained within my jeans. “You don’t seem particularly relaxed,” you reply. “Maybe you need to chill out a little.”

I lift your skirt and caress your hips and buttocks. You are not wearing any bakırköy escort underwear – I already know that because you lifted your skirt to show me underneath the table when I bent down to retrieve a dropped fork.

“That’s kind of your fault, giving me such a hot show at the table,” I growl.

I gently nibble your neck and then your earlobe. I glance up the garden. The others seem pretty engrossed in their conversation. I sit down on the floor and slide between your legs, leaning my back against the cabinet doors and giving my tongue perfect access to your pussy.

My hands reach round and grip your buttocks as my tongue slowly slides up and back down your slit. You moan deep in your throat as my tongue starts to gently circle your clit. You carefully wipe a plate and place it in the rack, trying to look normal if anyone happened to glance down to the kitchen window.

My tongue continues to circle your clit, alternately slow and fast, slow and fast. One hand continues to caress and massage your beşiktaş escort rear while the other moves down. I slide two fingers into you. As I lap at your clit and slowly slide my fingers in and out, I can hear your breathing changing and your pussy starting to tighten around my fingers. It seems I am not the only one who was turned on by your show at the table.

My tongue resumes circling your clit, slowly at first but getting rapidly faster. My fingers start to make a beckoning motion inside you as you subtly move up and down, riding my hand. You start to gasp as your pussy begins to clench around my fingers. My tongues circles faster still and you groan as your orgasm crashes through your body. My movements slow gradually while waves of pleasure continue to course through you.

I slide out from underneath you and stand up as you get your breath back. I unfasten my jeans and drop them and my boxer shorts to the floor. My erection, no longer restrained by the denim, leaps up. I place the head of my beylikdüzü escort cock at the entrance to your pussy and you moan at the exquisite pressure. You tilt your hips and I slide my dick into you, inch by inch. You growl deep in your throat as it fills your pussy, stretching the walls and giving off its own heat.

I start to slide my cock back and forth as you rock your hips in reciprocal motion. I grip your hips with my hands so that I can plunge deeper into you. Your breath is coming in short gasps. We are both so turned on, this is not going to last for long.

Your pussy pulses around my cock as it thrusts deep inside you. I feel my balls tightening as my orgasm builds. My cock swells inside you and I groan as I shoot my hot come deep inside your waiting pussy. Your pussy clenches around me and you scream as another orgasm rocks your body. Your pussy continues to pulse, milking every last drop of come out of me.

The others looked around at your scream. I wave and shout “made her jump!” and they laugh and turn back to their conversation while the last waves of pleasure flow through your body.

I step back and your skirt falls back down. I pull up my jeans and refasten them.

“Fucking hell, that was so good,” you say. “It has been a long time coming. We have to do this again some time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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