Dating is the Shits

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This dating is the shits.

My name is Susan and I’m 42 years old. I am a grandmother and I am in better shape than most women I know in their thirties. I have a treadmill to keep in shape and swim three times a week. The rest of the time I am working.

He dropped me off and like a gentleman walked me to the door, a peck on the cheek and he was gone. I smiled thanked him and with quavering belly walked into my building up the elevator to my apartment. As I unlock the door I can hardly remember what it was like to have a man waiting on the other side. Saturday night, home by 1:00 am and as wide awake as an owl.

And having expected him to ask to come in and the anticipation throughout that wonderful night dancing. This man is kind, generous, good looking and wonderfully built and I’ve found dedicated more to his work than getting laid. He wants to get up fresh and early tomorrow for an important appointment. Nice but this is where it has left me. Horny.

The smoke from the bar wafts up to my nose from my clothes so I strip. As the cotton panties come down my legs I see the moisture spots and smell my juices on them and immediately feel like calling him on his cellular and telling him what is waiting for him if he returns. Instead, off they go as I put them in the hamper and go for a shower.

Looking in the mirror I must admit I do look pretty good for my age. My hair is long and full to my shoulders. My breasts are soft but not saggy and my nipples are sensitive to touch and grow easily. My ribs are flesh covered tuzla ukraynalı escort but not fat, my waist narrow. My hips do flare but with a flat tummy I think they look very good. My pubic hair is long, unruly like an afro but I keep my vaginal area trimmed. My but isn’t rock hard but it isn’t jiggly either. As I step into the shower I must admit my legs are my best asset. They are slim, shapely and firm from the walking and swimming.

Showering in the hot water I know I am in trouble tonight for no matter how much I try to ignore it my body is responding to every swipe of the soap, cloth and brush. As I wash my vagina my fingers slip in as if on their own and it is as slippery wet inside as outside in the shower. I turn off the water and towel off. I walk naked to my bed and remember how I had expected the evening to go. The wine is chilled, the bedside lamp is on and even to me the room looks romantic.

I have a large mirror on my dresser at the end of my bed and as I lie down on my pile of pillows I see one disappointed woman looking back at me. I’ve had enough to drink so the wine stays in the fridge. I get up roll back the comforter, the sheets and climb back into my cozy nest. With the remote I flick on some favorite CD’s and open my bedside drawer. Under my panties I have a vibrator which has been my savior many more times than I wish to remember. It is unique, I can say that. I found it on a trip to the states. It is shaped like most of the vibrators I have seen in movies but mine has a fleshy texture tuzla rus escort and an anatomically correct shape. I take out some lubricant and moisten my vibe. As my hands run over it lubricating it I know I won’t need it but the pleasure in running my hands up and down the slippery surface turns me on even more.

I moisten my palms and massage my throat down to my breasts pinching my nipples and down over my belly into my pubes. More lubricant and I massage it into my feet calves thighs buttocks and inner thighs As I warm my thighs I can almost visualize the top of his head as his tongue works along my lips and thrusts into my moist opening. I shake my head and groan loudly as my fingers slide firmly into my juicy cunny. It has been a long time since I have felt a warm column of firm flesh planted between the lips of my now dripping pussy.

And again tonight I will have to make do with what I have. I love the squishy noise my juices make as I wiggle my fingers side to side while riding my thumb over my growing clitoris. It doesn’t take long before I want my vibrator inside of me. As I pick it up and run it over my lips I take a chill. They are moist and it seems to part them and enter on it’s own. I play on the outside using the cock knob to rub my clit and open my lips. The moisture flowing out of me makes this very enjoyable. Within minutes I am sliding the full length into my pussy. I guess I am weird for I then like to just leave it their deep in my pussy as I use my kegals on it. This makes it feel so real escort bayan as it seems to respond to my muscle contractions moving in an out just slightly as I contract and release. My hands are free to roam my body warming, pinching rolling my nipples and generally driving myself crazy. I can press down on my lower abdomen and feel the firmness planted in me and push it side to side from my belly.

After thirty minutes of this I am sweating and panting a little and my fingers are now moving back and forth across my clitoris while I use the others to push on the end of my vibe. It seems to hit my cervix and I can feel my cunny juices running down it’s length.

I sit up and pull my pillows between my legs. I am facing into my mirror and I know it wont be long before I come. I lift and lower my ass on my pillows and it gives me the feeling of something playing with the crack of my ass. I relax my cheeks and allow more pillow up to my anus. I love the way it tickles as I bounce on my pillows. I squeeze my tits and run my fingers into my pussy alongside of my vibe. I am wet and my lips are slippery as I run my fingers up to my clit pressing it harder and harder as I rock on my cock. A thrill runs through me making me shiver and I know I am coming.

First shivers then as my fingers press my clitoris I grunt and hunch forward which causes my vibe to push against the back of my vagina. My cunny starts clasping of its own accord as I grab onto the vibe and forcefully pull it out to my lips and hard back into my cunt. I am comminggg and my hand is moving it in and out of me and driving the juices out with it which makes me go off again. oohhh!!! As I fall back onto my bed I pull the vibe out along the length of my clit and reach a grunting, fuck, fuck, fuck orgasm finished, exhausted and thankfully sleepy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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