A Push In The Right Direction Ch. 01

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Sandy Sevo has been a widowed single mom for four years. She missed her husband. He was a good partner and decent man. Sandy loved him even though there were missing pieces to the marriage. Paul was not a warm person. Sexually, he was conservative while Sandy was several clicks off center. She knew she had a kinky side that sometimes surprised her and that Paul wouldn’t understand. She kept her desires limited to her secret fantasies.

Her son Tim was in his senior year at Carlsbad High School. He was the love of her life. Over the past four years she leaned, and depended on him. For his age Tim was very in touch with the people around him. It was like he knows how you feel and what you need to hear. This was truer with his mother than anyone else. Saturday was his 18th birthday and his life would change forever.

Sandy was making breakfast when Tim entered the kitchen.

‘Something smells great!’

‘Have a seat.’

‘Tomorrow’s your birthday. If you don’t have any plans I’ll take you to Tijuana for some beers and dinner.’

It didn’t matter if he had plans or not, he would rather be with his mother. Tim loved her. He also lusted for her. It start sometime in the last two years but he could tell you exactly when. Suddenly, he began to notice her slim tall body. He began to notice how she dressed, tight jeans, and shorts, short skirts, tight tops. She loved to show off her body. Her chestnut hair fell just over her shoulders above her always perky 34B breasts. She was the object of all his sexual fantasies.

‘Tijuana sounds great.’

Tim finished breakfast, hugged and kissed his mother and left for school.

Sandy didn’t work on Fridays. After cleaning up she went to her bedroom laid in bed and began to fantasies. Her one hand went inside her thigh as she spread her legs. The other was already holding her always erect nipple, gently pinching making it harder and more elongated. Her hand found her clit as her fantasy started to take form. She was in a room on her knees sucking a man’s cock. She knew she had to and wanted to perform for him. She sucked harder and deeper as her finger started to rub her clit faster. She felt him tighten up, his head swelled in her mouth and his salty warm taste filled her mouth. Sandy pushed two fingers into her pussy as she visualized swallowing the mouthful of cum she had sucked out of this man’s cock. She is on the verge of an explosive orgasm as the man with no face walks away. She is suddenly in another room with another faceless man standing in front or her. Spitting on his cock she take him deep into her mouth. Fingers pumping her pussy as she has him quickly shoot a large load of cum for her to eat. He steps away, another room and a third man offers her his cock to suck. Her pussy explodes in orgasm. Her body convulsing as her orgasm send shivers through her. Squeezing her breast she removes her fingers and finds her clit rubbing softly as her orgasm slowly subsides.

That night Susan and Tim plan the night in Tijuana.

They left for Tijuana in the early afternoon as planned. Sandy drove giving Tim the opportunity to catch glimpses of how her nipples pushed the material of the black form fitting nylon top. And her long bare leg as her short skirt rode up as she drove. This did not go unnoticed. Sandy didn’t mention knowing her son was checking her out. She knew it had been going on for quite some time. At first she just let it go then she started to enjoyed the attention. She knew most mothers would object and put an end to it but her kinky side didn’t want it to stop. Her nipples grew harder and she tingled between her legs as she drove on.

As kadıköy escort always their conversation was free and easy. Even the time of silences spoke volumes about their relationship. Once in Tijuana they window shopped the local stores and malls. Sandy bought Tim some shirts and shorts for his birthday. Later they went to a local restaurant they both liked. Tim was allowed to have a few beers and they both toasted his birthday with a shot of tequila.

As they left for home Sandy rolled through a yellow light which was followed by a siren and flashing police lights. Sandy pull over.

‘Let me handle this. Just answer any questions politely and don’t do anything to annoy them.’

They checked her license and registration. Sandy was ask to step out of the car. As one officer was asking her if the usual question about, where she was going, what she was doing in Tijuana, had she been drinking, while the other officer was looking through her purse. The officer approached them with her pillbox in hand. Sandy tried to explain that they were over the counter medication, to no avail. Both her and Tim were taken to the station house till someone could verify the contents.

Sandy looked at Tim while in the back of the patrol car.

‘This is all going to be alright. Just remember to do what they say and don’t give them a hard time. I’ll handle it.’ Tim nodded.

Tim was brought into a room that was sound proof with a two way mirror that looked into an interrogation room. Within a few minutes two officers and his mother entered the room. His mother sat at one end of the table turned sideways to the mirror as the other officers sat opposite her. Neither were the officers that took them in. The one sitting at the table was obviously in charge. Tim couldn’t hear what they were saying.

‘Well, Ms. Sevo we found the pill to be nothing more the allergy medicine. But when we looked in your bag some more we found these.’ He tossed two small baggies containing white power on the table.’

Sandy’s eye grew wide as she looked at the baggies and then at the officer. ‘Those are not mine. You couldn’t have found them in my bag!’

‘Well we say we did! We are the Tijuana police and we say we did.’

Sandy sat back in her seat trying to understand what was happening.

‘Now Ms. Sevo, do you have anything to show us that might help us change our mind?’

‘Show you, what can I have to show you?’ Sandy wanted this to end but didn’t know what she could do.

‘You are a very beautiful woman Ms. Sevo, very beautiful. Now, isn’t there something you can show us? His eyes moved to her protruding nipples.

As she start to process what was said it became crystal clear what was expected. She was in a room with two strange men and they wanted her naked. She felt her pussy moisten. Did they know that this would be something she would do willingly in her fantasies? It didn’t matter. Her pussy was now wet and she decided to have as good a time as them.

Tim continued to watch through the mirror. He saw one officer throw something on the table to his mother’s surprise. Then just conversation as far as he could tell. Suddenly his mother stood up stepping away from the table facing the officers and mirror. She started to remove her clothes. Tim froze. These bastards were making his mother undress for them. His anger grew but there was nothing he could do. He watched as his mother slowly removed her top. Turning away from view as her breast were bared. Then turning back with her hands over her breasts looking üsküdar escort almost wanton. Slowly, she removed her hands exposing herself to the men waiting to see her. She pinched her nipples before reaching for her skirts zipper. Pulling it down she let it fall to the floor. She kicked that skirt aside, and stood in her black thong, leg set apart and her hands on her hips for everyone to ogle her. She again turned as she bent over removing her thong. Clasping her crotch with both her hand she again faced her audience. She slowly moved her hands to her thighs exposing herself totally. She hope no one would notice how wet her pussy had become.

Tim stood with his mouth opened. His mother wasn’t taking her clothes off as if forced. She was enjoying it. Putting on a show. His anger turned to lust. He started not to notice the two men in the room as his focus on his mothers performance and body intensified. His cock was so hard he wished he could masturbate right then and there.

Sandy stood naked as she slowly rubbed her body. ‘Well have you changed your mind?’

‘Ms. Sevo, you have a very strong argument but I’m not totally convinced. I believe you need to present a little more evidence on your behalf.’

‘Officer there isn’t anything else to show you that you haven’t already seen.’

The officer stood up directly in front of Sandy. In a calm voice. Almost a whisper, ‘Get on your knees and show us something.’

Juices from Sandy’s pussy started to leak down her leg. She went to her knees without hesitation. Reaching out she undid his zipper and belt pulling his pants to his knees. His cock was brown and erect. She grabbed it pulling him to her as she began to lick his head and shaft while continuing to jerk it off. When it was wet enough Sandy took the head and half his shaft in her mouth as her hand worked furiously. Finally releasing his cock her mouth slid down the shaft till she could take no more. She continued to fuck her mouth with his cock until she felt it swell up. She prepared herself as she felt his eruption coming. She had to swallow as he quickly filled her mouth with cum. Slowly Sandy continued to milk his cock with her mouth after she swallowed for the third time.

Sandy finally looked up to see his smiling face. He padded her on the check and pulled up his pants. He stepped aside to reveal the other officer walking towards her, pant off, cock erect. She eagerly took his cock into her mouth. He pussy ached for her touch but she dare not.

Tim watch as his mother went to her knees and sucked this man’s cock without question. Maybe he should have been appalled or angry by her actions. He wasn’t. He had fantasized about her with his cock in her mouth as he would masturbate. He wished it was his cock in her mouth now. But it wasn’t. Yet it was a sight he would not forget. A sight he would use whenever he masturbated. The door to the room opened as he watched his mother eagerly pump her mouth on the second man’s cock. The first office entered.

‘Quite a show going on isn’t it?’ Tim didn’t reply.

‘Some sons would be angry but you don’t look angry.’ Nodding towards the bulge in Tim’s pants, ‘You look to be enjoying the show.’ Tim stood silent as the office stood behind him.

‘It is OK. I lusted for my mother when I was young. She was beautiful. But, not as beautiful and sexual as your mother. It would be hard for me to understand how you could not lust for her. My officers know to look out for mothers and sons visiting our fair city. They know to bring them to me.’

Tim looked over his shoulder to look the officer in the tuzla escort eye.

‘You wish it was your cock she was sucking don’t you?’ Tim nodded.

‘You just don’t know how that could ever happen. Well I can make that happen. I want to make that happen for you. In the end…well you will have your fantasy fulfilled and I will be the horrible officer from Tijuana or the one that opened the door for you after you leave. Do you want my help?’

Tim nodded, he could not think of anything but his mother lust and the opportunity for the future.

Sandy could not finish the second man as quickly as in her fantasies. Still the longer she sucked and licked his cock the more her pussy swelled and leaked. When the door to the room opened and closed the officer took his cock in hand and jerked it off quickly cumming in her mouth. She again milked his cock dry as she did the first officer. Her head was spinning. She wanted to touch herself so badly. She felt if she didn’t cum she would pass out.

The officer moved aside and another cock was in her face. Again she quickly put it in her mouth bobbing up and down taking more down her throat each time. It was about six and a half inches and as thick as her wrist. As she took it out to lick the head she noticed this cock was not brown, but white and pink. With the head in her mouth she looked up to see her son’s face. She froze holding his cock with one hand and the head in her mouth. His hands were cuffed behind his back and his faced looked at her pleading. Time stood still while she tried to think over her lustful state and her son’s cock. This was beyond her fantasies. But for some reason not beyond her kinky nature or the pleasure she got from her sons ogling. She started to move her mouth up and down Tim’s cock picking up the speed each time. She sucked his cock with more wanton lust then the first two, caressing his balls, lick the shaft and head, rubbing it on her face as she move up and down it. As she took him deep into her throat her body started to shake, she became light headed. She was sucking her son’s cock while two men watched. Suddenly the shaking became uncontrollable. The orgasm was so intense her body went from shaking to small convulsions as the first lode of cum filled her mouth. Her orgasm continued each time her son refilled her mouth with his cum. Sandy continued to suck her son’s cock even after he stopped cumming. Finally, the officer pulled her away and Tim was removed.

‘Well, Ms. Sevo you are very convincing and are free to go. You can dress and freshen up in the bathroom right in the hallway. Your car is in front of the station. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Tijuana. I believe you have.’ He turned and left.

Sandy took some time to recover. Her mind was reenacting what happened. She pushed those thoughts out of her head. She wanted, needed to get pulled together and get out as quickly as possible.

Tim and the officer stood by the entrance of the police station. The office was talking and Tim simply nodded indicating he understood what was being said. Finally, the conversation ended. Tim shook the officers hand. He remained by the door as the officer left.

Sandy appeared looking a little disheveled and unnerved. She walked quickly towards Tim as he held up the keys to the car. Putting his arm around her, he led her to the passenger door. ‘I’ll drive.’

Once inside the car he leaned over tightly hugging his mother. ‘I love you mom. I always will no matter what. Now let me take care of you.’

Sandy’s eyes welled up as she started to cry. She hugged him back. ‘Oh Tim I love you so much.’ He held her embrace as he looked back at the police station. The officer stood watching and smiling. He gave a knowing wavy and disappeared into the police station.

Tim drove home holding his mother’s hand as she fell asleep.

When home he carried her to bed, undressed her and put her in a pair of PJ’s. He tucked her in and laid beside her until she was once again sound asleep.

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