A Hunters Tale Ch. 02

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Hunter woke early and quietly lifted himself from the bed easing away from Helen’s body. She twitched and her backside wriggled trying to find his warmth. She mumbled and slept on. Grinning Hunter went to the bathroom, pee’d and started the shower. He examined himself critically in the mirror. Not too bad, but definitely running to seed, he needed to cut down on the food and booze and get some exercise.

He patted his tubby tummy and tried to suck it in, but to no avail, it was still there. Humphing he climbed into the now warm shower and washed himself quickly and thoroughly. Emerging he found his towel and dried himself. Suddenly he realised that Garth, Helen’s Brother, was in the spare room. The room housed his clothes, Helen’s taking up all the wardrobe space in the main bedroom. He approached the door and moved the handle gently, as he sneaked in Garth sat up.

“Hi, this is unexpected, I know Helen said you’d love me, but I didn’t think she meant it literally.”

Hunter grinned and threw his towel at Garth, standing naked by the bed.

“Idiot, I have all my clothes here, as you know when you unpacked.”

“Too tired, nice cock by the way, bet she loves that.”

“Yeah thanks, how’s it going?”

“Okay, it’s a real blast seeing my big sister again, I really missed her.”

“She missed you too.”

Hunter found clean pants, socks and a shirt, he pulled them on, then sat on the bed.

“Has Helen told you about us, how we live, what we’re like?”

“Not really, Mum’s stroke has really put a damper on the reunion, but as far as I can see you and H are rock solid and I couldn’t be happier for you.”

“OK, no worries, but just so you know, we are rock solid, like you and her when you were younger.”


“And, if anything were to happen between you and her and she got hurt, I would kill you and spend my life happily inside.”

“So what do you think will happen?”

“Let’s put it this way, when she came to your room she thought I was asleep, I wasn’t I saw what occurred.”

“Whoaa, now wait up…”

“No you wait up, if anything happens, it happens, but if you hurt her by leaving again, then I will hurt you,”

“Wait, are you saying if we errr, do end up in bed, then you’re okay with that?”

“As long as you don’t hurt her, don’t matter to me if she comes on to you, or you to her, just don’t hurt her.”

“You really do love her, like I do, don’t you?”

“Believe it buddy. If she needs you physically, I’m not going to stand in your way, but if you don’t want to, let her down gently. I had a lot to live up to when we met, every man she compared to you, all but me found wanting. Now roles are reversed, you get me?”

“I’m flattered you think H would consider sleeping with me, but if she does I’ll be very careful. Believe me we’ve hurt each other once and that was once too many. I aim to stick around and I want H and you in my life, trust me on that.”

“Seems we all want her to be happy, so I’ll leave it there. I go out in thirty minutes, why don’t you take her tea when I sarıyer escort go.”

Hunter winked and walked out, silently he re-entered his bedroom and retrieved his trousers, watch and wallet. Stealing downstairs he made himself breakfast and then cleaned up. He went and cleaned his teeth, then knocked on the spare room door.

“See you tonight Garth, you and Helen have a good day.”

“Thanks Hunter, see you later, have a good day too.”

The front door was unlocked and the sound of a car starting drifted up the stairs. Garth got up and stood naked in the doorway stretching, just then the other bedroom door opened and Helen walked out. She saw Garth and winked,

“Morning, little brother, sleep well?”

Garth grinned and followed her across the landing to the bathroom, watching her rear as she walked. She sat on the toilet and opened her legs. He grinned at her bare pussy and walked closer.

“Guess I’ll have to bend or kneel now to get my cock between you legs, looks like old times.”

He ventured as as quickly stooped in front of her.

“Better hurry can’t hold this much longer.”

She grinned as he placed himself almost astride her legs. Pointing his cock between them he said go and they both relaxed their bladders. The twin streams of piss hit and mixed sending the spray everywhere. They giggled like children as they lost control and their pee went all over the inside of the bowl. Finally stopping, Garth stood and hauled Helen off the toilet. Their mouths met and their hands grabbed at each other.

Garth pulled Helen by her buttocks close up to him. She ran her hands over his back and down to his muscular bottom too. their mouths danced with each other and their breathing became rapid. Garth’s cock hardened and pushed against the front of her slit. She wiggled and pushed against it, enticing him, hardening him fully. He gasped and pulled free of her mouth.

“We can’t, we’re brother and sister, but oh God I want you so much.”

“I need you too, I want you inside me, I need you Garth, I need you so much.”

She reached for him and slid to her knees, grabbing his erection she closed her mouth over his prick, slathering him in her saliva, sucking him into her fully, as his hand went to her head.

“No wait, Helen, oh my God that feels good, oh baby, yes, no stop, stop, please.”

Desperately he pulled her mouth off his cock and knelt down beside her. He rained kisses all over her face, cupping her cheeks in his hands.

“H, this is so good but please we need to talk first, there are some things you should know, about me and about this.”

He held her shoulders and looked into her eyes, seeing the tears well up. He slid against her and wrapped his arms around her. He hugged her tightly and kissed her again and again, feeling her soft large breasts against his body. Slowly he relaxed his grip, finally sliding his hands down her arms until he held her hands in his. She looked at him with love and deep affection. Slowly she nodded and esenyurt escort pressed into him, relaxing and trusting him completely.

“H, I want to make love to you, believe me but I have to share some things first. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said quietly.

“This is not easy, but I haven’t been the best brother to you for over thirty years. As you know I stormed out because of my refusal to go to Uni straight away. In those days there was no Gap Year option, you went or didn’t that ended your choices.”

“I know, I was lucky that School allowed me to reapply and that the University let me in.”

“Yes well Uni wasn’t my only bugbear. You were too, I was deeply in love with you. I felt love for you that no brother should for his sister, more like how a man loves a woman. I was afraid I’d blurt it out or do something stupid and you’d hate me. As it was I did something far stupider and look where it got us.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I would have loved to, but by then it was all too late. I’m sorry I fucked up good and proper. I then went through women like a hot knife through butter. Never found satisfaction only momentary pleasure.”

“What about Lucy?”

“Poor Lucy, she’s an angel really, she loved me faults and all, but I’ve been such a stupid bastard I screwed up on her too.”

“What did you do?”

“I fucked her sister, in our bed, whilst she was away taking the girls skiing. How trite huh?”

“Did you love her?”

“No! She’s a nice girl err.. woman, but I fancied her and I had to make a play for her.”

“Had too?”

“No, not had to, wanted to, wanted to know what she felt like, if she was as good as Luce was, or better.”

“You bastard!”

“I’m not going to disagree on that, I set sister on sister and lost the respect of my girls, can’t get much shittier than that.”

“So why me then?”

“Because I love you, I miss you and I needed to sort this whole shitty mess out and give something back to you and Mum.”

“And what would that be?”

“The love you and Mum always gave me but I was to short sighted to see. Unconditional love they call it, like a father to his daughters, a mother to her children. I sort of wanted to grow up, well almost.”

“How do the girls feel about you?”

“Confused, angry, upset, you name it they feel it.”

“And there’s something else isn’t there?”

“Hunter came to see me this morning, I was in his dressing room and he killed two birds as they say.”

“What’s he said?”

“I know he loves you very, very deeply, he told me not to hurt you, because if I did, he’d do a Liam Neeson on me!”


“He would hunt me down and kill me, simple as that.”

“Hunter said that?”

“He said I could make love to you and you to me, but if I hurt you he would kill me, oh and happily spend the rest of his life in prison.”

“Hunter said that?”

“Yes he did, he only wants you to be happy and if that includes you sleeping with me, so be it, just as long…”

“As you don’t hurt me.”

“Exactly, avrupa yakası escort so I can say no and let you go, but if I say yes, then it’s a lifetime commitment, unless you say no more.”


“Quite, so you see, I want to, but maybe I’m just being my usual self and taking what’s not mine, just because I can.”

“Is that what you think?”

“No, I don’t know, but for the first time ever, I want to talk this over before I commit. I really don’t want to hurt you H, not because of what Hunter said, that’s almost what my conscience says. I want to be sure I’m doing it for love, for you and not me. I’m lost H, have been for over thirty years. I think I have some of Dad’s bad genes and I hate it.”

“Wow, I’m amazed, whoever would have thought that this would happen, come on.”

Helen stood and pulled Garth to his feet, she pulled him into the spare room and led him to the bed.

“Lay with me a while, let’s get to know one another again, let’s see who we are.”

She reached for him and stroked his face. They lay side by side and kissed and talked, and eventually, they aroused each other. She went down on him, sucking, licking enjoying the feel of his circumcised cock, so different from Hunter’s. He pushed her back and licked and kissed and sucked on her slit, her lips, her clit. He pushed his tongue into her vagina and felt the juices roll onto it, swallowing her scent and smell. Finally they came together, he pushed his cock into her entrance, rested then slowly pushed home. Their meeting completed with stroking and kissing. They lay with him inside her for ages before he began to rock his cock into and out of her. Feeling the slippery walls of her vagina grip and relax around him.

She picked up the motion and they gently moved together. His cock sliding in and out easily, bathed in her juices in an effortless ballet, only interrupted by his grunts and her squawks. After half an hour or so he could hold back no longer, she had ceased to count her orgasms and just enjoyed his climax, when she realised she was heading over the cliff again herself. They lay spent, drowsy, speechless. They drifted off to sleep.

“Hello you two, had a good day?”

Hunter sat on the side of the bed and rested his hand on her hip.

Startled they awoke and realised who was there.

“Hunt I…”

“Don’t say sorry, there’s no need, are you okay?”

“Hunt, I love her, I really do, I…”

“I know son, now why don’t you two shower and I’ll go fix us some food. Chicken OK?”

“Hunter, I never meant to hurt you, I really didn’t.”

“I know Helen, I know, it’s okay, I’m not hurt far from it; now shower.”

He slapped her bottom gently and she drew back, then winced as Garth’s cock slid out of her, he groaned and pulled his legs up towards his stomach. Hunter grinned,

“Well that’ll learn you not to have too much fun. Thirty minutes it’s on the table, eat it cold or hot.”

He rose and left, they looked at each other blushing. Helen attempted to cover her breasts, her brother his cock

“Do you want to go first?” she asked,

“No you go ahead I’ll wait here.”

She rose and walked slowly to the door.

“I love you, you know that, don’t leave me again.”

“I never will, you mean too much to me, always have.”

She smiled and left him alone.

He lay back and wondered where this was going.

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