A Gentleman Never Tells…

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This is the sequel to “I Meet My Son’s Friend’s Mum” published recently

“So how did it go with Sharon?” Andrew asked.

“We had a good night, dinner then a walk on the beach”

“Dad, couldn’t you do better than that?”

“Better than what?”

“Walking on the beach?”

I wasn’t about to tell my son that the walk on the beach ended with me fucking his friend’s mum on the rocks, about how we left her black panties floating in the ocean and how she told me she liked my cum dribbling down her legs afterwards, and about how she left me with the unanswered question, “What was I going to tell Andrew?”

“Mate, women her age like that, the feeling of sand between their toes, of the water splashing up their legs. I took her to do what she liked.”

“Are you going to see her again?”

“I guess.”



“If you date her again I win $50 from Steve.”

“You bet on me seeing her again?”

“I wanted to bet $500 on you scoring with her but Steve wouldn’t play, said he didn’t want to know about his Mum’s sex life. He settled on a second date.”

Time to change the subject…

“I’m going to mow the lawn.” As I got up, my phone rang. It was Sharon. “Hi there” I answered.

“Thank you for last night, it was fun. Can Andrew hear you talking?”

I walked out to the garage, “Not now, why?”

“I’m horny. I’m lying in bed, naked, wishing you were here with me right now and I want you to phone fuck me. I’m imagining you standing at the end of my bed, watching my fingers trace lines over my body, watching my fingers touch my cunt. I’m imagining you taking your pants off to reveal that stunning cock of yours, hard and ready to rip into me. Describe what you’re going to do to me Adam; I want you.”

This is a good start to a new relationship! One date and she’s ringing for phone sex. Thanks Andrew; if you only knew…

“How about I drive over there?”

“Yes, Steve is at work, he got called in unexpectedly to cover for someone who called in sick. The back door is unlocked. I’ll be ready for you…”

“I’m going to get some fuel for the mover Andy, see you soon.”

“I’m going out Dad, see you tonight.”

Good, no need to hurry home. I jumped in the car and rushed off to Sharon’s. Half way there I realised what I was wearing, a pair of black sports shorts and a plain grey T-shirt; hardly sexy! Never mind, I wasn’t going back. istanbul escort I parked in Sharon’s drive and walked round the back. The door was open and it only took a few seconds to find the bedroom. Sharon was lying naked, her legs were open and she was plying her pussy with a pink vibrator.

“You took your time!”

Not saying a word I stripped my clothes off, grabbed the vibrator from her hand and started working it into her juicy slot, simultaneously licking her clit. Her juices were pouring out and she tasted fantastic. The more I licked, the more I thrust the vibrator into her, the more she seemed to like it. She pushed my head harder into her groin, grabbing and twisting my hair. Her moaning and encouragement really turned me on and my dick was getting harder and harder and I was getting that ‘desperate to get inside her’ feeling every guy knows about.

“Fuck, I’m going to come, keep going, keep going, yeeeeeees.” More and more fluid rushed from her cunt, her body was writhing and her eyes were closed. “Again, again, please do it again.”

I replaced the vibrator with my fingers, two then three then the fourth and the tip of my thumb. I’d never fisted a woman before and didn’t know her limits of tolerance or pain. Yes, I was unsure but Sharon quickly reassured me; “Work your hand in slowly, yes, twist it slightly, squeeze your thumb into the palm, yes, that’s it, further now, yes, yes; oh yes.”

My left hand was wrist deep inside her. “Oh that’s right on the money Adam, just stroke me with those middle three fingers; gently, yes, oh that’s it, that’s it, get ready…”

My face was 6 inches or less from her pussy when she squirted. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was soaked, the bed was soaked,

“Wow, I haven’t done that for years, God that was good, you’re fucking awesome Adam!”

Sharon got up to get a wet washer and a towel and cleaned my face. She put another towel down on the bed and beckoned me to join her. My dick had gone a little limp and I felt it recover as she kissed me, deeply, passionately, her tongue working my mouth like my fingers had done her pussy. It was wanton and impatient and bloody hot. My dick had almost fully recovered when she pushed me on my back and said “Now it’s your turn.”

Her hands folded my balls, her tongue started to play gently with my tip and slowly she took avcılar escort me into her mouth. Shallow at first, then deeper and firmer. She knew what she was doing, I grew longer and harder and began to feel the pressure rise. A finger found my arsehole and started to work its way inside. I let it, and she slowly pushed deeper into me, massaging my prostate making me want her even more.

One hand stroked my balls, another fingering my arse and her mouth holding my member deep inside it. Heaven on a stick; my mind was blank except for thoughts of what would happen next. She interrupted her sucking, looked up at me with a big smile and asked, “Where do you want to cum? In my mouth, on my face, on my tits, in my cunt or in my arse?”

“Get that vibrator in my arse and I’ll cum in your mouth.”

No sooner said than done; the vibrator felt fantastic, it twisted and pulsed inside me as she worked harder and harder on my cock. “Stoke it for me Sharon, keep the end in your mouth.” She did and I felt the juice rise from within me, an explosion was imminent… “Keep going I’m there” I whispered as my cum filled her mouth. She let it dribble out over my dick and balls then slowly licked it up and swallowed it all.

She smiled, licking her lips. “Was that better than coming in my pussy?”

“After I’ve fucked your arse I’ll tell you.”

“Let’s get something to eat then we’ll try that.”

I put my shorts and shirt back, leaving my boxers behind so my balls got some ventilation. Sharon put on a robe which she tied very loosely and we went to the kitchen. In no time we were eating bacon and eggs and washing it down with orange juice. It was still only 11am after all!

“So you enjoy sex don’t you? How long has it been?” she asked.

“Too fucking long!”

“Hang around me Adam and that’s going to change, I’ve really enjoyed the last few hours, I feel like I’m 21 again. You sure know how to deliver don’t you?” With that she spread her legs and gently stroked her pussy. “I’m been hanging out for this for so long, you better believe you’re in for a good time. Are you up to it?”

Is the Pope a Catholic? Was I up for it? “I think so; it depends on the frequency you have in mind.”

“When I first married, we did it at least once a day for the first few years and even after Steve was born, we did it several times a week. It only dropped off when he started seeing şirinevler escort that other bitch… nah, let’s not revisit that. So you want to find out what my arse is like? You promised…”

I grabbed her hand and she needed no encouragement to get back to the bedroom. Again locked in a heavily kissing session, my hand found its way back between her legs and my index finger started to circle her dark hole. She reached away and pulled a tube of lube out of her bedside drawer. I took the tube and squirted a few drops on my and massaged it around her arsehole. My finger slipped in easily and I pushed it in as deeply as I could. Her legs spread wider as she pulled my shorts off and took my dick in hand.

Twisting herself around she took me in her mouth and took me deep into her mouth. “I think he’s ready.”

Rolling onto her stomach she pushed her butt into the air and spread her knees apart. “Do it you bastard, get your prick up my bum.” I loved the way she spoke; hearing her use such cutter language turned me on even more as I slowly slid inside. It was tight; she spread wider and encouraged me to get deeper. I didn’t need any encouragement and once as far in s I could get, I slowly thrust in and out, in and out. She was moaning with delight; “Yes, yes, go on, more, more.”

I held her boobs tight, she massaged my balls and I managed to maintain the momentum for about 30 thrusts before I felt my climax arriving. “Full me with your sticky white stuff Adam, go on, empty yourself into my hole then pull out and watch it dribble out.”

I came, deep inside her then as she asked, pulled out and watched it dribble out. I was spent; exhausted, fulfilled and very happy. I collapsed on the bed beside her, she kissed my gently and we drifted off to sleep…

I have no idea why I had closed the bedroom door when we went back in but boy was I glad! A car pulled into the drive, it was Steve; his shift must have been cut short as he wasn’t due home until closer to 4. “Mum, I’m home. I see Adam’s here, are you two in bed?”

Sprung. “Yes dear.”

We dressed and feeling like teenagers, gingerly walked out into the lounge. “Hi Steve.”

“Hi Adam.”

“I’m going now.”

“Okay, no doubt you’ll be back?” He cast a knowing glimpse towards his mum. “Adam’s cool mum, this is okay by me; why do you think we got you both together? And Adam, tell Andy we should have had that bet!”

I kissed Sharon goodbye and drove home. On the way I picked up some fuel for the mower and went home to mow the lawn. What an anti-climax! At least when Andrew got home, he was able to see that at least the lawn was mowed. Steve had already told him that I’d fucked his mum so I didn’t have to tell him. All he asked was if it was good?

I said gentlemen never tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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