A Forbidden Office Tryst Ch. 01

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Hiya everyone. I’m new to this story writing, as it may show in the following story. This is Chapter 1 of what could be a several chapter story, so long as there is interest. Please leave comments for any suggestions/improvements that you might have. If there is enough interest, I’ll work on a second chapter, and maybe more.



Her skirt was tossed on top of one of her monitors, his shoes strewn aside by the closed door. Papers that had been neatly stacked ended up on the ground in a disheveled pile. Her toned legs were wrapped high around his waist, her arms around his neck, drawing him in for a passionate kiss. He thrust in slowly, gently, savoring every moment, feeling her, finally being able to take her. Their passion filling the deserted office. It had been a long time coming for the both of them, and while taboo, and full of consequences, their yearning for each other had finally emerged that Friday afternoon.


Eight months earlier…

He remembered where he was going – it had only been once, but he had an outstanding memory for places. He drove up and parked at what was to be his new office building. Walking inside, he took a seat and waited. It was his first day at a new job, and the usual butterflies were present. But he sat patiently, albeit nervously.

“Sheryl will come down and show you to your new office,” the administrator had said during orientation about an hour earlier.

“Sheryl… sounds like some old admin… wonderful…” he thought to himself as he drove over from the orientation to his new building.

But when Sheryl stepped off the elevator, he was pleasantly surprised. Walking up to him was a gorgeous blonde wearing black leggings, a tight skirt, and a bright blue sweater. He couldn’t help but discreetly check her out as she walked up to him. The butterflies in his stomach seemingly quadrupled in an instant

“You must be Daniel! Hi i’m Sheryl, the group’s admin,” she said in what had to be the cutest, southern accent he’d heard since moving to Vermont.

“Hi Sheryl- it’s nice to meet you,” Daniel replied, afraid that his voice gave away his nervousness.

“I’ll show you to your office. How was orientation?”

“Nothing terribly special. The weather threw me for a loop this morning, though. I’m not used to coming to work when it snows a couple feet.”

They stepped into the elevator, and Sheryl moved to hit the floor button. Daniel could not help but admire what he saw. Her skirt left little to the imagination, despite being the middle of winter. He quickly averted his eyes when she turned back to him.

“Yea, working here is a bit different. They used to give us snow days, but with the weather up here being as unpredictable as it is, and with the amount of snow we get in January and February, the front office moved to get rid of snow days and just give the option to work from home.”

“Bummer,” Daniel replied.

It was a short ride to the third floor, followed by an all too short walk to his office, during which he had ample opportunity to continue to check Sheryl out.

“This is your office. You’ll be sharing with John. He’s not here very often, so you’ll pretty much have the office to yourself. I took the liberty of providing you with a few supplies – some pens and notebooks.”

“Thanks,” istanbul escort Daniel replied.

“The supply cabinet is down the hall. It’s pretty empty right now, but if you ever need anything, just go ahead and ask me and I’ll be glad to order it for you.”

“Will do.”

“Now your paperwork said John was your supervisor – he’s three offices down, my office and the group supervisors offices are at the very end of the hallway. I think the branch chief wanted to meet you, if you have a second…”

“Of course – lead on,” Daniel said, hoping his eagerness to watch her walk wasn’t too apparent.

Ryan, the branch chief, was an older man, probably about 30 years Daniel’s senior, and he seemed like kind of a hard-ass. But the meeting went well enough. Ryan gave a brief overview of the branch, reiterated many of the things that had been stated during the interview, and sent Daniel on his way. By this point, Sheryl had left for the day, leaving Daniel on his own. He headed back to his office, checked his email, then packed up and headed home for the day.


It was December and Sheryl had just gotten word that there would be a new hire in the group – a man by the name of Daniel. As per custom, she emailed him, welcoming him to the group, and asking his computer preference. It was all pretty straightforward. Daniel seemed like a nice enough guy; his email was a bit formal for Sheryl’s taste, but then again, personality is hard to convey via email.

“He kind of sounds like a pretentious douche,” Sheryl told her husband one evening. “But then again, he could just be overly polite.”

“Well you never know – just give it a chance,” her husband replied.

Come the beginning of January, Sheryl had made all preparations – his name had been posted to the office door, he had supplies, a computer, and he was in the email roster. So come Daniel’s first day, there wasn’t much to be done other than welcome him to the group, in person.

She got the call around 3:30 in the afternoon to let her know that Daniel would be on his way up, and to look for the man wearing the blue suit.

“Dang, a suit? Somebody’s trying to make a good impression,” she thought to herself. Not making much more of it, she waited around 15 minutes before heading down to the lobby.

He wasn’t hard to find, sitting awkwardly in the chairs, suit jacket unbuttoned.

“Damn, he’s cute!” she giggled to herself.

“You must be Daniel! Hi I’m Sheryl, the group’s admin,” she warmly greeted him, extending her hand out.

“Hi Sheryl- it’s nice to meet you,” Daniel replied, in what had to be the most polite manner she had encountered in a long time.

She led him to the elevator, feeling his eyes dart up and down her body. “I’m glad I wore this skirt and sweater today of all days,” she smiled to herself.

Once they hit their office level, she led him to his office, offering some help and supplies. Their branch chief wanted to say hi to Daniel on his first day, so Sheryl let him to her office and introduced him to Ryan.

Sheryl then returned to her desk, being sure to take a glance at Ryan’s toned butt, feeling herself flush ever so slightly.

“Someone enjoys working out,” she thought to herself.

But as much as she wanted avcılar escort to stay there and see Daniel on his way out, she had to get home. Her husband was expecting her, and she still had to get the wine he asked her to pick up.

When she got home, she saw a text from her husband saying that he had been called into work for an emergency. He worked as an HVAC repair man, and usually got calls at random times during the day. But she had learned that it was just a fact of life.


As usual, he got home to an empty house. His wife worked as a pediatrician at the local hospital, and kept pretty weird hours. So most of the time, Daniel spent his evenings alone, taking care of house stuff, sitting at the computer browsing for the latest in porn, or playing video games.

But today, when he got home, porn just wasn’t cutting it. Usually, he’d be able to find something classy, something that got him where he wanted to go. But today, no matter what he watched, he couldn’t help but think of Sheryl and the tight skirt. All he wanted to do was pin her against the wall, tear off of her leggings, and take her in the office. He slid down his pants and began to play with himself. Slowly stroking his hardness up and down, eyes closed, picturing her in the elevator, or in the hallway. He imagined himself walking up behind her in the elevator; hitting the stop button, and gently caressing her back and her butt; slowly working his hands around the front, kissing her neck, rubbing his hands over her firm breasts. He pictured taking her clothes off; he envisioned her wearing a matching bra and thong. He imagined rubbing his now swollen cock across her wet pussy. He imagined taking her, right there in the elevator, pushing into her, feeling her tightness and her wetness, thrusting over and over, making her scream his name. It didn’t take long before he could feel his load building up. He slowed slightly, but it was no use. Within seconds, he was shooting up in the air, all over himself and the desk. Stream after stream until he sat there, spent and exhausted, catching his breath, eyes closed.

“Damn,” he thought. “This is going to be a nightmare to clean up.”


After putting the wine in the fridge, Sheryl sat down on the couch with her favorite book. Everyone has a book they like to read once in a while, just as a refresher. The difference between Sheryl and the rest of the world, however, was that her go-to book was a romance, one of those with the steamy love scene on page 100 (plus or minus). She had stopped reading the previous night, right before the love scene. Her husband was already asleep, and she did not enjoy going to be all worked up.

But this afternoon was a different story. She started reading, and as she did, she could feel herself become flush. A warmth was spreading between her legs, and she began to shift uncomfortably. It wasn’t long before she had moved upstairs to their bedroom, and found her favorite toy. She pulled off the leggings, and spread her legs, ever so slightly. She took the shaft and began rubbing it across her clit, noticing immediately how wet she already was.

“Damn, I just started reading…” she thought to herself. But she knew what it was that had her as horny as she was.

She began to imagine Daniel. She closed her eyes and şirinevler escort saw him in his crisp, blue suit. She imagined slowly taking off the jacket and undoing his tie. She pictured herself sinking to her knees, undoing the fly of his pants, reaching in and finding what had to be a good-sized penis. She envisioned his hardness springing free of the trousers, finding its way into her mouth.

She began to rub her clit more vigorously, the thoughts of Daniel’s penis making her wetter and wetter.

Before long, Daniel had gently raised her up, simultaneously sliding the sweater over her head. He laid her back on her desk, kissing her passionately on the lips, teasing her with his tongue. He slowly began to work his way down, kissing her neck, each time, lightly sucking. He found his way to her ear lobes, and took one gently in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Her back arched and she let escape a small moan.

He moved down to her by-then erect nipples, feeling one, then the other through the thing fabric of her bra. He quickly reached behind her and undid the clasp of the bra, and pulled it free, tossing it aside. He took one nipple in his mouth, while the other he caressed with his hand. Sheryl gave another, louder moan as she felt waves of pleasure starting to come over her.

The toy had now found its way inside of her. She began to pulse it back and forth, each time thrusting over her sensitive clit, rubbing against the little spot on the inside that drove her mad with pleasure.

She envisioned Daniel making his way down her belly, gently kissing her every few inches, his hands roaming around, never spending more than a couple seconds away from her breasts. His fingers traced the outlines of her nipples, sending shockwaves through her body.

She helped Daniel take off the skirt and the leggings, leaving her in nothing but her thong.

He started on the outside of her knees, continuing his habit of gentle kisses, slowly working his way up. He pecked one leg, then the other, up the thigh, closer and closer to her womanhood. By the time he made it to her thong, it was soaked through. She wasn’t even sure there was much purpose to it at this point. He pulled it off, raising her off the desk ever so slightly. His tongue found her clit immediately.

“Oh my God, Daniel,” Sheryl cried thrusting the vibrator faster and faster.

He used his tongue in ways she never knew possible. It was like he knew exactly where she wanted to be touched, and how she wanted to be touched. He sucked lightly on the clit, pushing one finger into her, sliding deep in, and then slowly pulling out, while pushing up at the same time. The other hand continued to explore and play with her nipples. Her back arched as she felt her orgasm building.

She was barely able to hold onto the vibrator as she wriggled around in her bed. She felt her orgasm building, picturing Daniel’s tongue working magic on her. And then it hit her. It started slowly, and gradually built in intensity.

“Oh God… oh God…ooohhhh…” she trailed off as she squeezed her eyes shut. And then she came. Harder than she had in a long time. She instinctively sat up, in the bed, pulsating as she pulsed the vibrator over and over inside her. She lay back down and continued to spasm, the uncontrolled orgasm hitting her over and over and over. Until it finally stopped.

Sheryl lay there, drenched in a mixture of her sweet and her wetness, exhausted and spent. She closed her eyes, recovering, and then realized how much of a mess she made.

“Damn,” she said out loud to the empty room. “This mess is going to be a nightmare to clean up…”

End of Chapter 1: TO BE CONTINUED…

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