A Cold and Snowy Night

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“What a crappy way to end, what up until this point, had been a most wonderful evening,” Tony muses to himself getting out of the car and slamming the door shut.

He walks around the outside of the SUV as the snow, mixed with a freezing rain, begins to fall with increasing intensity from the dark December sky. His daughter’s black Escalade, with the expensive rims, had slide down a rather sharp embankment and had come to rest solidly against a large tree. The engine was still hissing steam as he walked around the car realizing they were in a pretty tight spot here.

Out in the middle of nowhere and stranded. It was quite clear the car was not going anywhere. And the temperature was dropping, almost by the minute it seemed, so the cold rain which was now falling mixed with snow, would undoubtedly turn into a heavy snow before this freezing Vermont night was over.

If only he would not have let his beautiful 19 year daughter have some wine at dinner maybe she would not have been feeling so playful, and the accident would never have happened. Jasmine had lightheartedly popped the cork on the champagne bottle, yelling “Merry Christmas” as she sat giggling in the front seat next to him.

He was driving on a slick winding road, and when the cork shot across the front seat of the car, and struck him squarely in the side of the head, he lost both his concentration and control of the large vehicle.

But maybe he could have dealt with that if that was the only thing the silly girl had done, but it wasn’t. She also took it upon herself to start giggling and spray the champagne inside the car, finally causing him to jerk the wheel, thus causing him to lose control as the large Escalade ran off the road. Lucky neither of them were hurt, but still it was a bad enough situation.

They had been on a scenic drive, at her insistence, through a small Vermont backwoods, on a narrow and winding road. It was approaching 10 pm, very late by small town standards, especially more so in this backwoods they now found themselves stranded in, so the area was quite deserted.

Now as he walked around the car assessing the damage he wondered what to do next. He looked up to the sky and seen ominous storm clouds building to the north. Their cell phones were of no help as she could not get a signal, and he had foolishly left his behind at the house.

“Now what?” He looks over at her.

“I guess we walk. You know I seen a mailbox just off the side of the road there a ways back. Maybe someone is home and we can call for a tow truck.”

“Jasmine most of these cabins out here are exclusively summer rentals. I doubt anyone would be home. Pretty crappy way to end our date huh?” he says smiling at her trying to not show the anxious fear that was building in the pit of his stomach.

“Oh I don’t know Daddy so far this has been my best Christmas Eve date yet and now it will only get more interesting.”

“Interesting yeah right.”

The night certainly had been interesting enough already. He was supposed to be spending Christmas Eve with his ex-wife. Had made reservations last month well in advance at the Crossbow Inn, which was Maple Hill’s, Vermont finest little romantic hot spot.

“A dark and casual spot,” he thought would be the perfect time to discuss them getting back together. But at the last moment she called and canceled. Then Jasmine called and suggested why not take her out for a Christmas Eve dinner after he told her how her mother had stood him up at the last moment.

She seemed to have known her mother was going to cancel their date. Jasmine knew her daddy still carried a torch for her mother, even though she had left him for a younger guy almost three years ago breaking his heart.

Jasmine, he felt, was just playing the role of good daughter knowing he would be feeling down when she suggested they go out. He tried to talk her out of it saying he was OK, but Jasmine, as willful as ever, insisted they spend the evening together.

So instead of having a quiet romantic dinner with his ex-wife in hopes of rekindling the flames of passion between them, he found himself dining with his young and most gorgeous 19 year old daughter.

Jasmine was of mixed descent. Tony had solid German Caucasian blood while her mother, Jada, was full blooded Korean. Like many daughters of mixed marriages Jasmine turned out to be an absolute show stopper in the looks department. She had pretty black hair that fell to her shoulders, along with a perfectly flawless dark complexion. In most regards physically she had taken after her mother, which to Tony was a blessing considering how very beautiful Jada was herself.

Jasmine was small in height 5′ 3″ and weight 113 pounds which Tony found absolutely adorable as he had always had a thing for small women, but especially small Asian women in particular. And even though he tried not to focus on it too much as the evening progressed he could not help but notice how Jasmine had so nicely filled out in the last 2 and half years since he istanbul escort had last seen her.

She had moved back to California with her mom, and then stayed there even as her mom came back to Vermont six months ago. Now she was home on an extended vacation, and Tony had been thrilled when she called suggesting they go out.

Jasmine and Tony had always been very close as she grew up, and he had missed her terribly after the divorce. He told her this no less than probably a half dozen times over dinner that evening. It was easy saying nice things to her as she simply looked absolutely gorgeous on this night and was being so very warm and friendly with him.

She was dressed casual in a pair of jeans and a simple white blouse along with a pair of sexy 4 and half inch ankle boots. But although she may have dressed casual she still looked as sexy as all hell. Her blue jeans were studded with rhinestones and were skin tight, showing off a gorgeous ass that Tony noted must have been a most recent development. He certainly did not remember his little girl having such a great ass when they played catch out in the backyard just a few short years ago. But her ass was nothing compared to her tits.

When Jasmine walked into the kitchen asking him if he was ready to go she had on a super tight white blouse. Tony noted with amusement, bordering on concern, how the top three buttons of his daughter’s blouse were casually left undone. Between leaving the buttons undone, and the tightness of her blouse it left no doubt that Jasmine now possessed an absolutely lethal set of tits. They must have been at least double D’s maybe even triple D’s as Tony simply could not help but to stare, if only for a few short moments.

His daughter’s tits simply looked huge on her small trim frame. But what really made it hard to keep from staring at them was Jasmine was clearly not wearing a bra under her tight white blouse.

The contrast of her dark Korean skin with the white blouse hiding those lethal tits of hers had driven Tony absolutely crazy all night as he did his best not to stare at them.

Maybe the highlight of dinner was afterwards when she suggested they slow dance on the Crossbow’s small dark dance floor. There were already three other couples out there dancing so Tony, despite his reservations as he did not consider himself much of a dancer, agreed. When Jasmine snuggled in tight next to him as they swayed to the music his heart nearly stopped as felt those tremendous tits of hers brushing up against his chest. Every time he tried to move back a bit she only came forward pushing up against him all the more. It was in a word –maddening, especially since it had been so long since he had sex.

In a futile useless romantic gesture, Tony refused to date other women after Jada left him convinced that she would someday come back. For some stupid reason he wanted himself, out of some misguided romantic notion, to remain pure for her until she came to her senses.

But now he found himself in the arms of his daughter on the dance floor, and as her arms slide up his neck while smiling that sweet innocent sexy smile of hers, he found his cock coming alive.

Jasmine, in a word or two, was a cock tease. Even to her daddy. It must have been in the blood as her mother was the exact same way. Both loved to show off. The point was driven home even more emphatically when Jasmine made her dramatic confession over dessert that back in Los Angeles she was a stripper, and a very good one at that, she added with a sly smile.

“Well now I know how she can afford such an expensive vehicle anyways,” he muses to himself. When he confessed being worried about her chosen profession she smiled softly at him and said “Oh don’t worry Daddy I am still saving myself for Mr. Right. I am still a virgin as pure and innocent as freshly fallen snow.”

“Yes now, a virgin stripper talk about an oxymoron as those are two things that obviously don’t go together.”

She reached across the table and slapped him playfully saying, “Just because the other strippers you hear about may be whores and drug addicts does not mean I have to be one too Daddy. I am really a good girl. In fact I have never even been felt up as of yet.”

Tony found this hard to believe, but despite wanting to press her for more details he was not sure he was comfortable discussing her sex life so he told her this while nodding his head in quiet disbelief. The fact was, Tony simply did not believe her. How could someone that pretty and that well put together be such a pure virgin that no guy had even felt her up?

Jasmine, maybe it was the wine they were sharing over dinner, and maybe sensing he did not quite believe her, opened up even more to him.

“Yeah but the thing is this–there is no sex life to discuss Daddy. I am serious I have never even let a man get past a simple kiss on my cheek. I desperately want my first man to have the privilege of knowing where he goes no man has avcılar escort ever went before. All my girlfriends make fun of me you know. They think I am frigid or something but I am not. I am just really, really picky.”

“Ok well I guess I should be proud,” he says finishing off the last of his dessert. He was ready to go but she wanted to dance, again, so he granted her one last dance before they would head home to what he thought might be a quiet evening of sipping eggnog, while watching some hokey Christmas movie as she cuddled next to him. This had been a favorite ritual of theirs to do in the past over the holidays.

After the last dance they held hands tightly as they left the dance floor. Tony’s heart was still trip hammering in his chest as out on that dark dance floor they had exchanged several brief kisses. They both were feeling a bit friendly due to the several glasses of red wine they shared during dinner, and as they both professed how much they loved each other, and how much they missed one another, it just sort of happened.

The last brief kiss they had shared had even been on the lips. Tony had belatedly tried to avoid brushing his lips against hers when he realized Jasmine meant to kiss him on the lips but Jasmine, being that willful daughter that she had always been, simply would not be denied. She sweetly raised her hand up and used it to hold her daddy’s chin in place as her soft sweet lips fell on his.

It was also during this last dance that she really snuggled up against him in the process pushing her large firm tits against him in a most provocative manner for the second time that evening. Just like before when it happened his cock came alive almost like it had been hotwired.

On the way home she suggested stopping and getting a bottle of champagne so at midnight they could ring in Christmas properly. He agreed. But after picking up the champagne she then suggested, just before turning on the road that would take them home, to take a little scenic drive on old highway 11 that snaked around the town and out into Clark’s woods. He agreed. She said she wanted to watch the snow fall in the forest as it was so quiet and serene out there.

But then came Jasmine’s, in a moment of drunken levity, little celebration as they approached the middle of Clark’s woods, setting off the chain of events that caused the SUV to skid off the road and crash.

He didn’t blame her though, only himself as he obviously had let her have a little too much wine during dinner.

Now they were stuck, her expensive SUV all smashed to hell, and it was his fault for giving in to all of her demands. As they made the way out of the SUV, deciding to follow her advice and try and locate the house or cabin that the mailbox she had seen belonged to, he noted how the freezing rain was in the process of changing to a thick heavy snowfall.

Jasmine opened her back hatch and grabbed a gym bag out of it shoving the champagne inside saying with a giggle “Maybe we will find a quiet place to drink this.”

“Yeah well that should not be too hard as I do believe we are pretty much all alone out here.”

“Ha just as I planned then.” Jasmine exclaims with a giggle.

Tony responded by saying she did not appreciate the gravity of their situation to which she only laughed expressing her belief, “As long as I am with my Daddy nothing bad can happen.”

After a long walk, first in freezing rain mixed with snow, and then a heavy snow only as the temperature continued to plummet, all the while Tony cursing that he did not bring a heavier jacket, they reached the mailbox. The light jacket he was wearing did not have a collar and was rather thin allowing first the rain and then the wet snow to soak right through to his new expensive dress shirt.

Tony noted with dismay how the mailbox stood slightly askew, looking for all the world, that it had not been used for quite some time. Not a good sign at all.

“Well we have to try Daddy and see if someone is home. I’m freezing,”

They trudged up the long winding driveway flanked on both sides by thick trees. In the front yard there was a For Sale by Owner sign tipped over at a crazy angle. Not a good omen either. “Honey its vacant. Look they are trying to sell the dump.”

From the outside anyways, the old cabin looked like it had seen better years—decades ago most likely. The overhang over the front porch bowed down in the middle and looked about to collapse. “It probably doesn’t have a solid window left and is full of rats and shit,” he said silently to himself deciding it best not to mention these thoughts to Jasmine.

“Still let’s check it out. No cars came during the whole time we were walking and I’m getting worried.” She says between her chattering teeth. He looked at her holding the gym bag over her head trying at the very least to protect her pretty hair.

She had on only a thin stylish jacket herself for protection against the elements, but luckily, or they would have really been şirinevler escort in trouble, her gym back contained a pair of tennis shoes allowing her to slip out of her stylish, but slightly impractical for walking, ankle boots. He offered her his thin jacket several times during the course of the walk to which she politely declined over and over again.

The snow had been coming down harder still for the past 10 minutes. It would be a White Christmas after all he noted with bitter irony. They had to do something so he followed her advice although he was doubtful anyone lived there. In fact, he was sure of it.

“Ok honey lets go check out this dump.”

He walks up onto the porch telling her to hang back. He knocks once, twice. The small log cabin is dark and silent. He turns to her and shrugs his shoulder saying “Like I said vacant Jasmine.”

“Try the front door.”

He rattles the knob. It’s locked and feels solid. Surprisingly, the windows in front, anyway, are all intact.

“Let’s just break in Daddy. I am freezing.”

“Really honey breaking and entering. What if the police………….” She gives him a look of disappointment as she stands there shivering waiting for him to be a man and take charge. The look does it for him.

“Right no cops are probably around. Ok come around to the back.”

They hurry around to the back, and five minutes later are entering the small cabin. He had used a rock to smash one of the small plate windows in the back door and then was able to reach his hand inside and unlock the door. Jasmine, fortunately had remembered to bring her emergency flash light from the SUV, so they would have at least some light to explore the dark interior of the cabin.

It was basically clean and well kept, except the layer of dust that hung over everything indicating it had not been disturbed in a few weeks anyways. “The owners probably have someone come out once a month or so to check on the cabin and clean it up a bit,” Tony tells his daughter as they scan the flashlight around the dark interior of the place, looking for any signs of recent habitation.

There were only four rooms. The small kitchen, a surprising large master bedroom with an old fashioned sleigh bed complete with checkered quilt, a bathroom attached to the bedroom, and a medium sized living room.

Tony made Jasmine wait just inside the backdoor as he quickly explored the small cabin with the flashlight making sure they were no untold dangers lurking in the darkness. All the windows were locked and secured, save the one he broke, which helped set his mind at ease.

He came back to the kitchen and gave her a thumbs up. Tony then did his best to secure the back door somewhat by jamming one of the wooden chairs that was under the kitchen table against the knob before telling his daughter first the good news and then the bad news.

“The front room has a large brick fireplace honey with loads of firewood, plus I found some candles, which is good since it looks like we are going to be stuck here at least for the night as there is no power, which of course means no phone, not that they have one that I can see anyways.”

“Great does have a big old bearskin rug in front of it because that would be so quaint and …………..romantic,” Jasmine says with a sly smile.

“Hmm you must be living well as your wish is close to being true as there is a large fur rug, if its bear I am not sure, but it looks clean and comfortable.”


He showed her to the bathroom as she was desperate to fix her hair and makeup, plus go pee. He gives her the flashlight after he gets a couple of the candles lit so he can see what the hell he is doing.

Soon there is a roaring fire blazing inside the old stone fireplace. He strips off his jacket sighing as he bends down next to the fire warming himself. He glances outside and the snow is really falling now. He can barely see their tracks anymore that had been so clearly visible just a few minutes ago leading around from the front to the back of the old cabin.

She was taking forever it seemed in the bathroom. He went and knocked on the door checking to see if she was OK. “Yes Daddy be out in a minute just finishing up fixing my hair and putting on some makeup.”

He sighs before saying, “Jesus honey now what do you have to go and do that for, we are stranded in the middle next to nowhere and you are worried about your damn hair and putting on makeup.”

She opens the door slightly and gives him that disarming smile of hers saying sweetly, “Daddy until we get home I still consider us on our very special Christmas Eve date so with that in mind can you excuse a young lady if she wants to still look good for her man, no matter the circumstances.”

“So now I am your man huh. I thought I was your daddy.”

“Hmm you can be both.” And with that she slams the door shut in his face.

He sighs as he leaves the room, noting that before it had been a Christmas Eve dinner they were out on, but somehow now it had turned into a Christmas Eve date.

He relaxes on the small love seat, which is just offset to the fireplace at a right angle, while waiting patiently for his daughter to come out of the bathroom. He is sipping on the champagne she brought with them straight from the bottle and is getting a nice buzz on.

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