9 Stone Cum Queen at the Barbeque

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(This is my fifth story for Literotica)

Here I am.

I don’t know where to begin.

I am on my knees, behind a garden shed at a house in Islington London. I am wearing no top or bra. My 30D tits are absolutely covered in cum. There are drenched in jizz.

I have never had my tits covered in so much goo. This must be the messiest I have ever been.

The sun is out. The sunrays kiss my tits. My nipples stick out. They are rock hard. The cum is cool on my tits. The spunk starts to collect in large gloops and runs down in drips. One drip hangs from my tit waiting to fall.

I got four men to take turns in shooting their load over me. One at a time they emptied their balls over my pale white body.

I said, “Aim straight for the tits.”

They all aimed straight. They didn’t miss.

This has been a glorious Sunday.

When I woke up this morning the sun was streaming through my window. It was a hot night. I slept naked on top of the sheets. I wore nothing except a single string of pearls.

I wear my pearls nearly all the time. The pearl necklace is a metaphor. You know what a metaphor is right?

Let me put it this way. As well as liking a pearl necklace I would also like a bra made of pearls. A pearl hair net. A pearl face mask. An all over pearl body stocking.

I arch my stomach and stretch. I have a flat stomach.

I have lovely 30D tits. Not the biggest, though big enough for you, you dirty fuck. They are a handful. You could take each of my tits in your hands and they would be full. You could be quite rough with them if you like. I quite like it when men play with my tits quite roughly. I have dark brown nipples that are about an inch in diameter. My nipples react to almost anything. A light breeze will make my nipples rock hard in an instant. I find it hard to be silent when somebody gives my tits attention. When a beautiful woman touches my tender nipples I have to gasp. If she bites and tongues them slowly I will moan.

I have long, strong white legs. They can wrap around you. They can pull you in and you wouldn’t escape. My legs look good in dark black hold ups. My legs look good in silk stockings with a seam running up the back. My legs look good in white school girl socks. My legs look good in brightly coloured tights with a funky mini skirt. My legs look good in black knee socks. My legs look fantastic when they are completely naked.

In my fourth story for Literotica I wore knee length black socks together with six inch heels. I found a random man on a train and I took him to a back alley where he fucked me on the hard concrete floor like a filthy dog.

In my eighth story for Literotica I get myself into a heap of trouble. I wear sexy black tights but I am taken by force. My tights are ripped apart and I am rammed by a huge cock wether I like it or not.

I am 5ft 6inches tall. I weigh 9 stone. That’s the perfect weight for my height. I have short black hair worn in a bob. I am slim but not scrawny. My body is tight and healthy. I am a slim girl with big tits and a big high ass. I am your fuck dream.

I stretch and bask in the sun. I cup my breasts and stroke myself. I move my hands between my legs. I keep my cunt shaven. I part my pussy lips.

The phone rings. I get up and tip toe through my flat. I pick up the phone.


“Hey 9 Stone Cum Queen, this is 7 Stone Skanky Slut.”

“Hey 7 Stone, what’s up?”

7 Stone Skanky Slut is one of my best friends. Like me she is an extremely liberated girl and very bi-sexual. She loves to get young women to lick her crack in the back of her Volkswagon. I love to kiss her tiny nipples on her flat chest and then pinch them hard. Recently though, she’s got a husband and a house. She’s trying to be faithful.

“We’re having a barbeque today,” said 7 Stone. “Do you want to come?”

“Sounds pretty good,” I reply. “Who’s coming?”

“14 Stone Fat Tits, 11 Stone Anal Angel and 10 Stone Blonde Pussy. They’re all bringing their husbands.”

Wow, that’s quite a collection of my sluttiest friends. I can’t begin to tell you the fun I’ve had with those girls. The cocks we’ve ridden. The cum we’ve eaten. The pussy with licked.

The problem is they’ve all got their husbands now and while we talk about sex in the filthiest way imaginable, they really all do try their hardest to remain faithful.

These girls used to be super nasty but now they are on the straight and narrow.

I tell 7 Stone Skanky Slut I’ll be there.

I get dressed. I slip on pink short pants. There are made from a thin lace. From behind you can see my ass crack. From the front you can see my slit. You can see right through this material.

I put on a bra made from the same material. You can see my dark brown nipples through the thin pink material.

It’s a push up bra. It pull my tits up high and brings them together. It turns the tops of my tits into a beautiful cleavage.

I don’t mind at all if you stop reading right now and wank yourself off thinking about my large firm tits pulled up tightly in their snug sexy bra. Go on. Shoot your cum over your stomach. I’ll still be here when you get back.

I look at myself in the mirror in pearls and my sexy see through undies. I slip my finger inside my panties and stroke my clitroris for a few minutes.

I pull on a skirt. The skirt is ordinary and knee length but every skirt looks sexy on me. It’s because of my big tight ass. My grandmother on my mother’s side was karataş escort African. I’m the whitest girl but I have a black girls ass. It’s big and high and sticks out. It stretches the skirt material tight. Especially when I sit down. When I sit or crouch the skirt tightens round my ass and thighs. The hem starts to ride up my legs.

If you were here right now I would let you put your hand up the back of my skirt. You could stroke and finger my ass. I’d let you stick just your little finger up my shit-hole whilst I jerked your cock off. You wouldn’t be able to hold back, you would come hard and fast.

I would make you come with filthy words from my slut mouth.

These are some of the words I have used to make men come;

“My cunt is tighter than your wifes.”

“I can’t believe your cock is up my shit-hole.”

“That’s it honey, just let go.”

These words have earned me showers of spunk in the past.

Today I leave my legs bare. This is a rarity.

In my first Literotica story I got my face sprayed in the middle of a street whilst wearing silk stockings.

In my second story I drank down the cum of three men whilst wearing dark black tights and high shorts.

In my third story I wanked a husband off into his Wife’s face whilst wearing sexy heels and hold ups.

In my fourth story I was speared in a back alley like a cheap whore. I wore black knee socks and the highest heels I own.

In my seventh story I will wear white tights and white heels. It’s the cheapest look I can think of. I will wear them with a short denim skirt. A fat useless husband will rip my tights apart at the gusset. He will fuck me over the bonnet of his car. He will fuck me against a tree. He will use me like a rag doll. I will get fucked against my will.

Today my legs will be bare.

I pull on a pink cashmere jumper. I washed it at too high a temperature. It shrank. It looks too small on me. It hugs my tits. It has a low-neck line.

If I bent down in front of you, you would look down the front of my jumper and think, “I want to fuck that bitch’s tits so bad.”

I want you to fuck my tits so bad.

My first story was about my face. My second was about my mouth. My third was about hands and my tiny ass-hole. My fourth was about my glorious cunt.

This story will be about my tits.

When I put my cashmere jumper on I decided, “Today I will get cum on my tits.”

I can get cum anytime I want. If I wanted cum on my tits and I was out shopping I could just phone my friend John. I would phone John and say, “Hey John, I don’t suppose you would bust your nuts over my tits would you? I hate to be a bother its just that I was just doing my shopping in Tesco’s and I decided that as well as some vegetables and milk what I also needed was some stinky man fat dripping from my nipples. Tesco’s don’t seem to sell stinky man fat so do you think you could meet me in the car park in ten minutes. I hate to a bother. It wouldn’t take long. I’d just get in the back of your car and slip my top off and as soon as you were ready you could decorate my boobs with your spunk.”

I don’t phone John. There will be four husbands at this barbeque. Surely one of them will be kind enough to lay some juice on my knockers.

God, I shouldn’t talk so dirty. My quim is all wet again. I’m typing this one handed. I have my finger in my cunt.

The last thing I put on is my sexy black boots. They zip up tight around my calves. They have four-inch heels.

I like to fuck in boots. I like to fuck in heels. These boots make men want to fuck me.

I sat on a man’s face once for a whole hour wearing just these boots and my pearls. I got him so wound up that when I let him go he tried to turn me over to fuck me hard but he wasn’t quick enough he was already shooting spunk as he was getting me on the floor. He dripped cum over my legs and my boots.

Later on I got my special girlfriend to lick the cum from my boots. I will tell you more about her later.

I leave for the party.

I arrive at 7 Stone Skanky Sluts house. She answers the door.

7 Stone Skanky Slut is a tiny woman. She is 32. She is sexy in the most surprising way. She has no tits to speak of. She is almost entirely flat chested. Her body is slight. She has short red hair cut like a boys but she is incredibly sexy. If you were sitting talking to her you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about putting your cock in her mouth. 7 Stone Skanky Slut likes cock but she likes pussy more. She’s an absolute pussy hound. This is why it’s so odd to see her married.

7 Stone licks pussy the best.

She is wearing a vest top, which shows her lack of tits. She wears tight jeans and trainers. She hasn’t licked my pussy since she got married. I wish she would again.

I walk into the kitchen and see 7 Stone Skanky Slut’s husband. He is called Dave or something, probably. Let’s call him Thick Dave. He seems really stupid. He is getting drinks for the other guests.

“Hello 9 Stone Cum Queen,” he says.

You know that’s not really my name right? He called me by my real name.

“How’s married life treating you?” I ask.

“I love being married to 7 Stone Skanky Slut.”

You know she’s not really called 7 Stone Skanky Slut right?

“Pray tell Thick Dave,” said I. “What do you love the best?”

I am leaning on the breakfast bar. He stands the other side. I think he can see down my top.

What am I talking about! I know he can see down my top.

“I love the intimacy,” says Thick Dave. “When you get married, a whole new level of intimacy enters the relationship.”

I think I’m going to throw up. He’s talking about how much he loves his wife but his eyes are saying how much he’d like to stick his cock in between my boobs.

He’d like to fuck my boobs.

He’d like to hold me down on my knees.

He’d like to grab me by the neck so I couldn’t move away and thrust and pound away. Fucking the crack in between my tits. He would want me to hold my tits together for him. Every time he pushed forward his big purple bell end would bang against my chin. Knocking my head back.

He wants to fuck my tits so bad.

“Oh you mean like secrets!” I exclaim, “Has she told you how much she craves pussy? I’m sure she has. 7 Stone Skanky Slut has loved pussy ever since I met her. In fact the first time I met her she was slurping up the cunt juice of a fifty year old librarian. She was crouched down behind the enquiries desk eating milf slit like it had gone out of fashion. In fact you’ve kind of got me to thank that she even takes cock at all. When I met her she hadn’t had her pussy pounded by a decent dick for two years. I arranged for her to come to my flat where I got two firemen to tag team her for two hours straight. One would fuck her from behind whilst the other rammed his meat into her mouth. Then they would turn around and the other one would fuck her tiny pussy whilst the other kept thrusting his cock between her pretty lips. They kept swapping every 5 minutes, mouth, cunt, mouth, cunt, mouth, cunt. You know how tiny she is? I thought they were going to split her in two. At the end, when she was red raw and sore, they glazed her sweet face with hot spunk. Her face was completely covered and she couldn’t open one eye due to the amount of jizz over it. I told the guys to go and then I tenderly licked all the cum off of her face. I licked her clean as a whistle. She said that it was too hard for her and that she still wanted pussy all the time. I said that given time she would learn to love cock. Another time I remember we got four ugly men, to fuck her one after the other. She still craved cunt so to make it easier for her I sat on her face the whole time. The feel and smell of a girls crack made her much happier. Everytime one of the guys fucked her to the point of coming I would lift myself off of her glorious tongue and tell them to shoot right into her mouth. Then when I got back onto her face she had the delicious cocktail of fresh man fat mixed with the sweet taste of my gushing pussy. We did this three more times. The next guy fucked her hard whilst she ate my pussy. Then I lifted my ass up and he came straight into her open mouth. Bullseye! Then I sat down mixing in even more pussy juice with the saliva and the spunk of two men. Then a third guy fucked her like he’d never seen a pussy before. I got off just in time and he rammed his thick cock in your wife’s tiny mouth. She gurgled on her third load of cum and I got straight back on top of her. The wetness was making squelching sounds. Whilst the fourth guy fucked her I came. I came because your wife knows how to flick a woman’s clit like only a woman knows. I was coming hard on her face whilst this guy took her ankles in each hand and forced her legs back high and wide so he could get his cock in right up to the hilt. She tried to cry out to me to make him stop but her mouth was full of cunt and I was coming loudly so I couldn’t hear her. For the fourth time I got off and for the fourth time 7 Stone Skanky Slut got a perfect load of jizz in her mouth. We made the guys leave and we swapped cunt and man juice between out mouths like baby sparrows at feeding time. There was so much we let it fall from our mouths onto our tits. I loved massaging all that thick goo into her tiny non-existant tits. She said that she understood what it was to be fucked by a good cock now, and although pussy would always be her first choice she would find space in her life for cock. Anyway I’m sure that’s all behind her now, as she’s in love with you, and you married and everything and it’s all fine.”

He looked like I’d ripped his balls off.

He looked like someone had scratched his new car.

He looked like he’d just realised he’d married the biggest dyke slut in all of London town.

I lean across and whisper in his ear. He can see down my tight jumper. He can see my tits. “Tonight at half past seven I will make an excuse and go outside behind the shed. At seven thirty five you will come over and I will allow you to shoot cum over my 30D tits.”

Whilst he stood there with his gob open I said, “I’ll see you outside.” As I walked out of the kitchen I made my ass swing back and forth. I made it rock side to side.

I’m wearing my fuck boots.

I knew he was watching and I knew he still wanted to fuck me.

He didn’t want to fuck me out of desire anymore he wanted to fuck me out of anger.

Outside on the patio 14 Stone Fat Tits is sitting on a garden chair with her husband, who incidentally is also called Dave. Go figure! Lets call him Small Dave because he has a small cock.

14 Stone Fat Tits is a little overweight and has enormous fat tits. She is 24 years old. They’re 38 GG or something, I don’t know. They’re frigging gigantic. Like me, her style sometimes veers a little to the alternative or gothic. She has died bright red curly hair and heavy make up around her eyes and mouth. She always wears clothes for a girl a bit slimmer and smaller than her. Today she is wearing fishnets over her big wide thighs and a black mini skirt which lets you see more than you’d bargained for. Like me she has boots on, but she has a much higher heel than me, maybe five and a half inches! She has a tight black t-shirt over her big knockers. The t-shirt says ‘Television’ on it and has a picture of four men.

Do you think she isn’t sexy because she is so big? Let me tell you she is fucking sexy.

She’d eat you alive.

She’d take three of you in one sitting. She has a hand technique that would make you cry for your mother.

She could make three of you come over her giant naked tits in five minutes. I’ll bet you a tenner.

Do you want to know what makes 14 Stone the happiest? A big huge cock.

14 Stone Fat Tits has a big fanny and sometimes she finds it hard to be satisfied so she craves the biggest longest dongs to satisfy her.

She used to go onto internet sites to find the biggest cocks. She got them to send pictures. She got them to send measurements. She used to write messages that read, “I don’t care what you look like or where you are from. If you have a cock that measures 10inches or more than will you please come and fuck this fat titted whore senseless.”

14 Stone Fat Tits walks to the Barbeque to get some burgers. I’m left with her husband, Small Dave.

I say, “14 Stone Fat Tits must be very in love with you.”

14 Stone Fat Tits isn’t her real name. I’m sure you guessed that already.

“What do you mean?” says Bald Dave.

“Oh you know the whole small/big cock thing. For a girl who is so obsessed with the length and girth of man meat to be with someone under endowed, well she must truly love you.”

“You’re talking rubbish Cum Queen. Fat Tits doesn’t care about the size of a cock. She says that it isn’t the size of the ship. It’s the motion of the ocean that counts.”

“Well maybe she’s changed, because the Fat Tits I know cared only about the size of the cock she got. The girl was obsessed. She would fuck almost anything as long as it was hung like a donkey. When we used to go out to nightclubs she would take a tape measure. I remember one time we were out and these three guys came up to us and she said she would fuck the one with the biggest cock. She went into the men’s loo and made them get hard by getting out her massive tits and playing with them on her knees. When they all jerked themselves hard she measured them and found that the biggest had a nine inch cock when erect. She let him bend her over the toilet and pull her tight leather mini skirt up over her big fat ass and fuck her hard and rough. The other two guys were allowed to stay in there and watch and masturbate. I had to stand outside and act as look out whilst she got her brains fucked out. He fucked her really hard as well. She kept crying ‘fill me up, fill me up.’ You know how big and wide her cunt is right? Your little cock must rattle around like a pea in a tin can in there. This big cocked guy shot his load inside her and his two friends came over her huge ass cheeks. On the way home, in the back of the taxi, she got her fat legs up so I could lick last of the cum out of her creampie. I also licked the cum that had dried on her big white cheeks. Another time, she was having such a hard time getting this small prick to satisfy her she asked me to help her out. I went over straight away and when I went into her bedroom this guy had her on her back and was pounding away with her fat legs high in the air. She had silver high heels on and a black skimpy nightdress. She was screaming at him, ‘your cock’s too small you useless piece of crap!’ I phoned up my friend John, who is my fuck puppet, and has a medium sized cock. He came round and lay on the bed on his back. Your fat wife sat on him and nearly crushed him. She got his cock inside her and then commanded this over guy to get his cock in there too. He got on top and managed to get a second cock in your fat slutty wife. She looked so gorgeous there getting absolutely pummelled by two cocks in her one slit. Imagine that! Your wife can fit two cocks inside her cunt. That podgy whore was the filling in a delicious fuck sandwich. The boys loved the feeling of their cocks rubbing together inside a cunt that had finally been made tight. Once they had made your missus squeal like a fat pig, they emptied themselves inside her. When she got up she had two men’s spunk literally falling out of her gaping hole. I got underneath her and tried to collect the juice in my mouth so none of it was wasted. Another time she got so tired of small cocks she posted on an internet chatroom that she would fuck the person with the biggest cock. Loads of people sent photos and she gave the winner her address. When he called round, she phoned me up and said you have to come and see this. I went round straight away and I’m not kidding, your wife was on the stairs with 11 inches sliding in and out of her. It was the second biggest cock I’d send in my life. Fat Tits was laughing her head off, she said, ‘this giant dong has made me come three times already!’ As he got ready to bust his nut I had to get down underneath between both their legs to see this absolutely amazing piece of cock finally giving Fat Tits the fucking she’d always deserved. It was fascinating watching this giant veiny bastard finally giving her a mansize fucking. As she came, her cunt squirted a little, and she sighed, ‘I will never get a fucking like that again.’ Though I’m sure she’s changed now. I’m sure because she loves you. I’m sure she’s very happy with your tiny cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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