2019 and the Young Perky Ass

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What a fucking hot day to be doing this. It was sweltering. The middle of goddamn July, and Julie was here, suspended 21 floors up, hanging here, washing pigeon shit off windows. But worse still, most of these were windows that were actually clean already. So she was really suspended 21 floors up, cleaning clean windows and waiting for the day to end. Well, at least she was making good hazard pay, get tanned, and could stay away from desks and politics. Her squeegee dipped into the bucket.

This squeegee had cleaned a few windows, a select few, with strange and wild things going on behind them. Julie had seen a few things during her nearly three years at this job. Nothing she was particularly thankful for having seen though. The freakiest was a fat guy with hairy shoulders in a pink nightie. Mostly she saw the recluses who didn’t go out to their elevators to notice the signs up saying that their windows would be washed that day. So they left the blinds up.

Julie lowered herself on her suspended platform down to the 20th floor. She began to wash a window with her energetic stroking style when something caught her eye. There was a bit of glare so she had to look deeply into the glass to make sure she was staring at what it looked like at first. She drew breath sharply and felt her legs begin to shake and tingle. Yes, that was most definitely what it had looked like at first glance!

Behind the thin windowpane, there was a young perky tender white ass. A young man’s ass, perhaps a man in his early 20s. And he was lying on his belly, with the hot sun baking him through the window. His pale skin was glowing. He had buried his face in his pillows, turned away from the window, and his right arm was buried too. But it was his left arm that drew Julie’s gaze. She realized that her throat had suddenly started to feel very dry in the heat. She swallowed hard and stared unflinchingly into the room.

The young man was there, holding a big blue plastic cock, and using it to freely explore his tiny hole. His thighs were spread wide apart and lying flat on the bed, his knees were bent and his feet were kicking carefree in the air. He was delicately but hungrily allowing this plastic dick to penetrate his tight orifice.

Under her overalls, Julie felt a surge of excited juices. Her pussy was on fire with interest in the scene. Now here was finally the type of intense erotic shit she had once dreamed of witnessing on this job, a fantasy she had actually forgotten about altogether. She felt parched. Time to get a drink!

Julie raised her platform back up to the roof and got off, trying to guess the room number. 2019, she though, it would have to be 2019.

She knew only one thing: to hell with windows, right now she needed to find her way into that bed and help that young man to get fucked! The lucky thing was that she had her car parked in the garage under the building. And she had her bag in the trunk of her beat-up burgundy car. And in her bag she always carried her other harness. Not the work one, but the one she used to hold her plastic cock in place while she fucked.

The elevator came right away and took her straight to the garage. The ride seemed long but the doors didn’t open even once until P2 where her car was. Everything was lining up just right for her to fuck this sweet young man. She only hoped he wouldn’t cum before she got there! In the elevator on the way back up Julie kept repeating to herself, “Please don’t gaziantep escort cum. Please don’t cum.”

She knocked at his door with a degree of boldness that surprised and impressed her. After all, she hadn’t even seen this guy’s face, and she had no idea who else was in the apartment with him! There was no answer at first.

After a second knock and a long and agonizing pause she heard rustling. Eventually the owner of 2019 came to the door in an over-sized bathrobe made of a dark green fuzzy material. He was a strikingly handsome young brunet with nice lips and quiet eyes. Julie noticed that they were about the same height and similar in build as well, both lean but muscular. Her shoulders were perhaps more toned than his, but he might have won in an arm wrestle.

“Hi! I’m doing windows in the building and I need to get at a spot inside for you. It’ll only take a minute,” she explained, raising her squeegee and shaking it with a smile.

“OK, come on in,” he replied, stepping aside.

As the door closed she took his hand lightly and led him to the bedroom, babbling the whole way about having seen a spot from the outside of the window that she just couldn’t leave alone. He came with her calmly and without saying a word.

He stood close to her by the window, beside the bed, and she dipped her squeegee into her bucket and made as if to go for the window, but let it splash on him instead, just below where his robe was tied. She dropped into a crouch at once and began to dry him with her cloth. Very soon there was a noticeable bulge in the front of this heavy dark green robe that was the final invitation she had been searching out. Julie parted the robe with her fingers very slowly and, looking up, never taking her eyes away from his, let her hand slip inside and lightly run along the side of his organ.

“What’s your name?” Julie inquired.

“Rob,” he answered quickly.

She pulled his robe fully open and began to kiss and caress his thighs.

“Nice to meet you Rob,” she replied between kisses, working one of his big dangling balls into her mouth and very gently sucking it out farther from his body, getting it wet with her saliva.

Her mouth came up from Rob’s balls, her tongue out and making a small squiggly trail along the side of his stiffness. Before she reached the mouth watering head of his cock she withdrew all the way off of him. Smiling up into his cool excited eyes, in a moment her mouth again found the base of his shaft. After a few approaches toward the head, Rob began to squirm and buck his hips. He reached out to grab handfuls of hair and force his dick into a warm waiting mouth. Julie sucked him slowly and deliciously, never letting him get enough of himself into her mouth to fully fuck her face, always taking him back out, observing him, smiling deviously.

She sucked his cock while humming, she blew on the tip and made it cool. She pressed it up against her cheek and jerked the base with her hand while her mouth worked on the rest of him. As she gave his dick the attention it needed she slid her warm fingers quietly back between Rob’s legs. He spread them apart right away, anticipating her move and inviting it. A finger discovered a well lubed asshole and was up inside immediately with no resistance. So she added a second finger, as she continued to suck Rob’s throbbing dick.

He moaned loudly and begged her to finger his ass faster. She could tell that escort bayan he wanted to cum, he was desperate for it, so she took the wet cock out of her mouth and slowly extracted her fingers from Rob’s ass and stood up.

Then she said, “Now Rob, I’m not just gonna let you finish that easily. Get on the bed and spread your legs for me.”

Rob tore the covers off of his bed and tossed them to the floor before springing onto his back with his stiff dick bobbing in the sunshine that streamed in through the window. Julie stood and undressed slowly, letting her large breasts fall from her bra sensually and laughing at Rob’s eager smile and hungry eyes. She stood and took her pants off, leaning forward from the waist so that Rob would get a good view of her fit muscular calves and her firm, wide, strong thighs. She was striking. She then turned so that Rob could see her firm ass, the pussy lips between it as she bent, and even the little mound of pubic hair that topped her pussy. She opened her little bag and out came a black harness and a big old vibrating dick, both longer and thicker than the one Rob had been using to fuck himself earlier.

Julie turned to him and said, “Before you get to cum, you have to take my dick baby. Can you do that for me?”

A look of concern or perhaps just astonishment danced across Rob’s face as he registered this request and at the next thing he saw, a bag opening and an impressively large dildo being taken out.

But he was not fazed. He simply responded with, “Yeah I think I can do that for you,” and relaxed back onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling and waiting.

Julie slipped her legs into the harness and tightened it around her. She took her bottle out and generously lubed up her impressive package. Then she got onto the bed on top of Rob. She studied his face. He really was handsome and sweet looking, somehow like she’d imagined from the window having only seen his ass. She held her cock firmly in one hand and positioned the tip up against Rob’s waiting asshole. He was nice and loosened up and he breathed deeply as she inserted the first inch.

“How do you like my cock baby?” she inquired.

“It’s so much cock. I feel so full. But I want more.”

She kept delicately thrusting forward, five, then six, seven, eight, and finally at last, all nine inches and her grey silicone balls where pressed right up firmly against Rob’s ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck me! It’s so big!” Rob groaned with stunned pleasure rolling his head loosely from one left to right on the bed.

“Just take your time with it. Let it fill you up,” Julie said, as she leaned in to kiss Rob’s mouth for the first time. Their lips played wetly and passionately. Their tongues touched each other in a light and sparing and juicy way. Then their mouths parted and Julie ground her hips powerfully in a circle against her new man friend’s ass. He let out a soft long moan and his head raised up to look and then collapsed back onto the bed. Julie could tell he was quickly losing control, anything she wanted to do to him now, he was ready and would let her. She was fantastically turned on by her position over this man and by the powerful vibrations hitting her clit and sending her waves of joy.

Rob was more turned on than he could remember ever having been. The pleasures were overpowering. Coursing through his gut. A panicked horniness. Warm and tickly and then ice cold in alternation. In jolts of passion. He felt himself trembling with openness for this new experience. Loving how little control he had left. Submitting to what was happening to him.

Rob’s cock was not big but it was straight and well formed. His erection was firm. But as he continued to get fucked, and as his ass opened up, his dick began to relax too. Soon it fell limp against his relatively hairless stomach. It was refreshing for him to be so turned on without being hard.

Julie lifted Rob’s legs over her shoulders and positioned a pillow under his lower back. Her hips came upwards, fucking her massive vibrator up into the walls of Rob’s ass. She was giving it to him with short firm strokes, and for his part, Rob was taking it and pleading for more. He had always wanted to try getting a big dick like this up his ass, receiving as much as his body could possibly handle. And it was just as sweet as he had dreamed it would be. He couldn’t have asked for anything else.

Every now and then he would reach down and rub his hand back and forth on his limp dick for a moment, remembering the sensations there while the rest of him got pleasured too. He caressed and squeezed his loaded hairless balls. When he took his hand away again he could watch as his whole manhood was bounced around by the strong push of the fake cock he was receiving. Deep up his ass he watched the grey dick as it disappeared and emerged anew.

Julie pulled her dick out and sat down on the edge of the bed, taking Rob’s hand and inviting him to straddle her. Staring intently at the enticing vibrations of the cock he mounted it, facing Julie, and got two big handfuls of sweet soft tit. He descended gingerly but with confidence, spreading his ass for her once more and slowly swallowing her shaft up into himself.

As he ground himself around on her lap, Rob got even more lost in the depth of the experience, turning helplessly hot and horny. He kissed Julie’s lips fiercely, attacked her neck, and then found her large sweet breasts, sucking the small dark rings of her nipples into his mouth and biting them with passion. This, together with the vibrations, was more than she could bare, and Julie had the afternoon’s first orgasm, her hips rubbing and squirming to get her clit crushed right up against the base of the vibrating cock, to press her orgasm into being, up out of her groin and shooting throughout her body. She shook as if she were at the end of the world and falling.

Seeing her cum like this drove Rob insane, he started to tug on his cock furiously, while increasing his pace on Julie’s cock, sliding up and down the gigantic shaft as if it were nothing. The stimulation was so intense and coming from so many places at once that he could barely tell when he was close, until suddenly he spurted. A small stream of cum fired out of Rob’s rigid dick and splashed across Julie’s face as her own orgasm continued, became too sensitive, backed off, and then exploded again into a second even stronger than the first. Rob’s semen continued to fire into the air, landing all across Julie’s neck and left breast. They came together hard. She slapped his ass firmly and dug her fingers into the cheek as he stoked himself and finished, throwing his head back, shouting and panting.

At last Rob was spent, his hard-on quickly melting away again, leaving a small soft penis bouncing once more from the movements of the massive cock pumping behind it. In a moment Julie was finally content, exhausted, and ready to turn her dick off for a while and collapse on the bed. She unfastened her harness and lay beside Rob, running her fingers along in his hair, and scratching at his scalp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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