When No Woman Equals Mom Ch. 03

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After posting Chapter 2 of this story I received an e-mail from Literotica member crazydorian who felt that Chapter 2’s tone was inconsistent with Chapter 1. In Chapter 1 Zach, who had no trouble inducing beautiful accomplished older women into his bed, devoted himself to securing the one older woman he couldn’t have, his mother Ivanka, while ensuring his father not only accepted, but encouraged the family’s new structure.

In Chapter 2 Zach bagged a teacher who was harassing a friend of his. So, crazydorian asked, if Ivanka is so important to Zach, why would he so quickly and cavalierly add another scalp to the wall? When did Ivanka go from being the woman Zach devoted his life to having to just the first notch on his bed post? After all, if all Zach wanted was to make Jasmine drop the prosecution, couldn’t he use a subliminal message to induce her to do so?

I thought about it. Crazydorian made some good points.

As a result I substantially revised the draft of Chapter 3 to make it more consistent in tone with Chapter 1. Insofar as that makes it less consistent narratively with either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, I hope you’ll forgive me. Crazydorian suggested I revise Chapter 2, but it takes me as long to rework a story as to write a new one and I, like you, have limited time. I decided to devote it to new material.

Many of the events in this story were, as in Chapters 1 and 2, suggested by member Kelly Winters. Insofar as you enjoy Chapter 3 please give she and crazydorian a healthy share of the credit.

And consider commenting on stories; its nice to know what you think.

As always, all story characters involved in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * *

On an early May day in New York City, perfect for a picnic, Jasmine and Ivanka were sitting on a blanket in Central Park. Zach was laying down, his head resting on Jasmine’s thigh as she ran her hand through his hair. Ivanka was scanning the horizon.

Zach said, “He’ll be here soon Mom. You in a rush?”

Feeling a bit foolish, Ivanka leaned forward, kissed Zach’s lips, then looked to the practically cloudless sky, her blonde hair cascading down her back. “No my darling, just being your type-A Mom .”

Jasmine’s purse rang. She scooped out her phone, checked the caller, said, “It’s my husband,” punched a button, and said, “Hello dear,” and, after a pause, “It’s a beautiful day here. I’m with Ivanka and her family in Central Park for an old fashioned picnic. Sorry you’re missing it.”

“Yes, it does seem odd. Who’d have guessed the Walker thing would morph into a friendship with Ivanka, that I’d feel like part of the family. With you on the road all the time, it’s nice to have them. How’s Paris?”

While her husband answered she hit mute, said, “A very special part of the family,” leaned down and kissed Zach, then sat back up and resumed the conversation. When she saw Bob approaching she said, “Bob is here with the food, time to run. I’ll see you late tonight.”

Ivanka, who’d taken Jasmine’s place making out with her son, sat up. “Hello dear.”

Bob said, “Sorry I’m late. I got hung up at the apartment. Your sister called, ostensibly to discuss Zach’s graduation but she was real upset, started bawling. She and Larry had another fight; he stormed out; she doesn’t know where he is. She said she called you but got routed to voice mail.”

Ivanka pulled her phone from her bag and said, “I turned the ringer off, I thought this would be a good place to get away from it all. She’s called seven times. “

Knowing this was not the first crisis, that Crystal’s marriage had been broken since the wedding, and wanting to enjoy the day with the family, Ivanka sent her sister a text: “Busy, call soon.”

* * * * *

Later, while Bob packed up, Zach lay on his back. Jasmine and Ivanka were also laying down, their heads resting on their hands atop his thighs, their fingers inside the legs of his baggy shorts, caressing his dick.

* * * * *

Once back in the apartment Ivanka checked her phone, then audibly sighed.

“What is it Mom?”

Her fingers flicking the cell phone’s screen she said, “It’s Crystal, she sent me a text every couple of minutes. Maybe I should have called earlier, it must have been a big fight.”

“Why don’t you call her now. Jasmine can take care of me. Join us when you’re done.”

Ivanka headed for her office, Zach and Jasmine to the bedroom, Bob to the den.

* * * * *

Ivanka emerged from her office to find Bob reviewing project plans on his tablet while a golf tournament was on the television. Noting the look of exhaustion on her face, Bob turned off the televison and said, “You were in there for over an hour. Were you talking to Crystal the entire time?”

“Yeah, although she did most of the talking, and crying. Larry’s been gambling and cheating again. When she confronted him she got the usual, he called her ‘a controlling bitch’ and stormed out; he’s been gone two days, she has no idea where he kırıkkale escort is.

She looked up the stairs, towards the bedroom. “Zach’s the one who didn’t like Larry from day one. We should have listened to him. Hear anything from upstairs?”

“Jasmine was whooping and hollering a few minutes ago – that woman can be noisy – but they seem done for the moment.”

Ivanka kissed her husband’s cheek and said, “I’m going to join them. I could use some of that stress relief myself.”

Bob’s eyes followed his wife out of the room. It was odd, since Ivanka had become their son’s lover, he, no longer obsessing about his inability to service her, once again fully appreciated how beautiful she was. When he heard soft moans and hard groans filter down the stairs he closed the door, turned up the sound, happy his wife was getting exactly what she needed.

* * * * *

Bob looked up from the Wall Street Journal, he preferred the print to the on-line version, and said, “Where are the ladies?”

“They’ll be down in a minute. Mom told me about Aunt Crystal. I guess its time for a family chat.”

Bob said, “Okay, but you three must be parched. I’ll get you something to drink.”

Zach said, “Thanks Dad, a pitcher of water would be just the thing.”

* * * * *

Wearing short silk kimonos, their skin flush, their hair pulled back into pony tails, Jasmine and Ivanka sat on the couch, thanked Bob, and leaned forward for their glasses of water. As they did their kimonos opened slightly and Bob, noting the healthy expanse of tit-flesh, thought of Trixie’s body; she was always willing, but no match for these women.

As the women cuddled up with Zach he said, “Mom, why don’t you give everyone the news on Aunt Crystal.”

“As we know Larry’s got a gambling problem, and a woman problem. Last time, when he ran through $250,000.00 in Monaco, he promised to get help. Crystal learned that after a couple of visits with the shrink, he just pretended to go, ducking out of the house for a few hours, probably visiting a girlfriend. He also kept gambling.

“Crystal found he forged her signature on an authorization giving him access to the Dreyfus Trust Fund – she’s still trying to assess the losses, but it’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – they had a fight, he called her the usual: ‘controlling bitch,’ ‘harpie,’ ‘valkerie,’ and stormed out. Later that night one of Larry’s girlfriends called screaming at her for closing the account. She was holding a check Larry had given her.

“She said she doesn’t know where he is. She also doesn’t know whether he’s tapped into other accounts, but she also really hasn’t looked. She’s already blaming herself and is more worried about him than angry. We’ve seen this before: he’ll reappear by the end of the week, work on her guilt and self-doubt, turn on his not inconsiderable charm, and she’ll take him back.

“Zach, you’re the only one who saw through him from the beginning. What was it?”

“Not sure. There just didn’t seem to be a sincere bone in his body. He wasn’t courting Aunt Crystal as much as selling himself to her, and the family.”

Jasmine said, “I’m surprised Ivanka. You’re such a strong woman, I assumed your siblings would be also, but Crystal sounds terribly insecure. She’s also a best selling author of romance novels, I figured she’d be good at it. “

Ivanka said, “She’s actually my half-sister. Dad had an affair, Crystal was the result. He honored his monetary obligations, but was otherwise uninvolved in her life. Her mother moved to Los Angeles, we didn’t see much of each other growing up although I doubt we would have been close in any case. I’m ten years older then she. As to her novels, they’re like Crystal, more dreamy-eyed than realistic.”

Walking to the bookshelf Bob said, with a glance at Ivanka that indicated this was a topic they’d visited before, “It would be more accurate to say Crystal worshiped her brainy beautiful older sister. Whenever the family got together she’d follow Ivanka around like a baby duck, hanging on her every word. Here it is, her latest book.”

Bob handed it to Jasmine, who flipped it over and and looked at the photograph on the back cover, half-listening to Ivanka’s half-hearted protest of Bob’s observation.

Crystal was beautiful, but unlike her curvy voluptuous older sister was slim, maybe 120 pounds on a five foot six inch body. Her breasts were, at best, “B” cups, her eyes blue, and hair a dark brown which, recalling Ivanka’s undyed patch of pubic hair, Jasmine realized was close to Ivanka’s in color. Both woman had the same full lips, wide faces and intelligent eyes

When Jasmine placed the book on the table Ivanka said, “What do you think?”

“I can see the family resemblance, especially in the face.”

Bob said, “I can call Marissa, our attorney, but she’s licensed here and in D.C., she’d need boots on the ground in Florida.”

Zach said, “Kathryn’s firm has an office down there, I can text her.”

Ivanka kırıkkale escort bayan said, “That would be perfect,” then checked the clock and turned to Jasmine. “Its time for you to get out of here. Your husband’s plane lands in an hour. No more sleep-overs for awhile.”

Jasmine, with a sexy purr, said, “That’s true, but I’m always on call. Zach, your class presentation is this week, I’m planing to buy something special to wear. Hope you like it.”

* * * * *

Ivanka, riding Zach in the reverse cow girl, was looking at herself in the mirror: her body strained, breasts bounced, hair swirled about. She glanced at the mirror on a side wall, admired Zach’s body, then looked over her shoulder, saw the joy on his face. Planting her hands firmly on the mattress, she flexed her cunt muscles on him and said, “Fuck me son, fuck your mother.”

She’d come already, they had been quick and hard and fast, raw and ragged, short ones that burst inside her for a intense overwhelming second, before giving way to another. Still, there was another one inside her, growing expanding, it would be mind-blowing, body-thrashing, pussy-numbing.

She looked back to the mirror at the foot of the bed, fucked her son harder, heard his grunts deepen, exploding from his solar plexus, squeezed her cunt on him, then Zach groaned, a final grunt, and she felt him explode inside her, filling her cunt with his spunk.

Her eyes rolled back into her head, her back arched, her cunt muscles spasmed and shook, and she pushed down hard onto his massive tool. When it banged on the door of her womb he fired a third load into her and her own orgasm was born and ripped through her. She was consumed by walls of fire, his cum an accelerant in her already over-heated pussy, where it mixed with the hot cream that flowed thick from her sex into a fiery combustible mess.

She came again; another wave of heat flowed through her. She dug her nails into his legs and whimpered and red sheets, silken sheets, filled her mind. She bit her lower lip, bruising the tender flesh, but it would be long minutes before she registered the pain. For now there was only pleasure and joy and she screamed, “Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” but she didn’t hear the words; she only heard the waves crashing in her head, battering her against the rocky shores of a great distant ocean.

She collapsed onto the bed. She couldn’t breathe think speak. She was in a colorless abyss, her senses wholly consumed by the pleasure of her orgasm. She smelled sex, she tasted sex, she felt sex, she heard sex.

Afterwards, nestled up against him, loving his warm body, his intense masculine smell, her own body tingling, he asked, “Are you going to take a shower,” for she usually did, and she said, “No not tonight my darling, tonight I want to sleep next to you with your sweat on me and your cum dripping from my cunt, you’ve made me such a slut, plus, well there is something I want to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“It’s Crystal. We can find Larry, we can cut off his access to Crystal’s money, but what happens in a week when she takes him back?”

Zach said, “I don’t know. What do you propose?”

“I want to fly down there, see how she is, comfort her. While there I can send you a list of her electronic devices and their passwords. Then you could use subliminal messages to reprogram her, like you’ve done with Jasmine and I.”

“So she’d get over Larry?”

“Well, I was hoping for more. Since you’ve removed by incest inhibition, made me prefer it in fact, and turned me bi-sexual, well I’ve been thinking about Crystal. I love my sister, and I care about her, and I worry about her, and I haven’t always been there for her. I want her to join us, to become a permanent addition to our family, become our lover. I don’t think she’ll need as much work as Jasmine and I did.”

“Why’s that?”

“No one ever came out and said it, but it was clear that Crystal and her college roommate, along with some of their friends, were lovers. Some of them invited me to play, but I never did. And Bob is right, growing up Crystal put me on a pedestal, she had a crush on her older sister. You’ll have a lot to work with.”

“It appears I created a monster. Why don’t you fly down. If it looks good we’ll discuss it with Jasmine, but if all looks promising I’d be for it. After all, have I ever told you no. It would also be a chance to apply what I’ve leaned from working on you and Jasmine on someone else, and I’m sure we can help Aunt Crystal.”

“Thank you. I’ve been reviewing my schedule. I can cancel most of it, I should be able to fly out tomorrow afternoon.”

* * * * *

The next day, for the first time in awhile, Zach woke up alone. His mother was in Florida, Jasmine sleeping next to her husband. He stretched, he liked having the bed to himself for a change.

When he got out of the shower there were two messages on his phone. The first was from Jasmine. She was wearing escort kırıkkale in a bright red bra, matching thong panties, and 4 ½ inch red open-toed stiletto heels. The accompanying message said, “I’m looking forward to your presentation today. I’m thinking about wearing this. What do you think?”

“Look’s great.”

“Thanks, I think you’ll like the dress also.”

The second message was a topless selfie of his mother blowing him a kiss with the message, “Love you, miss you. I’ll text you a list of Crystal’s personal devices and the passwords.”

* * * * *

Jasmine wore her hair up, in a bun. Her jewelry was understated, small gold earrings, gold bracelet, gold wrist watch. The size four knit burgundy dress began with a turtle neck and ended mid-calf, the slit only reached slightly above the knees. It had long sleeves. Nonetheless, it clung to Jasmine’s 34-24-34 body.

The headmaster, dick stiffening, watched her walk by, her movements graceful and measured, somehow both understated and overtly sensual. That tussle with Zach had done wonders for her. Six weeks ago she’d been an unapproachable bitch, now she was one of his best teachers, always available to help a struggling student. But still, that dress. Although there was nothing inappropriate about it, nothing specific to complain about, on her it was fricking spectacular. How could a student, male or, in this age of sexual flexibility, female, be expected to concentrate when she was wearing that?

* * * * *

Standing in her classroom, horny teen-aged eyes riveted on her, Jasmine introduced the day’s topic, and used a student’s question to initiate a class discussion, glided across the room and sat behind her desk. She saw Zach touch his phone, then looked to her own: “Love the dress, elegant, sexy, spectacular.”

She typed in her response, looking up to see him smile as he read, “I was hoping you would. I had my husband take me out shopping last night, I picked it out especially for you. Are you ready to give your report?”

Zach nodded and Jasmine stood, brought the discussion to an end, and said, “Zach interned with Dr. Anna Richardson at Princeton last semester. I’ve asked him to talk to the class about his experience and her research. Zach, please join me.”

Zach took the seat next to Jasmine, Walker dimmed the classroom lights, and Jasmine toggled a switch on her desk: a screen descended from the ceiling.

Zach’s presentation focused on the more mainstream aspects of Dr. Richardson’s research and benefitted from her laboratory’s state-of-the-art graphics; it was visually arresting. With the class’ focus on the screen Jasmine sent Zach a text: “I am so hot for you.”

Zach smiled, pressed a button and Dr. Richardson’s voice took over, explaining what was happening on screen, and responded to Jasmine’s text, “Are you wet?”

“Oh yes.”

“Take off your panties.”

Looking both ways, making sure no one could see, Jasmine worked her dress up her legs, slipped a hand underneath, found the hem of her panties, pulled them down her legs. When the delicious cold air hit her pubes she crossed her legs, mashing her wet pussy lips together, which sent a bolt of joy through her body. After giving it a second to pass, she leaned forward and picked her panties off her ankles.

When she sat back up her phone vibrated: “Take a whiff, then hand them to me.”

She bunched the panties in her hand and confident no one in the darkened room could discern what was going on, brought them to her face, pressed her nose to them, smelled her own arousal, then slowly carefully tracing the length of his always impressive erection with a perfect fingernail, she deposited them in Zach’s lap.

Zach liked a well-painted manicured nail. There were few areas in which Jasmine clearly surpassed the extraordinary Ivanka, but her nails were preternaturally strong and thick and while Ivanka’s were beautiful – she paid close attention to them – Jasmine’s were unworldly.

He brought her panties to his face to enjoy their musky scent; she ran her nails on his cock once again.

Dr. Richardson’s voice stopped. Zach passed the panties to Jasmine and resumed his presentation.

Jasmine dropped them into a desk drawer – brushing her left breast with her arm, sending a delicious chill through her body – as she did so. When her phone vibrated with the instruction, “Play with yourself,” she scanned the room, eased her hand under her dress, which still sat high on her thigh, took a second to compose herself, making sure her face would not reflect what she was about to do, and pushed two perfectly manicured fingers inside her vagina. Despite her best efforts her chest heaved and she exhaled sharply from the bottom of her lungs.

She glanced around, making sure no one noticed, and pushed the fingers deeper, moved them about. Zach’s voice grew less distinct, becoming a pleasant background noise.

When a student started a rambling description of his own internship, Zach took the opportunity to look at Jasmine. She was in another world, her face flushed, jaw slack, eyes dilated, breathing slowed. She’d be moaning soon. He tapped his phone, sending the message he’d already loaded.

Startled by the vibration, it took Jasmine a moment to focus and read the message: “Take your fingers out, taste them.”

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