What Goes Thump In The Night

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Hey guys and gals, been off the radar for a while here as life took precedence over writing! Getting just a little bit of time free now so I will slowly get back to posting stories for you, my fans, to read. Hope I haven’t lost my touch! Just a reminder, all persons and events are total fiction thought up in my twisted brain. If you don’t like brother-sister incest stories or anal sex, then I suggest you skip this one.


I awoke to a strange sound. My eyes focused on my alarm clock seeing it glowing 11:32P. What the hell? Thump … thump … thump … thump… I listened as the rhythmic sound continued as my brain became fully awake. I listened for any other sounds, like maybe the wind was making something bump against the house or something. Nothing. Nada.

Thump…thump…thump… it was getting harder now and a bit faster. Thump…thump…thump… it just kept going slowly picking up the pace of its thumps. I got out of bed and rubbed my eyes again as I opened my door and walked down the hall. My parents weren’t up, having gone to bed shortly after ten, just a little after my sister and I had. I cocked my head and listened. I could still hear it but it was softer so I went to the kitchen and turned on the light.

Nothing seemed amiss in there and I listened again. Very faintly I heard it, thump…thump…thump…thump… then it got faster still, thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump and then it just stopped. Total dead silence overtook the house. What the heck was going on? I gave up figuring this out so I turned off the light and headed back to bed.

Just as I neared the door to my room my sister stepped out of her bedroom making each of us jump in a mixture of fear and shock as we both gasped out slight versions of “Oh shit! You scared me!”

Her eyes still quite large Rebecca quickly whispered, “What are you doing up?”

“I heard a noise and was investigating it.”

She had a funny look briefly then said, “Um, me too. What was it?”

“Don’t know, I couldn’t find the source. G’night sis.”

“Okay Tom, g’night. I’ve got to pee.”


The next morning I mentioned the noises to our parents and asked, “Did either of you hear anything last night?” My dad has sleep apnea so he uses one of those noisy air machines. Mom wears ear plugs to shut out the noise.

They looked at each other then dad said, “That’d be a first! That is why we have the security system. It didn’t go off did it?”

“No dad, I think I would have mentioned that if it had. Geez.”

“Well then it was probably just the wind,” mom said as she handed our breakfasts to Rebecca and I with a smile.

“I guess,” I said slowly and took a mouthful. I noticed sis hadn’t said a word about hearing it, even as she sat there listening intently to every word I said.

Soon both mom and dad left for work after giving us the list of chores they wanted done. We always acted put out about the chores but they did give us something to do all day during summer vacation. I turned 18 two months ago and will be a senior in high school this fall. Rebecca will be a sophomore at the local college. She is a real book worm, studies all the time and I can’t remember the last date she had. I think that is odd because she is a babe if I do say so myself. I’ll be honest, I’ve had visions of her during my wanking sessions. Of course, I’ve also imagined my mom, my friend’s mother, and even Ms. Huxtable who was my 8th grade English teacher. She was smokin’ hot!

On my list were two outdoor jobs; mowing the lawn and cutting back some bushes. It was a beautiful day and I did them quickly so I could go over to my buddy’s place and play computer games. As I downed a glass of iced tea I thought, ‘what the fuck?’ as I heard it again. Very softly thump…thump…thump… Shit, am I going mad? Sure it was kind of like a back beat to music that my sister likes but it was there, none the less.

I rinsed the glass and then made another sweep of the house. At the front door I couldn’t hear it at all, and the same by our parent’s bedroom door which is on the opposite end of the house from my bedroom. As I walked away from mom and dad’s room I heard it softly again, and it kept getting louder, louder and faster. Thump …thump…thump…thump…thumpthumpthumpthumpthump… thumpthumpthumpthumpthump.

It wasn’t coming from the bathroom where I needed to take a shower. I stepped into my room and I could hear it really loudly. I walked around my room and it was loudest on the wall common to Rebecca’s room. What the fuck?

I walked over to her door and turned the knob only to find it locked. Huh? Her music was playing loudly but I could still hear it outside her door, thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump as fast as I had ever heard it.

I gave a knock on the door but her music was too loud and she didn’t hear me. Shit that thumping was really loud and fast now! “Hey sis,” I yelled, “open up!”

The thumping noise grew softer and slowed then grew kastamonu escort in speed and intensity once again. I stood there staring at her door like a moron. Finally I turned the knob with one hand giving the door a shake while my other hand pounded on it as I yelled as loud as possible, “SISSSS! Open UP!”

I heard one more yet softer thump and then some strange noises before Rebecca opened her door looking frazzled. “WHAT!?”

“What are you doing in there?”

She looked upset, then said, “I was moving furniture. You got a problem with that?” Then she pushed past me and stepped into the bathroom.

“Hey, I need a shower!” I called out to her.

“Yes you do, stinky, but I got here first!”

She closed the door as I muttered unkind words at her. And then I poked my head into her room and looked around. Hum, it didn’t look different from last time I was in here. Smelled odd though. But after giving her room a cursory once over I went back to the kitchen for more iced tea while waiting for the bathroom.

I didn’t hear that strange noise for over a week. Hell, I’d totally forgotten about it. But then I awoke to it at 11:47P as I stared at my alarm through sleep shrouded eyes. Fuck me, there it is again. Thump…thump…thump…thump at a slow well spaced pace. I sat up and listened, yup there is a wind tonight. But could the wind be making that sound? Again I paced around the house, listening.

It was soft in the kitchen, non-existent by our parent’s bedroom, and fairly audible in the family room as well as the living room. What the fuck? I took a leak in the bathroom and it was fairly loud in there, then I stepped up to Rebecca’s room. It was definitely louder outside her door. It was louder and faster, occasionally very loud. Thump… thump…thump…thump…THUMP…thump and then it got really fast thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump. I put my ear to her door and shit it was loud! It sounded like she was having a bad dream as she moaned and groaned every now and then, just like she used to on stormy nights.

Carefully, silently I tried her door knob. It was locked. The noise got really fast and then it simply … stopped. It sounded like she was moving around in there so I quickly fled to my room and closed my door. Then I heard her door open and the sound of feet walking into the bathroom.

I entered her room and turned on her light. It didn’t look different. Still there was that strange odor. She needs an air wick or something! I heard the toilet flush so quickly I turned off her light and left her room heading to the bathroom. She opened the door just before I got there.

“SHIT!!!” she screamed seeing me in the dark hallway. “Damn it Tom, you scared me!” Her eyes looked funny in the dark but I couldn’t really tell. “What are you doing up?”

“I could ask you the same question,” I said watching her face. “I heard that noise again, then it stopped and I need to pee. Um, did you hear anything?”

“Uh, nope! But I had to go bad too. Bathroom’s all yours.”

With that she slid past me and closed her bedroom door behind her. I peed and then listened more than slept the rest of the night. I never heard that sound again that night.

I didn’t mention the sound to my parents at breakfast. I figured why bother since you couldn’t hear it outside of their bedroom door. Around ten, as it was Saturday, mom and Rebecca went shopping and dad went to play golf. That’s when I began to snoop.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no super detective or anything like that, surely I’m no Sherlock Holmes! But I knew that sound was coming from my sister’s room. I was looking every where and getting quite frustrated as there was just nothing out of place. Nothing seemed strange to me, which in and of itself seemed strange. I mean, her room was usually neat but not this neat!

So out of desperation I got down on my hands and knees and started looking around again. Things look different from down there. Suddenly I said to myself, “What the fuck is this?” She had her desk in a corner with one end against our common wall. On the opposite end were several round smudges, like suction darts had been stuck there, only these were very large darts!

As I studied them I noticed that her room’s strange smell was really intense there. Her carpet was dampish and slightly sticky. I moved my finger from the carpet to my nose and was nearly overwhelmed by the odor. What is my sister doing in here? It may sound disgusting to you, but I leaned way down and put my nose right above the carpet and inhaled. I inhaled again, deeper this time. Wow was it ever strong, but up close I thought, “I kinda like it!”

Standing up again I looked at those ring smudges again and noticed they were lower than the bottom of my knees. Hmmmm. So I started carefully going through her drawers and closets. Nothing. So I went through them again, slower, carefully digging deeper.

Ho … ly … shit! I struck pay dirt! escort kastamonu Make that the mother load! Buried under several pairs of sweatpants was a dildo! Not just any dildo, this fucker (ha, ha, I made a pun!) was lifelike in a gigantic way! I mean, it was nearly as long as my forearm and really thick. It had one hell of a bulbous head and thick veins sticking out all over it! And on the base was a big suction cup that was the exact match to the rings on her desk. Holy mother fuck!

My sister, the one who never dates even though she should be getting asked out every night, my sister is fucking her desk! I was still kneeling by the end of her desk and I just sank down onto my ass there, staring in disbelief at the fake dick in my hand. I’m not sure what made me do it but slowly my hand lifted it to my nose and I smelled it. Oh gawd, it smelled just like her carpet. Just like the odor that hung in her room right after the noises. My sister, that horny little bitch!

Very carefully I replaced the dildo exactly where she had hidden it. No point in arousing her suspicions about me. Then I looked at her door lock and door frame. Wow, I couldn’t believe it! All those times when she slammed her door after an argument with our folks had slightly dislodged the board that stops the door from swinging right through it. I have no idea what that is called. Anyway, I found out that I could use my student ID card and slide it under that board and her lock would slide right out of the way! Presto chango! Her locked door could be opened just like that!

Leaving her room exactly as I had found it I went to my room and jacked off a huge load thinking about my horny sister fucking away against her desk. The vision told me that as she did it, her ass was pounding back right towards the head of my bed! God I shot a huge load of cum when I realized that. After cleaning up I took a much needed nap and dreamed about my next move.

I was so anxious to catch her in the act that the next three nights I sat up waiting for her tell tale ‘thump’ sound. Shit, I never heard a thing! In fact, mom thought I was getting sick since I was so lethargic the following day because of my lack of sleep. It wasn’t until Wednesday that I hit pay dirt.

Being my devious self as soon as our folks left for work I told Rebecca that I was going to head over to my buddy’s place and do video games. She watched me leave so I knew someone would be making noise soon. Too bad for her she didn’t wait to make sure I didn’t come back home. I made a loop around the neighborhood and was back in about ten minutes.

The house was locked when I got back, making me certain that she was pounding her ass on her favorite desk attachment. I relocked the front door and listened for the sounds. I didn’t hear them until I had moved about thirty feet closer to her bedroom. As I got closer and closer I realized she was letting it all out today. The thumping sounds seemed much harder and for the first time ever I heard her moaning in time with the thumps.

When I stopped just outside her room I was amazed at what I heard. I could almost see her in my mind as the hard ‘THUMP’ was accompanied by a harsh sounding “Umph” as she gasped while thrusting her pussy back onto her rubber man. Then a slowish groan as she pulled forward and nearly off of her dildo before another loud THUMP/UMPH sound. She was really into it today. Guess that’s what happens when she lets a few days go between fucks!

I gently gave her door knob a twist but it didn’t budge. You can’t be too careful, even when nobody else is home, I guess. Carefully I slipped my ID card between the main door frame and that thin board I mentioned before. My left hand was on the knob and I felt it as the door slipped open an inch. SUCCESS! I pushed it another inch letting me hear her much louder noises now.

As luck would have it, as the door slowly opened she was right in my line of sight and her head was hanging down, letting her look at her knees or her over stuffed pussy, who knows which? She sure IS a moaner! THUMP/”OOOHHH”, “MMMMMM”, THUMP/”OOFF”, “UHMMMM” THUMP/”UMPH”.

Silently I slipped into her room and carefully closed her door, not making a sound. She was naked and her 34B tits hung down and swayed nicely. Timing it just right I waited until her ass started backwards before I spoke. “Whatcha doing?”

THUMP/”OAPH!” Then her face shot upwards as her ass cheeks shook from the blow against the desk. “TOM! WHAT! OHGOD! I … OH … NO!” I had never seen her face turn as bright red as it did just then, her body frozen in place engulfing the entire rubber dick.

I wanted to fuck her so bad just then, but no way did I want to shoot off in less than 5 seconds so I said, “Don’t let me stop you! I’ll just let you suck me off while you do that. I think that’s fair.” My hands were undoing my shorts and pushing them down as I spoke.

“No, Tom, please don’t …” she began as I walked towards kastamonu escort bayan her. Then her eyes dropped to my cock-tent in my boxers and she let her mouth hang as she stared. “Oh Tom,” she said softly. I made a show of it as I pulled my boxer’s waist band out and then over my raging hardon. My tip was caught on the cloth and bent down before it sprang free and bobbed powerfully back up towards my abdomen.

I noticed she had sort of leaned forward as I pulled them down, then when my cock came into view her ass pushed back about three inches to fully impale herself again. I don’t think she even knew she did that! What she did was gasp, “Oh Tom! You … that’s … oh gosh … it’s beautiful!”

Kneeling before her I said, “Suck my cock while you fuck yourself.” Rebecca never even looked up at me when I said that. Her eyes were locked onto my cock before her face as it bounced and bobbed to my heart beat.

Slowly she pulled forward as her mouth opened and her soft wet lips encircled my bulbous head. Her body paused there as her tongue swirled around my tip, getting to know me better. Then heaven engulfed me as she leaned further forward and sucked my cock to my balls!

“Oh god!” I gasped as my cock disappeared before my eyes! I think my big sis has been using her rubber cock in more than just her pussy! I sure didn’t expect her to deep throat me that easily! (Okay, I am certainly smaller than her toy, but luckily I do have over seven inches of hot and hard cock that is thicker than many of the porn guys I see on line.)

“Ummmmmm,” she moaned as she inhaled me while pulling just over half way off of her desk cock.

My own groan of, “Shit yes,” tried to cover her moan but instead we made harmonic music together. Her arms were shaking as she leaned back and then forwards over and over, fucking herself while sucking me deeply each time. Her eyes remained locked onto my cock between her lips and I could tell she was getting really turned on.

Leaning over her back slightly allowed me to reach under her and gently stroke her clit as she moved back and forth. My first touch made her jump and look up at me with a twist of her head as she moaned loudly. She was close to cumming and I was even closer so I worked her clit trying to let her catch up. I probably didn’t need to put in the effort.

“Oh god sis, don’t stop! Oh shit, I’m going to cum soon!” I moaned.

“Ummmm hmmmm,” she groaned around my shaft as her pussy moved rapidly grinding her ass hard onto her rubber cock! Somehow she managed to work more of the dildo in and out of her pussy even as she took my smaller shaft in and out of her mouth and throat. She started bucking her hips as she continued slamming back and forth while trying to suck my balls dry.

My fingers stayed with her clit even as my hips shoved forward forcing every bit of my cock into her mouth. “Oh god, I’m cumming!” I gasped as my balls boiled over and my first blast shot straight into her stomach.

“Mmmmm hmmmm oahmmm umph, oamph, mmmmm, hmmmm,” she moaned around my cock as she came hard and sucked me better than I thought possible. We both bucked and shook powerfully as we came together as one.

She froze with about two inches of my cock in her mouth and about half the dildo in her pussy. I could see her muscles clenching and twitching as she came in waves while my cock pumped three decent sized ropes of cum into her mouth. She swallowed each one down and kept her tongue flicking all around my cock even as she sucked super hard onto me.

And then she moaned in release around me as her body slumped and her orgasm faded away. Every now and then her back would shake in time with another moan as she slowly moved her face on my cock in about two inch motions.

“OH FUCK!” I gasped as her tongue slid around my tip, licking me clean. I couldn’t take the incredible sensations she was giving my super sensitive cock so I slumped backwards and sat on my haunches. The moment I left her mouth her head flopped downward and she gasped for breath even as her moans continued softly. She then leaned down and forward onto her elbows until the rubber dildo left her gaping cunt and sprung wildly as it bobbed and weaved for about ten seconds.

“Jesus shit,” she moaned as she rolled onto her back and looked up at me. “You came back,” she said showing her total grasp of the situation.



“To catch you at it,” I said softly as my breathing began to slow. She just looked up at me so I went on. “I wanted to fuck you so bad. You don’t need that rubber guy anymore!”

“God Tom, you’re my brother,” she said and I nodded my agreement. “You do taste good though! I never got any taste when I practiced on Ralph, that’s what I call it, ‘Ralph’. Well, I did taste my pussy but you taste different. Good different. I liked it!”

“Well, you sure got one hell of a load from me! You really made my cock feel good!”

“Thanks, I’m glad I finally got to suck a real one. You’ve got a nice cock Tom.” She slowly moved until she sat close to me. “You know that if we fuck it’s incest, right?”

“Yeah, so what? You’re on the pill and neither of us has had the opportunity to catch an STD so this should be a win-win situation.”

“I can’t believe I’m even considering this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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