Voyeuristic Incest Ch. 05

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I felt, and then heard Jackie roll out of bed early in the morning, the sound of her feet as she headed into our private bathroom, the door closing behind her. I lay there for a moment, and then realized I couldn’t wait for her. Needing to pee rather badly myself, I slipped out of bed and exited our room heading down the hall towards the other bathroom.

This one we called the “guest” bathroom, though it was situated between the kid’s rooms, each one having their own access to it from either side. I entered, both doors closed of course leading into their rooms. I had my typical morning woody, or a partial one anyway as I lifted the toilet seat and stood there pointing my semi-erect dick towards the bowl. The fact that I’d walked down the hall in the nude was of no moment. After everything that had been going on around here lately, being caught in the nude no longer seemed to be of any real concern. Not that it had ever been in the first place, as again we had always taught the kids they were never to feel ashamed about their bodies. But I hadn’t exactly just wandered about in the buff before either.

So absorbed in those very thoughts at the moment, still trying to mentally will my cock down enough to finally pee, I didn’t hear the door to Chris’s room opening as she stepped into the bathroom.

“Oh, sorry…I didn’t know you were in here.”

“I’ll ah…be done in a minute,” I told her, expecting her to leave as she’d entered the bathroom entirely naked as well. She didn’t, simply standing there looking at me. Suddenly I was pee-shy. “It might be a bit longer than I thought…you ah…need to go real bad?” I asked wondering if now I should leave, or if my daughter would.

Silly as it might sound, it felt weird standing there with my dick in hand, and nothing happening. Chris had her eyes glued on my cock which didn’t help matters much either.

“Not in any real hurry,” she smiled still watching, though not going anywhere obviously. “You mind if I watch?” she then asked coyly. “Never really seen a guy do that before…not up close and personal anyway,” she added.

“No…I guess not,” I answered, closing my eyes and trying with all my will to force my bladder to finally begin to empty itself. Problem was, my dick was getting harder…not softer. The image of my daughter standing there in the doorway looking at me suddenly filling my head. I opened my eyes again. “Sorry…it’s a…well, you know…hard to pee with a…”

“Boner?” Chris giggled. “Yeah…I can imagine it would be.”

To make matters worse, she leaned against the door slowly lifting one arm over her head as though stretching. One leg coming up slightly, bent at the knee as she balanced it on tippy-toe. It was an obvious pose meant to tease, to titillate. And it was. Her long shoulder length hair fell lazily around her neck, like itchy fingers reaching towards her breasts. Following their lines, I looked over and realized just how hard and pointed the tips of her breasts were, nipples rock hard, areolas crinkled up with arousal, excitement.

“Fuck!” I said looking down at myself, hearing my daughter giggle.

“Having problems daddy?”

Once again I closed my eyes, straining, finally feeling the surge of release, an almost pleasurable one, finally begin to make its way up my shaft. And as it did, I felt the pressured release of my cock finally softening a bit allowing me to go. It was as though someone had poked it with a pin, though I was almost happy to be feeling and seeing that. Any longer, and I’d have had to soften it another way.

Finally I began to urinate, stepping closer towards the bowl so I didn’t miss-direct my aim and cause yet another mess. As I did so, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Chris had stepped away from the door, closing the distance between us. She now stood beside me looking down at me as I peed.

“Can I hold it?” she asked.


“Hold it? Always wanted to do that…see what it was like, you know…being a girl and all.”

“I don’t know Chris…” I began. To me, that was bordering on a sex-thing, or at least now it was anyway.

“Oh come on please? You’re almost done already, just want to see what it might feel like if I had one and was able to pee that way.”

I’d always had a hard time telling her no, especially when she pleaded with me in that little girl voice of hers.

“Please daddy? Please?”

“Ok, but watch what you’re doing, don’t make me piss on the floor or all over ourselves either,” I cautioned her.

She reached over grasping my cock, taking over, carefully aiming it as I finally felt the last of my morning piss traveling up my urethra.

“So…do I shake it?” She asked as the final last dribbles emerged.

“Not quite yet,” I told her. “You’ll still flip it around too much if you do it too soon,” I informed her, my nervousness at having allowed her to even do this at least causing my prick to wither fairly rapidly at this moment. It was now almost as soft as buca escort it had been the first time she’d knelt there actually watching it grow. “Ok, now you can,” I told her.

She shook it, or rather wiggled it a bit, giggling.


“That’s funny,” she giggled again, still shaking it. “It’s…it’s so wiggly. Amazing how it can do that, go from so hard…to so soft…so quickly, so…so wiggly.” Once again she burst out laughing. “Maybe that’s what I should call you from now on…Mr. Wiggly!”

“Great,” I thought to myself. “Just what I want to be known by…Mr. Wiggly to my daughter.”

The problem was, she was still holding onto it. Which in my mind…was now a “sex-thing” so I stepped back, forcing her to release me. Almost immediately she sat down however after first closing the lid, and then began to pee herself. When I’d stepped back, I had sandwiched myself against the shower, so it would take a small maneuver to get around her as she sat there.

“Don’t go yet,” she told me. “Now you can watch me pee.”

Ok, it really was a little weird maybe, but she spread her legs just enough that I could see the stream of piss falling from her pussy, shooting into the bowl. The thing was however, even though she was peeing…it reminded me of when she actually climaxed, sort of the way she squirted when she did. Like a friggin yo-yo…my cock started hardening again as I stood there watching her pee.

It didn’t go without notice either.

“Wow daddy! Your cock’s getting all stiffy again!”

“Yeah well…” I said feeling a bit embarrassed, and now thinking that maybe it was finally time for me to leave here. And I would have, but that’s when Chris propped one leg up on the bathtub effectively blocking my escape. But more importantly, also spreading herself wide open as her fingers now reached down, the tip of one finger now gently caressing her still semi-hidden clitoris.

“Watch me grow too,” she giggled once again. “Watch my little girl boner emerge,” she challenged me. “I always enjoy rubbing one out in the morning after I wake up,” she now shared. “Nice way to start the day don’t you think?” She continued tickling her clit, and my cock continued to sit there and grow. “Wanna join me?”

“I don’t know Chris, I’m thinking your mom…”

“Might want to join you both?” she asked as the bathroom door suddenly opened. “I was wondering what was taking you so long…now I know.”


“We were…I was just ah…I mean she, Chris…was ah,” Jackie laughed.

“I have a pretty good idea,” My wife said looking down at her daughter, and then up at me. “But, standing here, I have to admit…that does look like a bit of fun,” she added.

I felt genuinely relieved as Jackie turned removing her bathrobe, hanging it on one of the hooks behind the door, suddenly she too was naked. She walked over now standing in front of Chris as she remained sitting on the toilet seat, legs still spread, and still stroking herself. I don’t think she’d even missed a beat doing so the entire time. Now here we both were, my wife and I standing in front of one another, and in front of Chris, though she was sitting down.

“You know what would be really fun?” Chris asked.

“No…tell me,” her mother said looking down. “Obviously…you have something in mind here.”

“Well yeah…you might could say that, but I sorta need your ok before I do anything,” she stated.

Already I had an idea as to what it was…and if I did.

“And what might that be?” Her mother asked.

“Well, I know that when Rob’s let me masturbate my clit with his cock…it’s felt really, really good. So…I was sort of thinking, especially as the two of you are already standing here, that maybe…you’d let me masturbate daddy’s cock against your clit,” she suggested hopefully.

“I don’t know David…what do you think? Think something like that might be ok, and not too far out of bounds here? Or are we pushing things again?” My wife asked.

At this point, I was so fucking horny I’d have let Jackie’s mother do it if she’d been sitting there asking the question. “It’s…not that…big a stretch,” I sort of allowed smiling a bit.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Jackie mused…and then giggled. “Ok baby…go ahead, tickle me with daddy’s cock.”

Jackie now spread her legs apart considerably, simultaneously reaching down with her hands spreading her pussy open even more. Almost at once, her hard thick precious little clit emerged all pink, shiny and swollen. Reaching over immediately, Chris grabbed my cock, forcing me as she did so to step forward a bit, now close enough that she could actually rub the head of my prick against her mother’s cunt. As she did that, she continued to finger-fuck herself as well, watching, rubbing all three of us quite delightedly moaning and enjoying the experience together. It was rather fucking hot even if I did say so myself.

I always did love it when the horny buca escort bayan hot naughty bitch came out in my wife, which it immediately did. “Oh fuck yes…that feels naughty good!” My wife purred. “That’s it baby…that’s it, rub mommies clitty with daddy’s prick honey….nice and hard, nice and fast against it!” she urged. “Make daddy’s big hard prick squirt all over mommy’s clitty baby…make it all messy, juicy, slick with his fuck juice!”

I actually loved it when Jackie started talking with a “potty-mouth” as I called it, and had before felt so inclined to do so myself whenever she did. Up until now however, I’d actually refrained from doing so, more so because of the kids, though I’d already noticed once or twice, that Chris got nearly as vulgar in her own speaking once she too was aroused.

“I love making your cunt juicy mommy,” Chris spoke. “Sitting here rubbing daddy’s hard stiff prick against your wet creamy fuck hole, it’s so juicy…so wet, so hot! I really do want to see daddy squirt all over this hard precious little clit of yours,” she said escalating her own fingering which we could both hear as our daughter’s juices obviously began to heighten her own pleasure. The sounds of her own slickness now easily heard as she finger-fucked herself breathing heavily, panting as she furiously rubbed my prick up and down, back and forth against her mother’s cunt.

My resolve at remaining more controlled, more aloof was suddenly gone.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Yes baby, rub it! Slap my cock against mom’s cunt…beat her pussy with it baby! Slap that clit! Slap it! Slap it! Slap it!”

Although Jackie and I had certainly enjoyed a few simultaneous orgasms together in the past, I think this was an all time first, at least for me it was anyway, experiencing what now became a simultaneous three-way orgasm.

Chris triggered it essentially too, it became obvious that she was on the verge, her low-deep throated moan of release suddenly coming up from deep within her lungs. As she did, Jackie began to shake and quake, her own cry of pleasure suddenly added to that of our daughters, creating a harmonic symphony of orgasmic delight. Hearing the two of them, I felt the first liquid spurt of my cream suddenly explode from the tip of my cock, yelling out now as well. We all watched, felt, shuddering and crying out pleasurably as my sperm bathed my wife’s cunt. Her own “gusher” suddenly occurring, like that proverbial faucet being turned on, the onrush and splash of her sweet nectar cascading downwards like a waterfall. It covered my cock, Chris’s hand, everything. As Chris suddenly sat back a bit, opening her pussy even more with her own hands, actually releasing my dick. And though she’d already been in the throes of her own climax, she too began to spurt, that slick sticky sliver of girl-cream suddenly shooting out and up, joining her mother’s, which continued to pour out from her. The floor now a wet slick mess, my wife’s cunt dripping in sperm, her daughter’s sweet sticky sauce, as well as her own.

The sound then of the other door opening as we all turned at once looking over towards it.

“I’ve fucking gotta start getting up earlier in the morning!” Rob said as he walked in.


As Jackie and I headed off to take a shower, Chris winked at the two of us as she led poor frustrated Rob into their shower. I didn’t feel too terribly bad, he was after all in pretty good hands.

After we had all dressed again believe it or not, and finished up with breakfast, Jackie soon after drew me off to one side.

“I’m going out to run a quick errand. While I’m gone, set up the video cameras in the new den, I think for our movie…it might be fun doing it in that room later on.”

I was a bit surprised at that, and curious as to where she was headed off to, but without another word as to what she was doing, she soon after headed out, but not before briefly speaking to the kids too. After she had, their faces lit up like Christmas trees, obviously whatever she’d just told them had them extremely excited.

“So…you two have agreed to do the movie with us huh?” Chris said grinning from ear to ear.

“Apparently so…” I responded in kind. “And that means, I have a bit of work to do.”

For some time now I’d been working on the new den. We’d finished off the rest of the basement with the idea in mind that we’d move the old den into the new area we’d just finished. It was slightly smaller, but with the kids soon moving out, it would suit our purposes perfectly. The old den would then be transformed into a new workout area. Something that Jackie and I had both been wanting to do, complete with a nice-sized Jacuzzi, that we could also use for other things. Such as entertaining new friends perhaps. For now however, all that was in the new den was a fairly small couch, a couple of end tables, and four extra dining room chairs we’d stashed down there for safe-keeping, or for whenever we had additional escort buca company over for dinner and needed them. Beyond that, there wasn’t very much yet as we were waiting to rearrange and move in the old furniture.

But, I could see Jackie’s point, using that area would give us all plenty of room to maneuver in, and using both cameras at differing angles, we’d hopefully get some pretty interesting shots too.

Not at all surprised, Chris announced she was heading back upstairs to her room to “get ready” as she put it, meaning she’d no doubt spend the next hour or so primping herself for the evening to come, which was still quite a ways off yet. Rob volunteered to help me out, so we busied ourselves straightening up the new den. Luckily, it didn’t need much cleaning or straightening as it was newly finished, though he and I sat rearranging the furniture just a bit, and actually had fun discussing the possible uses and placements of it. As an afterthought, we also hauled in the really nice air-bed we’d purchased in the event we had additional guests, and then blew that up, setting it off to one side, likewise making it up with fresh sheets and pillows. Neither one of us was too sure how that might actually come into play, but under the circumstances, having it available just might entice things into getting more interesting. Not that they weren’t already.

“Well, I guess that’s about all we can do until mom gets home,” I stated. “Though I’m sure once she comes down to inspect the room, see what we’ve done with it…she might have a few ideas of her own she’d like to change or perhaps even add.”

With that, I retired back into the current den to lose my mind in a pro football game along with Rob, which we were in the middle of when Jackie returned home. As I thought, she made a quick inspection of the new den, giving her approval, though we did move the couch against the wall rather than keeping it where it was at.

She wasn’t surprised to hear that Chris was in her room getting ready for the evening, and informed me she was off to do the same. All Rob and I could do was sit around and wait for the appointed hour.

They both came down the stairs together, disappointed initially when we saw them as they both wore bathrobes tightly wrapped about themselves. The one highlight being, they’d put on makeup and looked as though they were dressed for a fancy evening. That at least gave hint that whatever they had on underneath, would no doubt compliment and enhance their appearance.

“You two go shower. When you’re finished, you know where we’ll be,” my wife said.

It was probably the quickest shower I’ve ever taken, not beating Rob by any more than a couple of minutes either. He and I then went downstairs into the new den where the girls sat together on the couch, sipping a wine waiting for us.

I noticed as we walked in, one of the cameras showed a blinking light, Jackie had already been filming, making me wonder quite curiously what they’d been doing before we got there. But, my attention was refocused at once back on the girls, seeing how they were dressed, in their new incredibly sexy attire was in fact breathtaking.

As the saying goes…and in this case it was meant literally. They looked good enough to eat!

Jackie owned several sexy, and very revealing outfits, but this one surpassed any of those by a mile, as did my daughters. It was still sexy, sensual yes…but it was also meant to add a nice touch of slut to it as well, which they both did!

“Damn!” Rob said simply summing it all up in one word, punctuating that by removing his bathrobe, allowing it to drop on the floor where it lay. He was already hard as a rock, something I hadn’t quite achieved myself yet, though standing there looking at the girls, it wouldn’t take long either.

Jackie wore black, her preferred color. A sheer lace sort of thing though both breasts were totally revealed. Half cups cradling her breasts in a tight form-fitting corset, that looked a bit like the old-fashioned kind worn in many brothels years ago. Garters, stockings on each of them completed the picture, Chris wearing something quite similar though in red.

I don’t know why it was, it’s not like we hadn’t seen and admired the girls tits before, but there was just something about the way the two of them were displayed sitting there the way they were. And then Chris spread her legs, she had crotchless panties on…as did her mom, each of them sitting there with a vibrator up deep inside their pussies. Now I had some sort of an idea as to what Jackie’d been filming.

My cock was now rock-hard, not even realizing it had gotten that way until my wife bid me over to stand beside her.

“Stand here…to the side, so the camera can see us,” she stated, taking my cock in her mouth, just as Chris did to her brother. The two of us now like bookends on either side of the small couch, our dicks in the girls mouths, vibrators in their cunt’s as we all stood there smiling at the camera.

After several minutes of some rather intense cock-sucking, it was then decided that Rob and I return the favor. With the girls still sitting side by side there on the couch, he and I knelt down on the floor in front of them both, in seconds, licking and sucking pussy like there was no tomorrow.

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