Timmy’s Torment Pt. 03

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Laying on the bed, Beth straddles my stomach. My iPad is resting on my cage as she thoroughly searches Amazon for her “keyholder’s necklace“.

“And done. It says they’ll deliver tomorrow before 10pm. So I’ll have to make sure I don’t lose these keys before then.” Beth giggles. Falling from my torso and laying beside me.

“Oh cool.” I sigh, staring at the ceiling.

Beth jumps off the bed. Her hands on her hips. She’s clearly annoyed. I sit up immediately, I’m clearly in trouble.

“What’s the deal, Tim? You’re basically living your fantasy and you’re sulking? I don’t get it.”

“Sorry, Beth. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, it’s just…It’s…Well frustrating!”

“Isn’t it supposed to be?”

“Well yeah, I guess. But with all these toys and sleeves, I don’t know. It feels like I’ll be a virgin for life!”

“Would that really be so bad?”

“WHAT THE FUCK BETH! YES IT FUCKING WOULD!” I shout, and stand up to face her but she pushes back onto the bed.

“Okay firstly, don’t fucking shout at me. Secondly, I’m not saying you’d never get to fuck me, just why is bareback important? Just like why is it a big deal if you never came in me? Like if you came in the sleeve while fucking me. Technically you would’ve cum while we’re having sex, its just like a condom no? Same thing applies if you came whilst caged, it’s still an orgasm no? And is sex not for the purpose of giving and receiving orgasms?”

“I…err…umm..urgh.” My mouth was so dry words couldn’t come out, so I just sat there hyperventilating. I take a deep breath and try to steady my breathing. “But I want to feel you, I want to experience that warm sensation.”

“You really need to cum in a warm moist hole to feel validated?”

“Yes! Yes I do.” I plead, dropping to my knees and holding Beth’s hands.

“Okay, so if you’re a good boy and…”


“Timmy! Let me finish. If you’re a good boy and I receive my required amount of orgasms, I don’t see why you can’t be rewarded with monthly…blowjobs!”


“What? They fit your criteria, warm, moist, hole you can cum in. Or you telling me you don’t want a monthly head!”


“No?” Beth, interrupts.

“Wait. No, I’m not saying no. I’m saying, urgh. I want real sex.”

“Timmy. Look most relationships break down because of an incompatible sex life. I can have multiples while you can only cum once. For our relationship to be successful, I think you’ll find my proposal is just.”

“Beth…I just want to cum in your pussy.”

“And you will…you’ll cum in the sleeve that is in my pussy and your hips will be controlling the sleeve. So it’ll all be you.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Hmmm…” Beth jumps up and starts to tap her index finger against her lips while deep in thought.

“Okay quick, give me $200 bucks!”

“What? Why?”

“I’ve got a theory I wanna try out, but it requires some equipment.” She teases.

“Okay, care to elaborate?” I ask, reaching for the envelope of cash.

“Just give me the money and when I get back we will test my theory. If I’m wrong. You can fuck my pussy tonight!”

“Really?” The scepticism was clear in my voice.

“Trust me, Tim. I am the keyholder after all. Oh and be a good boy and tidy up your pubes while I’m out. Don’t go clean shaven, but a neat trim please.”

She kisses me before I can ask why and skips away on her secret errand. Leaving me standing in my room wearing only a t-shirt and my cage.

Standing in front of my morrow I carefully trim back my bush and balls. Weirdly trimming my pubic hair so short it made my region look oddly feminine, like it was a woman’s lower half, except I have a caged cock attached to me and they have a pussy.

*my phone beeps*

It’s a notification from one of my favourite cuckold sites.

Check out this week’s new scene where Dredd fucks petite Holly Hendrix and then lowly cuck cleans up. Exclusive to CuckoldsRus.com

“Fuck I love Holly. Such an anal queen. Too bad I’m locked. That would just be torture.” I think to myself. But then shouting from downstairs breaks my train of thought.

I walk towards my bedroom door and open it just enough to hear what’s going on. I can start to hear the arguing coming up the stairs.

“No, Mindy. I don’t want to hear it. I’ve told you dozens of times, I AIN’T INTERESTED!”



“Dan. Please be quiet, think of the neighbours.”

“OH LIKE YOU THINK OF ME WHEN YOU WATCH THAT SHIT!” My dad yells back as their bedroom door slams shut.

“Oh shit, they must not know I’m home.” I whisper to myself.

I know I should give them their privacy but finding out Mindy watches IR porn has me leaking in my cage. Plus hearing my dad yell at her is something I wouldn’t want to miss!

Slowly mersin escort I open my door and creep across the wooden floor and put my ear to their door to try and listen more. But it’s no good, it’s muffled. I sneak back to my room and lock the door. My mind races with what they’re saying to each other.

I lay on my bed and close my eyes, beginning to imagine the conversation they’re having. I can see Mindy in my head on her knees pleading with my dad to understand and my dad telling her where to go. It really is like I can hear them. It feels too real.

I open my eyes and clear my mind. “I CAN HEAR THEM!” My brain screams. As I jump up. “Where is that coming from?” I whisper.

My eyes darted around the room briefly, until I realised. It’s the air vent above my bed. Standing on my mattress I put my ear against the vent and listened.

“Dan. You’re making a meal out of nothing. It’s harmless.”

“You watching this shit everyday is harmless?”

“It’s not everyday! What are you telling me you never watch porn when you’re on the road?”

“Don’t try to turn this on me. Yeah of course I do, but they look like you! I ain’t watching Asian, Black or Muslim porn. It’s blonde bitches like you!”

“Oh so I’m a bitch now?”

“You know what I mean, and look at all this porn. You watched for over an hour on the 15th, 3 hours on the 12th, an hour on the 10th. Fuck how long you been watching this shit. Jeezus do you even watch Tim?”

“I watch it at bedtime. Hours after he’s asleep.”

“How long has it been going on for, Mindy?”

“A few years…” Mindy mumbled.

I move back away from the vent. The dates stuck in my mind. I run over to my iPad and load my Reddit. Every sketch I make I post. I posted on the 11th, the 13th and the 16th.

“Holy shit.” I mumble. “I sketched and posted the day after Mindy watched porn all night! It can’t be. Has her porn habit subliminally brainwashed me into a cuck or is this all a coincidence?”

I climb back up on the bed and listen again.

“…I just don’t know why we can’t incorporate some toys into our sex life.”

“I can’t do this again. I give you everything you could possibly need, nice house, nice clothes and you’re telling me my dick ain’t enough? You don’t need no unrealistic monster fucking dildos, you need to stop watching this fucking porn.”

“There’s nothing wrong with spicing up a marriage, Dan.”

“Spicing up my ass! Look. LOOK! Look at this weak white wimp in your porno! Look how ridiculous he looks with that stupid shit on his prick! How long after we get all those toys you want before you suggest something like that for me, huh? This is such bull! Watch your shitty pornos. I’m going to the bar!”

“You just gonna run away?”

“I tell you what, Mindy. Since you want to spice everything up how about you start fucking me like before we got married! How about you suck my gawd damn dick daily and fucking nightly when I’m home, eh? How about you fuck me and blow me so fucking much that my cock can’t get hard anymore and then, when we get together point, we’ll get you those toys you want! Because I’m willing to bet if you actually put that much effort into our sex life, you’d be too sore and too tired to want any toys after! Now as I said I’m leaving!”

Hearing my dad storm out of the house like that had me in shock. I’ve never seen him mad before but Mindy had it coming I guess. The sad fact is it turned me on to hear Mindy get put in her place and that meant there was now a mess in my shorts and over my thighs. Time for a shower, actually make that a cold shower.

After getting cleaned up, I decided to tape up my air vent. I don’t need Mindy or especially my dad what Beth and I are up to. A folded up shirt would hopefully suffice and be easy to remove if I wanted to spy again. Soon I was bored, without access to my cock I seemed to have a lot of free time on hand. Maybe some PlayStation will relax me. Battling it out with pals online trash talking and generic dumb behaviour really did take my mind off being caged.

“FUCK!” I screamed jumping from the chair after I felt a tap in my shoulder.

So engrossed in my game and with my headset I didn’t even notice Beth return.

“Shit, shit shit. You gave me a bloody heart attack.” I pant, heart still beating at 300bpm.

“I could tell, you didn’t even notice me set up.” She gestures to bed.

“Yo what she set up, AlphaDawg?”

Beth turned to the TV and back at me. “AlphaDawg?” She scoffed.

“It’s just a gamers tag.” I whisper hurrying to switch off my PS5 and hoping my friends don’t hear.

Beth just laughs and hands me my key.

“Wait, what?” I ask.

“Take everything off, and lay down on the bed.” Beth instructs.

I take no time at all dropping my sweats, free my cock from its prison and yanking my top off. I run and jump straight on the bed. That’s when I notice the ropes tied to each corner of my bed frame.

“Leg.” She orders, as she ties my left leg to the bed frame.

She moves mersin escort bayan over to my right leg and I immediately offer it to her.

“Good, Timmy.” She purrs. Before telling me to lay back.

Soon both my arms are tied up and I’m spread eagle on the mattress. She lifts up her bag and pulls out what looks to be a double ended strap-on.

“Open!” She commands before I can question what toy is.

She inserts one end of the strap-on into my mouth. It’s a dildo and gag combo that she then straps around my head. She pulls a hair band from her wrist and ties her hair into a ponytail. She leans over me, places her lips to the tip of the dildo, kisses it and then proceeds to perform oral on it. She gets down about halfway and then she gags. As she gags our eyes meet and she winks at me then she gets up and walks away.

“You wait right there, I’ll be right back.” She shouts as she picks up a bag and walks into my bathroom.

“Funny.” I thought to myself.

As I laid there I noticed I could hear myself breathing. I don’t know why but it started to freak me out. The more I freaked out the harder and louder I breathed. Thus creating a vicious cycle. It got to the point where I felt I may indeed pass out, when Beth finally reappeared.

My view was restricted due to the massive dildos attached to my head, but from swiveling my head around I could see she was wearing a pink and black corset, no panties and knee high stockings. Her bush was trimmed, embarrassingly matching mine, and she still had the bag in tow.

“You seem excited.” She cooed, as she placed the bag one side of me as she sat the other. “You want to know my theory?”

I nodded, but the dildo did its own thing.

I’ll take that as a yes.” She giggled. Licked her index finger and touched the tip of my penis. “So this is your penis, and I believe you were built to be pussy free, and now my experiment shall begin.”

She licked the tip of my helmet and I moaned as loudly as the gag permitted. Then she licked from the base of my balls up my shaft, kissed the tip, licked once more then took my whole cock in her mouth in one. The warm wet sensation made my eyes roll. It felt like heaven. But I was quickly brought back to Earth when she released my cock from her sweet mouth. She smiled at me, reached over me and pulled the bag over to her side. After rifling through the bag she pulled at a small bottle.

“This is NumbMe5000. Once sprayed on anything, all sensation disappears immediately.”

She then sprayed my penis 15-20 times. I almost cried. Instead I bashed my head backwards as best as I could against my pillow to show my objection.

“This is for the splash zone.” Beth told me as she laid a towel over my stomach. “So this is my theory. Since you can’t feel anything you shouldn’t be able to cum. Now if you cum, it’ll be purely from my words and from no feelings. Ergo you won’t cum from a warm wet moist hole, and if I’m right. Well we can talk about that after. So since it would be unfair to do this until you came there will be a time limit. 10 minutes. If you haven’t cum after 10 minutes. You’ll get pussy when it wears off. Do you understand?”

I nod, but the dildo is wild.

“I’ll take that as a yes too.” She giggled.

Beth then climbs onto the bed, straddles my chest, positions the face dildo to her pussy and slowly starts to descend on to it. First time she barely went down a few inches, the second time almost half way and on the third try she hit the hilt and her cheeks were over my nose.

“Are you ready?” Beth asks, wiggling her ass over my face.

Her scent is intoxicating, and extremely arousing. In my mind I feel like I’m hard. Like there is pressure, but I can’t be certain. Beth begins to ride the dildo slowly. As she rises up I look down at my cock. My vision is slightly restricted from the dildo and her bouncing was, but I can see I’m hard. Each time she rises I get a glance down to my cock. Her left hand is at the base of my shaft cupping my cock. Her other hand is resting on the bed.

“Okay Timmy…the test starts now!”

I watch eagerly as her mouth engulfs my cock and I feel nothing. No warmth, no suction, no sensation at all. I watch Beth’s head bob up and down all over my cock and it’s pure torture, but somehow I’m aroused, but there is no way I’ll cum.

“How’s it feeling?” Beth moans between sucks.

I stay quiet and try to control my breathing and try to keep count in my head. But I’m drawn back to watching her blow me. Frustration kicks in and I start to buck my hips.

“Whoa, Timmy. You trying throat fuck me huh? Go on, do it!” She encourages as she sucks my cock.

Beth’s words make me buck even harder, moments.

“That’s it, Timmy. You can do it. Cum for me.” Beth coo’s.

“Wait. What the fuck am I doing? I don’t want to cum. Stop it Tim. Stop it.” I tell myself.

“Don’t stop, Timmy. Don’t you wanna cum for me?”

I feel my cock throbbing but it’s all internal, the feeling from the blowjob isn’t there escort mersin so as long as I relax and stop getting excited I won’t cum. But it’s hard not to get aroused and watch Beth blow me like a pro. This is probably the best head of my life and I can’t feel anything. Her legs tighten around my head, clamping me into a fixed position. Her asshole is pressed against my nose. She’s no longer bouncing, more a slow precise grind and I’m now in total darkness.

“FUCK!” She moans. She’s just cum.

Slowly she begins to rock and then starts bouncing again, taking me out of darkness. Looking down at my cock I see she’s giving me a hand job. My balls now feel like they’re on fire. The pressure is building and with the stimulating image of Beth being a perfect pornstar. I feel like something is igniting some feeling in my cock. I CAN FEEL! The spray must be wearing off!

“You look like you’re close, Timmy.”

She asks as she furiously strokes me.

“Cum, Timmy. Cum for me.”

My eyes roll back and I bite down hard onto the dildo gag as I orgasm, and Beth sits back on my face, putting me in darkness. But I don’t care that I can barely breathe. I can feel that warm cum trickle down my cock, that climax felt glorious.

“That’s strange. You squirt when you cum in the cage and when you’re unlocked the cum trickles out of you. I thought it would be the other way around.”

Beth then sits up allowing the dildo to pop out of her. She reaches between her legs and pulls the dildo gag from my mouth.

“I could feel it!” I painted. “I could feel your hand stroking me…the spray…the spray started to wear off.” I sputter out as quickly as I can.

“Really?” Beth inquires.

“Yes. Yes I swear.” I pant, while Beth climbs off of me and sits beside me.

“Hmmm. Well that’s interesting because…” Beth says, as she nods down at my cock.

I look down at my cock, and horror floods through me.

“That can’t be.” I plead to Beth.

“Afraid so, Timmy.”

The hand I saw cupping my cock, was actually holding a dildo a dildo. The entire time.

“I didn’t touch your cock once! You came from visual aides and verbal communication.”

My head falls back into my pillow and as I feel tears build up in my eyes.

“Sorry.” She says, sincerely as she leans in and kisses me.

I close my eyes in shame as the horror turns to dread. Beth strokes my face, kisses me once more then heads to the bathroom, leaving me in silence. I had just cum, hands free, from nothing. How humiliating is that. Moments later, Beth emerges with a washcloth in hand and proceeds to clean my cum covered cock. The washcloth is cold and I feel as my penis starts to shrivel. When she’s finished she heads straight back to the bathroom. Neither of us say anything.

“Don’t overthink it, or you’ll make yourself ill.” Beth calls from the bathroom.

Easy for her to say. I came like a loser. Fuck. Imagine if she actually fucked me, I’d probably cum before I was fully in. Fuck this is too humiliating.

Beth walks out of the bathroom wearing a baggy t-shirt and jogging bottoms. Walks over to my desk, picks up the chastity cage, sits down beside me.

“So.” She says with an awkward look on her face. “You came…I was right.”

“You were.” I answer defeated.

“Wanna discuss it?” She asks as she starts to lock my cock back up.

“You think I should be pussy free, right?”

“What do you think, Tim? She answers focused purely on the cage.

“Well I know you want me to be pussy free…”

“Hey!” Interrupts Beth. “I never said that. I said, “Would it be that bad?“”

“How’s that not the same?”

“Because I don’t consider you to be a virgin for starters!”

“But I haven’t actually been inside you. I was in a sleeve that was inside you.”

“Okay and if we fucked and you wore a condom would that make you a virgin?”

“Well no…”

“Exactly! Timmy look, you’ve put my pussy on a pedestal! Sex for most people last no longer than 5 minutes. Uncaged and untouched you came in like 7 minutes from, basically watching me masturbate. How long do you think sex would last if you were uncaged, we did like a 69 and then you entered me?”

“Ummm, less than 7 minutes I guess. But I didn’t enjoy the sleeve because I felt nothing.”

“Timmy! That’s my point! You didn’t enjoy it because you felt nothing! You now know you can cum from feeling nothing! So next time we try a sleeve you’ll focus on the sex and not the feeling and then I have no doubt you’ll cum in one. I bet in a sleeve actually trying to cum, you’d fuck me like a man possessed. The real question is how long you’d last!”

“Yeah…yeah I guess I would! Shit that makes so much sense.”

“See, and if you stayed caged and wore the strap-on. I could wear a butt plug and I’m willing to wager your cage tapping it over and over as you pound me, feels pretty fucking amazing!”

“Shit that sounds hot!”

“I know, right?”

“Okay fuck it! I’m pussy free!”

“No,Timmy. You’re perfect! Now I’m hungry and horny, and I’ve just finished locking you so us playing is out of the question. So how about you go heat up some leftover barbeque and I’ll treat myself to a few more orgasms with the wand then make my way down.”

“I’d prefer to stay and participate, or you know…watch?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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