The Limo Driver Ch. 28

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Evelyn Thomas had always wanted to sleep with a woman but being married and not wanting to go through the hassle of finding a woman to have an affair with, she had never acted on her desire. Now hearing via the grapevine about Paula’s services and her proclivity for pussy, she was quick to contact Claire. The day of her adventure had arrived and she lay naked in bed in the room Paula used for her clients, her heart beating fast with nervous anticipation and her cunt wet and aroused between her legs.

Paula entered the room just wearing just a robe. Opening it slowly, she let it slip to the floor. Evelyn gazed at her naked body with obvious yearning, the sight of Paula’s shaved cunt making her own wet with a throbbing desire. Slowly Paula walked towards the bed, her naked firm breasts with their hard erect nipples standing out in front of her. Evelyn had never wanted anyone’s body as badly as she wanted Paula’s right then. Reaching the bed, Paula pulled back the covers revealing Evelyn’s naked form. Like hers, Evelyn’s cunt was shaved bare and her breasts were large and round, the hard aroused nipples at their centre surrounded by large dark areola. As lovely as her large tits were, it was the shaved cunt between the slightly open thighs that Paula was really interested in. Climbing onto the bed, Paula knelt beside Evelyn with her legs open showing off her lovely parted cunt, the soft lips in its centre already glistening with aroused wetness.

“Would you like to lick my wet cunt Evelyn?” Paula asked, touching Evelyn between the legs at the same time.

“God yes.” Evelyn croaked, her cunt aroused by the fingers stroking it and the sight of Paula’s delicious pussy. She desperately wanted to taste that wet cunt. She had never had her face between a woman’s legs before and the thought of it had her cunt positively dripping. Still rubbing Evelyn’s clit, Paula Raised one leg and straddled Evelyn facing away from her. Evelyn watched breathless as Paula slid her ass and cunt up towards her face. Her mouth was open and eager when Paula pressed her cunt to it. Desperate to taste and smell it, Evelyn licked hungrily between Paula’s legs, sliding her tongue between the soft inner lips and lapping hard at Paula’s aroused clit. Fuck she smelled and tasted so good. She couldn’t believe she had put off licking a woman until today. It was fucking awesome. No wonder so many men loved doing it. Aroused beyond belief, Evelyn rubbed her whole face in Paula’s wet cunt, smearing the musky wetness all over her.

Aroused by Evelyn’s licking, Paula stooped rubbing her and bent forward wanting her own taste of aroused cunt. She felt the heat between Evelyn’s legs and could smell her cunt as she took her first lick of it, stroking her tongue up its entire length. Evelyn’s head tilted back and she let out a groan of pleasure, her hands gripping the sheet at her sides as Paula lapped at the excited wet cunt between her legs. Egged on by the woman’s moans of pleasure, Paula pried Evelyn’s lips apart with her fingers and hungrily licked between them.

“Oh fuck.” Evelyn cried out crushing her mouth to Paula’s cunt, licking at it hungrily in her excitement. Both women were moaning and lapping at each other, each desperately willing the other to cum. Evelyn was first, crying out with her shaking legs spread wide. Paual pushed two fingers into Evelyn’s cunt as she came and licked her at her rigid clit.

“Fuck!” Evelyn yelled, cumming even harder with the onslaught of Paula’s fingers.and tongue. She rammed her own fingers into Paula’s cunt above her and desperately fucked her back. Starting to cum, Paula ground her clit on Evelyn.s mouth as she pushed back on the fingers inside her.

“Jesus Christ.” Evelyn panted, the lower half of her face glistening with Paula’s wetness as they lay breathing hard from their orgasms. “Fuck that was good.”

“We’re not done yet.” Paula said with a naughty grin as she rolled off Evelyn. Reaching into the bedside drawer, she pulled out a dildo and passed it to Evelyn. “Now you can fuck me.” she told her.

Evelyn sat up with the toy in her hand as Paula laid on her back and opened her legs wide. Evelyn was excited again. She had been fucked with a dildo but she had never fucked anyone else with one. She was going to enjoy thrusting it into Paula’s cunt, see her excitement grow and then watch her cum with it stuck inside her. Fuck yes, she was going to love this. Kneeling between Paula’s open legs, Evelyn pressed the head of it into Paula’s opening and then started working it into her inch by inch.

“Yes, that’s it.” Paula panted as the dildo pushed deeper and deeper between her legs. “Fuck my cunt.” she pleaded.

Just happening to be passing by outside the room at the same time, Claire heard the cries inside and stopped. She recognised Paula’s voice and her cries of arousal made her own cunt tingle between her legs. She leant against the wall listening to Paula get slowly closer and closer to orgasm. Aroused herself, she reached up under her dress and inside her panties. Her fingers quickly lubricated themselves in her now wet cunt and started to ümraniye escort rub at her throbbing clit.

Inside the room, Evelyn started to thrust it into Paula even harder, ramming every inch of the dildo deep into Paula’s aching cunt. “Faster.” Paula cried, her cunt desperate to cum and almost there.

“Oh God.” Claire moaned, rubbing hard at her cunt out in the hallway. Paula’s excitement was fuelling her own and just like Paula, she was close to cumming.

Evelyn fucked Paula’s cunt faster with the glistening toy and Paula let out a loud groan, pushing her cunt upwards as she came on it. Out in the hallway, Claire was bent over, her hand trapped between her clenched thighs as her cunt erupted in orgasm. Just hearing Paula had made her cum so fucking hard. She desperately wished she could go in and join them. A tongue on her hard aroused clit would be so fucking good right now. Still needing to cum again, she took her hand out of her panties and made off for her bedroom where her trusty vibrator was waiting in the bedside drawer. It wasn’t a woman’s tongue or fingers but it never failed to finish her. With her cunt aching for attention, she closed her bedroom door and with the vibrator already turned on in her hand, laid on the bed, slipped down her panties and opened her legs.

Downstairs, Evelyn was crying out, cumming hard with Paula’s mouth on her aroused nipple and two fingers ramming into her climaxing cunt. The fingers inside her, so good she started to squirt.

About the same time Evelyn was gushing warm cunt juice over Paula’s hand, across town Bill was tying Joanne Sykes spread-eagle to her bed. A mature single lady with good tits for her age and a nicely trimmed cunt, Joanna had a few fetishes that she didn’t trust her usual bed companions with, in case news of her kinks got around. The service Bill provided was perfect for her needs and it wasn’t the first time she had entertained him in her home. Today was light bondage day and having tied her to the bed, Bill blindfolded her. He stood back to admire his handiwork as she mocked fighting against her restraints. He was also figuring out what he was going to do with her. There was never a set play book which added to her anticipation and subsequent pleasure. Taking his time to think was also giving her time to lay there and wonder what was in store. Had he bothered to pull her cunt lips apart, he would have seen that the anticipation and not knowing was already making her wet.. We’ll just let her stew for a bit, he thought to himself and silently left the room. Pouring himself a drink, he took his time drinking it and then returned just as silently as he had left.

Silently, he moved to the side of the bed, reached out and pressed his fingertip to her nipple. She jumped with surprise but that soon turned to arousal as Bill felt the nipple harden under his touch. As he rolled it under his fingertip. He left it and did the same to her other nipple which was already aroused and hard. He soon took his finger off it, leaving her in anticipation again. Her breathing was deepening and her cunt tingled hoping that’s where he would touch her next. It got its wish but it wasn’t his finger. Instead, he stroked her ever so lightly between the legs with a feather, teasing the ends of her lips as he stroked it along the length of her increasingly wet slit. She moaned with every stroke, her throbbing cunt desperate for more firmer attention, especially her hard exposed clit which had popped out from under its protective hood. He flicked it with the tip of the feather until she was moaning with the agonising torture. Bill left her to lay there, thrusting her hips up with her aroused clit frustrated and aching for his touch.

“Rub it, rub it.” she cried out in agony but he ignored her. Instead, he turned the soft feather on her nipples, teasing them just like he had teased her cunt. She was almost sobbing, the ache between her legs unbearable. She needed to be touched. He touched her, just once, running his fingertip slowly up the wet crease between her legs, making sure he took his finger away just before it reached her clit.

“Oh God.” she cried out in frustrated agony. Smiling to himself, Bill did it again, avoiding her clit once more. He stood by watching as Joanne moaned, squirming in her bonds, her denied cunt thrusting up with its desperate need to cum. He waited for her to calm a little and then picked up a magic wand. When he turned it on Joanne heard the buzz and shivered with anticipation, her cunt flooding with wetness. Lightly, he touched the vibrator to each of her aroused nipples. She groaned with pleasure expecting to feel it between her legs next. He let her wait, making her listen to the buzzing toy that was being denied to her,

“Oh please.” she begged. “Put it on my cunt.” It was time. He laid the wand between her legs with the large round vibrating head on her slit just below her clit.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out at the sensation. He left it propped there, one long constant vibration on her cunt, building her orgasm bit by bit. Leaving escort ümraniye her, he went to refresh his drink. Just as he was taking the first sip, he heard her cum. He waited, taking another sip. By the time he returned to the room, Joanne was thrashing in her bonds, the vibrator between her legs keeping her cumming in one long endless orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” turn it off.” she wailed, her orgasm turned to agony. He lifted it off her cunt and the look of relief on her face was instantaneous. He put it back and she cried out again, her cunt rocketed back into orgasm. “Stp, stop.!” she begged him. He retrieved the vibrator and turned it off. Slipping off her blindfold, he let her watch as he stood by the bed and stroked his stiffening cock. She wanted it. Her cunt wanted it. Smiling at her, he just stood there, pulling slowly, showing her how hard he was.

“Oh fuck, I need your cock.” she panted, eager to have him between her legs. He moved closer to the head of the bed and leant over. She tried raising up to get her mouth on the swollen head of his cock but she just couldn’t reach; the bonds holding her back. He leaned over more until the head was just an inch from her eager lips. Harder and harder she strained against her bindings, desperate for one taste of him. Moving away, he reached down and gave her one more stroke of his fingertip between her saturated cunt lips


“Oh God please, please fuck my cunt.” she begged.

Slowly, Bill loosened the bindings on her ankles but not her wrists. Moving to the foot of the bed, he climbed on between her legs. Joanne held her breath in anticipation. He was going to fuck her at last. Pulling his cock, he laid it on her cunt and started rubbing the hard shaft up and down along her wet glistening slit and over her swollen aroused clit. It was fucking torture. It felt so good but she needed it inside her. Sensing she was nearly at the end of her rope, he pressed the head to her flooded opening. She groaned with pleasure and then gasped when he pushed into her hard, driving his cock deep inside her. Pushing her open legs back, he started to fuck her, thrusting every inch of his cock deep into her body.

“Yes, yes, fuck me.” she cried out as he rammed his cock into her wet excited cunt. Her moans got louder and louder as he thrust into her and then with a huge groan of release she came, her cunt gushing on the hard cock deep inside her. He pulled out, climbed off the bed and raced to the head of it. Pulling his cock hard, he groaned and came all over her face, thick ropes of cum criss crossing it with some landing in her eager open mouth. Joanne looked up at him satisfied and smiling as he loosened the ties on her wrists.

“You can make me one of those drinks.” she said as she wiped his cum off her face and licked it off her fingers. He loved watching her eat his cum, especially when he saw how much she loved the taste of it. She lay on the bed gently stroking at her wet slit as she waited for him to return with their drinks. When he walked in the room, he was met with the sight of her open legs in the air and her fingertip slipping up between her slippery wet inner lips. He wished he was hard, the sight of her doing that made him want to fuck her again.

“Here you go.” Bill said, holding out a glass for her. Joanne let her legs fall. She sat up with her legs over the side of the bed. “Thank you.” she said, taking the glass from him.

“How about we spend a while soaking in the jacuzzi and then we can come back and you can fuck me again.” Joanne suggested. Bill thought it was a great idea and both of them padded naked from the room carrying their drinks. They both slipped naked into the bubbling warm water. As Bill sat sipping his drink, Joanee knelt on the seat beside him facing the edge with the water jet playing over her cunt. It felt fucking good and soon had her aroused again. Reaching down between her legs, she slipped two fingers inside herself as the hard jet of water stimulated her hard clit.

“Ooh, that feels so good.” she said as Bill looked on. Knowing what she was doing, he reached under the water and started massaging his cock. Fuck, never mind taking her back upstairs, he was probably going to take her right there in the jacuzzi he thought as his cock began to harden under the water. Looking at her large full naked breasts he began to properly pull his cock. Leaning over, he took the closest nipple in his mouth, Still fucking her cunt, Joanne pressed her breast against his mouth as he sucked on it. He replaced her hand with his on her cunt and her fingers curled around his hard shaft. Oh yes, they were going to fuck. Aroused and excited, neither was willing to wait long enough to dry off and go upstairs. Slipping off the bench seat, he moved around behind her. She bent over the edge of the jacuzzi and opened her legs. Gripping his hard cock, he guided it between them and into her cunt.

“Fuck.” Joanne gasped as he pushed inside her, his thick hard shaft sliding in deep. Straight away he began thrusting into her cunt under the water, fucking that ümraniye escort bayan soft wet hole between her legs.

“Fuck me.” she moaned, rubbing her clit frantically and pushing her round ass back onto him. Grunting with exertion, Bill thrust up inside as hard as he could, burying every inch of his thick cock deep in her aroused cunt. Joanne cried out, her whole body quivering as she came, impaled on his hard cock. The feel and sound of her cumming was too much and Bill came inside her, his cock squirting deep in her cunt as he jerked against her ass, his hands clutching her tits tightly from behind. Sliding off his cock, she pulled herself out of the pool. Sat on the edge and opened her legs wide. Grabbing his hand, she pressed it to her cunt.

“Fuck me.” she panted, needing to cum again. Slipping two fingers inside her, he started to fuck her vigorously with them as she rubbed at her aching aroused clit.

“Oh yes, fuck it, fuck my cunt.” she cried out, her fingers a blur as they thrashed at her cunt. She came in seconds with his fingers ramming into her cunt, her legs and stomach jerking in an even harder orgasm than the last one. Still shaking, she slipped into the jacuzzi and pressed herself to him, her heaving breasts crushed hard against his chest and her cunt rubbing against his softening cock.

“Fuck that was good.” she said, smiling up at him and clinging to his body while her orgasm slowly subsided. It was pretty evident that the bondage session had made her super aroused and her cunt needed to keep cumming. Bill doubted that his cock alone would be enough to satisfy her. Luckily, she had a good assortment of toys they could call on to keep the avid cunt between her legs happy. He could just see them upsdtairs, Joanne with her tits bouncing while she fucked herself with a huge dildo as she sucked his cock. Trying to get him hard again. The woman could be insatiable when she was put in the mood and she was definitely in the mood right now.

Anya looked down between her legs at her newly shaved cunt. Running a hand over it, she checked for any stray bristles. Pleased with her handiwork, all she needed now was a man with a nice hard cock to appreciate her efforts. She was sure there were plenty of them out there that would. It was just that they were a little thin on the ground at the moment. Paula was always on hand and ready with a dildo or her fucking machine but it wasnt the same. She missed the smell and taste of real cock and the feeling of excitement of a man plunging his hard straining cock into her wet cunt. It seemed ages since she had felt that. She needed to correct it, find a man that would be only too willing to rub his face over her smooth pussy and then stick his hard ciock inside it. Deciding to do something about it, Anya slipped on a pair of lacy panties with matching bra and a snug fitting dress that showed off her lovely curves and firm full breasts. Spraying on some perfume, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw and looked more than ready to go out and get herself some cock.

The bar had lots of cock inside it but very little of it had acceptable owners. Of the acceptable ones, one candidate in particular stood out. Tall and fit looking, he was leant against the bar surveying his surroundings. Anya decided to try her luck.

Moving to the bar beside him, she sat on a stool. His eyes were immediately drawn to the attractive woman with the stunning figure next to him. Now it was his time to try his luck.

“Hi, my name is Jack..” he said. “Can I buy a lovely lady like you a drink?” he asked.

“Would I have to sleep with you?” Anya asked.

“Of course not.” Jack replied smiling.

“That’s a little disappointing.” Anya said. “I was hoping you might be trying to get into my panties.” she said suggestively.

“I haven’t seen them.” Jack told her. “They might be like those Granny ones in that chick flick,” he said laughing.

“What, Bridget Jones?” Anya laughed. “I can assure you they’re nothing like that.”

“Then I definitely want to get inside them.” Jack laughed.

“Then I will definitely accept your offer of a drink.” Anya said grinning and wondering what his cock was like at the same time. Was it long, was it thick, was it both? She couldn’t wait to find out. No doubt, Jack was wondering about her cunt as well. He wasn’t going to be dissapointed, she had done a good job on it and it was definitely lickable. With chase out of the way, they could both relax and enjoy the anticipation of what was to come. Jack kept the drinks coming and soon they were both laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Anya was warming to him, not only was he good looking but he was witty too. She couldnt have picked a better candidate to fuck. In between his jokes and witty anecdotes, she found herself imagining him inside her and down between her legs hidden by her panties, her newly shaved cunt was getting wet with anticipation. Impatient to feel him thrusting between her legs, she suggested they might like to go back to his place. With his cock firm and eager to fuck her he readilly agreed. Downing what was left of their drinks, they got up and left the bar. They hailed a cab and spent the short journey to his apartment in anxious silence with his hand resting on her bare thigh. Had the journey taken longer, she was sure she would have opened her legs for him to explore between them in the darkness of the back seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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