The Best Honeymoon, Ever Ch. 01-05

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This is a story of a young bride & groom on their honeymoon.



A couple in their early twenties just got married and were going on their honeymoon. The bride is a beautiful girl, 23, 5’6″, 36-24-36, long black hair, green eyes and basically, drop dead gorgeous… Her name is Luisa.

Her husband is handsome at 5’9″, 24, 180, muscular build, jet black hair, brown eyes and a 7″ cock and nice balls… His name is Tony.

They knew each other in high school and even went to the same college. Their sex life was rich and rewarding and she was more adventurous than he was but they always respected each other’s desires and limits.

They just got married in their church and headed off to their honeymoon resort on a Pacific island, unbeknownst to them, the resort was a strict nudist one, which they did not know.

The Story –

As they approached the island, Tony said, “Luisa, isn’t this place beautiful?

“Tony, it really is.”

When the launch docked, they were escorted to the main building, where they checked in. They were given their keys and escorted to their villa on the beach. As they approached the villa, they saw naked people on the beach & in the water.

“Why is everyone naked?” Tony asked the bell captain, who answered, “This is a nudist resort sir. You and your wife will have to be naked while you are here. It’s all in the brochure in your villa.”

Luisa looked at Tony as they entered the villa as the bell captain left.

“Luisa, we can’t stay here. Who booked this place?”

“My friend booked the place. What do we do now Tony?”

“What else can we do? We have no other choice.”

“Tony, I don’t know if I could do that…be naked in front of strangers.”

“Well, let’s give it a try. Maybe it won’t be so bad.”

They got undressed, took a couple of towels and headed down to the beach.

As they approached the water’s edge, they heard a woman say, “Oh my, such a nice cock. It’s so big and thick. What is that hanging underneath it?….mmm”

Then they heard a guy say, “What is that furry patch? It looks like a beautiful beaver.”

The couple looked at each other and their faces turned red but didn’t say a word. They enjoyed the water and after some time, rested on their blankets.

They watched the naked guests in the water and on the beach as Tony’s cock got bigger & harder.

“Hey Luisa, play with me.” Tony said.

Luisa looked at him and grasped as his cock was getting rigid.

“Tony, I can’t do that. People will see us.”

“Move your hand up & down on my cock, and gently play with my balls.”

Luisa did as she was told, and, as people passed by took in their activities.

“Faster… move your hand up and down faster.”

Luisa did as she was told, knowing people might be watching.

Then Tony said, “That’s it Luisa. Now put your mouth over my cock so I can cum in your mouth.”

She did as she was told and suddenly, cum filled her mouth as his big cock exploded. As spurts of cum continued filling her mouth, she choked and his cum oozed out her mouth and onto her tits.

A woman saw this and rushed to her and without a word said, lapped up the cum from her tits, then thanked them and left.

Luisa looked at her husband and said, “Baby, did you see that? That stranger just lapped up your cum from my tits. Who was she?”

“I have no idea hon. This place isn’t so bad after all.”

“Tony, I have to go to our villa to clean up. I’ll be right back.”

As Luisa left to go back to the villa, she wrapped her towel around her and headed out.

As soon as she was out of sight, the woman who lapped up Tony’s cum approached him.

“I hope you wife isn’t mad but I hate to see a man’s cum wasted. By the way, my name is Monica. That’s my husband in the water. He’s the one with the big cock. I just wanted to

introduce myself, formally.”

“Hi. My wife will be ok. You just surprised her and me. We are on our honeymoon and we didn’t know this was a nudist resort. My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Luisa.”

“Well Tony, this is more than a nudist resort…here, it’s all about enjoying your sexuality, even in the open. By the time you leave here, I guarantee you and your bride will enjoy a lot of sex with others. Enjoy your stay…and me & my husband are in the villa next to yours. If you and your bride want to get together, let us know. By the way, I love your cock and your wife has a great body.”

“Well Monica, thanks for the info. I’ll speak to Luisa and let you know.”

As she walked away, his cock started to get erect just watching Monica’s ass just as Luisa got back from the villa.

“Luisa, you will never guess what happened while you were gone. That woman who lapped my cum off of you, came over & talked to me.”

“Who the hell is she and what did she say?”

“Her name is Monica and she is here with her husband and in the villa next to ours. She apologized for what she did and she told me this place is more than a nudist resort.”

“What do you mean?”

“She said this place caters to guests sexuality and doing sex acts in the open are urfa escort expected and welcomed. She even invited us to get together with her and her husband.”

“You mean swap with them?”

“That’s the impression I got. She said she loved my cock and your beautiful body.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her we were on our honeymoon and didn’t think we would get together. But thanked her for the offer.”

“Was she mad?”

“I don’t think so… disappointed, maybe. Why? Did you want to get together with them?”

“I didn’t say that. I just thought since we didn’t know anyone here, maybe the four of us could be friends. That’s all.”

“Ok, I’ll see if they want to have dinner with us tonight.”

We showered and relaxed and I got the nerve to go over and ask them if they wanted to join us for dinner. I knocked on the door and Monica answered in the nude…she looked more beautiful than earlier.

CH – 2

“Hi. My wife and I wanted to know if you and your husband would like to join us for dinner? We are dining in the resort’s restaurant.”

“That is nice of you to ask. Yeah, we would like that. Is 7:00 ok? We can meet you there.”

“That’s fine. We’ll see you there. Oh, we have to wear clothes, right?”

“Yes. Clothing is required at dinner. But we can get naked afterward.”

“That sounds good. See you soon.”

I told Luisa that dinner is at 7:00 and we will meet them there.

Just before 7:00, we walked over to the restaurant and immediately spotted Monica and her husband. We were escorted to the table and as we sat down, we introduced ourselves.

Monica introduced her husband whose name was Dan.

Dan and Monica were in their thirties. He was about 5’10” and had a solid build, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Monica was about 5’7″ with blond hair, blue eyes. They made a nice looking couple.

Over dinner we got to know each other and Monica apologized to Luisa for her actions today. Luisa just smiled and said it was ok and that it caught her by surprise.

After an almost two hour dinner, we headed back to the villa. Dan & Monica asked us in for some wine and we accepted.

As Dan got the wine, Monica wasted no time in getting naked. She said, “Guys, get comfy. Dan is going to get naked too and besides, we already saw you naked.”

That being said, Luisa and I removed our clothes and joined them in being naked. I laughed to myself and thought…’Luisa got into being naked in front of others rather quickly’. Just then Dan came out with the wine and immediately got naked. It was the first time Luisa saw his big cock.

We were all naked and sipping wine & chatting and getting to know each other when Dan said, “So, you guys are on your honeymoon. That’s nice.” Monica and I have been married 10 years and we come here every year to relax and meet people.”

Monica replied, “That’s great. Tony & I have known each other since high school and lived together for a couple of years and decided it was time to get married.”

I continued, “We were shocked to find out this was a nudist resort and we both felt uneasy about getting naked in front of strangers but it isn’t so bad. In fact, I think my wife enjoys showing a bit.”

Monica said, “Well, she should show more often. She’s got a great body. And, Tony, you aren’t so bad on the eyes either. You have a nice package.”

Then Luisa said, “Both you & Dan look terrific. I am willing to bet my husband doesn’t mind looking either. I know I am enjoying the scenery.”

We all laughed as we had more wine.

Then Monica said, “There’s a hot tub near the villa. Want to go in?”

The three of us said yes at the same time. Monica got some towels and we headed off to the hot tub. When we got there, it was empty and we had it all to ourselves.

As we got in, I sat down and Monica sat next to me on my left. Then Luisa sat down to me on the right and Dan sat next to her.

The water was nice and warm and as we chatted, I could feel Monica’s hands on my leg, moving down to my cock. In an instant my cock hardened.

I could tell something was going on with Luisa too. She turned to me and gave me a smile. I figured Dan was making a move on her. Then I looked down and I could clearly see my wife’s hand wrapped around Dan’s big, hard cock as his hand was near her pussy.

I spread my legs a bit to allow Monica full access to my cock and balls. I moved my hand down to her pussy and massaged it.

We continued chatting like nothing was happening, which was quite amusing to think of it.

Now, just so you know, I have seen Luisa with another guy when we were in college and it never bothered me, so I kind of knew what might happen.

We enjoyed the hot tub for quite awhile. I especially enjoyed watching my wife’s body moving about knowing that Dan had his fingers in her cunt just as I had mine in Monica’s.

Eventually, a couple of other couples joined us and we decided to vacate the hot tub and go back to the villas.

Dan & I both covered up our erections with the towels as Monica & Luisa strolled back without covering up.

As urfa escort bayan we approached our villa, Luisa surprised me and invited them in for a nightcap and they agreed.

At that time, I knew what was going to happen before the night was over.

We sat around and drank more wine and now it became obvious…I sat next to Monica and Dan sat with Luisa.

I no time at all, Dan’s hands were all over Luisa. He looked at me and I just smiled. Luisa gave me a look and I nodded an ok. She quickly had his huge, hard cock in her hand and was gently jerking it off.

I then turned my attention to Monica and started sucking her nipples as my fingers found her warm cunt.

The next time I looked over at Dan & Luisa, Luisa was straddling Dan and I watched as his cock slipped into my bride’s cunt as she eased herself down on his cock until she took it all. As soon as it was in, she looked at me and gave me a great big grin and started riding his cock.

Monica wasted no time in straddling me and impaled herself with my cock. Both girls were riding our cocks as their tits bounced up and down.

After a few minutes Dan yelled out he was going to cum. Luisa rode him faster and then Dan yelled out and his cum started filling my bride’s cunt until it flowed out of her.

I then shot my cum into Monica’s cunt and I could see it oozing out of her cunt onto my balls.

We all rested and then I looked at my wife and said, “You guys want to stay the night?”

They both said they would like that and Luisa gave me a big kiss.

That night was terrific as were the next couple of nights.

Ch – 3

On the fourth day of our honeymoon, Monica & Dan introduced us to another couple they knew…Eileen & Robert. They were older than us, around 50 or so but in great shape. They were both wrapped in their towels.

We all chatted on the beach and Dan invited all of us to dinner and we all accepted.

Over dinner we found out that Eileen & Robert lived close to us. They seemed to be nice and both were uninhibited.

Eileen never blushed when she said, “Luisa, I can tell just by looking at you that you are great in bed. Do you think I could find out for sure?”

Luisa looked at me and replied, “We are on our honeymoon.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it my dear. At my age, I adore beautiful young women such as yourself and I don’t like beating around the bush. I would like to have sex with you and your husband can watch.”

Luisa answered, “I am very flattered but I will have to think about it. “

Dinner was finally over and we all left and Dan invited us back to his villa for some wine.

As was the custom, we all got naked and that’s when we saw what they had to offer. Eileen had big tits and huge nipples that stuck out a couple of inches. She had a flat stomach and a smooth pussy. Robert had the biggest cock I ever saw. It had to be 9″ soft and his balls hung down very low.

I could see Luisa’s eyes light up when she saw his cock and balls.

It didn’t take Luisa long to say, “Eileen, regarding the question you asked me in the restaurant, I think I am great in bed. You can ask Dan, if you like. And, yes, I would love to have sex with you but first, I want your husband to fuck me.”

My wife looked over at me and I nodded an ok.

Eileen said, “I think that can be arranged.”

“There is one thing your husband must do when we fuck. I want him to stick his big cock and his balls in my cunt at the same time when he cums.”

“Robert, can you accommodate Luisa’s request?”

Robert smiled and nodded a yes.

We all got up and Luisa and Robert headed to Dan’s bed. As my bride and Robert got on the bed, his cock got harder and bigger. It was now almost 11″ and I wondered if Luisa would be able to take it all in her cunt.

We watched as the two played with each other. Their hands all over each other. Then, Robert placed his cock at her slit and started pushing it in. It took awhile but her cunt swallowed his cock until it was completely in her.

He started fucking her and she was moaning and making all sorts of noises and then he reached underneath and started pushing his balls into her cunt. In a couple of minutes, his cock and both balls had disappeared into her cunt. He then fucked her hard and finally his cock exploded and filled her cunt with a massive amount of cum. As he was cumming, my wife’s hips were gyrating and pushing down on his spurting cock. Eventually, his balls popped out of her cunt and cum just poured out of Luisa’s cunt. She had multiple orgasms.

Monica went over an lapped up all the cum she could. When Robert got off the bed, Eileen wasted no time in joining my wife. We watched as both women made love.

Within minutes, Monica joined them and the three of them were enjoying each other and having one orgasm after another.

When the women finished, Dan & I joined Luisa on the bed and we each fucked my wife with both of us cumming in her well fucked cunt.

I couldn’t tell you how many times we fucked and shared each other that night and the next.

With two nights left on escort urfa our honeymoon, Luisa asked me if she could spend one night with Dan and one night with Robert and I could have their wives. I told her that would be fine with me if everyone agreed.

The next morning, we all had breakfast in the villa and Luis asked, “I would like to have Monica and Eileen’s permission to spend tonight and tomorrow night with their husband and they could spend both nights with Tony. What do you guys say?”

Monica replied, “That’s ok with me.”

Eileen also replied, “That’s not a problem for me.”

The Luisa continued, “Thank you all. This has been the greatest honeymoon I could ever have imagined. Let’s really enjoy our last couple of days and nights.”

Then I said, “Well, my darling bride, who are you going to spend the first night with?”

Luisa replied, “Dan. He gets me first.”

After breakfast we all showered and took our towels and hit the beach. My wife, no longer a prude on the beach, enjoyed sex with all of us as people watched us and she loved being watched.

For dinner, my wife wore a white see through dress with nothing underneath and she made sure everyone noticed. I laughed and was enjoying my new bride.

When it was time to leave the restaurant, my wife removed her dress as soon as we got outside and let anyone touch and feel her on the way back to the villa.

At our villa we had some wine and got ready to call it a night. As the four of us enjoyed each other, Luisa & Dan waved goodbye and they headed to his villa next door.

That night we all slept over at our villa and the night was filled with endless sex.

The next day Dan & Luisa came in with all smiles on their faces.

The six of us never bothered to go out but rather remained inside and fucked and shared each other. That night, Luisa and Robert went off to Robert’s villa for the night.

The next day it was time to go home. Luisa & Robert came in early and we all said our goodbyes and we exchanged telephone numbers and promised to stay in touch.

As Luisa and I checked out, I asked her about her nights with Dan & Robert. She smiled and said, “Not only will I tell you when we get home, I’ll show you.”

She continued, “By the way, Eileen & Robert will be our guests next weekend. I hope you don’t mind.”

I answered, “That’s fine. It could be the beginning of a long-term relationship, which would be fine with me.”

Ch – 4

It took us awhile to get back home but after we landed & took a taxi home, we were able to pick up a few essential things from the store next to our place. When we finally got to our place, we unpacked and headed straight to bed.

The next morning we got up a bit late and showered and had breakfast. It was funny because neither one of us put clothes on. As we were eating, I asked Luisa to tell me about her nights with Dan & Robert.

She smiled, sipped her tea and began to tell me.

Luisa started her story, “After Dan & I left and got to his villa, he poured some wine and we sat on the sofa just talking about different things. Every now & then we would kiss or run our hands over the others body. I found myself stroking his cock while his fingers found my pussy and was ever so gently finger fucking me. I automatically spread my legs for him. Then, I just wanted to get him hard cock in my mouth so I leaned over and started sucking his cock. It didn’t take long for him to grab the back of my head and pushed it down on his cock. I was now getting getting face fucked as my head bobbed up & down on his cock. Suddenly he shot ropes of cum into my mouth…so much that I could barely swallow it as fast as he was filling my mouth. After that we rested on the sofa then headed to his bed. For the rest of the night we made love, not simply fucked. He was a gentleman the whole time.”

“Wow, so you really enjoyed yourself. I am happy for you. What about Robert? Tell me about your night with him.”

Luisa then told me her story, “Robert was very special. We did a lot of talking. He went on that he & Eileen never had children and that he always wanted a daughter. When he said that, I took a cue and started a role play with him. I was going to be his daughter for the night.”

I said to him, “Robert, how about I be your daughter for the night. I bet if you had a daughter, you would want to fuck her, so now is your opportunity.”

He said, “How did you know that? But, yes, I would like you to be my 18 year old daughter tonight.”

Then we started our role play…

Robert was on the sofa with a big hard on as I walked in. “Dad, mom went out and she told me to take good care of you until she got home.”

“That’s good baby. You can start right now on my hard on.”

I walked over to him and knelt in front of his spread legs with his big cock staring at me. I eased his cock into my mouth and started sucking it. “How am I doing daddy?” “You’re doing fine baby…better than your mother. Keep it up.” I continued sucking and I even sucked his balls and felt them moving around in my mouth getting ready to explode. I then went back to sucking his cock when he yelled out, ” That’s it baby, your daddy is going to cum.” And that he did. He filled my mouth with his warm cum. “That’s a good daughter. After we rest, you and daddy are going to my bed so I can fuck my darling daughter. Would you like that?” “Yes, daddy…fuck me like you fuck mommy.”

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