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Sturgis is one helluva bike week, I go every year…alone. I mean, I do have friends, and some ride, they just aren’t as hardcore as I am, seriously, they have decent jobs, comfortable lives, it isn’t they don’t cruise with me, or go to bars, they just believe they have too much to lose, if they get in to deep. Families, jobs, blah, and I get that. I’ve tried to explain that not everybody at Sturgis is a hardcore biker, or in a club. One said he’d go if we trailer our bikes there- which is fine, but there are regular people I see and hang out with, when I’m there. I ride every year, it doesn’t fell right to do that, plus it’ll cost more. Velocity is long ways from Sturgis- Kentucky to South Dakota.

Anyway; I get it, they have families, with wonderful kids- always call me; uncle. I live alone, am alone, got a cushy job myself, but it don’t define me. I’m a mechanical engineer, and a mechanic at the big VeloSport dealer, working on motorbikes, quads, all that. Have a machine shop at home, and like to get rowdy, banging metal and rockabilly all day, after work. Built my cafe style bagger- right here. Done small work on my buddies bikes, but overall, they’re just factory accessory specials. I think, don’t hold me to it, but one of the guys wife- I think, is going to leave him, and she’s getting sloppy at it. I just might have me a partner, after this story.

I was halfway there, already had my stay at some roadside inn, a state or so away, as usual, I love this ride, I’ve built a few bikes, but I always come back to this one; hossack front suspension, horst rear suspension, custom built- by me- engine. Not even my first, or seventh build. So; there’s this sexy, fine redhead on the side of the road… crying, with dignity. I’m usually the only person I ever see on these roads, so I stop.

“Uh…how did…do you need some help,” I asked, stepping off m’bike.

“No I don’t. I’ll figure something out, on my own.”

“How long have you been here?”

“Oh a few hours, I guess, my phone died a while ago, so…”

“Did somebody steal your ride?”

“No, my stupid boyfriend kicked me off his bike, didn’t even leave me, my shit.”

“Well, you can’t just sit here, you’re miles from anything, certainly can’t walk in those boots.”

“I made it this far…I guess. I wasn’t really trying to walk, I only made it a few yards.”

“I can’t believe he did that, and never came back, my crew would love to meet him.”

“You have a motorcycle gang?”

“Not really; we just keep in touch, bostancı escort bayan and get together during Sturgis, or if we happen to be in each others towns, but when Sturgis happens- we get rowdy, I’ll say that.”

“See, now that sounds fun, he just liked having the arm candy, I never get to let loose. We mostly kept to ourselves, closer friends to the hotel staff, than any biker.”

“This isn’t the best situation you’re in, come with me, have a place to stay. Not really much of a gentleman’s offer, than demand, seeing death follows you, if not.”

“You expect me just to come with you?”

“Proud woman rather die in the desert, than let a man help her, blah, blah, blah. I’m nobodies white knight, more like a fool in tinfoil, there’s just a thing about letting anybody die in a desert, ya know?”

“I do like the sound of living another day. Tsssk, is your hotel at least near the action?”

“No hotel, house. A few of them live here, every year we all hold up in somebodies house, and the real fun can begin. Private property shit, one somebodies few acres.”

“That does sound interesting.”

“Yeah, if only you knew. They’d get a kick outta me with a steaming hot redhead in tow, though redheads aren’t known for such.”

“I’ve been waiting for something like this, not just booth shopping, and eating at chain restaurants.”

“If you think you’re crazy enough, then hang with us.”

“Sweet Goddess, I don’t have anything, no money, clothes, money,” she yelled.

“We can take care of that, well, I can, anyway.”

“No, that’s way too much money.”

“Not really, I could buy you a bike- new bike, with my pocket money. We can get clothes from venders, luggage, and hygiene from a store. You don’t really need clothes except for in town, anyway…”

“Yall really that crazy?”

“Guess you’ve never been to any parties, huh? Even the hotels get going.”

“So; I could actually let loose”, she held out her hand.

“If ya can handle it, sure, hate to scare you away,” I pulled her to her feet.

“Much as I want all that fun, if I can get some different shoes, than these things, I’m happy,” lifting her high-heeled bike boot.

She welcomed herself to my bike, and I know all of this just sounds all kinda convoluted, and farfetched- but it happened. What’s next, is even more…something out of fantasy. We were riding not but a few miles, small talk, here and there, she got thirsty:

“Can we stop somewhere and get…something? ümraniye escort I need food, or something”

“Told ya, nothing until we hit Sturgis. That saddlebag has my flask in it, all I got left.”

“Really, alcohol- better than nothing, we can’t be too far away,” she sighed.

About fifty miles out, I guess the mid-day sun gave her a reaction.

“You guys really like to act a fool, huh?”

“You could say that.”

“I’ll prove I can hang, that I can be one of tha boys,” she slurred.

“I’m looking forward to it,” I laughed.

Must’ve been a serious challenge, that couldn’t wait; Next thing I knew, I got a reach around, through my chaps. Nice and all that, but not very special, even on a bike, though I was rock hard, while her hands were stacked end, on end, gliding up, and down. I nodded to her question of “hot enough.” I guess she was determined; I felt her moving around, a knee in my back, a hand around my waist, I was a bit nervous to see how she was doing it, I glanced in my mirror, saw a foot on the bags, and one sticking straight out, felt a tug, and she’s suckin my dick. Okay, this is getting somewhere. The tongue work, the lips puckering, felt great, I almost wish driving wasn’t such a distraction.

“We could pull over.”

“I thought you were a bad boy?”

“Fuck it.”

When a girl is experienced enough, you can notice, they have their own technique, and she was doing this thing with her teeth, that had me on the verge of cumming for about a mile, and she stopped.

“How good are you at riding a motorcycle?”

“I used to race, why?”

She starts moving again, hand on my shoulder, other on my waist, throwing a leg over, and she had no panties on, I guess she was gonna go wild regardless of what her boyfriend thought. She slid herself on me, and I about lost the bike, shes sliding back and fourth, biting her lower lip, my dick is throbbing on every slide as she leans back on the bars. Jutting her hips up and down, up and down, the way she worked it, was awesome.

“Do this often,” I grunted.

“First time,” she moaned.

Kinda made me nervous, then she came, and we drifted off the road, I pulled her close to me, as we ran over ruts, and dips, shes bouncing all over my dick, my chaps damp, jeans soaked. I’m trying to keep control of the bike, as the back end slides around, uggh, that was the shit, no-matter how hard her legs locked, her pussy went one way, my dick the other, and every g-spot ever, was touched, she was escort kartal overloaded, gushing, I just wanted to lay back, and enjoy it. Though In couldn’t truly enjoy it, trying to keep us alive, I had to pull back on the road, the dirt was only a minor distraction- didn’t want her to pas out, either from pounding her pussy on me.

“I’m a little glad to be on the road,” she panted. “I didn’t know how much more I’d take.”

“Yeah…if we wrecked the bike, we’d both be stuck.”

“I about fucked myself sober, here; lemme do the work, so you can really enjoy the ride.”

More crazy shit. She does her turn around thing; scooting up towards the bars, she takes a breath as my head slides out, and flicks her clit, all her juices still trapped, leak out, I watch it run down the fuel tank, and get pulled away by the wind.

“Any nut I get now, is just bonus, jus’ scoot back, hold on, an get off.”

I was by time I did cum, shit, I don’t think I’ve ever lasted so long. I guess it was my time for some acrobat shit; she leaned forward some, so I could slip back in, I managed to get her to lean back some, get my feet on the passenger pegs, and keep her feet on the front pegs, and handlebar. I got handfulls of her tits, though it had been too long, and I really wanted to fill’er up good, I wasn’t in no hurry. I held those nipples between my fingers like cigarettes, and pinched, rolled, tugged, she moaned, and gasped, working her hips, nice and slow. I pressed them against her chest, grabbed hard, and pulled those puppies, pushed on the foot pegs, putting pressure in her pussy with my dick. My hands slowly slip, till all I got is her nipples pinched in my fingers, as I give pressure again.

My hands slide to her hips, pulling her tits down as far as they’d go, I give her long slow thrust, pushing off the foot pegs. My fingers press right in the leg crease hitting that one spot, with every pull. I keep it long, and slow, but harder, damn near pushing her over the bars, I feel her clenchin up, I know it’s building. Her breathing grows rough, I figure another mile oughta do it. Rough, an shallow, her breath is. I can feel it myself, I’m about ready. She’s pushing back a little, twisting her hips a little, for sure she’d be at it in that mile, but three more than passed. She’s been on the brink, and finally she nuts one more time, she holdin tha bike, steadfast, and there was a hollerin’, but I wasn’t done.

I slide myself on the seat, pumping hard, I lean back, my head on the luggage, I start lifting her off tha seat, a grunt, some shits, and fucks, I drop back down, knowin, jus’ knowin I got her good. I felt like she might’ve coughed some up. Though I may have went flaccid, I stayed, and we rode like that for a few more miles till the city limits of Sturgis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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