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I lead you into the bedroom and sit down on the edge of the bed. I tell you to take off your clothes and pose for me. After you are done disrobing, I reach out and grab your hips pulling you close. I pull you down to kiss me. I stand you back up and run my hands over your body slowly. Cupping, caressing, feeling. Running my fingernails over your nipples, your lips, your neck, your back. I reach down and undo my pants, undressing in front of you, but not touching you or letting you touch me. I sit back down push you down by your shoulders to your knees in front of me.

I nod at you and watch as you take me in your hands, stroking slowly. You open your mouth and look up at me as you take my cock in your mouth, slowly sliding down the length of it. I moan as I watch and feel the sensations at the same time. I just sit there, enjoying every second of you fellating me. I moan and my hands go to your hair, letting you know I am taking over now.

I tighten my grip and take the rhythm from you, moving your mouth. Thrusting my hips into you as I start to speed up, letting you feel me have the control. I stop and lift you to standing by your hair. I kiss you hard, then spin you around. I smack your ass a couple of times, just to get your attention and then pull you back to me, sitting you down on me. I feel your hand grasp my cock and guide it inside you. We ataşehir escort bayan both moan loudly at the feeling of me entering you.

I grab your hips hard and pull, filling you completely. My arms go around you, holding you there as we start to rock back and forth. Your warm wetness engulfing me. My hands going to play with your breasts and nipples. Kissing, moaning, biting the back of your neck as we move. You leaning your head back on my shoulder as we thrust into each other. My hand reaches down to play with your clit as you rock backwards. I pick up the pace. My free hand goes to your neck, lightly squeezing as I push you down on me, filling you up completely. After a little while, I tell you now. Your body spasms against my arms, moaning loudly as I hold you there, still moving inside you. Feeling your wetness all over me as you cum hard, your pussy clamping down on me, driving me over the edge. I cum too, hard. Just sitting there, recovering for a little bit, still entwined.

I lift you off of me after we’ve recovered for a little bit and lay back down on the bed, just holding each other. Making out for a while. Kissing and caressing and touching. I lift you on top of me and wrap my arms around you as we kiss. Softly at first, then harder. Tongues touching and darting. Catching your lips and tongue with my teeth from time to escort kadıköy time. Feeling your hands on my arms, trying to pin me down momentarily. I wink at you and then twist so you fall on top of me and I kiss you again.

Setting you to the side, I reach for a bag under the bed and pull out a wide, leather belt. Motioning for you to stand, I put it around your waist as you do and cinch it tight. I take your hands and put them at your sides, cushioning your wrists in the soft leather straps there and cinching those binds tight, trapping your arms at your sides. I stand and kiss you again, pulling you close, then moving you to the bed to lie on your back. I walk to the foot of the bed and grab your feet, pulling you almost to the edge of the mattress, then lifting your legs up a little as I spread them. Taking one of your ankles and tie it to the bed frame. Grabbing your other ankle, I tickle the bottom of your feet a little before I move it to the other side, also tying it to the frame. You’re laying there, on your back, arms tied to your sides, legs spread and tied. Totally exposed to me, for me. Running my fingertips and fingernails up your legs, your thighs, your belly, your breasts, your neck to your lips. I bend down and kiss you as I put a blindfold over you, leaving you in darkness to wonder what I would do next.

“Remember your safe bostancı escort word,” I whisper in your ear, eliciting a nod from you. I pull out another strap from under the bed and put it across your shoulders, cinching you to the bed tight, not allowing you to move at all. To prove it, I pinch one of your nipples, drawing out a low moan from you.

You hear a zipper being drawn, then the sounds of things being placed on the bedside next to you. Some heavy sounds, some softer ones, the clink of ice in a glass. The smell of cinnamon as a candle is lit. The sinking of the bed as I sit on it next to you.

“You seem to be enjoying,” I whisper in your ear as I draw the ice cube over your nipple to your mouth, getting a low moan from you in response. Then drawing the cube down your belly, over your thighs, to the soles of your feet, leaving it to melt in your navel as I blow on the newly wet areas gently.

Without warning, you feel the leather falls of my small leather flogger come down on your belly, followed by repeated blows across your thighs, your legs, the bottoms of your feet, your breasts and nipples. Flogging your pussy, your sides and arms. Not stopping, just a rush of blows all over. Interspersed with slaps and smacks from my bare hand on your ass, your pussy, your breasts. Other times a flog, then a slow caress from my fingertips. Or a small kiss on the hit area. Never knowing what I would do next, where I would flog, if I would flog. Laying there, helpless. I lean down and kiss you as I caress the leather falls down your body slowly. You feel me get off the bed and then nothing for a little while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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