Strange People Ch. 02

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I was sitting at our kitchen table looking at the papers I got from Selective Service when I heard the phone ring. My Mom came in and said there was a woman on the phone.

“Jeanie?” I asked, thinking it was probably my current girl friend. She was a year younger than me, and we had developed our relationship into quite a bit of intimacy.

Intimacy in those days was mostly limited to kissing, and perhaps a date might actually allow a feel or two through her clothing.

So it wasn’t very easy to find a place to be intimate, Mom would have thrown a fit if she knew some of what we had really been doing.

My old Chevy had no back seat since it was one of those business coupes, that didn’t help.

You older folks probably remember just how much a huge steering wheel gets in the way.

Plus I lived in Oregon, on the coast. It is either raining or considering it, so doing anything outside was a rare event.

Jeanie and I managed though, I spent a lot of time investigating what made her squirm around and gasp, and what didn’t. If I got on the passenger side and down on the floorboards, I could get my head down there, and man did that stuff set her off!

We were way past the innocent stuff by then.

“No, I don’t recognize the voice.” Mom said, and went back to ironing my Dad’s work shirts.

I went into the living room and picked up the phone.

“Hi, Danny.” The woman said.

“Uhh..hello. Who is this?” I had no idea at all.

“This is Sharon. We gave you a ride on the bay road almost a year ago.”

Instantly that incident popped into my mind. I was something I nearly did not believe.

I got picked up hitch hiking, ended up in the back seat of a huge Pontiac station wagon.

My very first time having actual sex with a female. And her husband, at least I guessed he was, watched from the front seat, using a flash light.

Now is that insane, or what?

I was barely 18 years old, fresh out of high school and I had never even seen a woman’s genitals back then, let alone have real full blown sex.

Good girls just did not do that, it was the way things were in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Birth control and free love, flower children and all of that was not far away, the wild times came along later.

Sex with someone’s wife could get a person killed, and there probably would not even be any charges.

“Oh! Yes, I remember.” I instantly lowered my voice so my Mom couldn’t hear.

I was nearly instantly hard, my mind flashing back to her body, the way it looked and felt. She let me see and touch everything, no reservations at all. Of course I understood that the two of them were kinky, strange, but I really didn’t care.

I had spent weeks parked out there in the evenings, waiting, hoping for a rerun.

“Ted and I were thinking, if you happened to be out on the bay road at say, 10 tonight? We will probably be there too.” Then she giggled.

“I…Yes! Sure, I would love to.” I told her.

“Who was that, honey?” My Mom asked when I went back into the kitchen. She was still ironing the shirts. Our big farmhouse had a huge kitchen, that room doubled as an everything room like so many did back then.

“Just the lady from the draft board, some paperwork thing.” I managed to lie to her.

Mom looked at me, she never missed anything at all. But she didn’t say anything.


“Where are you going, honey?” Mom asked me as I headed out the door a little after 9 PM.

“Just for a drive.” I told her.

“Upset about being drafted?” Mom asked.

“Yea, a little bit.” Mom just nodded, she came over and gave me a hug.

“Me too, honey. Me too.” I saw the tear in the corner of her escort ataşehir eye, I felt kind of guilty about that.


There was no one there at the wide spot when I pulled over and parked. The moon was almost full, shining on the river. I could see the big rock sticking out that made the river go out around it, Salmon in the Fall hung up there behind it and if I drifted a red Hotshot into the hole just right, about half the time I could pick up a nice Silver, once in a long time a big Chinook.

I had a lot of things on my mind, sort of day dreaming when I saw the headlights coming.

The big Pontiac pulled up alongside, I saw Sharon on the passenger side roll down the window. Ted was driving, he gave me a wave.

“Want to follow us to the house?” She asked me with a smile.

“OK.” I said. That would be way better, things inside of a car, even one as big as theirs were kind of cramped.

We drove all the way to the coastal town, turned South across the bay bridge and went another 5 miles. They turned off and we went nearly a mile down a long single lane gravel driveway.

The house was a two story, it was nice, although it looked like something one might see up on a hill in California than here on the Oregon coast.

Once inside, Sharon excused herself, saying she wanted to get into something more comfortable.

I guess I was understandably nervous, and now feeling a little bit shy.

The one experience before was in the dark, on the spur of the moment. This was completely different.

Ted got out some glasses, poured me half a glass of what I knew was Mr. Tollofson’s moonshine. I knew that was what it was, it came in a glass Mayonnaise jar. I had one just like it hidden under the front seat of my car, although it was nearly empty.

A few sips of that stuff and I had my girl friend Jeanie rubbing her bare titties on my face in short order. She loved for me to suck on her nipples, the harder the better.

Just then Sharon came back out, she had on a big white fuzzy robe. She came over and sat right next to me, Ted was in a reclining chair, his feet tipped up.

“I suppose you want to know why we called, don’t you Danny?”

“Well, I guess I am curious.”

“Ted likes to watch me, he likes to see me enjoy…things. I like to make him happy.” She smiled at me.

I glanced over at her husband, at least I thought he was her husband. He just smiled and shrugged.

Sharon stood up, slid the robe off and let it drop to the floor. I half expected her to be naked but she had on a pair of soft pink panties and a matching bra.

What was amazing is that her skin was an even copper color, everywhere that I could see.

“Undress me.” She whispered.

I did as she stood there right in front of me, that really did not take very long. Then she tugged me to my feet and began to undress me as I looked down at her.

When her mouth engulfed me, once again that sensation was overwhelming.

I stood there and she vigorously worked my solid erection, I had to reach back and grasp the arm of the couch to keep my legs from buckling.

“God, look at how hard he is, honey!” She held my cock out sideways so Ted could see it. That flustered me a little bit but by then I was into the heat of the moment, I would have let anybody see.

Ted by now had his own pants undone, he was playing with what appeared to be a somewhat less than full erection, he was flipping it back and forth.

Sharon stood up, with a smile she pushed me back onto the couch, climbed up on top of me.

“He wants to watch, he wants to see everything.” She whispered into my ear. Then she mounted me.

I will say my staying power kadıköy escort bayan was much better than that time before in the car, and Sharon felt much wetter, far more slippery than I remembered from that one time.

I lost count of how many times I invaded her, but it was at least four. Young, virile, and in a crazy excited state, it was amazing.

It was after 2 in the morning when I slipped back into my house and went to bed. I hid the phone number they gave me, “any time” were her exact words.

The next Morning my Mom mentioned that I was out very late. I told her I had a lot to think about, she gave me a funny look but said nothing.

Three weeks later I was on a bus to Portland to the induction center.

That afternoon I was on a bus home. I didn’t pass the physical exam, they found out I had an STD. I had been beginning to wonder, there was an unfamiliar itch although everything appeared normal.

Old Doc Barker shot my behind so full of Penicillin that I figured I would be sore for a week. I did manage to keep my Mom from finding out.

I think.

She never said anything about it. I just told her there were too many of us, and I was told to report again in 30 days.

I did call Sharon and told her. She thanked me, apologized. That was all there was to that. To be honest, I am sure they didn’t know, but with the lifestyle they were living?

Lucky it was one of the simpler problems, one round of medication solved that. Also lucky for me we had no oral sex, I had no idea of what that even was at that stage of my life.

I was home for about a week, when I picked up the local paper. A guy I went to school with had been killed over there. We sat together down at the local dance hall and talked many times, we were friends.

Now he was dead.

Where I was probably headed. That was the 2nd one of our locals that had been lost.

I went into town, walked in the Navy recruiting offices. The guy grinned and signed me up for four years. Sure, the Army was only two years, but I figured being in the Navy I was far less likely to end up with my own name in the local paper.

There was a scary moment, when I walked into the Selective Service office.

“You are already in the Army! You can’t join the Navy!” An older on the rotund side man yelled at me, he had his hands on his hips.

Sharon looked up and smiled.

“He has volunteered to serve our Country for four years, drafted it’s only two? That sounds fine to me.” The man looked at her, she looked back at him.

I saw what passed between them and I knew.

The man shrugged and went back to shuffling papers, Sharon redid my paperwork and handed them to me.

I have no idea how that worked out, it just did.


Four years later, I was on my way home. The one thing I did learn to do was cook enough Eggs to feed 5000 men and do that in sixty minutes.

Yea, sometimes there were a bit of egg shells mixed in there.

One day I was headed out to look for work, I walked into a repair shop in town.

There sat Sharon, behind the desk. Older looking, her hair sprinkled with gray. There were some lines I hadn’t noticed before.

I probably looked different myself, my hair still close cropped, my body carrying a good 40 pounds that had not been there when I was 18.

“Hello, Sharon.” I said. She looked up at me.

“Do I know you?” She asked.

“We met a few years ago.” I said.

“Oh.” There was no change of expression, no reaction at all.

“How is Ted?” I asked her.

“Fine I guess. We aren’t together any more.” A puzzled look crossed her face, I saw her study me, then her eyes dropped back to what she was doing.

I escort bostancı turned and walked out. My mind was full of memories, so much so I didn’t see the young woman come out of another door until we both went down in a tangle.

“Why don’t you watch where you are going?” She snarled at me. At first glance I though she was a dwarf or something, then she stood up.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Are you all right?” I began helping her gather up her books.

“Yes, I will be all right.” She stood up again. The top of her head came almost to the middle of my chest. One glance told me she could float on her back with no effort at all, this young lady was… stacked!

“You are the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life!” I blurted out.

She blinked. Then she frowned at me.

Then she smiled.

“Flattery will get you everything.” She said. her head tipped back to look up at me.

“I sure hope so. How about you let me buy you some Coffee?” I suddenly felt full of courage.

“Make it Orange Juice and I will.”

“Orange juice it is, then. I reached out and took her parcels.

We got a table, gave our orders, then I asked her her name.

“Sharon.” She told me.

I sat there for a moment with a grin on my face.

“I’m Dan.” I held out my hand, she took it.

Neither one of us let go.

We were married 4 short weeks later.


We still would be except for one thing. She did like her men, I found that out over time.

The military by then had a shortage of targets to send off to their war, I got called up again. They had been asking right along, now they just told me.

Navy again, not cooking this time, no way could I stand for doing that any more.

Instead, it was a boat, running up and down rivers in the dark. We all knew very well what the winks of light we saw on the banks from time to time were. We cut loose ourselves at those, never knowing if we ever hit anything.

Finally one found me. It bounced off a chunk of steel designed to protect us, went in just above my pelvic bone. A tiny piece of the steel came with it and went in a few inches higher.

One does not go off and leave a sexually active female home all alone and expect her to be sitting there waiting, virtuous, when they get back.

It was two years later when I came home again for good, those two holes in me. What I came home to was not what I thought I had waiting for me, the man that came home was also not the man who had gone off to war.

We each went our own way after a few months of fighting over the things I discovered that had happened.

I remember reading about the first woman named Sharon I had met so long before in the local paper. The photo looked like she did back then.

She was only 46 years old. Something to think about. I bought some flowers, went up to the cemetery on the hill, placed the offering there.

I was the only person there that day, it was raining. I thought about it, perhaps the accident of meeting her that one night combined with everything else to change my own life.

I could very well have ended up in the mud over there, a target. Perhaps another name, another soul, long forgotten?

Who knows? It happened.

Now I sit here, some 45 years later, typing. I can still see her in my mind’s eye, slipping that robe off in front of me, her husband sitting there, leaned back, watching.

Two very strange people.

Was it her, or was it him? Or was it both, with illicit desires? I was a part of that, and that moment created a foundation, a change in direction for my own life.

A disease sent me home that first time, who knows where but for that I would have ended up?

You step off a curb, or hesitate? Answer a phone call, or ignore it? Reach for a bottle of water, catch a ricochet? Meet a couple by chance?

But then every moment in life does that, I suppose.

Yes, there are some strange people in our world.

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